Arsenal: And the Five course tasting menu


Morning Positive Goons,

Another thumping home victory on a Saturday, wholly deserved, and an appropriate conclusion to the 31 days of media fuelled hysteria we have recently passed through. Goodness me it seemed a long month, traumatic at times*. Amidst the noisy transfer turmoil  some old playing components, some much loved, others less so,  had been replaced by AW. We were hopeful  that the apparent ‘upgrade’ would enhance our footballing performance quickly and decisively, but with Arsenal you just never, ever know.

In Everton we had opponent’s holding a respectable league position but suffering a shaky recent run. Historically the Toffee’s are easy meat (ouch), but historical record exists to be torn up and refashioned. They too had been adding quality. Even in this usually severe PA forum Mr Allardyce’s warm, reviving embrace of Theo raised a favourable murmur of approval. Aye it was an interesting prospect as the players emerged into the early evening downpour, for so many reasons.

The answer was almost immediate.  The Arsenal engine purred into life in about three minutes from Mr Swarbrick’s opening whistle. We tore into the hapless blue crowd who were unlucky enough to find themselves in our way. Iwobi, Ozil and Mhki picked passes, moved and shimmied across the glistening turf, PEA lurked threateningly on the shoulder of the EFC back three. The first goal was pure Wengerball, triangle, triangle, triangle, side-foot, goal. The second was goal from the corner again demonstrated what precision delivery of the dead ball and hard work on the training ground can achieve. Our third, and the boy from Caerphilly’s second was what happens if you pin opposition in their box and keep battering them. Our fourth a combination of a tricky through ball, sharp £56 million worth of movement over 3 meters and poor eyesight. Setting aside the defective vision of the lino the chip over Pickford was excellent from Aubameyang.

The goals in the first half were the main course yesterday. Second half we clearly had eased off, and Fat Sam jiggled his resources a bit more effectively. I think we probably eased off a notch too much. Everton could have had 2-3 goals yesterday and I would not overlook both our centre backs who put in a hard afternoon. For the first game in a while I thought Hector was excellent yesterday, particularly in the first half, constantly available on the right hand side and when he had the ball using it early and accurately. Nacho off early again – “ill” I hear ? Nothing serious I trust.

Just as we had settled for another 4-1 however up stepped Aaron to snap up the Man of the Match award. How could it be otherwise ?


An interesting contest  had turned into a very satisfactory result. We remain a little off the CL places but with every reason to be confident of making up ground over the next 2-3 weeks. And our Welshmanlikes Wembley.

Enjoy Sunday.

*I may have a touch of “Fenestraphobia” by the way, a morbid fear of windows, or possibly defenestraphobia, a fear of falling out of windows. (I thought you’d want to know).


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53 comments on “Arsenal: And the Five course tasting menu

  1. New post up.

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  2. if kane was an african of an african disent who does not play for england he would recieve a ban. is the fa or premier league of the pgmol racist? you decide.

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  3. i dont understand why some are worried auba was not involve enough in the game. we have so many player who like to touch the ball a lot but we need a striker who is more concerned about goal scoring. that is what auba will do. enough of strikers who join the midfield a lot and when you need them in the box you do not see them. auba is pacy and alive in the box. i particularly like the fact he was always available for passes and always free himself from defenders thereby making it easy for him to be picked out by our creative players. i dont want another sanchez. i want a very mobile giroud. in any case, that was his first game and he was not even expected to start. when you have ozil, micki , ramsey orchestrating behind you, all you need is to position yourself so you can finish their job.

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