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An Arsenal performance that has the media purring but with their usual caveat thrown in

The football played by Arsenal tonight was sumptuous, Wengerball at its finest, the movement, the freedom, the flow, the tempo, Ozil the conductor, Ramsey the lighting rod, Lacazette and Mkhitaryan the support act, and Xhaka on top of his game too, midfield and attack showing Wenger’s vision of how the fans should be entertained.

It was so good that it had the media, pundits, whingebag fans scurrying around for something to suck the joy from the night. Wait, whats that, CSKA scored a goal, oh goodie, bound to be something there. Of course with all goals there is always something that can be blamed upon the conceding team, the Golovin goal was as good a freekick as you will see in a very long time (should that be game), it was up over the wall, back down just enough to go into the postage stamp. Can we blame Cech, no, not on a goal like that, two keepers would have found it hard to stop it. What about the freekick itself or the build up to it. Bingo, the angle in there. Its said that on average six mistakes are made on every goal scored. Well Arsenal made 3 obvious mistakes on this one, 1. Mustafi hooked the ball back towards the middle of his area, on edge of the area, then 2. Xhaka hoofed the ball up in the air, and 3. Koscielny charged out to try and win the high ball only to be called for a bit of a barge on Golovin.

so to summarise, Arsenal banged in 4 goals, the Ramsey one a worldie, a goal of the season contender in fact, the build up on all our goals was Wengerball at its best, Ozil was supreme, our returning striker got 2, Ramsey got 2 and its no joke to say that with a bit of luck he would have had 6. We cocked up a bit on their goal, but the tie looks fairly securely in our favour. But much of the Arsenal blogs, the media, the football pundits, are dwelling on the one goal out of five that we did not score. Narratives to be adhered to it seems. You know, the old “a better team would have”. Never mind that tonight the better team did.



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  1. The attacking play was incredible first half, and though not quite at the same level 2nd we still created numerous opportunities to score more.

    Slight regret we didn’t get one or two more but 4-1 puts us in very strong position for 2nd leg.

    The disallowed goal might have been the slickest move of the lot. Could barely keep up with it as we zipped it about.

    Just me or are goals like that a rarity even for the highest quality passing teams?

    Feel like with vintage Barca, for instance, it’s more of a fast, slow, fast etc buildup, often with a bit of dribbling, as they wait and probe for something to open up.

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  2. Lacazette was very good last night, following on from him being very good Sunday when he came on. Impressive for a guy just back from knee surgery. Wenger suggested in his presser that Lacazette hid his injury for some time and that his knee injury was the reason for some sub par performances from Lacazette and that he and the coaching staff knew there was something up, but that the lad kept saying he was ok, until it got too bad and he had to have the operation. AW said players often do this, a sort of forlorn hope it will go away or an idea that its not affecting their game. Too afraid to step out of the team for treatment in case they don’t get their place back.

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  3. Great stuff Eddie. Last night truly was entertaining and just breathtaking.

    Re Ramsey performance and THAT goal – superlatives don’t always do these things justice but that was just superb, unbelievable and simply quite stunning. He deserve every bit of praise from everyone who understand football (ta BG) he is getting since last night. Not in short supply in this here PA community, but I so suspect elsewhere, from those who has made up their minds about him a long time ago and are too coward to admit they were wrong – because AW has ability to develop players. To hell with them.

    5 on the bounce. Something that show the quality of our team, nor the coaching/training methods is not an issue. It’s the leeches, disaster vultures on the outside that suck the confidence out of this team. Hopefully one day one of those delicious crosses from Özil will drain the blood from these vampires.

    Arsène Wenger will have had a huge grin on his face driving all the way back home after the game, and rightly so, he deserves it.

    Oh when the Saints…

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  4. Was that post by Eddie? It was great anyway

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  5. I almost managed not to comment on it, but got to mention what the professional trolls are up to now re Ramsey.

    Some posho Jacob Berk-Mong-Pitt or something was wondering last night if ‘undervalued, unfulfilled’ Ramsey would have had a better career to date under Klopp or the other current faves, and whether there’s still a chance to do so.

    Ox is proof,see, fact, of what’s possible.

    It’s the usual, whereby three trophies are underachievement but no trophies are better, only this time it was done on back of a great performance which somehow proved a player could and would be better off elsewhere and deserves the chance.

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  6. Eds the first line of your review is so accurate it is uncanny! I like the way you refer to back scratching sychophants as the new media.

