Arsenal: Preston Floored By Larry’s Sword

c0wiijaxuaaglbhGood morning Positive Arsenalists.

Another grey morning over Norfolk but a familiar sensation of satisfaction as an Arsenal fan still lingers after last night’s game in the North West.

Yes, yes I know we were pretty dire in the first half. The home side rushed into us with great energy and not a little skill at times and made us look a bit little silly. On several occasions they opened up our defence in a manner only PSG had done previously this season. When we did have the ball some of our passing and efforts to use possession constructively were discomforting to watch, so inept was the outcome. I see even Arsene said the only positive was that it was only 1-0 as the players went down the half time tunnel. He knows, you know.

I have no real understanding of what was going on in our players’ heads during the opening 45. I can only point to the lack of experience of Rambo, Xhaka, Mustafi and Gabby + the youngster AMN, in actually playing together before, that might explain the spaces and gaps that Preston were allowed. Why we seemed unable to hit an accurate 5 yard pass I don’t know, but let us not dwell too deeply. One interesting point was that in spite of the difficulties we had there was no rowing between the players, everyone just got on with the game. No Sanchez=no scrapping (perhaps) !

HOWEVER whatever the reason for that collective early confusion, after the break we turned out as a team transformed. I have no idea if the manager stamped his foot, or Steve Bould identified and corrected the tactical defensive mistakes that had disrupted us. Whatever switch had been flicked however after Mr Madeley blew his whistle Preston were hardly in the game again. Our defence became resolute, our passing text book Wengerball. After peppering our goal in the first half they created nothing in the second, with Ospina a spectator. The home side adopted the posture of a boxer pushed back around the ring by jabs, short straight punches and the occasional hook, backed into the corner and, eventually, floored. As with so many things in football however the timing of our equaliser, with Preston minds still not focussed on the pitch, was crucial. Lovely goal from Rambo, lovely set up by Iwobi.

For the remainder of the second half it was increasingly desperate defence by the home side and, to their credit, their defenders were well organised and flung their bodies in again and again to block shots, headers and deny our clever flicks and short passing. The home crowd roared them on, a replay at the Ems a tasty prize if they could just cling on. As our hosts energy gradually drained however, up stepped Larry. Ah Larry, a performer, a worker, a leader. A man who recently has been the decisive weapon, and yesterday he put the blade through Preston hearts.

It had to be, it was Fate.

Of our lads I thought Perez, Larry, the Ox and Iwobi stood out. Aaron’s goal was excellent and he stamped his authority on the second half, an intelligent game from the Welshman. AMN was getting some stick but I though he did fine, as did all the back 4 after their early discombobulation.

Of Preston? Their central defender Clarke and their winger and goalscorer Robinson were good. With the transfer window open you could see the national limelight probably inspired a few of them to greater heights.

No complaints about Madeley last night – 7/10.

The third round of the Cup safely negotiated and a lazyish Sunday in prospects with our fingers crossed in the hope of some embarrassment for Tottingham or Chels. It would be a big turn up if either gave up their Wembley ambitions but that is the magic of the Cup isn’t it – that little spark of hope?

Finally while I had a good day yesterday others may have enjoyed 3rd round day even more:


Lovely story, enjoy your Sunday.

(opening photo by @rebeccaherber44 – good innit?)

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94 comments on “Arsenal: Preston Floored By Larry’s Sword

  1. WWWB: those that know me well know that criticism is not my thing. I leave the criticism to the people that know best: players and manager. They don’t “need” my criticism. That does nothing but make me feel smug. They need me to support them, period.

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  2. Did AMN’s mum rain handbags on him during half-time. (I nicked that from someone on twitter.) She has form you know.

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  3. I’m sure we’d all be happy to see the usual critics & experts out there lay into Liverpool!

    *watches the tumbleweed roll by…*

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  4. Uh oh. Liverpool and Klopp ran out of pashun today. Drawing against Plymouth Argyle, who play in the fourth division, is surely worse than beating a decent championship side.

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  5. Alabama, I never said Maitland Niles was outstanding in that game, I just said I saw a few glimpses of his potential. As most of the usual suspects here know, I’m very bullish on our young prospects and tend to talk them up way more than I should because they’re our kids.


