Positively Arsenal is Three !!


Good morning Positivistas,

Three years ago today Arsenal Andrew delivered the first blog on Positively Arsenal, and in his elegant analysis moved swiftly over a rousing victory over Brighton in the 4th round of the Cup, the closing of the transfer window, shook his head in pity at incessant and self destructive traits among our following, with fan against fan in the ground and on line. He delivered the ethos of the site, that we are together here to support Arsenal football club, win, lose or draw. New born, but fully formed.

On those days when the footballing sky fell in PA was a haven to retire to, away from the madness. On the days of triumph, of great results and great performances, of silverware and victory, a forum to celebrate on and together. Just support, enjoy yourself, it is really not that difficult.

And so in the intervening three years it has remained so. We remain unique.

I am delighted that contributions came in from our Leader and DC pre birthday but I trust any who have a few words to say, on whatever topic takes their fancy today, will do so;

Blackburn George: Three years ago, even previously supportive bogs were losing their shit and throwing their toys out of the pram, together with Arsene ,the Board and half the team. It was a grim time for those of us that believed the future was bright. 

For me, the saddest thing was seeing fans that not only jumped ship, but climbed on-board the ship that was sailing in the absolute opposite direction.

Something had to be done by someone to create a safe haven for those that stayed strong. Well some of us did something, and this is it.  

We could of course make the comments section much larger, by opening the door to the malcontent, miserable and stupid. But guess what?

I hope everyone feels part of Positively Arsenal, and I thank everyone that contributes to the articles and the comments.

Onward and upward. COYG 

Double Canister; Thoughts on PA

“The difference in winning and losing is most often…not quitting.” – Walt Disney

The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.” – Pele

Just over 3 years ago, Arsenal’s supporters were being pushed into a very dark place. Very few rationally minded supporters were left  resisting the barrage of constant negativity aimed at us from the media and the hate-fuelled perma-bitter fringes of our own fan base. Looking back, we might remember the constantly repeated memes that Arsenal had an exceptionally long trophy drought? as if other so called big clubs have far worse and on-going ones? Remember the meme that they couldn’t win a big game? Arsenal were the perennial chockers and bottlers, led of course by the biggest eejit of them all in the coat with the dodgy zip?

Such was the state of near universal censure aimed at Arsène Wenger, I found it hard to find anyone to discuss our football club’s genuinely upward progress in a sensible and intelligent manner. Mercifully and quite luckily one night browsing through other blogs I heard of people in the underground, people who weren’t drinking the kool-aid, people who were laughed at for driving in the sunshine bus, who were pariahs from other more ‘sensible’ minded sites where the mantra was the boss’s time was up. I found Positive Arsenal as a beacon in the fog, a place of hope and reason; not for the reason that George and Co. were defending Arsène’s and the Club’s actions to the hilt no matter what he did- but that you were prepared to look at actions the correct context: the stadium building, the financial doping going on by rivals, the low value sponsorships the club had to deal with, the post invincibles rebuilding of a weaker team piece by piece and the desertions of key men who wouldn’t wait or wouldn’t understand.

Positively Arsenal for me stands as a paragon of rational and clear thought; Sometimes brave, always encouraging. It must be deeply unfashionable to be a staunch and proud believer in of our club’s continuing achievements and to have the temerity to actually trust the current incumbent in the hottest of hot seats leading our great club to be doing his very best each and every single day to ensure that Arsenal continue to achieve greatness. In terms of Arsenal’s future: no one else is looking over the horizon as far as Mr. Wenger does.

In the 3 years since PA has been around, it has remarkably paralleled Arsenal’s own up-turn in fortunes and I’d like to wish we had something to do with that- but that would be pushing the boat out too far. Suffice to say though, that George’s and Co.’s stalwart defence of our clubs actions and manager here and in the wider online realm has kept the flame alive for many, and for the many regular contributors here, I count you all as good friends and I’ve been lucky enough to meet several of you in person to watch Arsenal games. I hope to get to the Emirates again a few times this season and would love to help out with giving PA a few match reports.

A final word to some of our lost friends: Paul Brickhill, Adam Brogden and to where ever Frank has disappeared to. Arsenal are doing you proud – you believed in them when no one else wanted to. Thank you.

Worst PA Moment – Hunter


May the next three be as good as the past three. Enjoy our birthday !

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69 comments on “Positively Arsenal is Three !!

  1. Congratulations, Positively Arsenal, on reaching your 3rd.

    I missed the first few months, and when I found you, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I love PG & DC’s pieces above.

    Thanks for being here.

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  2. Happy birthday, PA. A huge well done to everyone who keeps this place as beautifully harmonious as the day it was built.