    If you can manage to read a few lines from these arseblaggers without throwing up you’ll see that these lying toads have made the projection this week in the media that AFC and Liverpool FC were on opposite and divergent tracks this week yet the simple observation is that the football managers of both football teams took the eventually lucky gambles of resting and rotating their teams in the demanding PL in order to prioritise their upcoming Home games in critical European fixtures. As in both managers followed the same process to more or less very similar tactics.

    The simple observational evidence is informing all who are paying attention to the football on the park with the inverse opposite story to the narrative that they have been failing to weave this past decade. Shower that they are.

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  7. “See how well Ramsey plays when he’s coached properly by a good manager”


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  8. Mo Salah
    is being lauded quiet rightly , he has been fantastic this season. One of the blog masters of the Arsenal persuasion, thnks more players should be thinking to a wide forward,after Salah’s sucess.But status means they all want to play through the middle.

    Arsene Wenger moves PEA to the wide forward spot.
    He is pilloried, by the friends of same blog master but it is nothing about an agenda

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  9. Looking forward to seeing the game when it makes its way onto the Arsenal site: sounds great from all your comments last night and this morning. Obviously I would like Ramsey to stay at the club as he is a fine player and i think the understanding between him and Ozil bordrrs on the telepathic. However, he may perhaps feel that it is the right time to advance his career one stage further and for that I would not blame him, especially if it were to a club whose supporters properly appreciated him.

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  10. Havent seen the proper replays yet either on the site looking forward to that, but from my vantage point, our play was nothing short of incredible at times, a masterclass.
    Something is clearly starting to build within this team after the ups and downs of this season. And despite what some blogs will no doubt say, the crowd were behind them, at least from what i could see and hear.
    There will always be little mistakes, highlighted beyond all proportion in the media and malcontent blogs,unless of course the subject is Liverpool or Tottenham, but such things were not the point of that performance.
    We have surely done enough to progress, and will hopefully keep up good recent form in the league, think Auba is going to enjoy playing in a team like that
    Hope Mikha is ok

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  11. reports suggest that Arsenal are sending a much weakened U23 team to fact LFC tonight in a must win game, its said Mavrepanos, Macey, Nelson and Nketiah have all been left out of the squad, so that they can train with the first team.
    AFC need to win all their remaining 3 games in the u23’s to win the title, but have put first team training session ahead of the game, they done this recently too and ended up losing to LCFC.

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  12. I’m same as you I think Ed.

    I get 1st team is king and that it’s all about development for youth players, but with a trophy in sight…

    Will take a minor miracle to win u18 league, though should get second. FA youth cup will be a big ask, if make it, against Chelsea side who’ve won it about 5 times in 6 years, including last 4 times.

    Got Euro semi but don’t know standard there. So this looks best chance to ensure some silverware for a very good season.

    Have been surprised a couple of times in past by getting results with weakened teams, but normally it means a loss. Least it’s not Spurs, I suppose.

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  13. Mavropanos would be especially weird with Chambers, Holding, Per in reserve for 1st team.

    Though it may well be there’s no plan for him to play again until maybe a send-off in one of final games.


  14. Just reading Mkhitaryan news. Damn. Doesn’t sound great.

    Was complacent and thought it was surely just a knock.

    Really quite a blow as the new look team just starting to take shape and in Europe opposition have struggled with trying to deal with threat of him Ozil and Ramsey together.

    Hope we get a reprieve, though that’s not usually how it goes when there’s talk of a significant injury for us.

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  15. Have to agree with the eloquence of Eddie in highlighting all the positives in our win vs CSKA. But I think we must acknowledge that some old weaknesses still remain which resulted in a few presentable chances to the Russians which they mostly hit off target. Better quality opposition would have made us pay. The weakness was most apparent in central midfield; giving away cheap possession (Jack Wilshere) and often being very open when we are Turn over the ball (Wilshere and Xhaka are not blessed with speed and are not great tacklers). When in possession and attacking Arsenal were imperious but once we lost the ball we were as dodgy and convincing as a lying, slick talking politician. As I am kind of implying it is not the system that is the weakness but the personnel. Am interested in the opinion of you guys.

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  16. Am not surprised on that Mikhitaryan news. On my feed they showed slo- mo replays of the knee on knee clash and it was obvious the Russians knee slammed hard into his just above the knee cap. There could be serious damage.

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  17. Shotta, Wengerball comes with it’s weaknesses. Xhaka ain’t one of them. Jack for the moment appears to be.

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  18. Afraid I agree with you Shotta!

    One of our midfield three being in position to score about six times means there must have been a lot of other occasions he was well advanced, which means, with a striker and two no 10’s in team, the other two midfielders have to carry a large responsibility for protecting defence

    If neither are very fast it means stopping counters is difficult, losing possession dangerous, and there’s a lot of space for opposition to attack into.