  6. John CrossVerified account
    There’s a strange negativity about some Arsenal fans. The FA Cup doesn’t matter when they win it. But it does when an upset is on the cards.

    Death By Arsenal ‏@MuminAhmed6 17h17 hours ago
    @johncrossmirror It’s an agenda started by the media to discredit Arsenal at ANY opportunity. Unfortunately, ‘some’ of our fans are fickle >
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    Like 3


    Death By Arsenal
    @johncrossmirror enough to join the bandwagon. Hopefully this bandwagon reaches the edge of a cliff soon

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  7. Yes, Gains, you were right and I was wrong. I shouldn’t have said anything.


  8. @shotta_gooner I am super pissed at all the ‘clever barbs’ at AMN mother, all the people claiming to know what happened on the day need to come out with real evidence.
    A black family standing up to a corporation, gets laid into that is what I see. The real story is Mick Mccarthy the grizzled Yorkshire man who kicked tons of players playing for the likes of Millwall in the 80’s and 90’s , who went toe to toe with Roy Keane in 2002 is terrified by a little black woman who left a voicemail. Mick Mccarthy (I know what he was trying to do ,undermine the uppity N***** B****)should be ashamed of himself and any Arsenal fan who keeps regurgitating such needs to take a look at themselves.

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  9. no surprise to see Piles Morgan show himself up to be he hypocrite we all know him to be, today cos his favorite, Jurgen Klopp fields a very young liverpool starting 11, Piles comes out with something like, “this is proof that the FA Cup is a meaningless cup”.

    yes you all have spotted the ulterior motive, its to claim our two fa cup wins in the last three years were meaningless.
    So I’m glad some gooners seen fit to call Piles Morgan out on his hypocrisy, as its less than two months since he went into a tirade of abuse at wenger and arsenal cos we did not field our strongest team in the league cup.

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  10. AS Roma English ‏@ASRomaEN 2h2 hours ago
    90′ – WHAT A SAVE FROM SZCZESNY!! Unbelievable to deny Ocampos!!

    #GenoaRoma 0️⃣-1️⃣

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  11. Who sees Piles Morgan as an Arsenal fan?
    I see him as just a self publicist who I refuse to watch or listen to any program which he is on.

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  12. Preston fc Pearson ex Man U trainee ‘don’t like it up em’ as soon as Arsenal matched them for steel they were with the imaginary Yellow cards at the ref, didn’t think tough northerners did that sort of thing.

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  13. M ‏@mmunro91 2h2 hours ago
    Pro-LFC pundits actually blaming Plymouth for not being open so Liverpool could slice them open at will😂

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  14. I see a lot of malcontents whinging about Arsenal not recalling Wilshere from his loan, despite us actually being unable to do so even if we wanted to, which from wenger’s comments actually don’t like we do want to recall him. The malcontents are using the proposed recall of Ake by Chelsea as proof that we can recall Jack, so as usual without any actual knowledge of the terms of the loans or the BPL rules on loans, they still think they have proof. By the way, and I could be totally wrong on this, but Ake is an u21 player, and so might very well be on a youth loan deal to AFCB, and youth loan deals have very different rules from senior loans. For example an u18 on a youth loan can play for the loan clubs first team and still play for his parent club’s u18 team during the loan. Also youth loan players can be recalled. So like I said, Ake might be on a youth loan, he might not, but I will not fall into the same mistake the malcontents are, by claiming that cos he is returning to CFC that this is proof he is on a youth loan.

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  15. Arsenal and €65m ‘confirmed’ transfer offer – It’s all quite misleading
    By Sport Witness Team – 8th January 2017

    Arsenal have been very much dragged into the Andrea Belotti rumour mill.

    In November it was claimed by Gazzetta dello Sport that Arsenal had been willing to spend €35m on Belotti during the last summer transfer window. Gazzetta said Arsenal came up with the ‘richest offer’ of €35m for Belotti in the summer, but there was little time to consider the deal.

    At that time the Gazzetta headline said ‘Belotti – Mr 50 Milioni’, and the reporting was that Torino wanted him to renew with a clause that would be applicable only for foreign teams of €50m or more.

