Let The Farewell Tour Begin

Bonjour fellow Positivistas.
Since Friday we’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster and we will only be let off to truly come to grips with it all on the 13th May 2018. So till then let the countdown begin having the great man in the technical area as we host West Ham United at the Emirates today.
Following last Sunday’s flat performance which put an end to a seven game unbeaten run, Arsenal will look to bounce back and get a positive result if we want to take any kind of confidence and/or momentum toward more pressing matters on Thursday night.
Now when these two teams met back in December the Hammers did well to add to our travel grief by producing a very solid defensive display to hold out for a goalless draw. David Moyes was so pleased with himself that he quipped in the post-match that he’s “really enjoying” life.
To be fair he got reason to. When he was brought in his primary goal has been to keep his team safe from the relegation trapdoor, and I think they’ll probably survive just. But all of the leg work has been done at the London Stadium as they themselves are terrible travellers, with only 2 PL wins on the road and Moyes himself still without a win away to Arsenal in all competitions.
Despite our rather grim looking away record we have grown to appreciate the Emirates as a fortress for the Arsenal. Making it a double whammy for the WHammers and I’m sure the bookies are in agreement that victory for the home side is a safe bet.
On team news: the Boss will have a near-full squad to choose from, with Jack being a minor concern and Mkhi unavailable, though he is expected back after today’s game.
With our domestic season such a clanging disappointment and Europa our only avenue to absolution, we can expect Thursday night to be uppermost in Mr Wenger’s mind and his match day 11 to reflect that as he would want to ensure the players are battle ready and in good health.
When news broke of the Boss’ ‘retirement’ I’m sure we all felt a bit numb for at least a brief moment, now we can only imagine how difficult it must have been for the players to whom he has became a father figure. So my hope is that they don’t get too overwhelmed by the moment because if there is anything that the great man has taught us all… it is that the show must go on and whatever life throws at us we must always trust in ourselves.
Every day Arsène Wenger went to the mat for this great team, now it is time for us supporters to take to the mat for him as the sun sets on what will forever be remembered as an illustrious managerial career, to make sure he gets a send-off befitting of his class and stature. Let the Emirates ROAR as they sing:
“There’s only One Arsène Wenger”

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150 comments on “Let The Farewell Tour Begin

  1. moyes blamed young defender declan rice for the defeat

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  2. Moyes is an arse

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  4. from football.london

    Wenger on the win

    I told the players at half-time if we keep discipline we will find space. That’s what we did in the first half.

    At 1-1 it was bit of a test but once we scored the second they collapsed a bit.

    Wenger on the fans singing his name

    I am happy when the fans are happy, I’m willing to suffer to make them happy.

    Every decision I’ve made in 22 years has been for the good of Arsenal. I believe I will leave a club which is in a very strong position.

    Wenger on whether he will be involved in picking a successor

    No. I always feel that the most important thing in a club is every one does their job.

    My job is take care of the results, the finances, the transfers – That’s’ what I did.

    Wenger on why he made the decision now

    I made a statement. It’s not the moment to come out on that.

    I will speak about that a bit later in my life.

    Can you describe the emotion?

    Not really. It’s mixed feelings.

    I must say I’m touched by all the praise I got from English football, I’m grateful. It’s special.

    Wenger on what the past few days have been like

    I had the feeling a bit to assist life at my funeral. People talk about you like you were, which was interesting.

    So I don’t need to die anymore.

    I would like to thank everyone who has been absolutely nice for me.

    Wenger on managing another English club

    If you speak about emotions. For me that would be emotionally difficult.

    At the minute, I’m attached, too attached to this club to go anywhere else.

    Are you relieved?

    No, because I was not tired.

    But I believe this club is respected all over the world, much more than in England. Our fans did not give the page of unity at the club I want, that was hurtful.

    The image we gave at the club was not what I want.

    Wenger on how Arsenal are now being perceived

    This club has a fantastic image.

    Sport is about winning and losing, but it’s about something bigger. For me, that is always a worry how the club is perceived worldwide.

    Have you been upset by way you have been treated?

    No, not me.

    I’m not resentful. I do not want to make stupid headlines.

    I just feel if my personality is in the way of what the club is.

    That’s what I want to say. It’s not about the fans. I travel a lot, this club is respected around the world.

    I want that to go on and be respected.

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  5. Aaron Ramsey has had a hand in more goals than any other Arsenal player in all competitions this season (19 – 11 goals and eight assists).

