Arsenal: Slick and Professional

Good morning Positivistas,


That was much much more like it. Football reared its lovely head across a wet North London Saturday afternoon. The players, all of them in fact,  delivered the fans 90 minutes of entertainment, and a comfortable three point win.

I have to admit a cloak of trepidation swaddled the Arsenal faithful on the way to the ground, after recent on pitch disappointments and off pitch shenanigans. It was understandable with January so far having been a month of one-step forward, two-steps back. Palace came into the game on  good run of form, over their past dozen Premier League games their only recent defeat to us and points take off Citeh and beating Chelsea.

Looking at the line up I sensed Arsene decided that that is was a key game in our season, and it as the best 11 who were available on the pitch, never mind future games or player “fatigue”. Elneny coming also gave us more energy in the centre of the park and freed Jack to rove forward. A fit again Ozil will always add quality to our movement and attaching threat. To start for what seems the first time this year (? maybe longer) with Nacho, Kosc and Mustafi gave us a more confident base from which to build.

And so it proved. It was a dream opening, no other word for it. After weeks of frustration with us struggling to create chances and thwarted by good goalkeepers when we did the Palace gates opened and we streamed in. 6 Nacho, 10 Iwobi, 13 Kosc and finally, our long suffering strokers, 22 Alexander Lacazette. Did you see him smile after the goal ?


It has been a while since he has enjoyed the grinning feeling, so to speak.

And CORNERS eh ? Who said we cant take corners ! Pffft.

I read somewhere it is four years since a team has been 4-0 in the PL in 20 minutes ( yes it was THAT game). And none of the goals were breakaways, none were lucky deflections, OGs or  glaring defensive errors from Palace. It was good Arsenal football, crisp finishing and thoroughly deserved.

The second part of the match ? Clearly 4-0 up we slowed a little and consolidated our hold on the game. Hodgson appears to have done a fair job in rousing his lads at half time to ensure they did not end up totally thrashed and the visitors came out with a lot more purpose. Apart from the goal they eventually did get Palace had another couple of chances that Cech dealt with well. Zaha had an ‘interesting’ afternoon. The referee Kavanagh who I think was making his PL whistling debut had obviously read upon young Wilfried and gave him absolutely nothing, despite the full repertoire of theatrical tumbling and heart rending moaning from the Ivorian. Good.

With 15 minutes to go we wound down the game, packed the picnic away and headed for the car park. The job was done. And thoughts turned to the next fixture that kicks off on Wednesday !


(If he plays his cards right he may get a selfie opportunity next time).

Enjoy Sunday.

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  1. looks like Mkhitaryan is getting the no.7 shirt

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  2. confirmed that he has taken no. 7 shirt for BPL, but he will not be allowed wear it in EL this season, as Alexis already wore that number. Odd rule by Uefa


  3. Stan Kroenke has strengthened his position as Arsenal’s majority shareholder with the purchase of new shares.

    It increases Kroenke’s total stake in the Gunners to 67.09 per cent – an increase of 0.04 per cent.

    The London Stock Exchange confirmed the purchase of 22 new shares on Tuesday morning, for which he paid £616,000 at £28,000-per-share.

    He now owns 41,743 shares in the club, which is be worth nearly £1.17billion at the current share price value.

    Arsenal as a whole are worth around £1.7billion.

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  4. our u23’s play bayern munich u23’s at 7 this evening in the BPL international cup

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  5. Arsenal FC
    ‏Verified account @Arsenal
    3m3 minutes ago

    #AFCU23s are back in action tonight, as they face @FCBayern

    Here’s how we line up: Keto, Osei-Tutu, Pleguezuelo, Sheaf, Holding, Mavropanos, Smith Rowe, Dasilva, Dragomir, Willock, Reine-Adelaide

    Subs: McGuane, Virginia, Bola, John-Jules, Coyle

    basically rule out any of these guys being in the CC squad tomorrow


  6. Holding playing tonight


  7. to me I would say that selection is probably a 4-2-3-1 formation

    Osei-Tutu, Holding, Mavropanos, Pleguezuelo,
    Sheaf, Willock
    Smith Rowe, Dasilva, Dragomir, ,


  8. Is it any surprise that after the underreported Safeguarding scandal involving the FA and the Woman’s team (should never have been allowed near a pitch? But like some of the officials then…?) that Phil Neville is their coach?

    A footballer who felt the pang of envy when watching so strongly that instead of copying is moves in front of the mirror like most football lovers he vomited live on television instead?

    i hope no one is offended when we acknowledge that this appointment was:


    And a great shame too (for English football).


  9. < when watching Rosicky!