    To make it clear, they thought €50m for Belotti would be seen as a good deal for Torino.

    It was all dragged up again on January 6th by The Sun. The English newspaper have had a remarkable number of high profile transfer exclusives over the past couple of weeks, and this one was credited to Emanuele Giulianelli.

    Arsenal fans may remember the name Emanuele Giulianelli.

    He’s the same guy who said Karim Benzema was set to arrive to sign for Arsenal on an August Sunday in 2015.

    At the time of the Benzema claims it was easy to discredit, because Giulianelli had previously said Kostas Manolas had completed an Arsenal medical, Eduardo Vargas was joining Arsenal, and he’d also said Arsenal had opened talks to sign Edin Dzeko.

    Not to forget him claiming Arsenal had agreed to pay Mario Balotelli €10m per season and that Demba Ba was an Arsenal player.

    More recently, in March, the journalist said Manchester United were preparing a bid for Gonzalo Higuain that was higher than his buyout clause, and that Jose Mourinho had met Higuain’s brother and agreed terms on a £150k per week contract for the then Napoli striker.

    The Sun’s claim was that Arsene Wenger is keeping tabs on Belotti but Arsenal would have to pay £50m, and wasn’t keen on that. Nothing much new there then.

    What the English report has done is rattle the rumour cages in Italy.

    On Sunday Gianluca Petrachi is quoted by Calciomercato ‘confirming’ a €65m offer from Arsenal. Calciomercato headline their article ‘Ds Torino: ‘No to 65 million for Arsenal Belotti, he’s worth much more’.

    They then quote Petrachi as saying: “Yes, we received the offer but it does not reflect the value of Belotti. He’s a player who we would like to sincerely enjoy and if the president has given him such an important clause, I believe that in the end he is worth much more than what we offer today and what the team offered. Now we enjoy, and in the future see what happens.”

    It’s worth making a couple of things clear. Petrachi was speaking to Sky Italia, who, in their article on the same interview, don’t use the exact same quotes. There’s no confirmation of an offer, but Sky say that in the face of a €65m Arsenal bid, Torino have made it clear they’d refuse it.

    Sky have the video of the actual interview, and it’s clear Petrachi doesn’t name Arsenal himself, and doesn’t say ‘Si/Yes’ when it’s put to him. That’s been added for drama.

    It’s the interviewer who puts the bid to Petrachi, who then uses it as an opportunity to talk up Belotti’s value.

    This all seems to have got rather out of hand and Torino seem happy to use it to underline their own stance.


  16. How can this be true, the malcontents told us that Ozil had told the club he would only stay if Wenger goes, but its 100% reliant on Wenger staying on. I bet this will see a vocal section of our fan base – especially the uber bloggers – turn on Mesut Ozil, and his every performance will be downgraded. Only last week I seen the start of it, with some of them claiming that he was not down with flu at all, but refusing to play cos he had lost faith in Wenger – oh the proof, no one is in bed with flu for a week or more. Never mind that at the moment, here in Ireland, we have at least 7 dead from flu, and almost 200 more in hospital with flu, and daily warnings about how dangerous the flu virus is.

    Mesut Özil: ‘My future at Arsenal depends on Arsène Wenger staying’
    • Arsenal attacking midfielder says he wants to stay at the club
    • ‘Thierry Henry doesn’t know what’s going on, his comments don’t interest me’

    Marcus Christenson
    Sunday 8 January 2017 18.52 GMT Last modified on Sunday 8 January 2017 18.55 GMT
    View more sharing options
    Mesut Özil has said that he would like to sign a new contract with Arsenal but that he wants to know if Arsène Wenger is staying at the club beyond 2018 before committing his future to the club.

    Arsenal ‘need to start games better’, says Olivier Giroud after Preston escape
    Read more
    The attacking midfielder, who has 18 months left on his contract, said in an exclusive interview with German football magazine Kicker: “I am very, very happy at Arsenal and have let the club know that I would be ready to sign a new contract. The fans want that I stay and now it is just down to the club.”

    Özil, who signed for Arsenal in 2013 after three years at Real Madrid, added that his decision to sign a new contract or not was not money-related: “The club knows that I am here most of all because of Arsène Wenger. He is the one who signed me and he is the one whose trust I have. The club also knows that I want to be clear what the manager is going to [in the future].” Wenger’s contract runs out in 2017.

