Arsenal: Share Your Courage With Others


Good evening Positive people.

What an afternoon!! It is games like this that remind me why I find it so easy to love football. An excellent contest between two attacking teams, decided by the narrowest of margins. We matched and bettered City in every department, including being “professional” in our conduct, and misconduct, on the pitch. I am delighted that we have earned a place in the FA Cup Final. Fair to say that in the first 45, our sky blue opponents held the initiative. After half time however the force was with us. They were rattled, they cracked. Nevertheless I genuinely extend my sympathy to City and their entourage who missed out after 120 minutes of impressive struggle.

I hardly need to mention to anyone reading this piece that the victory was not easy. Good grief no, and the tension was notching up since our win at the Riverside.

I asked (pleaded is more accurate) earlier today that Arsenal did no more than play to their “ full potential” in the semi-final.  That our players would strain every sinew and shed their last drop of sweat at Wembley between 3 and 5-ish would have been enough for me.  The result could take care of itself, win or lose, for today the draw was never the option. I enter these transactional arrangements with the cosmos when I am in footballing doubt, in the same way I often become religious at 3 a.m.

And in the past six days there has been ‘doubt’ in my Arsenal soul, there is no use my denying it.

I admit I have made this contract with FOOTBALLING FATE before, and in recent seasons I have felt that the goddess has treated me cruelly, dealing me neither satisfaction in the team’s unstinting effort, nor the advantage of an occasional lucky result. It is a large pitch, and the biggest stage. And Wembley is no place to be humiliated, for Arsenal Football Club, its players or managers or fans. If I was feeling hesitant in the run-up to the match I found no solace in the dismissal of Arsenal’s chances to beat City by pundit after pundit after pundit.  I know the vast majority of the Mersons, the Ferdinands and the Jenases are idiots, but could it be that every single one of them was wrong?

Well the pundits were, to a man, wrong.  My doubt was wholly misplaced.

On this day I saw our players put in a performance over 120 minutes that is among the finest I have seen over 50 years.  I saw a highly organised defensive performance in which Holding and Kosc never put a foot wrong.  As for Gabriel we saw not just what a ruthless practitioner of ball winning he is, but he is a reader of the game. Never out of position, never needed to dive in. Rarely has such subtlety been wrapped around cold-blooded intervention. Poor Silva.

As for our Man of the Match, the Ox, the 23 year old performed as the most assured man on the pitch. He was tasked with helping Gabby subdue City’s most pointed weapon Sane and he did a solid job. Sane is no mug so to keep him off the score sheet and deny him any clear shooting opportunities all afternoon is as good as it gets.  Going forward however Alex really did his best work in my opinion. He runs fast, straight and with the ball at his feet. Very few players do that any more. His transformation since that dreadful night in Munich in mid-February is remarkable.

And who told Nacho he could score goals like that with his right foot – or his left foot even? Our Chilean grabbed the decider.  Nothing spectacular about the finish by Sanchez’s standards.  The right man, on the right spot, at exactly the right moment.

Of our other lads, Aaron, Granit, Larry, Mesut, Danny, and Cech, I am sure you will have better words to cover their contributions.  As I say they all played to their full potential today.

I am about to slope off for some refreshment.

I deserve it.

Enjoy the evening.

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  1. And before anyone asks I thought Pawson had an excellent game

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  2. So nice to read this after the warm glow of this special win!

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  3. Wenger got his subs right today, although welbeck fluffed a few great chances, his speed and running added much to our attack, Bellerin made a vital last ditch tackle late on, and just when we needed another boost Wenger switched Alexis to cf with danny going wide. It kept the city defense honest. Must say Otemendi was outstanding for city, almost as good as Gabriel and Holding were for us.

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  4. Danny is still a bit rusty in front of goal but he ran his arse off and forced Citeh back – strong bench today – Leicester on Wednesday though so I’d guess a couple of changes in the starting line up.