    It’s why I generally think it’s unfair to blame our defenders, as many were last night, for the opposition getting into good positions with alarming ease at times.

    Looking at it as a one-off game, it didn’t turn out to be a big problem, and there’s a strong case for saying that could be known beforehand, i.e management, knowing more about opposition than us, made a good decision to go for the very open game.

    Replay it a dozen times, and we might be caught out once or twice by them scoring more than one, but most of the time we would score 3-5.

    I’d bet a lot were like me last night though and were simultaneously loving the great attacking, uncomfortable with the defence and fearful of how same approach would go against A Madrid.

    Maybe we’d change it for them, with Elneny for Wilshere ,say, and a lot more caution. Think it’s pretty much essential to do so.

    They’d be confident their defence could hold out long enough to catch us with a lethal break, and from there it would be very tough as they are in their element defending and breaking.

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  19. It’s a bummer mikhi is injured. He has been playing so well and for such a cultured player he’s work rate is first class. But ironically it can now mean we can get balance if we have to play jack Ramsey and ozil. Elneny can anchor the midfield with xakha and either Ramsey or Jack can drop into the centre. Wenger may prefer Iwobi as mikhis replacement though but I think jack will have to sit out if this is the case

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  20. Arsenal U23 team to face Liverpool: Virginia Daley-Campbell-Olowu-Medley-T. Bola Osei-Tutu-Gilmour Dragomir-Dasilva-Amaechi John-Jules Subs: Keto, Burton, Fortune, Balogun, Coyle.


  21. Pep today said that Man City were offered Pogba and Mkhitaryan in January, that their agent Raiola contacted City. Raiola says he did not talk to Pep, but would not deny that both players were offered to City.


  22. Here’s the very latest from Arsene Wenger on our Armenian international – plus all the other team news ahead of the Southampton game.

    on Mkhitaryan…
    Micki came off and he will be out for Sunday. He has a scan and the fear is that his medial knee ligament has been touched. We’ll know more about that soon. For how long he will be out, I don’t know.

    on Ospina…
    Ospina is out for two to three weeks.

    on Maitland-Niles…
    Ainsley is short for this weekend, but he might be back for Moscow.

    on his rotation policy…
    We are focusing on the Premier League and the Europa League with the squad. We rotate a little bit from one game to the other after considering the recovery and the slight injuries or risk of injuries. As well we consider that some people, like Aubameyang, are not available in the Europa League but they are available in the Premier League. So the rotation is quite natural.

    Copyright 2018 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/latest-henrikh-mkhitaryans-injury#eRKBWRtMUq0oDU4J.99

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/latest-henrikh-mkhitaryans-injury#8Jam0mXGBUepWbAh.99

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  23. Half time. Liverpool 0 Arsenal 0


  24. Debuchy’s St Ettiene 1-0 up against PSG. I know it’s going well for him but steady on!

    Interested to see if he bombs forward much.

    Only reason I didn’t regret his moving on is because I felt the up and down demands of right back for us didn’t suit him at his age and with his injury-hit recent years.

    Liked him as player though and been glad to hear of his good start at new club.

    And…pen to go 2-0 up…bah, missed. Newcastle flop Cabella. Should’ve let Debuchy take it!

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  25. Jeorge Bird
    ‏ @jeorgebird
    2m2 minutes ago

    Full time. Liverpool 1 Arsenal 1. Supersub Balogun with late equaliser. Arsenal level on points with leaders Leicester but behind on goal difference. Liverpool two points further adrift.

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  26. George – The system is only as good as the personnel. We attack very well but our central midfielders are not the quickest nor the best tacklers. It remains a pressing concern.
    Btw I am not an advocate of 2 DMs sitting back who are incapable of picking a pass or helping with the offense.

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  27. With all due respect to CSKA, they had much too many clear chances on goal for us to be satisfied with the way we defended.

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  28. ha ha ha, john cross and neill custis and other numpthy journos up in arms over another journo dimarizo revealing the Pep comment about Pogba and Mkhitaryan being offered to city in January. The up roar is over the fact the comments were embargoed till 10.30 tonight.
    So Cross and Custis and co don’t mind lying, fabricating stories, talking bollocks, but they draw the line at accurate comments being reported a few hours early. Sounds about right for the British gutter press

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  29. Ah bollocks, I cursed Debuchy. Scored an own goal to make it 1-1 with 30 secs left.

    Seems to have found a good home though. Great support there.

    Been jumping round sport a bit tonight. Dean was doing the big championship game.

    Late on, I was thinking, ‘hmmm, he’s quiet and reserved tonight. Doing a good job here’.