    Up the Positively Arsenal!

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  3. Happy Birthday to the Greatest Blog The World Has Ever Seen. We love you PA, we truly do.

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  4. It is a pleasure Ranty – your good humour and insights are always appreciated.

    For those who like data, yes Shotta I know, the three year old PA has published 616 articles and podcasts, attracted 1,051,787 page views, and 401,950 individual visitors to the blog (as of about three minutes ago)

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  5. well I’m a relative newcomer to Positively Arsenal(been here just over a year) and I must say that it was a Godsend that I found this blog at the time that I had left another blog, one that I was a regular contributor to, and was even one of the administrators of.
    I had been toying with leaving that blog for some time due to the negativity, and in fact I might still be there, having the same arguments with the same AAA over and over, had it not been for two other regular posters leaving due to their disillusionment at how negative they blog had become, and how it was basically a rerun of the same arguments in thread after thread, the same negative mantras spouted over and over, thread after thread highjacked so a pop could be had at one of the players(Ramsey and Theo two of the main targets), Wenger, Gazidis, the Board, Kroenke, the club, it really did not matter as long as it was a blame game.
    The two guys leaving was the final straw for me, I’d seen a site I had considered to be the best Arsenal blog out there, with a good mix of opinions and a fine level of debate, turn into just another negative Arsenal bashing fest, with no real debate, just the same old soundbites, and the more positive posters either left or posted less and less, so when the other two guys left it made my mind up for me, time to go and try and find a happier place to discuss Arsenal and all things Arsenal. I gave a number of Arsenal blogs a go, and am happy to have Positively Arsenal as the my first port of call when it comes to Arsenal. Its a beacon of light in a web full of negative Arsenal sites.
    So Andrew, George, Andy, Steww, et al. thank you for providing me, and us all with a great place to get our daily Arsenal fix. I may not be as positive or as inclined to overlook what I see as mistakes or problems, as some of you, but that seems to be tolerated so far, I do think you understand that when I have a rant it comes with the best of intentions.

    To end I will say once again, Thank You for Positively Arsenal, and here is to many more years of a blog that is here in support of Arsenal, its players, its manager(who ever it is), the board, the Club.

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  6. Today is a birthday of sorts for Positively Arsenal, and I suppose its a birthday of sorts of Gabriel’s career, as its one year today since he joined our club.

    In his year here he has played 11+4 BPL games, with 1 goal, and has a total of 16+5 games and 1 goal.


  7. Lewis ‏@LGAmbrose 14h14 hours ago
    Lewis Retweeted David Cartlidge
    Reminder that a lot of Arsenal fans wanted him because Giroud ‘isn’t good enough’.
    David Cartlidge @davidjaca
    Atleti chasing the game, heading out of cup, and €30m+ Jackson stayed on the bench. Simeone preferred to send Godín up front. Damning.


  8. Prior to Gabriel joining we had a year when our centre backs were constantly injured, Tommy V constantly out and ended up with Monreal/Chambers and Per holding the fort over several games with variable results.

    Since the Brazilian was signed Per and Kosc have barely missed a game through injury or lack of fitness and their disciplinary regime record even has been very good. Sods law for Gabriel I suppose but a very talented player who must fancy more games as Per eases out of the front line.


  9. Eddy: How about Gary Cahill? The great English hope that AW should have paid Bolton £20 million (somebody correct me if I am wrong). The old blog many of us frequented had the good and the great fulminating daily that this was another in the long list of failings of Arsene. Now apparently, Chelsea have finally realized he is just another immobile central defender that has no future at the highest level and want to be rid of.Surprise, surprise, surprise.