    Freddie Ljunberg said today that the next manager needs to build the team around Ramsey as he is our best player

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  6. My first sight of a few of these players in the flesh and the main impression i got was that AM-N is that he is a cut above most.
    And that this was a game where we started with 4 first choice players missing so under the circs we did well to win as handsomely as we did in the end.

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  7. Arsenal have the second best home record in the BPL this season, a strong foundation is there to be built on

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  8. And remember that the poor away record started with us being cheated of wins/points at places like Stoke and Watford.

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  9. I hope you enjoyed the game FH – so sorry I could not meet up after as I have other plans this evening. But I’m up for meeting after the Burnley match if anyone is available?

    It’s amazing how impatient some people are. West Ham did not come to the Emirates just to make up the numbers. They are professional sportsmen so of course they would try their hardest to get something out of the game. It was hard going first half, but I was holding onto the belief that the Hammers would tire later in the game and our quality would make the difference as long as we did not succumb to too many stupid defensive errors.

    I liked seeing Ospina in goal today. I felt a lot more relaxed than I have for a while. I like that he is more proactive about coming for the ball and sweeping up behind the defence when necessary. I will be interested to see whether he starts again on Thursday, or whether Cech was rested today for that match. BTW, does anyone know why Ozil was not in the squad? Is he injured?

    P.S. I noticed today that Arsene’s last EPL match will be against Huddersfield, Chapman’s other team. It’s interesting how these coincidences happen.

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  10. I enjoyed it very much indeed and it has heloed me get a better idea about how we play at the moment in a way that is hard to guage from the TV..
    Plus of course the whole match-day experience.

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  11. Wenger on what kind of manager Arsenal needs after him: “You take me, and you take a guy who is much stronger in every strong point I have.”

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  12. What a good result today and what a home record we have this season ! Laca is providing some much needed killer instinct in front of goal.

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  13. afcstuff
    ‏ @afcstuff
    1h1 hour ago

    Arsenal top-scorers this season (all comps):

    Lacazette 15
    Ramsey 11
    Welbeck 10
    Aubameyang 6
    Monreal 6
    Özil 5
    Kolasinac 4
    Bellerín 3
    Mustafi 3
    Xhaka 3
    Mkhitaryan 2
    Iwobi 2
    Koscielny 2
    Wilshere 2

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  14. Wenger said it does not look good for Elneny, but will know more after x-rays

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  15. Good day in the end, clearly a little nervous, and things on their mind at the start, which is understandable, West Ham went for the jugular with our well known weaknesses as well.
    Some interesting words from Wenger, he will explain more later in his life. That book is coming!
    Thought the referee was pretty poor today. Just seems like there is very little churn in these refs (OK, I wait to be shot down as I haven’t researched that point) , but some of them have been around for a very very long time (a malcontent will say the same of our manager, but luckily, no malcontents here). At the risk of sounding ageist, perhaps the worst example of ref longevity being our nemesis. I know some younger refs have broken through, but the ways of Riley must be quite dis -spiriting for a top young ref who wants to reach the summit seeing some of these guys that appear immovable objects. Know Mason isn’t there the longest ,but do some of these refs really have the quality to match their longevity?

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  16. I am no fan of Chelsea, anything about Chelsea, I would boycott the flower show, am quite prepared to believe reports that the Clintons daughter is a spoilt obnoxious brat, despite never having been anywhere near her, though do recognise the pensioners should be viewed with respect.
    But will always raise a smile when Giroud does well wherever he is.
    Cannot say the same about Alexis unfortunately, though good to see him do a job on the Spuds, again.

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  17. Shard – many thanks for those links earlier.

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  18. well with Southampton losing in the FAC today it means the worst AFC will have from this season is EL qualifying round for next season, as the lowest we can finish is 7th. We need two wins from our four BPL games to claim 6th, if we beat Burnely then one win is enough

    but I am still hoping for a EL win getting us CL next season, and CFC overhauling THFC and dumping spurs into the EL.

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  19. Sadly, will have to be backing the chavs in the cup.final, cant have utd equalling our record. think Riley may still have a say sadly

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  20. MarkyB I’m sure we will all be supporting Giroud in the cup final.

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  21. High quality, intense game from Italy- Juve vs Napoli- on BT sport 1 at moment.

    Top refereeing so far as well. Booking people who deserve to be booked in a ferocious big game where players will 100% push luck if can- does he not know how to manage a game?!!

