Arsenal And The Big Mess It’s In !


Are Arsenal as bad as everyone is making out, are they in the mess we are constantly being told they are? 

On average to win the PL you need 87 points, Arsenal last season finished with 63 point which on the face of it is miles behind that total, but let’s look at the games Arsenal lost :-

Liverpool away 

Stoke away 

Watford away*

Man U home 

Man U away 

City away 

City home 

Spurs away

Swansea away*

Newcastle away*

Brighton away

Leicester away

Bournemouth away*

*lost from winning positions

Drew :-

Chelsea away

Southampton away

West Ham away

Liverpool home*

West Brom away*

Chelsea home*

*drew from winning positions

So from those results can Arsenal pick up the 24 points they need. If and yes it’s a big IF, if Arsenal can hold on to winning positions in games then they are looking at 18 extra points. Okay I accept that you can’t always hold on so if we say in 2/3rds of the games that’s 12 points.

That leaves games in all honesty they should not be losing, Stoke, Brighton and Leicester all away, if you are looking to win the league these are game Arsenal should be winning, the last two loses near the end of the season we more of an issue with out woeful away form and a lack of confidence. Stoke was down to appalling officiating was it 2 or 3 penalties we could & should of had?  So that is another 9 points, that leaves three points needed to get to the 87 points, I know it’s all ifs and buts, but are we not capable of gaining those results with the squad we have?

Are we in the mess that everyone is saying we are and has Wenger left us in a bad position? Confidence away from home ,as seen above was a major issue, for all the mental strength Wenger used to bang on about in his press conferences, we lacked that last season away from home. With a change of manager can he improve that confidence, it will be interesting to see how he handles the inevitable bad decisions Arsenal get (stoke & Watford away for example)?

Going forward Arsenal are as good as spurs, 74 PL goals each last season and that was good enough for them to be in 3rd. Emery needs to improve the defence, but allow the attack to continue scoring as it is and by the sound of the rumour mill defenders and a defensive midfielder are high on his shopping list. 

We have also been accused of being a mess behind the scenes, but over the past 12 months we have seen

Sven Mislintat – Head of recruitment

Raul Sanllehi – Head of football operation

Huss Fahmy – Contact negotiator

Darren Burgess – Head of high performance

Jens Lehman 1st team coach

Sal Bibbo – Goalkeeping coach

Per Mertesacker – Academy boss

Lee Herron – Academy football operations manager

Richard Allison – Performance Nutritionist

Tom Allen – Lead sports scientist

brought in, plus  Emery and whatever backroom staff he is bringing in with him.

To me that looks like the board have had a plan and are executing that plan to make Arsenal less reliant on one man (Wenger) and creating a proper structure to the club from top to bottom. Does that sound like a club in crises or a mess like Wright, Morgan and the rest in the media are saying. 

We were accused of being in a mess around the appointment of a new manager, but again this was more to do with the media creating headlines because they didn’t have a clue what was happening. In business is interviewing all available candidates and then having a second round of interviews not showing organisation and planning does that not show due diligence and responsibility to the club and fans? 

So are we a mess, are we as bad as our league position shows? 

I don’t think so, but I do always try to have a positive outlook on Arsenal and as we know it’s negativity that sells and creates headlines. Some prominent bloggers/vloggers are already laying the foundations to criticise the board if things do not start well with transfers, but if we look at the club from a positive angle, we are not as bad as everyone is saying.????


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85 comments on “Arsenal And The Big Mess It’s In !

  1. I think we’ll do much better than our current away record. Probably find it difficult to do as well at home though. 87 points? I don’t think we should think about that. Top 4 should be the aim, but really, first thing is to flesh out the squad, see which of the young players are good enough to be involved this year, and see how quickly the team settle into Emery’s ideas.

    We are good enough to get somewhere near the top, but I’d be happy with good cup runs, with hopefully a trophy in one of them, young players developing, and Top 4 so we get back to the CL. City are going to get stronger, but probably won’t quite run away with it the same way. ManU could implode or do well. Liverpool will do well. Spurs and Chelsea hopefully implode because of their issues. (Heh)

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  2. We were soundly and deservedly beaten only twice last season in the PL, at Anfield and by Citeh at home. Every other game the points were UP FOR GRABS. And we kept our hands in our pockets. to often.

    Far too many of our defeats away from home were self inflicted wounds, unable to finish a stricken opponent when we had the upper hand, or inexplicably poor switched of defending from players who know much better.

    I anticipate those deficits on our travels will be resolved.