  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY POSITIVISTS!!!!!! Long may your manifesto and way be the way.
    You may not have Bob Wilson writing but you have the mighty words of Steww and A5 and to me thats even greater.Week in week out,searching for words to find a way to tel it like it is and how it could be, and also how it isnt, of overture and prelude.
    No WOB hanging around here, no apologetic for the Cooper men.If youve basically defected from UA then you should know what a breath of fresh air it is to not have them around.
    Then theres PG rating a XXX to the turds, fighting the fifth columnists day and night via twitter, I dont know how you find the strength to do it, but it is impressive and leading your positive posters as the captain. FH, for making me feel welcome right at the beginning,anyone who likes Kenneth Widmerpool in my book is a fine chap, and GP who had no idea but he dragged me from the bottom of the pit one night-and I mean the land of no hope (it might have been against Anderlecht a couple of years ago?) when things were really bad. When I discussed this with my ex (a psychologist)she loved the story and saw GPs avatar and said to me:”sometimes hope comes in the most unusual ways” and a single word can, well save a life.
    Then theres fins who a great razzer of the WOB on UA, who always drops a great post and should be writing for Private Eye.Eddy the king of the update,newshound par excellence,Rants always good to see here and at UA, Passarsenal,DC(best avatar),Shotta(impeccable selections on Slow and very Dirty),layksite,dkgÖÖner,Sav from Oz,Shard,Mandy Dodd(the most level head in football),gf60, always a good whif thoughts),Gainsbourg69,Bradyesque7(king player of all time),rich,Notoverthehill(dont go over yet),apropos,FinnishHit,iDibs,steve_I,team spirit,Ianspace2014,Mel and his waters,samgooner,Asharvin23,redshark91,alabamagooner,ArsenalAndrew,santiclaus,samfoord,Labo_Goon,Iawan bamusa,Vijay,Mickey finn,arse_ or_ brain,Loomer,dick Swiveller,Northbank69,Aman,stray passenger, and everyone else who was probably before my time, those are the people I can remember since hanging abaht and getting on everyones nerves going on about luck,lucky,luck,luck.Soz I dont have the time to go into the archive and find out your name.But Im sure youve brought more to the party than me, and deserve to be listed.
    So until you boot me off PA will always remain a place of hope.You might not have the readership of UA but you deserve it.
    Hunter13 was brilliant on LG though, especially when he razzed them as fascists.
    Happy birthday( dont talk rubbish said Wittgenstein), but you know what i mean.
    best post ever? mills at 1.24pm Nov.23rd 2015.(only joking)Didnt get any fackin laughs though!
    AND LUCKY HORSES!!!!! and take care of yourselves.

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  11. Happy Birthday P.A. and congratulations to the brave souls who started it and have engineered its growth over the three years.
    Although I could see that blog that shall not be mentioned slipping into the abiss I was a little taken aback by the quickness of the final blows between those who believe and those who had quite clearly given up.
    At the time I asked George to come back and fight but he assured me that wasn’t going to happen in its old format and something better was going to happen.
    Thanks George for that decision and ignoring my advice, a clear sign of wisdom.
    We clearly still have alot of fighting to do to enlighten the weak and carry the Positive flag.
    Good luck going forward to all Positivas

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  12. before Christmas, Wenger mentioned something about Gabriel’s English still not being good, maybe that is why he does not get more game time.


  13. While Adebayor is at CPFC, Palace will pay £75k a week of his £100k wages. Spurs cover the rest, says gary jacob of The Times.


  14. Congratulations to 3 years of bringing the enjoyment back to supporting Arsenal “away from the madness”.

    You guys gave the silent majority a place where they felt at home, as we all know the loud voices outside this community don’t represent the true spirit of being a Gooner, they represent only themselves. Keep them outside PG, this is a place of quality.

    For far too many outside this community there’s little to no interest in whether their preferred opinion makers has based his/her opinion on careful thought or research – all that matters is whether they endorse bias. What you guys are doing is challenging your readers to relook at the way they view footie and enlighten them about all viewpoints. In doing so you empower and enable them to make up our their minds.

    Thanks to all contributors, I’ve learnt a lot from all you. You guys taught me the value in patience, to take a knock on the chin with grace because there’s always the next game to look forward to, to choose my battles and to be flippant when needs be. Most importantly, to hold my head high in adversity.

    Here’s to many more years of riding the Arsenal rollercoaster together.


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  15. Coqeulin and Rosicky ready for selection, Welbeck fit, just needs couple of games for U21’s but won’t play in Saturday’s U21 game v Stoke U21’s.


    Arsène Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of Saturday’s FA Cup fourth-round clash against Burnley at Emirates Stadium:

    on the team news…
    Mertesacker is out because of the red card, and everybody else is available, apart from Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla. After that it is just a question of selection and decision-making, that is the key.

    on Wilshere and Cazorla…
    Jack and Santi are progressing well but they are at least a few weeks away. But these two apart, it is just about competitiveness and match fitness.

    on Welbeck…
    Danny Welbeck is not completely ready but he is not far. He needs a game or two because he’s been out since last April. The Stoke [under-21] game is too soon because he only had one session with the team, and that is too short.

    on Coquelin and Rosicky…
    Francis is available to play now because he has passed two weeks of full training. Tomas is also available for selection.

    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20160128/team-news-coquelin-welbeck-and-cazorla#wKV0p86uUtSyE11V.99


  16. Such a pleasure reading the positive articles and rational responses. Here’s to the next 3 years.

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  17. As I have posted on here after many a social media Arsenal meltdown-thank fuck for this place,and today on its third birthday I say ‘thank fuck for this place and thank fuck for you lot,even George.