  10. Vlad with great goal top corner

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  11. Jeorge Bird
    ‏ @jeorgebird
    2m2 minutes ago

    Arsenal lead 1-0. Superb turn and finish from Dragomir after great run from Willock.

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  12. ian are you at the game or is there a stream


  13. Brilliant work from Vlad for Jeff to score 2-0

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  14. Yeah Ed im here we have a corner

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  15. so ian who has impressed you so far, how is the new CB doing


  16. The new CB is as cool as Dennis and as strong as Tony really impressive.
    Vlad was getting roughed up early on but starting using his skill to leave the big Germans behind. I thought we might be a little lightweight but although we have no recognised striker we are passing so well as a team we are creating plenty.
    Jeff went through one on one but the keeper made a great save, at the other end Keto has made a couple of good Dave’s from bending shots just outside the box.
    I really like Ben Sheaf again he is really cool a you can see his was a midfielder from the way he brings the ball out from the back in tricky situations.
    At the moment Joe and DaSilva are controling midfield we obviously nneed to keep that going because we have to win this game to progress and at this level games can change.
    Bayern have a large support here but are being outsung by Maria

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  17. 2-1 Keto misjudging a swinging ball in were under pressure now Peggy off injured


  18. 2-2 Keto again poor lots of dogey tackles going in at the moment


  19. Outside Tutu 3-2 Great run and strike

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  20. Emile to Jeff 4-2

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  21. Emile scores after a brilliant quick move

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  22. 3 mins added on although Bayern player down so will be longer still 5-2 but Bayern fans still singing

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  23. FT 5-2

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  24. Ian Bayern fans should know they can’t take on Miss Petrie
    She could probably tell them off in decent German

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  25. Yeah she did, she sang several chants in German and told their players off when they were fouling us a truly amazing lady and a true superfan it’s shame ian wright and the telly chasers don’t learn a thing from her

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  26. Ian Wright disputing Alexis’s version of events, ha ha ha.


  27. media again claiming that we are in advanced talks with WBA for Johnny Evans.


  28. Eddy, what is Ian Wright disputing?


  29. sorry that should be Theirry Henry disputing Alexis’s version of events

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  30. henry is denying that he ever advised Alexis to join man utd, in fact he claims the first he knew about it was the same time as the rest of us when he joined utd,

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  31. Thierry Henry
    ‏Verified account @ThierryHenry
    25m25 minutes ago

    I know I don’t need to explain this to the majority of Arsenal fans but contrary to speculation at no time did I tell Alexis Sanchez to leave Arsenal. I had no idea he was going to sign for Man Utd until I saw it on the news like the rest of you.


  32. Arsene Wenger: I tried signing Henrikh Mkhitaryan in 2016 but ‘it didn’t work’
    10:30 PM GMT

    Mattias KarenESPN

    LONDON — Arsene Wenger has admitted he tried to sign Henrikh Mkhitaryan two years ago, before he joined Manchester United, and says he is contemplating using the Armenian as a deeper-lying central midfielder.

    Mkhitaryan made the switch from United to Arsenal on Monday in a deal that sent Alexis Sanchez the other way. For Wenger, that means he finally ended up with a player he met with personally in 2016 in an attempt to convince him to sign from Borussia Dortmund.

    “Yeah, I met him at the time,” Wenger said. “At the time we were close, but in in the end it didn’t work.”

    Mkhitaryan joined United instead in July 2016, in a deal reportedly worth around £30 million. But the attacking midfielder has had an underwhelming spell at Old Trafford and Jose Mourinho has only started him in one Premier League game since Nov. 5.

    Wenger acknowledged that the rough spell may have affected Mkhitaryan’s confidence, but that he has no doubts the midfielder will seize the opportunity at Arsenal.

    “Yes of course, you worry about how much it as affected him. But as well it’s a new chance for him,” Wenger said. “What you want in life is a new chance, he gets a new chance to show his quality and I’m sure he will take it. I might have to analyse with him how it went, and how we can help him.”

    The biggest question for Wenger now is where to fit Mkhitaryan into his line-up. His most natural role may be as a No. 10, although that spot is firmly occupied by Mesut Ozil, and Wenger hinted he may be used as a winger at first — or perhaps in central midfield.

    “Personally I see him first wide, but I’m thinking about as well that for him it’s a possibility to play through the middle,” Wenger said. “[As a No. 10] or even deeper.”
    Martin Rickett/PA Images via Getty Images

    That could spell bad news for Granit Xhaka, Jack Wilshere or Aaron Ramsey, who were already in a three-way fight for the two central midfield positions. Wenger also has plenty of options in the attacking roles — regardless of whether Mkhitaryan’s former Dortmund teammate Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ends up joining him at the Emirates.

    And Wenger admitted he won’t be able to fit all of his midfield talent into the line-up, but said the great players all thrive on having competition.