    Özil has been criticised for not signing a new contract by, among others, Thierry Henry, who said that the German international and Alexis Sánchez were “holding the club hostage” with their wage demands.

    Özil, however, said he does not care what former players are saying about him as they do not know the full story about what is going on. He said: “Everyone has a right to say what they want but what they have to say doesn’t interest me. Ex-players or other people who have a view don’t know what is actually being said between me and the club.”

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  17. re my last post, it has already started

    Memz Dogi 🇹🇷 ‏@AFCMemz 6m6 minutes ago
    You play for the club & wear the shirt regardless who the manager is. Your loyalty should be the club & not any individual

    funny that these same sort of fans don’t support those in the shirt, and the manager regardless of who he is.

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  18. Olivier ‏@OlivierKGooner 7m7 minutes ago
    @1886_blog yet there’s some Arsenal fans that think Arsène doesn’t attract players to the club. Clearly he does.

    1886 ‏@1886_blog 7m7 minutes ago
    MÖ stating that his future depends on AW staying. Yet, some of our bellend fans think the players don’t care about AW.

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  19. ah you didn’t, did you george, you did, you did.

    Positively Arsenal ‏@Blackburngeorge 2m2 minutes ago
    OMG. I really don’t want to say it!
    Shall I?
    Will I?
    Should I?
    No Arsene , no Mesut ,No party

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  20. We’ve got Özil, Mesut Özil…I just don’t think you understand. He’s Arsene Wenger’s man, he’s better than Zidane, we’ve got Mesut Özil.

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  21. Anyone after some good football to watch after all the poor games this weekend (bar ours of course), Villarreal Barca on Sky now.

    Cracking first 20. Normal Barca skills and Villarreal play some fine stuff themselves. Very competitive with great ebb and flow.

    My ulterior motive for recommending it is the contrast so far between it and our recent Everton game.

    Feisty both ways now but in first 20 was 6-1 against Villarreal on free kick front. All seemed good decisions to me. Ref not being fussy or anything just doing an ordinary job – not letting home team in their compact stadium with passionate fans get away with any freebies.

    I find it impossible not to go on about these things while we are ,ultimately, judged against the Barca’s and Bayern’s, in terms of trying to be number 1 domestically each year.

    The difference in the way our respective players are protected and the general refereeing of each game (normal or favourable for them; frequently awful for us) is just gigantic.

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  22. its glorious, as expected the WOB are in full meltdown, Mesut Ozil is now persona non grata, his crime is to be loyal to Arsene Wenger, and to spike their recent lies that Ozil wanted out cos he had “seen through Wenger’s lies”. We can all now expect to see Ozil receive the full Ramsey treatment.

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  23. Very very interesting about Ozil…..who knows, there may be others of similar opinion. There may even be others of a completely different opinion to balance things in the spirit of speculation.
    I can think of many good reasons for Wenger to just end the speculation and sign….I am sure it would lift at least the majority of the team, it would help keep one of the best players on planet earth, and significantly, it would seriously troll the malcontents.
    Come on Arsene…..a couple more years at least…..and then, who knows may be ready

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  24. I think its clear from Wenger’s comments that he will only sign if he believes it is the right thing to do, the right thing for Arsenal. He wants to be sure we are progressing, and that he can help us progress more. I do believe that the moment Wenger thinks it would be better for Arsenal if he left, he will go, possibly even that very day.


  25. Ozil and Alexis in Arsenal contract talks

    WOB – give them what they want

    They want Wenger to sign a new contract

    WOB – sell the fucking useless cunts, never rated them anyway.

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  26. Well, if Wenger makes that decision, things could become difficult for the team, not forever, but certainly for a while.
    Wenger has done amazing things for the team, and club. Not sure what would make him think he is no longer capable of taking the team forward….Unless he knows things we don’t about realities within this league and thinks we may be better with someone else?