    Bosh, gives a soft pen to Cardiff in injury time. They miss. Whack, gives Cardiff another pen, deserved this time, in last seconds of injury time. They miss again and lose 1-0.

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  30. Arsene Wenger has always had a way with words – and he was in fine form when discussing the changes Aaron Ramsey has made to his game.

    The Wales international suffered from a number of fitness problems earlier in his career, but the Arsenal manager says he has taken certain steps to eradicate that in recent years.

    “He’s stronger [now],” the Arsenal manager said. “He’s always been very fit, but it’s been about getting to the core of the problems.

    “Sometimes there is a reoccurrence of an injury, it’s a little bit like an engine in Formula One, you have to find out where the problem lies and what you have to change. Sometimes it can be a single movement to change and that can take time.

    “He’s always had that [self-belief], he’s always had a strong personality. I think the biggest part in the game, at 18 or 19 years of age, is not so much your talent, its more your personality, the belief in your own qualities and he’s always had that.”

    Wenger is keen for Ramsey to commit his future to the club by signing a new contract, and says that talks have been taking place.

    “We are communicating… yes, I’m confident,” the manager said. “He’s not at the end of his contract, he has one and a half years to go.

    “From my side it is clear, but you always have to find an agreement. We want him to stay. He’s one of these guys who has been here for a long time. He will be an important player in the future of this club.”

    Copyright 2018 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/aaron-has-always-had-strong-personality#AV0K7zu55ShHohFd.99

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/aaron-has-always-had-strong-personality#WUeFm5v7LoFbtqHw.99

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  31. rich what did the wolves manager do that had warnock so mad after the game that he kept telling him to fuck off and refused to shake hands with him


  32. Ed

    No idea. Commentator said towards end of game, after Warnock had been shouting at their bench, that Wolves had complained about Cardiff time-wasting…during a period where Cardiff were 1-0 down and chasing- endlessly lumping ball towards five or six big lads in box- the game.

    Heard somewhere else it was about not liking Wolves’ celebrations after their goal.

    Warnock eh. Protector of manners and values in the game.

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  33. Ramsey, sign da thing, you know this is the club for you.
    Ramsey is amazing and when fit,has been for some time,when you consider what he has been through makes him even more impressive.
    Ramsey and ozil have done great things, but yesterday, well. Feel lucky to have been there,anyone who gave up that experience as some sort of infantile media driven protest, the feminine side of me feels sorry for you, but ultimately, i would happily say fuck you to such persons

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  34. Mandy as Eddy easily predicted the shower that leech off this fine football club were starting their blogs and selfless podcasts with predictable caveats to fit their narratives and ideological beliefs.

    Meanwhile the other football coaches and managers in this football competition will be hoping to avoid the Arsenal in the draw for the next round of football matches. And saying a prayer of thanks for that nasty foul on Miki.

    Nevermind the football eh.

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  35. Mkhitaryan. Makes such a difference having big talents that want to play with and be part of the group on the pitch.

    Miki is different to the Sopanish Saint but when he’s in there alongside the others he adds that quicksilver to the play that’s been missing since the team lost you know who.

    Arsenal have one of the best if not the best box to box CMs around. Now they’ve got two skilled playmakers again. Xhaka is blossoming. A few tumbles on Thursday night to win a few opportune free kicks came straight out of the Arteta guide on how to play in CM, very encouraging. He’s never been a dirty player which is why the opponent he clumped will be playing in his next game unlike poor Miki, he needed to add that craft to his play, and the signs are promising. Still worry about Mustafi’s temperament, losing Koscielny this season (still hobbling) put too much responsibility upon someone who needed more minutes before they were ready for the role, but he has his moments, and he has some talent. Look at the ages of Mustafi, Laca, Ramsey etc. the toxic atmosphere promoted around the club that has been so damaging bears little relation to what actually happens on the football pitch. If Klopp or the Tottenham manager had actually won a trophy in the last four years let alone three plus another final could there be any more gibberistic hype written in praise of them that hasn’t already been written? It is a ludicrous, but that’s football “journalism” for you. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    Arteta, Per and Cazorla were panic buys. Vengarraaagh didn’t want to play Laca because he is a cheese eating surrender monkey, and not because he was an athelete who wasn’t 100% at the time.

    It is time that supporters of Arsenal Football Club call out these people attacking this institution. The club have to maintain a stiff upper lip in light of the shadow boxing between those fighting with each other for control of the club, through their various PR proxies, but that logic doesn’t apply to the supporters. We can say it as it is. Feck ’em all.