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  5. ha ha ha a city fan on 606 saying he “could take it or leave it” re winning the fa cup, all that matters is 4th spot.

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  6. Hard to overstate how good this feels. Fought hard, wobbled, righted the ship, got our noses in front, and fought like the dickens to keep it. Arsene and the boys deserved that win so much. I am emotional.

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  7. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain left Wembley on crutches, some reports suggest it was only bad cramp, it did seem that he went off late on with cramp, but we have to wait and see if its something more, hopefully not, as he is in some decent form at the moment.


  8. I am not usually prone to rash outburst about our players, but having defended Theo,Oli about goal output , but Danny is fast bnecoming a concern to me.He is starting to make Gervinho look leathal in front of goal. I want him to prove me wrong.

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  9. ian wright is a complete and utter knobhead, saying mustafi was only getting in the arsenal team ahead of holding cos he cost a big fee


  10. Still feeling great!! Ha ha! For me it was getting to HT at 0-0 that seemed to boost the lads confidence, 2nd half saw a different AFC-the one we know and love led on by the Ox! It was great that they didnt let their heads go down after City scored, which could have easily happened.
    Most enjoyable game so the season so far?it is for me.

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  11. someone just called out ian wright on his bullshit and disloyalty to wenger and arsenal, wright then tried to change the topic by having a go at stan and josh kroenke, what a stupid cunt he is.

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  12. ‘It was a big mental test for us today’

    Having seen his side produce arguably their best performance of the season, it was no surprise to see a wide smile on the face of Arsène Wenger following our victory against Manchester City.

    Beyond the fact that his side had reached a third Emirates FA Cup final in four seasons, the Arsenal manager was delighted with the unity the players showed.

    This is what he had to say to the media afterwards:

    on the performance and the response from a goal down…
    I felt that we had a strong response today. We had a little bit of a cautious start, hesitant sometimes but we didn’t give chances away and we grew into the game. Slowly, we became better and better and in the second half I felt we were very strong, in extra-time very strong, we always looked solid and dangerous. We played more in the second half and I felt as well it was a big test for us today – it was a mental test because many people questioned ‘Can we turn up in an occasion like that?’ That’s why I am very proud for the players, because they showed they are united and determined.

    on the players saying they want to win this cup for him…
    No, I want them to enjoy it, to play together and to play for the club. That is for me the most important. To reach the targets that we set for them together. Football is a team sport and as a manager your biggest joy is when you feel you have a real team performance. That was the case today and that’s why I am happy today.

    on the performance giving him belief that things will be better next season…
    You know, I feel the club is in a very strong shape and that we have a very strong overall situation and a very strong team. We have shown that today. After that is for me the most important. One day I will leave anyway, so the most important is that I’m sure that Arsenal will always be a great club that everybody admires.

    on what day that ‘one day’ will be…
    I don’t know.

    on whether he feels personally vindicated after recent weeks…
    Honestly, I feel when you see today and you watch the stands, you see how big this club is. I feel just happy when our fans go home tonight and they are happy. When I don’t win the games I feel sad because I don’t feel that I give what people want. We have gone through a very difficult period and we faced some adversity that made the situation more difficult from inside as well. But we’ve shown a united response, not a divided response, but of course, mentally we were in a fragile position.

    Copyright 2017 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20170423/-it-was-a-big-mental-test-for-us-today-#A3k41SiCEDu1Ibrh.99


  13. Ryan‏ @RyanTomes 2h2 hours ago

    Arsène Wenger has now beaten Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona, Bayern Munich & Manchester City.

    The only manager to do so.

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  14. You got this one in early A5. The afternoon was a delight as this blog.

    Nothing as good as a come-from-behind victory after the melts had their predictable meltdown after City snuck in that early goal.

    I never believed we will not win this one, after after we went 1-0. For all Pep’s “greatness” he’s rather predictable and Arsène knew exactly what to do. It was just for the boys to get the execution right.

