Arsenal: Home again and work to begin

@LaboGoon says what he likes about Allardyce (?) 


Good morning one and all.

What a week we had, down in the dumps the one day, high on positivity the next – as the saying goes: what a difference a day make!

Speaking of days ……… Arsenal host Everton today at the Emirates, to not only shake off the disappointment of our last game but also build on the joy of events these last few days.

Everton is a different beast to the one we trashed 5-2 last time. And credit to Sam Allardyce, he inherited Koeman’s imbalanced side and there’s no denying that their results has picked at since. They had a bump recently losing 3 PL games on the bounce, then they signed Theo Walcott and boom, they drew vs WBA, Theo providing an assist, then beat Leicester, once again Theo scoring a brace. So he return to his old stomping ground riding a wave.

Of course Everton hasn’t basked in the glory of an Emirates victory yet, something Theo is quite familiar with but hopefully he won’t turn out being the straw breaking that particular camel’s back.

(any excuse for a picture of a camel)

Arsenal, oh Arsenal. What do we bring into this fixture. Swansea wasn’t fun eh? Over the course of this season we have seen our defense being absolute warriors, but we’ve also seen them looking completely lost in a few games too many.

With us looking a difference beast too in attack with the former Borussia pair, we should be expecting a response. Not one where “attack is the best form of defense”, but just finding a balance between attack and defense in equal measure. Because if you have defensive solidity to not concede unnecessary  goals, you don’t need to be handing out thrashings.

This will be an interesting game though, with our new talent it’s crucial getting all in roles that’s suited to them to maximize the overall output of “the team”. Sam will be aware of this and will set up to deny us space and making his defense difficult to penetrate.

Say what you like about Big Sam, but he enjoyed his battles with Wenger, not very successful but he did came out of retirement to renew the rivalry with his old foe.

To all going to the Emirates, do crank up the noise to give our new boys a warm welcome.

PS: on behalf of the PA community I just wanna say thanks to Mesut Özil for committing the rest of his peak years to the Arsenal. You are a model professional and truly deserving of the game’s gratitude.

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96 comments on “Arsenal: Home again and work to begin

  1. My first thought was I would love to see Wilshere in that midfield with Mkhitaryan and Özil


  2. Everton hit the post after we fuck about and give away the ball, cech down injured


  3. we have dropped off in this second half, and no surprise to see everton score, we have been sloppy this half. lots of good attacking positions wasted.


  4. everton nearly in again,

    come on Arsenal, step it up again


  5. now that his chances of getting that 200th clean sheet is gone, the injured Cech is going off, he has been limping since that near miss by EFC


  6. A re-run of the Palace game as far the 2nd half goes – inexplicable switch at half time in our approach to the game.

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  7. our attitude stinks this half


  8. Rambooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we have woke up again, some good build up play and Ramsey fires home for this hattrick

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  9. Wilshere on for Ramsey, about 15 to go


  10. 3 for Ramsey, and if I’m not mistaken 3 assists for Mkhitaryan

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  11. Why was Ramsey free in the box?
    He thought the ball was going out, was turning towards the touchline and out of habit, he looked back one last time.


  12. Everton are just after having a 5v2, sloppy sloppy sloppy from our lads


  13. Henrikh Mkhitaryan has now equalled Alexis Sanchez’s assists for Arsenal this season, despite today being his first start for the club

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  14. that should have been a booking for diving for that everton lad

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  15. 2 minutes of stoppage time to be played


  16. FT: Arsenal 5-1 Everton

    some real Wengerball in the first half, oh so sloppy in the second

    Ramsey x3, Koscielny and Aubameyang with our goals.
    Mkhitaryan with 3 assists, I think I’m going to really like this lad. he really took so much of the pressure to create off ozil, it really could free us up to score lots.

    the second half drop off is a real worry, so sloppy, passing so poor, tempo so slow, everything was so opposite to the great football we saw in the first half.

    did not like the performance of the ref, Everton players were not to be booked no matter what, game management

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  17. Big Fat Sam had lots to say yesterday about Arsenal’s awful defense, I wonder will any journo dare ask him what he thinks of his own defenders

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  18. Ramsey scored a hattrrick today, but for me Mkhitaryan well in the running for man of the match

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  19. And another good performance and a very handy result – pity about the clean sheet. Peter can pick it up next week.

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  20. Absolute class, fine debates.
    We are blessed with the right of peaceful protest, but those of the scarf picked a bad day, on just about every level

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  21. Well done and congrats to the lads… fully deserved

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  22. Was that three assists for the new no.7?

    Instantly linking up with Auba. The pass for Ramsey’s third.

    Not a bad start. Rosicky smiling at half time?
    It’s a sign!

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  23. Who was the last midfielder to score a hat trick for the Arsenal?

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  24. Koscielny also outstanding.

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  25. Ozil was my MOTM.
    Totally bossed proceedings.
    Ramsey’s going to threaten fat Frank’s MF scoring record with this line-up.
    Hope Ospina gets a good run of games while PC33 recuperates.
    Iwobi played well too.
    Mikhi was scrumptuous, PEA14 just took it easy ℅ whatever bug he’s got.
    He was lucky with the offside goal.