    “Some will have to be in and out. But on the other hand, we have seen that Ramsey has been out many times, Wilshere as well. We play in many competitions. You have a number [of players] you can fit in,” Wenger said.

    “In football teams there is a number that pushes you, a number that makes you asleep and a number that paralyses you. So you have to find the right number in each squad to have a fair competition.”

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  33. Wish the media would stop wife beaters commenting on the affairs of our club

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  34. seems that the VAR might be shown on the big screens at the Emirates tomorrow night, so supporters in the stadium (and of course the ref and players) will see what the TV viewers get to see

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  35. It looks like I missed all the excitement! I’m just glad it’s over and we can now draw a line under the Sanchez years. I don’t even have strong feelings about the situation as I was ready to say goodbye. He had his moments for us, but clearly the end of the road had been reached, so thank you and goodbye Mr Sanchez and welcome Mr Mkhitaryan.

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  36. this is not to defend alexis (you all know i’ll never do that) he didnt say henry ask him to leave arsenal for united. but he said henry once bad mouthed arsenal when trying to justify his reason for leaving arsenal for barca. obviously he told him arsenal were not ambitious enough to help him archieve his dream or winning the champions league. we all know here that henry was that player that squandered all our chances in the final in 2006 when the likes of fabregas were creating every simple tap-in chances for him.
    has henry scored in any finals for arsenal? i doubt it. he is always inconsequential in cup finals.

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  37. Jeremy Wilson‏Verified account @JWTelegraph

    Wenger also hinted at trying Mkhitaryan in a Cazorla-style central midfield role:

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  38. layksite, Henry never scored in a cup final for any team, think it was 9 finals he played in


  39. Good on you Ian for going to support the team last night. Sounds like a cracker of a game.

    Don’t think any highlights ever available for those games, prob for same reason all games played in UK- Uefa didn’t sanction tournament and tried to stop it, the gits.

    Seems a very positive time for youth teams.

    How’d Smith-Rowe play? Glimpses I’ve seen of him suggest he might really have something a bit different. Workrate and attitude seems good, seen him finish well with both feet, powerful runner with ball, but it might be some of his passing that has caught my eye most and made me think he has good intelligence and decision-making to go with it.

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  40. I’ve forgotten to do a preview. I’ll try latter.

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  41. When I saw Santi interview earlier this week, I hoped ‘next year’ meant next season. Just seen an article saying it means 2019.

    So damn cruel on him and unfortunate for us. Crazy how much I’d like to see him do his thing again. Quite the lesson in trying to enjoy your favourite players as much as possible while you can.

    I feel like even if we can find someone who is equally as effective, or if the team can reach heights we didn’t while he played, nobody can quite replicate the magic and joy of his style and skills.

    Absence makes heart fonder and all that. Everything crossed he can just play some football again eventually.

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  42. a correction on a post I put up about VAR to be shown on the big screens at tongihts game, it seems that they will not actually show the replays on the screens, just graphics that show VAR is being used, as it seems in the first leg Fans were confused at the stoppages. I really don’t know why they don’t show the replays on the screen, like is done in Rugby, it lets the fans and the Ref view it too. Surely that would make it easier for the match ref to decide if he or the VAR are correct,as things stand he has to decide without viewing the replay,(unless he goes over to a small monitor on the sideline to view it) if he is right or if he should go with the VAR’s decision


  43. Small steps eddy, small steps


  44. Naz
    ‏ @Naz_AFC1
    Jan 22

    “Arsenal always sell their best players to their rivals”

    Liverpool sold Sterling to City and Torres to Chelsea.

    Chelsea sold Mata and Matic to United

    United sold Tevez to City.

    Yet media fail to mention that.
    73 replies 605 retweets 856 likes

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  45. Nwakali cuts short VVV-Venlo loan and returns to Maastricht

    by jeorge bird

    Arsenal midfielder Kelechi Nwakali has returned to Dutch second division side MVV Maastricht on loan for the remainder of the campaign after cutting short his frustrating spell with VVV-Venlo in the top tier.

    The Nigerian youngster scored on his debut for VVV-Venlo against Groningen but made just 12 appearances in total and was often used as a substitute.

    Last season Nwakali was one of Arsenal’s standout loanees while at Maastricht as he played 34 times, scoring three goals and providing four assists.

    Nwakali, 19, has yet to feature for Arsenal at any level but is expected to return to the club in the summer for pre-season training.


  46. Tim Stillman
    ‏ @Stillberto
    1h1 hour ago

    Arsenal’s home game with Man City moved to Thursday, 1st March. Brighton away the following weekend now happening on a day where there are no direct trains from London to Brighton 👍


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