    That video Bama posted of Aaron Ramsey the other day showed that the light went on for our boys and they know their professional pride was at stake.

    This game took so much out of our boys that we could see quite changes for the Leicester one midweek.

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  15. When Palace beat Arsenal at Selhurst Arsenal were called ‘cowards’ by Carragher. Maybe now they beat Liverpool at Anfield Palace is now a tough top quality team.

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  16. A very good Post, Anicoll, and a fitting end to a first class performance which you have captured perfectly.

    I am all talked out after yelling and chanting with some friends (not all Gunners) who all enjoyed an open, entertaining game which was a classic FA Cup semi-final.

    Tomorrow. lol

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  17. Why we played three at the back again

    Having last played a three-man defence back in 1997, Arsène Wenger has caught many of us on the hop by adopting it for the past two games.

    The Arsenal manager was rewarded with another composed display from Laurent Koscielny, Gabriel and Rob Holding against Manchester City as we reached another Emirates FA Cup final.

    Wenger was asked about the three-man defence after the match, and this is what he had to say:

    on playing three at the back – and whether he should’ve played it sooner…
    Well, yes. I like your question, because it shows exactly what our job is. No matter what you do, even if you get it right at some stage, people say ‘Why didn’t you do it earlier?’ It’s like the opposite is right, is wrong as well. If you get your starting line up wrong, you change it at half-time, people say ‘You see, he is a tactical magician!’ because he changed the team at half-time. But they forget that we got it wrong at the start. So you can always judge on both ways. I think what I did is just to give a bit more security to a team who conceded three goals in the last three away games, at West Brom, at Liverpool, at Crystal Palace and at some stage even to focus on something different for the players recreates some confidence.

    on if that makes the decision to play three at the back one of his bravest…
    I don’t know. I’d have to look back. During the season I made some tough decisions this season. We have gone through a difficult period. I don’t know, but it’s my job to try to get it right. When it goes well, we are happy.

    on whether he had considered playing three at the back at Wembley before the Middlesbrough game…
    I had it in mind.

    on what from the Middlesbrough game convinced him to stick with it…
    First of all that we won the game, that the team got a bit of confidence back. After when you analyse the game again, you look where did we suffer, where were we good, how do Man City play, where do they play through and can we cope with that? I think, to me, it was positive enough to try it today.

    on Gabriel…
    Well, Gabriel has played some positive games as a right-back. I felt that he has good pace, and today I felt that he could intervene for Oxlade-Chamberlain on Sane going through. Sane goes through a lot in behind and I felt that he had the pace to cover, to tackle and he did that very well. Especially in the second half when I think he saved three of four balls. So I just thought he was well-suited for this position. He played right-back, he played centre back and he plays at the moment in a position that is between the two.

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20170423/why-we-played-three-at-the-back-again#yGtQS9zAkWGKD3Yd.99

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  18. ‘That was my first time at Wembley!’

    To see Rob Holding’s composed performance in the Emirates Fa Cup semi-final against Manchester City, you’d have thought he’d been playing at Wembley all his life.

    But in fact, the Arsenal centre back admitted he had never been to the national stadium before his arrival on Sunday afternoon.

    “It’s the first time I have ever been here!” Holding told Arsenal Player. “Well, coming inside it anyway, I have been past it a few times.

    “I have never been there even as a fan, I was living in Manchester before so it was a bit of a trek down, so this was the first time. I loved it, I can’t wait for the final now – hopefully I’ll be involved.

    “It was a bit nerve racking at the start [of the match] with both sets of fans screaming, so it was a bit crazy but I settled down after a shaky first 10 minutes and it was all okay.”

    Holding came close to opening this account for the club with a close-range header in extra-time that just went over – and he admits he could not believe it when it flew over.

    “I was gutted when that went over,” he said. “I thought that was my chance – I’m sure a goal will come eventually!”