    We definitely need to improve defensively.
    Mustafi needs to calm down some.
    Kos can’t sustain consistency anymore. Its obvious he’s winging it.
    That body’s breaking down.
    AW will need to incorporate our young CBs into this defence.
    Callum, Holding, & Mavro27 need to be readied.

    All in all, things are looking up with AW4.0
    On to the Totts.

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  26. If you don’t give Ramsey MOTM today, when in the hell do you? 1st hat trick ever for him. I’m over the moon.

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  27. Fat Sam is as clueless as they come
    How do you leave Gylfi Sigurdsson on the bench against Arsenal away ???
    He gave his team no chance of winning trying to replicate Swansea’s approach on tuesday.
    Then he blames them after the game.
    If he lasts through the 18 months he was hired for, I’d be shocked.
    Poor toffees.

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  28. Oh no Alabamagooner, Ramsey was the TV MOTM for the hat trick but Ozil’s poise was something to behold. Especially now that he’s committed “for life”.

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  29. I also thought Cech’s injury deprived Lacazette of replacing PEA14.
    I hope he plays against the Totts

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  30. Wenger after game comments – from football.london

    On the win

    In the first half we were quick, mobile, technically very sharp and finished very well.

    The two players integrated well, they looked like they had played with us forever.

    It was a convincing performance.

    on Aubameyang

    I feel the quality of his movement was excellent, the quality of his finishing was excellent. He still has some work to do physically.

    Wenger on Aubameyang’s price tag – was it reasonable?

    I think so yes. That quality of striker on today’s market, that price is reasonable.

    Was Mkhitaryan’s debut the best you’ve seen?

    I don’t know. I don’t have all the games in my memory. The only thing you can say it was a convincing debut.

    What’s wrong with Cech?

    He has a kick on his calf. I don’t know how bad it is.

    On the new-look attack

    They look like they can play together. Before Mesut and Sanchez had a privileged understanding. Our challenge is to find a balance. We are very offensive, but we have to find a balance between attacking and defending.

    On Ramsey

    I think Ramsey is always there in a good position. I felt always he had 10-15 goals at least in his locker. I think he rushes sometimes his finishing.

    More on Aubameyang

    He looks always to give a problem to the defender with his movement. Once he’s in front of you it’s difficult to catch him

    Why was Monreal replaced?

    Monreal is ill.

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  31. great to see Theo get such a good reception when he was subbed off, chants of Theo Theo Theo all around the ground. richly deserved

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  32. Mesut Özil
    ‏Verified account @MesutOzil1088
    53m53 minutes ago

    A brilliant performance from the team today! Creative, delightful, free-flowing football 😎🔥 I am feeling positive now for the upcoming challenges 👍🏼😉 #YaGunnersYa #AFCvEVE @Arsenal

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  33. @OptaJoe
    3 – Henrikh Mkhitaryan is the first Arsenal player to provide three or more assists in a Premier League game since Santi Cazorla (4) vs Wigan in May 2013. Treble.
    7:07 pm · 3 Feb 2018

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  34. Just what the doctor ordered. Great to see our new guys fitting in so well. Congrats to Aaron on his first AFC hat-trick, but for his all round contribution I thought Mkhitaryan was MoTM. He was the victim of a few ‘late’ challenges from EFC, which Swarbrick never thought were worthy of yellow cards though he was quick enough to pull them out for AFC players.

    I’m not sure all the criticism about the second half performance is totally warranted. There were 2 teams on the pitch and Everton obviously tweaked something during half-time and upped their game second half. Their number 26 (Davies) played well and was much more effective for them in the second half. I would imagine it’s hard to maintain the level of the first half when you are 4 goals ahead. Also an uninjured Cech probably would have saved that goal as it was straight down the middle.

    I’m not complaining about the match or the outcome and I’ll be disappointed if this place becomes like all the other Arsenal online forums.

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  35. What a commanding performance, with our two expensive new boys integrated as though they’d always been with us. When we’re good, we’re very, very good.

    And with a 1-1 scoreline in the second half and an offside goal when the match was delicately balanced at 3-0, there was even something to keep the media happy.

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  36. Fortunately whenever the Wob try to stage a protest we beat the opposition convincingly to put more salt in their wounds.

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  37. on this kind of performance wont Mikki surpass ozil in the assist chart?


  38. Rosicky

    In basketball they have a saying when talking about how to defend a player who can either shoot from deep, or run past you to score. In this case I think it applies to defenses about dealing with Ozil or Miki… Pick your poison!

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  39. AW’s taken a leaf off Pep with Mesut & Mikhi. Its D.Silva & DeBruyne in red & white.
    On the 1st of March we will know who the better duo is.

    The Auba OR Laca “argument” is so redundant to anyone with a proper understanding of the game. ALL modern great teams tend to have options in key positions.
    “Can they play together they ask?”…of course they can. The 2nd most important quality of great players is HIGH INTELLIGENCE. Alexandre Lacazette has already shown his pedigree, his ability to operate @ different speeds and to to switch positions as the situation demands. With Mesut, Mkhi & Auba and with the exit of the vacuum Manchez, AL9 will be able to display his full armory to the fullest without the ego that accompanies the less intelligent (Rambo will score more but….??)

    We look much better


  40. New post up


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