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  3. I think Arsenal at the moment are good enough to get back into top 4, looking at our home form in isolation. On our away something was amiss, nothing to do with coaching or lack of preparation but also nothing that can’t be put right and should be enough for 12-15 point swing.

    Something Zidane said that struck me, ‘the team need a new voice, a new motivator’. And I’m not saying that to take anything away from Wenger. The boys will want to impress Emery and hopefully we too will experience that new manager bounce.

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  4. Good article and agree we`re not as shit as we look !………………with a bit of polishing our shit will shine and believe me the saying you cant polish a turd is untrue, you can !…………………………


  5. anyone know when players contracts run out, those that contracts expire in the summer, are they free from June 1st or is it July 1st, I ask as I see some claim Jack Wilshere is no longer an AFC player, as its June 1st. I always thought it was July 1st

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  6. This team are a lot better than the points total of last season would suggest.
    I expect Emery to seriously work on defending as a team, mainly because I would imagine that will be a key stated remit.
    Sort out defending, our excellent attack play will bring rewards in itself.
    A new voice might bring confidence , inspiration , at least for a while, the new team needs to turn this to momentum.
    Cautiously optimistic over next season

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  7. On home record alone we would have finished second, just three points behind Man City. That suggests it was a psychological problem with away form.

    I think that Wenger wanted to leave last summer. He could see all the changes being implemented. He knew his time was coming to an end. I’m convinced that Gazidis needed to secure the signings of Sanhelli and Mislintat before Arsenal could let Wenger go. Arséne, being the gentleman that he is, cooperated.

    However, the players could also see these changes going on. Many must have been wondering about their futures too. This all adds up to uncertainty. Under such conditions I imagine you become inconsistent….

    I think there is every reason to expect a much better next season…

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  8. Footballers contracts run to 30th June each year I think – no idea about Jack and his prospects at the club though – hardly surprising that UE and his team have a mass of work to get on with – for what it is worth I have a feeling Jack is no longer in the plan. He may stay but it will be strictly short term.

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  9. Think you are correct GP, also believe that Wenger had to be talked into staying last summer.
    If this was the case, the players, and backroom staff would have had more than an inkling. After so many years of continuity, this would have been unsettling to some to say the least

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  10. Stephan Lichtsteiner on his move to Arsenal: “I can’t say anything about that, nothing is finished. I don’t know [if it will be before the World Cup].” [@AndreasBoeni]

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  11. Good article that, well done to the author! I do agree with you that our team is way better than the previous season’s table suggests. We finished the season with at least 10 – 12 points less than we should have had. Stoke, Watford, West Bromwich all should have resulted in wins if the ref was doing his job as should be. Others like Utd at home, City, Leicester away we could very easily have got points but for uneven refereeing.

    All that doesn’t even account for the psychological impact of poor officiating on our players and their all round game. You even notice the hesitation in our game where players didn’t want to make tackles anywhere in our box as they knew any contact and a penalty is awarded against them foul or no foul; which in my opinion contributed to our poor defensive displays all season.

    With more even officiating, we are title contenders with the squad as is. Make a few additions as is most likely, and we are looking at a team that can contend for the title and even win one or two of the Europa league, FA cup or league cup.

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  12. Difference in home and away form was truly bonkers this year.

    Sure Wenger talked many times about his belief a team should be able to * play the same home and away. Only factors I can think of to stop it are home support, home demands, confidence, playing surface and conditions (familiarity, difference to home,etc) and…officiating.

    I think officiating had a massive impact on our results, with near enough a formula having developed for it now, though we were certainly culpable ourselves as well.

    Bournemouth comes to my mind before others normally. A hard fought lead, and then caught in a very disorganised state soon after- a good bit of routine pressing, disarray, huge space, quality pass, goal. We wobbled, another goal, and then we couldn’t get going again.

    They were all painful, but perhaps none more so than Stoke. The euphoria of that opening day win against Leicester squashed immediately. We started that Stoke game well, couldn’t capitalise, denied stone wall pen ref had great view of; caught out badly on a rare attack at start of 2nd; kept pushing, denied benefit of doubt on razor,razor tight offside; another couple of good pen shouts denied. Gah.

    So we’ll have to see if there’s a marginal let up from pgmol away, and we’ll have to see if we can successfully address defence in terms of making it harder to get first goal against us and, maybe a slightly easier one to target, making us more secure if we take the lead.

    Good early away results would be extremely welcome for confidence. Don’t think we can rule out being geared more to try ‘not to lose’ in those games.