    Copyright 2017 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20170423/-that-was-my-first-time-at-wembley-#pRhfLiSHHLWFhxMd.99

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  19. They should be very proud of that performance, especially considering the pressure and backdrop of uncertainty.
    Some of them were revelations…..Gabriel, Holding,,Ox…..all of them really.
    Not sure of its permanent or not, but they seem to like this formation at the moment, you could feel confidence flowing back especially in the second half.
    If it were one or two other managers responsible for that, you would see the words “Tactical Masterclass” splashed all over the headlines.
    Tough week ahead, but the best of platforms for these games, well done to all who played a part in beating an excellent team with a world class manager who put in a pretty decent performance themselves.

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  20. My ol’buddy Sensational Arsenal is back………well that just about tops a wonderful weekend…..

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  21. on the formation Wenger seemed to suggest that we are sticking with it for now cos the players need it purely for a confidence point, that it has given them peace of mind as much as anything else.


  22. Well done A5 for 1 be so quick out of the blocks and 2 producing such a well balanced post when those of us with slightly rosier coloured bins would have put ARSENAL on a much higher pedestal
    I thought the three first half decisions were all difficult calls and although Alexis one was the clearest I think it would have been difficult to give not knowing how the other calls were being received. I do think the ref made a lot of minor mistakes today however twitch the speed of movement and passing from both sides I think it was an extremely difficult game to ref and the fact there were no sendings off today has to be credit to tge ref.
    After moaning about refs my next biggest moan is normally about Alexis non passing but today was probably his most unselfish display since arriving. the amout of times he sent Nacho away or switched it to the Ox was endless, if this is another by-product of the 3 at the back system then we should play it forever.
    I think everyones covered the stand out performers today but I would like to give special mention to two of our deadwood, Aaron and Oli who worked their nuts off well done and

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  23. ‘What was questioned was answered here’
    After a difficult period that has tested everyone connected with the club, our Emirates FA Cup semi-final victory against Manchester City was a huge boost.

    Arsène Wenger was particularly delighted for his players, who he feels answered their critics in fine style at Wembley Stadium.

    “It was a great game,” the manager told Arsenal Player. “We had a bit of a hesitant start, but we were solid defensively and I thought that we became stronger through the game, slowly took over and deserved to win it.

    “I am very proud of the spirit the players have shown – there was a resilience and collective determination that is absolutely amazing.

    “It was about how much we wanted it and that is why I am very happy. We won the game of course and played against a great team, but I felt as well that what was questioned was answered today on the pitch.”

    Copyright 2017 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20170423/-what-was-questioned-was-answered-here-#JkwyvmBu4aAix9zW.99


  24. But Wenger does not do tactics.

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  25. Guys/gals: Do you realize if we win the FA cup we are in the Champions league, top-4 or not? What a delicious thought. That must be driving the WOBs mad.


  26. what you on about shotta, since when did fa cup get cl place


  27. shotta winners of fac get in europa league and as chelsea will be in top 4 win or lose we get at least a europa league place.


  28. martin keown don’t half talk a load of old tosh


  29. Apologies Eddy. I Had it wrong. Straight to Europa it is.


  30. no worries we are getting 3rd place in the league, maybe even second.


  31. I think jose said today that utd are putting more of their efforts into winning the europa league, cos its their best chance of cl place


  32. can szczesny play in the fa cup final

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  33. Wow, what a fantastic win.
    We never really looked in trouble, except for the very Arsenal like silly cluster bugger ing about that led to Agero scoring. No one to pick out individually for a major mistake, but momentary drop of team discipline was a let down. That came when we were on the front foot, but massive credit to the boys, their heads did not go down. And Nacho did really well to score the equaliser from Ox cross.
    Lots of people giving Larry stick, I thought he did a good job wearing down City when he had no support. It was obvious Welbeck would have more space against a tiring city back line.
    Our own defenders and midfielders were superb, notwithstanding a few loose shots from city that hit the woodwork. The fickle lady of luck finally gave us a visit.

    And I agree with AndyNic, the ref did ok today, but he is getting a lot of stick from the media for letting us win the game.

