Arsenal: The game of three halves


Good Morning Positive Arsenal fans,

A bit grey and blustery up on the Norfolk coast this morning, the Autumn beckons.

Our two stiff opening games are complete and I am satisfied with the performances. I had no complaints about the City defeat but I am a little disappointed that yesterday, after investing so much in the match, we did not collect the point we deserved.

Of the game itself it was the classic three halfer, or possibly more. The first phase saw Chels tear us smoothly into strips and what opportunities we created we squandered. At 2-0 it looked as through a dreadful afternoon was on the cards. Then phase two and finally we hit the target and broke our PL scoring duck, which caused the home side to wobble and we tore into them. The home crowd were silenced for the only time in the afternoon. Finally a second half where we wee pushed back and pushed back, to CFC’s credit s they were pretty good. We resisted stoutly, but the addition of Hazard gave them just that little extra spark as we were tiring. At 3-2 we had another, final chance of redemption, but Laca  could just not pick up the rebound as Kepa spilled Ramsey’s shot – fine margins, fine margins.

Of our good performances I was massively impressed yet again with Matteo. He has  earned his starting place and his energy and willingness to be involved in everything is exactly what we need. I thought Nacho had a good game too considering it is ages since he kicked a ball, Torreira too and Cech pulled off a string of important saves. Hector ran and ran and ran. I offer the young Spaniard an encouraging arm around the shoulder.

Of mild controversy  during the game on social media, I thought Emry’s substitutions were spot on. To have gone to 10 men would have been terminal, and the baying Stamford Bridge mob were all over Xhaka. I cannot recall Ozil being withdrawn for tactical reasons but we needed more physical presence so Aaron’s arrival was right and referring back to my “fine margins” chance at the end the Welshman could, on another day, have been decisive.

What is gone is gone however and the important work this week will be toward sharpening out goal scoring weapons for the arrival of the ‘Ammers  on Saturday. If our opening two games have been fixtures we anticipated might yield few if any points (well I did anyway) Pelligrini’s misfiring rabble must be the Premier League meat we feed on and build our  strength.

There is always work to do. Enjoy Sunday.

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268 comments on “Arsenal: The game of three halves

  1. Frank McAvennie
    ‏Verified account @MaccaFrank
    Aug 23

    One for @WestHamUtd fans. I met a fairy today who granted me one wish, I want to live forever, sorry said the fairy I’m not allowed to grant wishes like that, ok I want to die when @SpursOfficial win the premier league. You crafty sod she said ⚒⚒⚒

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  2. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie makes it 3-1 to the Arsenal

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  3. 60 minutes in and a second headed goal for WHU, its now 3-2 to AFC

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  4. Nketiah shot hits the bar

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  5. Nketiah goes very close to scoring again, just wide

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  6. Amaechi subbed off, Saka on, about twenty minutes to go

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  7. whu oh so close to a leveler, three great chances in the same attack, the final one hitting the bar

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  8. west ham keeper makes two fine saves in a couple of minutes to stop us finishing off this game

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  9. west ham have put in some awful tackles tonight

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  10. 4 minutes of injury time to be played


  11. FT: West Ham U23’s 2-3 Arsenal U23’s

    Nketiah with two and Pleggy with the other goal for us, AFC the better team for the most part, west ham put in some awful tackles, Nketiah with two fine finishes and came close to two more goals, Nelson in and out of the game, done some good things, but also very sloppy at time, not as good in second half after bad tackle on him late in first half, smith rowe good in bits.

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  12. We Are The Arsenal
    ‏ @WATArsenal
    2h2 hours ago

    .@Arsenal this season have lost their first two league games for the first time since 1992.

    In both their pass completion was three percent down on last year.

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  13. Ha. Shoulda checked positively arsenal, then.

    Would have watched that u23 game but had a look on their site earlier and figured game wasn’t going to be shown.

    Least I missed out on aggravation I would have felt if they were putting in dangerous tackles and ref wasn’t dealing with it. Happens far far too often at that level. Few games have left me thinking it would be a miracle to get through a season without a few bad injuries, from fouls, if they were the norm.

    Preparation for those refs hoping to make it, I guess, but also think both the bad tackles and the ref inaction in part particular to us, and a product of how things went from around game 50 onwards.

    Think it’s why we should try always have a player or two in youth levels who is very strong and will give it back. Daley-Campbell one who fits that bill.

    We had a limited but fearsome centre back Daniel Boateng a while ago. Remember clearly a game Chelsea were roughing us up early on before he absolutely smashed one of their players. They settled right down after that.

    I noticed last year that players were a lot less willing to mess with Da Silva than they typically are with our players. A few tried going toe to toe with him for strength, were embarrassed, then hold off respectfully.

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  14. Rich, that Ballard lad looks a no nonsense kind of guy, Bola not afraid to use his strength, but we do not have any kickers in midfield,
    you mention Daley-Campbell, well oddly tonight despite Osei-Tutu not being involved he was not in the squad either, so we used Olowu who is normally a CB, at right back and he done alright, although he found the west ham attacker hard to contain for last 15 or so.
    the managerial experts in our fan base will be disappointed as all the young lads they want in our starting 11 over ozil, ramsey, xhaka, mkhitaryan and iwobi, not to mention welbeck, namely Willock, Smith-Rowe, Nelson, Nketiah, all played tonight so will not be in squad v West Ham tomorrow,

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  15. must say that with the spotlight shining on Smith-Rowe, Nelson and Nketiah, the development of Xavier Amaechi is happening without much fuss of fanfare, but the lad really has big potential, and once again tonight Bukayo Sako made an impact when he came on, it is some time since i seen a lad who is as direct as him, once he gets the ball, be he playing fullback or wide midfield, he just goes straight at the opponents, yes sometimes he forgets to bring his team mates with him and ends up a bit isolated, but he puts opposition on the back foot.

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  16. Ed

    I like Ballard. No nonsense, very brave in air, decent on ball, seems to be improving steadily.

    Saw him head himself to a standstill,if there’s such a thing, in that youth tournament in America. He went full out for every single challenge in air, including some not favourite for, and eventually took one bang too many and went off in bad shape.

    Amaechi and Saka big prospects without a doubt. I’m edging towards Saka being the better of two- if only because he often makes difficult things look very easy with his left foot. Both big talents though.

    Far as I know, no Trae Coyle yet this year. think he was about as highly rated as it gets as schoolboy, and from glimpses I saw looked pretty incredible. Had big injury-ACL I think- and from his comeback didn’t look completely free last year.

    I don’t mind that if someone is cautious for a good while after such a big injury. Hoping this year he can get fully back on track and resume progress

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  17. Ok its matchday, i’m up, i’m excited where’s the new post

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  18. Just finished the scrambled eggs – New post up


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