    Anyway, I look forward to what’s ahead.

    *’Think’ that was gist anyway.

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  13. Nigeria Team kit went on sale yesterday and to see the fun that everyone was having just getting the items,was so cool.
    Nike made a clever calculation of celebrating of a ‘Throw back’ world cup shirt updated.
    I was fortunate enough to go to France 98 and see one of their games and that was the most fun I have had at a World Cup match.
    Along with having a Young Alex in the side I will definately watching them during the finals, Nigeria are a fun side to watch,with some of the best , MOST demanding fans at any level .

    I think they are to young to win it but I think there will a Madness.

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  14. If this article by the intriguingly named Mark Almond albeit with a slightly different spelling of his first name, has any truth about it, we should be thankful that Mr Usmanov is not our majority shareholder in the present climate. He is reputedly, like Abramovich a mate of Putin and will quite possibly be under manners to go along with pretty much whatever the Russian leader demands, we all know some of the consequences of failing to do just that.

    Not a fashionable opinion, but at the moment, I am thankful for the Kroenke family, they have helped the club make a good appointment this summer Josh seems to be more engaged than perhaps his father, allegedly at least, they may pay lip service to, but will not be unduly influenced by political leaders, they may indulge in a little Delaware accounting, but as far as I know are not crooks, they are letting the holy trinity run things, it would seem, and they haven’t made the club in anyway reliant on their money.
    early days, but Chelsea could have problems unless he sells


  15. Ugh. Daily Mail. Putin is the new boogeyman. Just more excuse for bashing Russia, who oddly, they equate with Putin, as if a country that size, and a culture that old, is monolithic. Chechen ‘separatists’. Not terrorists.

    Not denying their dirtiness, but whatever the faults of all these ‘dictators’, their only fault really is that they won’t let the Western corporations take over and just bend to the political will of the West.

    The shadiness of Roman was well known when he first turned up. It’s nothing to do with his shadiness now. As with the dictators, the real fault of these bad guys is that they don’t bend the knee. They don’t mind bad guys though. Bad guys are good for business. If the world didn’t have bad guys, people might actually start to question where the good is.

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  16. Wwwb

    That Nigeria kit is great. I don’t know why it is. Maybe some fashion experts could tell. It should be tacky. But it looks great. Weird how that works sometimes. It would be so good if an African side won the World Cup. I’m looking forward to the tournament.

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  17. Shard
    It is right
    I would not mind getting one
    Sort of a bruised banana feel about it (Although that was Adidas)
    The tracksuit looks ‘pretty’
    The boots look cool
    Getting the world cup smell in the nostrils.

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  18. Football is NOT about opinions
    Football is about MOMENTS

    Never seen an opinion score a goal.
    Never been to a match to watch an opinion

    You have opinions about the MOMENTS
    Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

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  19. Shard the King in North London chose not to bend the knee to Baron Brand Scudamore.

    I had some concerns but after viewing Emery’s post Barca match fix press conference we can see that he has the class, compsure and dignity to carry on where the old gaffer left off, but of course he’s yet to be provoked as consistently as yet. But as per the PR Consultants distraught memes from our comedians (hacks) everyone can see, observe and simply conclude from the evidence at hand that they didn’t quite get the Regime Change at the Arsenal that they were holding a candle for. The poor diddums.

    Shotta’s concerns reflect my own but with each passing day i am resting easier. Signing a young talented french kid potentially (only potentially) in the Diaby class is one kind of Statement of Intent, but not the ones the idiots and the Extreme Right Wingers were hoping for. Let’s be generous and say about 75% of our media and hacks can be classified under the ‘Extreme’ label, as per the scandal and Cobrapost sting doing the rounds in India at the moment – I only know of this story as an Indian friend told me of it! In particular reference to what we see in UK football reportage I found the following quote to paint a highly amusing and pathetic picture of Timmy Payton’s “fruitile” efforts over the last decade:

    “…you should find a PR company of repute which has inroads in the top market, right, and they can control the reporters, kyonki they are the source of news.”

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  20. some reports that the spurs stadium will not be ready for the start of the season, and that they want the BPL to change their rules re fixtures, and either allow them to have more than 3 away fixtures in a row at start of the season (meaning AFC would have to have extra home fixtures at start), or for them to be allowed play some of their home fixtures at Wembley or another ground, and then use their new stadium for remainder of home games.

    currently the rules mean a club has to play all home fixtures at one ground, so as to not give any advantage to another club, also I think its only 3 away games in a row allowed at start of season.