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  34. Why does Guardiola get the leeway that’s denied to Wenger?

    Peter Staunton

    Apr 24, 2017 08:00:00

    The worse that Arsenal do the more attention their fans receive, while the man he outclassed on Sunday still gets a relatively free ride

    Andy Warhol said that in the future everyone would be famous for 15 minutes and that’s quite enough now from Arsenal Fan TV and the hostility they’ve wrought.

    Pep has failed to live up to City hype

    These self-promoters are performing on demand — distorting all perspective on the single most important individual in Arsenal’s history. And it’s catching; it’s become a meme in itself.

    Turn on the television and tune it to WrestleMania, the London Marathon, an Antarctic exploration mission and there will be some try-hard with a pitiful #WengerOut banner late to the joke.

    The disrespect that flows towards Arsene Wenger — from the stands, from the streets, from airplanes over stadiums — stems directly from that fan channel. Opinions on there are not only endured but actively sought.

    It makes for compelling viewing. Fans of all clubs now tune in as a matter of course after a bad result to watch Arsenal’s fans run their own team’s noses in it.

    The louder and more hysterical the response, the more people will be tempted to watch. The more eyes that are on the channel, the better it is for the owners. And what the hordes hear on there, they repeat verbatim. There is only one opinion worth shouting round here: #WengerOut.

    Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final victory was a timely rebuke then to Wenger’s detractors.

    Pep Guardiola Manchester City Premier League

    “It was a big test for us today,” Wenger said. “A mental test because many people questioned if we can turn up in an occasion like that. That’s why I’m very proud for the players.

    “We have gone through a very difficult period and we faced some adversity that made the situation more difficult, from inside as well. We have shown a united response, not a divided response. Mentally we were in a fragile position.”

    Arsenal and the Manchester City they beat had experienced pretty similar seasons up to Sunday afternoon, but a stupefying lack of perspective obscures an accurate comparison. Both were knocked out of the Champions League at the round of 16 stage, for example, and are under-performing in terms of a sustained Premier League title run.

    City would rather sink the players, the staff, the fans, the stadium and anything else you’d care to mention and leave only Guardiola intact if it came to starting again. The opposite is true at Arsenal, where the loudmouths blame Wenger for anything and everything.

    The general sentiment appears to be that Guardiola is new to the league — he’s going to need some time to adapt, but Wenger’s been here 20 years and he should know better.

    Wenger continues future mind games

    Pep has indeed had to get used to things pretty quickly. He has been taken aback by the intensity in the English game and that has meant compromising on his ideals of football perfection. For the first time in his managerial life he’ll end the season without a trophy, and yesterday’s man Wenger did a job on him to keep Arsenal within a shout of one.

    City have been gearing up for Pep’s arrival ever since Ferran Soriano and Txiki Begiristain first pitched up at the Etihad around five years ago. It’s not like Pep was parachuted into the job mid-season and told to fight fires like Hull City’s Marco Silva — who pound-for-pound has done a better job than him. He gave six months’ notice.

    And here he is, involved in the same old top-four dog fight that occupied Manuel Pellegrini last season. He has overseen a regression of City’s Champions League form, too.

    There have been high-profile disputes with bona fide City legends like Joe Hart and Yaya Toure. He’s even taken the step to drop Sergio Aguero — surely the best centre-forward the club has ever had and, like Hart and Toure, a veteran of two league title wins. In all those disputes the fans — for the most part — took Guardiola’s side.

    Contrast those reactions to what happened at Arsenal when Wenger dared to drop Alexis Sanchez at Liverpool. The Chile striker downed tools in training and openly disrespected his team-mates on the field, and yet Wenger was made out to be the one at fault.

    Guardiola was the one who began introducing tactical concepts that his players couldn’t or wouldn’t deal with. Nonetheless, he gets the credit for trying — the players blamed for their lack of adaptability, their technical ability or lack of intelligence. They are not where they should be at this stage of the season and Guardiola has plenty to answer for.