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  36. “The BFG was a panic signing”

    To be fair that was a good one. Worth a chuckle. And ignored by the fans who sang for that player from the off. Imagine the hype from the hacks Terry or Ferdinand if they’d led England to two tournament finals before being a key member of a WC winning squad?

    It’s almost as if the Football is irrelevant to the mantra and meme of the month – this month it’s “Liverpool play exciting football and Arsenal are boring”, which bears sweet FA relation to what could be observed by any and all upon the football pitch last weekend. “The greatest story ever told”, “Rooneh is as good as Messi”, “Kane is as good as Messi” (except against Iceland and Kent or Ghent FC). Yadda yadda yadda…

    Nevermind the football eh?

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  37. The team from Middlesex were knocked out of the Europa Cup last year by the team from Flemish Kent, founded in 1986.

    Have the Football gods put the Gunners name on the cup this season? I hope so!

    It’s miserable being an arsenal fan eh?

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  38. Guardian MbM:

    64 min “At least,” says Michael George, “we know which game will be on last on MOTD tonight!”

    ladies and Gentleman I rest my case.
    “Liverpool play swashbuckling football whilst boring boring arsenal are not giving me my money’s worth” is simply nothing more then the latest, easily identifiable meme unleashed by the shower that surround and want to get their teeth into this much admired institution. What a bunch of…

    Nervermind. The. Football. eh?

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  39. It’s almost is if just like the Arsneal coaches physios and Mnager, that Liverpool targeted their week around using up all their gas ration for the week in the first half of a critical European Home tie in the latter stages.

    Incredible eh? WHo could’ve imagined such a thing.

    The absolute scale of the shite being thrown against AFC is worthy of satire and more. And I don’t think anyone should be reticent in pointing that out.


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  40. fins

    Remind me to never get on your bad side.

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  41. I’m harmless.

    Though I can spot a bullshit meme being churned out by a shower of PR consultants who think they know how to coach a top level football team (I hope at best) or are (at the more likely worst) in the employ of one of the world’s richest and more dubious characters who has been attempting and failing with a hostile corporate takeover over of AFC since before Kronke was bought in by the previous owner to be the Blocker (only ten plus years now…).

    “Boring boring Arsenal”

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  42. From dear old Aunty Bleeb:

    “Everton had the better of the second half but in reality that was pretty, pretty, pretty dull stuff”

    Swashbuckling Liverpool eh? If only the Arsenal were playing such great football and winning record numbers of FA Cups under a new fresh young mule or dog sorry I mean manager. How about Malky Macay…he’s popular with the hack dwarves and little souls lurking amidst the press pack?

    Any takers on Neil Warnock? He does the rounds too.

    I can’t imagine, not for the life of me, why AFC got off that merry go round and have stuck with a manager who doesn’t take bungs for so long.

    Fascinating comments from Young Pep this week.
    Arsenal eventually did do buisiness with Raiola (first time) this last window for a great deal. But only when he came to them on his knees on behalf of his client. As AndyNic notes from the comments he overheard (in the stadium toilets?) AW has done it again.

    Also known by his alter ego given how AFC have been consistently (yet never reported) dealing with such agents for twenty plus years, Arsene Vulture is canny old bird.

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  43. Dear old Aunty Bleeb is on a roll today:

    0-0 HT
    “Applause from the home fans. Stoke are frustrating (The Amazingly Exciting) Spurs”

    Boring boring Arsenal?
    The Arseblaggers and selfless podcastateers out there, given the clear contrast between their words and what anyone can observe upon the football pitches, they are conducting themselves like a transparent shower of…?

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  44. I mean it’s not hard to be critical of some of the football we have seen at AFC this season. Or other stuff.

    what you’ve all be n witnessing and listening to is not criticism.

    It is an attack on Arsenal Football Club. I can’t claim to know the reason why but simply by following the meme of the week “boring boring Arsenal, lovely lovely Liverpool and titanic Tottenham” and comparing the words with the Football then anyone can observe that these giant souls have entered the realm of what might be described in this old part of Bethnal Green where I am currently working today as:

    Proper Bollocks.

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  45. Ian Wright and John Cross will be hoping the Spuds can pick things up in the second half

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  46. Phew, a collective sigh of relief from the whole of the media as Harry “Playing Even Damaged” Kane gives the spuds the lead, keep away from Ian Wright unless you want to sustain spinning cartwheel injury

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  47. Kane’s second goal at Stoke not inexplicably ruled out for a non-offside.


  48. No mention of offside on Sky written conmmentary but hey, what do you expect.

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  49. Haha Was he actually offiside?

    I’m playing with tools at work, not watching the games.

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