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  27. Özil is an AKB

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  28. Stand by for lots of media claims on how Erikson, Alli, Mata, Hazard, De Bruyne, Silva, Jack Wilshere , and every other ten, ten and a half, or false ten in the league is a better player than Ozil.
    John Cross, if you really are an Arsenal fan, I wish you some sort of non health related break in employment , so, in your freedom from obligation, you may discover what being what you claim to be is all about.

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  29. John Cross is a knob, talks a load of cobblers on Talk Sport (as well as in his column) at his masters bidding. Hate the bloke. They introduce him as ‘Top Football writer John Cross’ righto.

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  30. Steve Gooner ‏@Merse10 2h2 hours ago
    Loyalty is a two way Street. Club were loyal to Rvp he was not loyal to them. Rocky was loyal to the club but the club (GG) broke his heart. As much as Tony Adams was loyal to the club it’s fair to say the club were equally loyal to him. Relationship not always easy

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  31. Strange…..some of the most vociferous critics in the media are those ex Arsenal players, and these days, a journalist who claims to be a lifelong Arsenal fan who is currently leading the lilywhite wankfest.
    Guess you got to earn your dollars in an unpredictable brexit environment, pieces of silver always on offer, those linked to Arsenal especially valuable to help the current msm agenda….Which seems to be Arsenal out of the top four and Wenger out….and even if it’s not an agenda, it is an attractive story for them….shame some are so thick/greedy/needy/bitter they have to go along with it

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  32. the thing is mandy, can we really blame the media, journos and pundits etc, when a whole host of people who claim to love arsenal are running blogs, and twitter accounts dedicated to attacking all things arsenal, everything from the major shareholders, the board, the manager, the coaches, the scouts, the fitness and medic people, the players, even our youth players, for God’s sake even our ladies team, everything the club does is dismissed at best and attacked at worst. these People have put their 15 minutes of fame ahead of the thing they claim to love.

    The fact that complete and utter scumbags can get fame by being caricature fans on AFTV, and be made legit by the main stream media who interview them also, or reprint their views in major publications.

    Some have been very smart about it, they spotted that one of the biggest and most successful Arsenal sites for years was Arsenal News Review (ANR), and its run by a Chelsea fan, who seen by the success of his book about Arsene Wenger, that Arsenal fans were there to be exploited and make him money, and like Pyles Malmer, the others have seen ways to make money out of it, some have like AFTV and some blogs been making money from sponsorship and the clicks, others have got jobs with the bigger media outlets. LeGrove is the bench mark for how negativity sells, and many Arsenal blogs abandoned their even handed outlook and went negative to try and get a piece of it, and others appeared on the scene trying to get their bit too. We even have one blog that only ever publish a new article after a bad result, they do not have a single word to say when we play well and have a good win.

    And Mandy, lets not forget the likes of the AST,(when was the last time they had a good word to say about the club) and other so called supporters groups have been set up with the sole purpose of attacking the club, BSM are one that springs to mind.

    So can we blame the media for its agenda against Arsenal.

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  33. and I forgot to mention the outfit that use a bit of twitter fame to sell arsenal related goods,
    and lets not forget that RedAction, a group that was set up to improve support, abandoned any semblance of credibility when they actually supporter the A4 protest last season.

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  34. Well said Edu.

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  35. its odd but all this Ozil backing Wenger stuff brought up the name Owen Coyle, and so I had a look at his managerial career, and all I can say is, that if ever any proof was needed at how brain dead much of the WOB are, it is that they actually put forward this guy to replace Wenger as far back as 2009, the season Coyle managed Burnley to promotion to the BPL. Yes 2009, just 5 years after we had won the league unbeaten, 4 years after we had won the FA Cup, and 3 years after we had been in a CL final.

    Coyle abandoned burnley half way through the season, a season they got relegated in, and he went to bolton. He left bolton a couple of years later, after they ended relegated back to the championship.

    its no wonder many of the WOB have progressed to Eddie Howe now, well who would you expect, after all Moyes, Monk and Laudrup have all come and gone.

    by the way, Coyle was 2009, now that means the WOB have been on the go at least 8 years, what is that word they so like to bandy about, oh yes “Failure”, I can only assume that the reason they keep coming out with the word, is cos every morning when they look in the mirror the see “failure” stare back at them, at least 8 years of WOB failure, but a lifetime of general failure.