    Meanwhile, it’s Wenger who carries the can when Sanchez strops, when Mesut Ozil goes missing or when Theo Walcott lets him down again.

    And yet somehow Arsenal can move within four points of City by winning their game in hand. City have to play the Manchester derby against a strong and improving United this week, meaning very soon we could be looking at a one-point gap between these two sides.

    This is the conclusion of a decent year’s work for a man who has been working against so many forces trying to undermine him.

    Three FA Cup finals in four seasons, 19 years of unbroken Champions League qualification, the new stadium, the titles and the good times, and now this wholesome victory against the hottest manager in the world.

    Don’t expect too much praise on the fan channel. They are Arsenal fans but need a crisis to attract attention. The more Wenger wins, the less they’ll have to say.

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  35. The old fart’s thoughts:
    I confess that a rather large hangover is affecting the cerebral function this morning. And I deserve it. It was, of course, all AW’s fault and the players had more than a little to do with it as well.
    What a very good performance. Not one of the side really let us down and Gabriel, Kos and, after looking a trifle overawed at the start, Rob Holding were outstanding. Petr’s save in the second half was a lifeline as was the woodwork on that and a later occasion.
    But for me, the Ox was the stand out player of the match. Between him and Gabriel they snuffed out the City left side, not forgetting Gab’s tackle on Silva which resulted in Silva being substituted. There was real steel in our defence and Aguero needed treatment shortly after putting City in the lead.
    But then Nacho, of all people, scored a sweetly hit, with his right foot!, equalizer from a delightful cross from the Ox and the game was on. Great stuff. Who else but Alexis could find the time and space to grab the winner. Bring on the flowing bowl. Ouch. Don’t remind me!
    Now for the foxes. Let’s hope that this resolve continues. Keep the faith

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  36. gf60: Lolo Koscielny was no angel yesterday. Ask Aguero. He clattered him in that 1st half in a similar manner as Ozil and Sanchez are slammed game-in, game-out. The City apologists in the media who are criticizing Pawson forget to mention how often Ozil was taken out by the City defenders.

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  37. After my rant ,I have been reading how Danny Welbeck came on and changed the game for us . I felt bad and thought maybe I had let my internal bias to take over my internal reasoning. Was told how could I compare him to that “Shit ” Gervinho I went checked their relative stats
    Gervinho 2011–2013 Arsenal 46 (9) Total 63 11
    Danny Welbeck 2014– Arsenal 45 (9) 60 16
    As I said Welbz needs to play as a wing or wide forward not a striker.
    This does not mean I want him gone or I don’t like him,just want him placed in context.


  38. To be fair to Kozza and Gabriel the old classic , hard to spot, knee in the back (or back of leg) routine is a damn sight more respectful of an opponent then the kind of clumping the pgMOB rotter allowed the West Brom players to commit upon Alexis, which is why the rules of the game interpret one of these types of foul (the knobbler) to be a yellow at most** and the other (the hack) as a straightforward red (that is unless your name is mike Riley)

    **straight red these days for going through the back (unless it’s on an AFC player in the PL hehe)

    *either to opponents knee or back – Baresi would’ve been proud of them both though possibly disappointed by the lack of pinching, he’d need to appreciate such things are harder in the modern game.

    Hopefully both Silva and Aguro will both be ready/ok for their Derby game. I don’t think either of their careers have been endangered by injury.

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  39. TBF to Welbeck it’s hard to gauge his club form at CF after that hack (not a ‘knobbler’ but a nasty and cowardly and yes unpunished ‘hack’) and his attempts to rebuild his career.

    Before that injury he’d had limited outings at CF at club level, most notably and eye catching with that all round highlight of a performance against Anderlecht whowe can see fromthe Europa are not a hopeless squad.

