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Gf60 + The Arsenal : “My most exciting game (outside of Championship deciders and Cup finals)”.

Ian posted this in the Summer of 2017, the football match he remembered so well from almost 60 years before.  Isn’t it strange that when you cast your mind back over literally hundreds of games that really got you going, drenched with sweat, hoarse, really exhausted as though you’d covered every blade of grass on […]

Gf60 – Ian Snelling Arsenal Supporter 1943 to 2018 RIP

Ian put up this picture taken by one of his sons celebrating the 2-0 win over the enemy on the 18th November 2017. Mills writes;  Ian Snelling, or as we knew him on various Arsenal blogs, gf60 has died. He died in the first week of June 2018, his last post on PA as far […]

A Swipe At Pundits And Social Media “Experts”

  This is a comment from Dave on the previous post. I’ve unashamedly stolen it , thanks Dave. This will probably come out wrong, and its a given that I’m not talking about people here, but having watched the match day show on the AFC website the other day, I was struck by the guest […]

Arsenal: The murmur of success in the Land of Giants

  Good afternoon or p’nawn da Positive Gooners, A thoroughly entertaining game in Cardiff, though at times I admit I was a little ‘tense’. Three points banked in the PL nevertheless and a professional win in the sort of stadium environment we have buckled in before. Of our lads I hardly need to enquire who […]

Arsenal: Over the Bluebirds

  @LaboGoon gives a bore da pawb to Arsenal far and near Good day Positivistas… Arsenal and Unai Emery finally got some reward last week in a game that weren’t too pleasing on the eye yet entertaining in equal measure. And it’s off the back of that emotional cocktail that we visit the land of […]