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  21. Emery interview from a few years ago


  22. Eds the esteemed project management of that stadium build in contrast to what happened over a decade ago in N5 is just a simple reflection of how Tottenham have left the Shambles behind as they have progressed.

    At least that’s what gr*t the Arseblaggers have been churning out for the last few years though they had to ignore a few thosand tons or more of glass concrete and steel in order to project such fine Opinions (i agree with WWB!!).

    What a shower the brave blaggers and selfless podcastateers have been shown up to be. And that is not an opinion!

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  23. I first got interested in football from watching the World Cup with my mum back in the day. Funnily enough I am not in the least bit excited about this one. From the location, the bullying of Sterling by the scum of the media to those cringe-worthy ads, I can’t wait for it to be over and done with

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  24. So had a little peek into the dark side. Chelsea fans are either saying there’s nothing to worry about. That even if Abramovich left there would be minimal effect on the playing side. THat someone else would buy, and they are hoping for the Crown Prince of Dubai, or MBS in Saudi Arabia. That’s amazing to me. They even said they’d prefer these guys to any Chinese businessmen. Now of course this is a small sample, and probably not reflective of the fanbase as a whole, but can they not comprehend living within their means?

    Spurs meanwhile are convinced Poch said he’s staying. That even if he leaves they’ll get 42.5m for him because those are his wages over 5 years. Plus they’re sure they’ve now permanently overtaken us with their new stadium (which isn’t even fully built yet, let alone paid for)

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  25. Wouldn’t tomorrow’s Legends match be the best time for Real Madrid to unveil their new manager..Arsene Wenger?

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  26. passenal
    I don’t know, I just can’t help myself , I have always loved football first, even more than Arsenal.
    I love the game, there was a sense of anti-climax, it rainied so much the pitches were difficult, Brazil were crap even with Jarzinho during the 74 world cup, then you saw Cryuff.
    78 made me think differently about toilet roll and bus ticket rolls , moments you see. Never considered ticker-tape would create an atmosphere that could transfer across the telly.Still it was no 1970 Mexico, nothing ever will be like that tournement.
    I thought in 82 nothing to see here but it did not take me long before I was rushing home to watch games and my desire to start travelling through parts of Europe was ignited.

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  27. Move Iwobi to the middle and he makes a difference right away. Imagine starting him deep on the right and Moses on the left.

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  28. Iwobi has been playing well

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  29. Liked by 1 person

  30. Indy Football
    ‏Verified account @IndyFootball
    59m59 minutes ago

    Alex Iwobi is the first ever Nigerian to score an international goal against England 🇳🇬

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  31. Mesut Ozil goal against Austria 1-0 gives half-time lead

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  32. I know we’re all siding with Sterling because of the shit he gets from the media. And rightly so. But he really is a diver.

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  33. Sterling is a diver
    All the rest is nonsense

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  34. With Iwobi in your heart
    And unai never walk alone
    Unaaiiiiiii never walk alone

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  35. I love the World Cup and without doubt will be neglecting work and other allegedly important stuff to gorge on the games.

    Seems to me the World Cup back in the day, ie 60s, 70s and 80s was that in an era when live football on the TV was rare the tournament was a bloody orgy of live action, and a chance to watch players you only read about or saw , at best, 15 second clips of.

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  36. I may change my mind once it gets underway, but there’s so much BS around the game these days that the innocent pleasure I used to get from international games has evaporated. Perhaps if we had a few ‘old school’ commentators who focus on describing the action in front of us rather than feeling the need to fill space with their inane drivel, I could get excited again.

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  37. passenal, today I caught a stream of the England-Nigeria game which had no commentary. Just the stadium noise. Was so much fun to watch. Though sometimes you can’t tell who is on the ball. Maybe they’ll start broadcasting with video game style name tags under the players’ feet.

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  38. Wwwb

    Re: Sterling. Of course the rest is nonsense. Ironically, being a diver is probably the one thing he hasn’t been accused of.

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  39. My first World Cup was 98 and I loved it. The colour and grandeur of it. The Ricky Martin theme song.. I think our enjoyment of it is down to the age we were and how fresh it all seemed at the time.

    I did quite enjoy the 2006 World Cup too.

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  40. Mexico 1970 was my first. I had a copy of the ‘Back Home’ song on an LP (remember those), then there was the Brazilians, wow, I’d never seen anything like it!

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  41. Sterling should get some tips from the spurs players about how to dive successfully. Or at least realise that what you can get away with a friendly referee in the PL, may not work so well in an international match.

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