    His form for England as a forward (mostly wide left) in competitive and tournament football outshines any other forward this past decade for England including Greg Dykes salvation for English football the blessed Harry Kane (No striker who is a great striker goes to a tournament and returns with zero goals after starting most/all games)

    In the same way that most AFC fans don’t listen to an extremely narrow and extremely far right wing media (it is what it is…), most AFC fans also appear to really like Welbeck as a footballer evidenced by his reception when he came on yesterday. And I believe the above record is one reason they Arsenal fans have really taken to him. If his knee’s ok in the long term he could still be a great striker imo.

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  40. MÖ FC‏ @xhakass_ 4h4 hours ago

    The Express gave Ozil a 4/10 rating; the worst of any player. The agenda is real and in full blast. Was probably 8 or 9

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  41. finsbury
    I really want him to do well, but I have this feeling goal scoring is not his forte. He is a hard working wide player.
    Is that what Arsenal need going in to the future?
    This is critical rational the manager and the club have to face, I understand about the knee problem but we got rid of Rocky (Knee)for the same reason and he had much more of an attachment to the club.
    Welbz is viewed in a different light to Theo,Oli and the aforementioned Gervinho just on goal output alone he does not measure upto Gervinho .

    I was more than happy when we brought him in ,because as a bloke he is the right type, for the mix.
    But to move forward because,we need a critical eye not a sentimental one his overall contibution needs to be assed properly.
    I don’t want another season like this ,the players showed the quality that most on this site believed all season is there on Sunday.
    If as nothing is guaranteed we win the F.A cup who would be really satisfied?
    I would be happy, but not satisfied because I love the F.A cup,but there is more in this squad than just an F.A cup.
    Do we need the new Emile Heskey?
    I want him and The Arsenal need him to prove me wrong.


  42. Looking at some of the challenges in the past two games a suspicious person might jump to the conclusion that Arsenal players are ‘streetwise’ after all (?)

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  43. I’d like to see Danny playing alongside Olivier – if we can experiment with 3511 against Boro and City we can bloody well experiment 442 against Sunlun


  44. Sam‏ @samuelJayC 2h2 hours ago

    Arsenal remaining games: #AFC

    Leicester (h)
    Spurs (a)
    Man Utd (h)
    Southampton (a)
    Stoke (a)
    Sunderland (h)
    Everton (h)
    (Chelsea – Wembley)


  45. Anicoll @2.28 pm I’ve spotted that myself after watching them up close and personal at the stadium, even Mesut is not averse to it either!

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  46. Hiya, All

    I think Finsbury @ 12:20 was spot on.

    Welly was not on top of his goalscoring game yesterday, but he has been bedevilled by injury for most of the season, and it is difficult to hit your straps and get the sharp reactions and timing needed to score without an unbroken run back in the team.

    His game otherwise was fine yesterday – and the goals will flow when he gets match fit.

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  47. Some really strange reports on that game in some of the papers, almost as if some are upset their darling team ended up going out in pretty emphatic fashion

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  48. Still feeling the happiness of yesterday but thoughts turning to midweek game now. Incredibly difficult to know what to do selection wise.

    Do we risk resting players who performed so well, after a massive effort and with another huge game a few days later, at the start of a crazily demanding run of games?

    Or do we risk not resting them?

    Obviously Wenger and co are the only ones placed to know what shape individuals are actually in, but that will surely still involve either risking some players who will still be feeling the effects of yesterday’s efforts or risking disrupting a team who played well.

    From a position of ignorance i’d say the two biggest risks seem to be Ox, who pulled up with what is hopefully just extreme cramp and Kos who was limping heavily in last ten minutes. mind you, Ramsey is surely a much higher than normal risk after putting in an incredible shift, and Ozil looked completely spent at end.

    I’d go with the risk of resting players myself- Kos for sure, Ramsey, Ox, maybe Ozil and Sanchez- but it seems a horribly tough series of choices.

    He’ll get slammed by usual suspects whatever he does if the game goes wrong, but that’s just a given and Wenger never lets that dictate his decisions.

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