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  22. Maitland Niles, isn’t he just a super player, skillful fast versatile. He would easily be a regular but I hope the new manager does not kill him

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  23. Hopefully more Crossie garbage, but he’s put out that excellent keeper prospect Okonkwo, 16, isn’t happy with scholarship/contract offer and may well leave.

    Supposedly, contracts guy Fahmy is a tough operator and leading a ‘purge’ (?!) on contracts.

    No doubt if true we are fighting to keep costs down on youth contracts, we will lose a few good ‘uns.


  24. okonkwo would at this stage only be offered a scholarship deal, so wages do not come into it, of course we can promise him a pro deal when he turns 17, and wages for that can be agreed now. The lad trained with the first team yesterday, that was probably the first time John Cross ever heard the lads name mentioned.

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  25. The French Frank White
    “I don’t need to die anymore.”

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  26. the Guardian article today on poch is correct, he can not be judged on trophies alone

    he’d have to win one, any one, for that to happen.

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  27. Yeah, assumed that’s what he meant- the money for pro terms at 17, offered as part of/ alongside scholarship offer. (Don’t know if scholarship wages standardised tho?)

    Not sure Cross is creative enough to invent that one from thin air, nor if he’d stoop to complete lies about 16 year old. Almost certainly, an agent up to mischief, had a word.

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  28. Great moment late on in Italy. Towering, bulleted header from Koulibaly for very late winner to keep title race well alive there.

    Want us one of those again sometime soon- tall cb who is monster in air.

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  29. juventus 0-1 napoli

    juve 1pt ahead of napoli with 4 games to play

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  30. Juve play Inter Milan (A), Bologna (H), Roma (A), and Verona (H) . They also play AC Milan in the Coppa Italia final 4 days before travelling to Roma.

    Napoli have to play Fiorentina(A), Torino (H), Sampdoria (A) and Crotone (H)


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  31. Gazidis said the other day that our send off for Arsene at our last home game of the season v Burnley will make the world take note. Its some statement. Might need to have made it to the EL final for it to have the fans in the right mood for it.

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  32. Arsènic™
    ‏ @MrArsenicTM

    AW on leaving Arsenal: “It’s like you have children and you want them to be happy [in their lives] even if you will not be there for them anymore.” [beIN SPORTS mini doc]

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  33. James Benge
    ‏Verified account @jamesbenge

    Henrikh Mkhitaryan is out of the Atletico Madrid first leg, Arsene Wenger has confirmed


  34. Ramsey 8 goals in 9 games

    Aubameyang has contributed to 9 in 9 (6g, 3a).

    Lacazette has scored 6 in 6.

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  35. My money is on Napoli, apparently some serious doubt over allegris future at Juve which will not help them, but might excite some Arsenal and Chelsea fans
    If it is true he is up for leaving , and it is true both clubs want him, an interesting choice of polar opposites for him.
    Still get a horrible feeling Wenger could really make this team work given time, especially with increasing evidence of pretty impressive firepower- ok the defence needs work, but….,if it was his or a mutual decision as cited by Pornstein, then fair enough, but anything else, really hope they know what they are doing

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  36. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/mauricio-pochettinos-halo-slipping-tottenham-12408587

    Incredible, harsh words against the hallowed anointed ones manager by spud loving Gooner John Cross.
    Putin or Kim Jong whatshisface must have put something in his tea to make him behave like this

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  37. After Wenger saying he has the desire to work Can we, start Stay Wenger campaign and convince the Great man to do one more season for the positivitas.

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  38. Good win today despite Mason’s best efforts to prevent it. And therein lies the problem. If you go to war without identifying who your true enemy is then you will end up killing your most skilled commander in an attempt to rectify an external problem disguised as an internal problem by people trying to undermine your goals. And am afraid that’s what we might witness at Arsenal.
    It doesn’t matter who the next manager is or how good they are; if our games continue to be “managed” in the same manner as they have been in the last decade, then the results will either remain the same or even get worse.
    It’s plainly obvious to those who aren’t blinded by the msm that Wenger has been cheated out of at least 2 or 3 titles in the last decade, which is why most pundits are trying to edit out much of what happened post 2006 and only painting it as a “steady decline”. But actually the details tell a completely different story about the later years of AW.
    Maybe now that AW is leaving, Arsenal fans can finally recognize who the true enemy is and focus their resources on taking them down.

