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@LaboGoon gives a bore da pawb to Arsenal far and near

Good day Positivistas…

Arsenal and Unai Emery finally got some reward last week in a game that weren’t too pleasing on the eye yet entertaining in equal measure. And it’s off the back of that emotional cocktail that we visit the land of Aaron James Ramsey’s fathers to play Cardiff City this afternoon.

Despite the glamour of scoring three goals vs West Ham, there was still cause for concern at how disjointed our defense looked in our willingness to commit men forward. It is still early days in Unai’s reign so we should expect a few kinks and just have to trust the process because what he is trying to do is ‘teach them how to fish’ – so to speak.

Not able to get in behind opposition defenses seems to be is an obvious concern for Neil Warnock with his sides lack of goals. After three games the Bluebirds are the only Premier League side yet to score, averaging less than two shots on target per game. So with them looking more and more like clean-sheet fodder, god speed our defense have themselves a rare day off.

That doesn’t necessarily mean we will be romping it at the other end… because whilst Cardiff aren’t scoring, they aren’t exactly conceding either – shipped just two goals in the three games. So if we are to have any joy our middle to front players will have to make sure at least one end of the pitch see some action.

It’s not only Cardiff going into this game goalless, Aubameyang has been kept quiet in the first three games too and will be looking to get on the scoresheet this time around, along with Lacazette who is yet to open his account too. We are all rubbing his hands hoping our frontline strikers get scoring soon.

Heading into the game last weekend all the rage on social-media was about a training ground “bust up”. With the victory the rumour mill amongst the media and fans seem to have gotten more calm; besides Reiss Nelson adding sauerkrauts to his diet and fruit juice banned from London Colney… it was a rather slow news week at the Emirates.

Today should be one of those where we expect one team to do all the attacking work and the other all defending, but strangers things has happened. Over the last 12 months Arsenal didn’t had much joy on their travels against teams we were expected to beat, and with that a perception grew that we are susceptible when away crowds get real noisy to rally behind their team. So while we can expect the Bluebird faithful to crank it up, this is something Unai would like to nip the bud very quickly because following the FIFA week are travelling up north to Newcastle. With Rafa already giving both Chelsea and Man City a scare… we wouldn’t want him to have any ideas.

Good luck to all watching the game and if all goes well Arsenal will put on a worthy team performance to silence all critics.

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56 comments on “Arsenal: Over the Bluebirds

  1. bird I’d expect that Guendouzi will have been selected for one of the French youth teams

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  2. Eduardo, not from a v quick search. Only checked u21s tho.

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  3. I mean, he’s got some very experienced players ahead of him, like Ndombele and that guy’s really good. Was there a rumour that Guendouzi had an iffy off-pitch reputation in France?

    Either way, the bar is stupidly high in France.

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  4. New post up

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  5. Said I’d take any win, and happy to get the win. Pretty good in attack at times and two excellent goals.1st good as well.

    Particularly loved Lacazette’s goal. Something of the striker classic about it- with the movement, body position, touch and then tremendous power shot.

    Reminiscent of 1st one here, which I liked at time, but better

    I’m expecting plenty more from Torreira in mould of his assist as well. Didn’t look the most difficult of passes yet suspect many wouldn’t play it, nor execute it so well if they did.

    He needs a top brain and excellent technique to compensate for being an absolute tiddler, and not a quick one. Confident that is the case.

    Probably time now after break to give Guendouzi a breather to allow him to reflect on a very positive start and go again.

    Advantage of Torreira in sub role is that it’s normally better to have the more experienced option on bench ready to come on if team needs something extra or different.

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