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  36. Your not allowed to say Ian Wright is a reactionary that often says the most nonsensical drivel, when he says such because he was the only thing that made us relevant in the 90’s.
    We won the league in 90-91 losing just the one game before he even arrived, and won the league in 97-98 with very little contribution from him and in his place had chopped liver DB10 or PV4 not sure.
    or perhaps relevance = 1 FA cup and 1 League cup
    which ironically are not deemed relevant by the malcontents.

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  37. I wonder if Arsene Wenger is between little bit rock and a hard place?

    Re-signing for two years is unlikely to cut it with Ozil – or potential new signings. A two year extension could potentially have a paralysing effect on our short-term team-building activities.

    But the man himself may not want more than two years.

    He may have doubts regarding fan reception to the news of an extended extension. He may be weary of the near existential crisis that occurs everytime we drop a point or three.

    The toxicity of a small minority can not be ignored; what they lack in size or credibility in the eyes of most, they more than make up for with noise – not least in ways Eddy highlights, above. The idiot minority have made themselves the story in the eyes of an entirely mercenary and opportunistic media. That alone could be incredibly draining for anyone, even if they are allowed – even encouraged – to ignore it.

    The delays to Ozil’s contract are a concern and Arsene’s apparent indecision is surprising in as far as he’s the last person who would allow the club to be damaged by his own actions.

    The delays to Ozil’s contract may not just be about whether Arsene re-signs.

    It’s could also be about who follows Arsene if he does not.

    Equally, it could all be sorted one week after the end of the season.

    But short of winning the PL or the CL, would Arsene himself feel the team had done enough to justify a 3+ years contract extension?

    The WOB’s noisy little campaign has the potential to scyth down the club’s short and medium-term prospects with a devastating example of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

    Yes, we’ve been made aware of Ozil’s doubts.

    But how many others like Ozil are waiting on current outcomes. How many would happily jump ship to escape one of the PL’s most odious fanbases. Sure, it’s a minority of trolls making a racket but the failure of the majority of fans to effectively shout them down suggests complicity.

    What was that saying about all it takes for evil to prevail …?

    And how many players at one time or another have been the subject of vile abuse from ‘supporters? It’s by no means a short list, is it?

    I’d suggest these are perilous moments for the club and we may now be at an ominous fork in the road. I’d also suggest we – the fans and the club – have much more to lose than Mr Wenger.

    Not least because, as I believe someone may have already pointed out.

    No Arsene, no party.

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  38. Some of these so called fans deserve all they get. Think of the massed suicides when we go mid table for a few years.

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  39. That is a wonderful series of observations Andrew. I suspect that the club is very aware of all that goes on and constantly weigh up the balance between genuine and attention seeking support. One of the more amusing myths is the notion that the board is out of touch. Far from it I suspect and for that reason alone I am quite sanguine about a future beyond Arsene.

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  40. Very true Ed, cannot completely blame the media, but they certainly do their bit, I am pretty sure their reporting makes it a lot easier for referees to behave the way some do towards this team. Would be interested to see the reaction if Chelsea, Utd, or heaven forbid, Tottenham or Liverpool conceded three pretty soft penalties at home, on top of the Xhaka sending off
    Agree AA, dangerous times. I get the gut feeling Wenger will have done enough to sign by May, but who knows. I am sure there are forces at work within our own fanbase, and who knows where else who want Wenger gone……and it would be a great story for the media, even if they would abandon the WOB soon after.
    Eddie Howe keeps getting mentioned, certainly a promising young manager, but does he really have sufficient experience, a European pedigree and the rhino hide needed for this job? BUT, I am sure there are many who would love to see an Englishman at a top club, not least the FA. would be interesting to see how an EH team is refereed.
    But, think it would take him a long time to get near Wenger.
    But as you say, Wenger would be out loss, he will have plenty of choice, whether our club will, and have the knowledge to recruit them remains to be seen

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  41. Meant to add, that recruiting a boss in such an environment with a legacy manager must be amongst the most risky tasks a board could undertake, as we saw with Utd, think the board would need all the help they could get in this task when it comes to pass. I can see many reasons why they would move heaven and earth to keep who they have


  42. Andrew is now the star attraction.


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