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  39. Sorry I missed your message to me last night Andrew. Not a problem. Hope they add some value to your insightful comments.

    Personally I’m not too keen on Enrique but I can’t tell why. Especially because i liked him when he was a player. I was just trying to figure that out.

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  40. Jeri

    Those that sided against Wenger in that battle will never stand for ending the cheating and ‘management’. Never. They lack the fortitude and morals to stand for the truth. To stand apart from what the world tells them is the way to be.

    How many remember that Jon Moss asked his assistant if he heard something from TV? The FA just called this misguided and that was that. The FA also basically rewrote the rulebook to say that the correct offside decision was made. The shameless agenda and voting against VAR. They’ll go to any lengths to keep their game ‘managed’ and get everyone to focus on the shiny, glitzy, glamourous, product. “Are you not entertained?? Like Pro Wrestling. It may be scripted, but it’s still real!”

    And those on the gravy train like the media, bloggers and the Aftv lot will do everything to keep it going. Any evidence of wrongdoing will be dismissed as ‘conspiracy’ or ‘excuses’. The media will big up their sort to say, ‘see…even your own fans say this. It’s not us. It’s you. Now shut up.’ Because the script is handed down to them and the facts must be made to fit.

    I just hope Arsenal after Arsene can keep out of that shameful aspect of the game. I wonder though.

    Also, I hope Wenger goes to PSG, where they have Neymar and Mbappe, two players he coveted, and they share his deep desire to win the CL. Let the part about self financing be damned. Show them what he can do when he plays by their ‘rules’.

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  41. Will be interesting to see how pgmol behave with new manager.

    Similarly, how will new manager behave towards them if they stay same?

    They knew they could rely on media painting Wenger as one-eyed, moaner etc if he complained, and that many of our fans would be too busy moaning about any result influenced by decisions to complain about decisions themselves.

    Initially at least, they could be more fearful. Much will depend on manager and what sort of standing he has in game; also how he communicates, what sort of temper he has, ruthlessness, cynicism.


  42. Rich

    The more I think about it, the more I feel the board are going to hire a young manager. A head coach who will be setting up the team and handle training and not much else. He will stay with most of the existing coaches and trainers, offer only input into transfers rather than sign off on them, and fulfill the club’s diktat on young players. Also, more and more I feel he will be German (through Mislintat) rather than Spanish (through Sanhelli) as I’d earlier assumed. It fits with the overall Anglo-German theme we’re building at the club.

    Also, I think Sanhelli was hired to do the job David Dein used to do in the shady corridors of the FA and Uefa. The overturning of Elneny’s suspension surprised me and my thought was that’s what Sanhelli does.

    And on that note, poor Elneny. I hope that he’s ok. Even if not for our season, at least for the World Cup.

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  43. Shard

    Agree young and German makes plenty of sense, including with Per heading up youth next year, Mislintat, German/players from Germany in squad, plus I think Germany is number 1 market for us now when we look for new players.

    As it happens, Enrique one of the suggestions who leaves me cold. How do you evaluate what performing well as Barca coach means for elsewhere? The primary tactic – find a way to let Suarez, Neymar and Messi shine, in Spain and Champions league- doesn’t carry over much.

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  44. Rich

    The media coverage of any manager is dependant upon their ability to

    – take bungs (eg me old mucker Malky)
    – not to be critical of that braying sacred (for some) donkey the pgMOB. also known as the Benitez treatement – either Rafa Benitez “lost the plot” or this methodical manager highly respected within the game was given the full monty for daring to speak his mind on a game of football).

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  45. New post up.

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  46. I don’t follow the ins an outs of the board room stories or the fascinating chat that masqueradeds as a fun Sunday evening down at the AST but I think I’ve just realised that the club haven’t offered the manager a gilded armchair in the boardroom to the manager after he finishes pitchside.

    Even it is just ornamental.

    That Bob Wilson wasn’t used more obviously by the club in the PR wars against the club always struck me as dumb, and if the club are going to let go of the manager completely then that is worse it is comprehensively stupid unless it’s already been agreed for him to swan back in after a short period to allow other coaches to settle. This is where Man. Utd completely messed it up though there was a more obvious fall out with their new owners in that case. Utd dismissed an entire back room staff who had allegedly been doing the bulk of the coaching, had good relationships with their players etc – still comically stupid after all these years. Mental!

    So If that’s what the AFC board are roughly doing no two ways about it:

    It’s a bad move.

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