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  18. The greater our hopes the harder it can be to remain positive in the face of a setback. As Arsenal have gone from strength to strength so expectations have risen and disappointments are magnified. Consequently and perversely it is more difficult to remain positive the better things get.,
    Andy Nic has the worst job here. He has to carry on with the taste of defeat in his mouth. I can preach fresh hope before every game.
    Thanks to everyone who reads and comments, and to Adi and George for getting the plane off the ground.

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  19. I never see Arsenal defeated Steww,
    We just sometimes have to take a few lessons learnt home after playing a better team.

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  20. That is where we have the edge at PA DC

    We have ‘perspective’, we are not locked into a destructive cycle in which each defeat leads to a witch-hunt for, and swift despatch in the most brutal means available of, whoever we decide is responsible for our momentary football anguish.

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  21. We raise our heads, and set off forward again, supporters unbowed.

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  22. And blame the freakin’ ref!!

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  23. I found this place sort of by accident, just after it was launched, as I was trying out this online supporter thing. I was struggling to figure out why seemingly every Arsenal fan online wanted to get rid of Aaron and Arsene, who struck me as two of the most likable characters I’d ever encountered in sport. It just didn’t make any damned sense to me. Then I discovered PA, and was happy to see that it didn’t make any damned sense to you guys either! And I’ve been here ever since.
    A special word of thanks from me to George, for sticking with his strict policy on commenters. Online comment sections can be perilous places for women to express opinions. Comment sections for blogs about English football can be equally inhospitable for foreigners. I am forever grateful to George for making this a safe space. Not a space where everyone has to agree, for we don’t always. But a place where hatefulness isn’t tolerated. Thanks, George.
    Happy Birthday, PA!

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  24. 3 years and such a sturdy toddler!

    As the late and great Jock Stein said, without the fans, football is nothing, or something similar.

    Plymouth Argyle, Exeter City and Torquay United have survived, because of their fans. In the case of Plymouth, the staff worked without pay for 6 months, for Exeter, a couble in Sidmouth, washed the playing gear!

    The small clubs that qualify for the FA Cup, have fans, that bring shame on those who claim to be supporters and trash “their” club, the Arsenal. Really?

    That is why, the real supporters, await the day when Chelsea become our “rabbit” again.

    Well done to the crew who have kept this site going, with the trophies on the way!


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  25. The source for the Андрея Ярмоленко rumour, is the Daily Mirror.

    His contract runs to the summer of 2020, AND it must be a summer 2016 transfer if IT happens!!!

    Forgive me Stew, ……

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  26. happy birthday !! congrats to all contributors/commentators. touched by mills reference. i bet dc and eddy and pass and the passionate girl from albaqerque love cech now hey ? salute everyone. treble winners 2016

    if city dont wake up its easily ours. leicester will come down the table. alexis adds 15% to everyone’s ability. totenam..hmm what do they think theyre doing? a slap is in order to remind them a few things….

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  27. As it is our birthday have a slice of cake H

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  28. I hope you will not be offended if it is just one slice H. You know how it is.

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  29. reports in Nigeria say U17 World Cup winner Kelechi Nwakali flying out to England tonight to sign a contract with Arsenal, the report also says that Samuel Chukwueze is expected to complete a move to Arsenal next month, it is not clear when either player will join up with Arsenal, it may be the summer before Nwakali joins (when he turns 18), Chukwueze is a year younger, so it may be another year before he can join, FIFA rules don’t allow for U18’s to move Internationally.



  30. Hello hunter.

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  31. Nice to see you, Hunter.

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  32. The mighty Hunter could not keep away. What a man! It must be a happy birthday with H dropping in.

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  33. Great blog here. The analysis are mostly Wenger-esque ..really addictive too. Started reading about a year ago. With love from Nigeria✌

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  34. Happy belated birthday and lets hope for many happy returns for PA and all fellow travellers.

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  35. I was at that Brighton game.

    With good friends, some of them no longer with us. A sad thought but it also reminds me why we all love the Arsenal and the football and the ethics that form the foundation of this great club and institution.

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  36. Late Birthday verses and sure-fire entrant for Pseuds Corner.

    “The man bent over his guitar,
    A shearsman of sorts. The day was green.

    They said, “You have a blue guitar,
    You do not play things as they are.”

    The man replied, “Things as they are
    Are changed upon the blue guitar.”

    And they said then, “But play, you must,
    A tune beyond us, yet ourselves,

    A tune upon the blue guitar
    Of things exactly as they are.”

    Arsene as shearsman, his Arsenal side the instrument? Wallace Stevens would know.

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  37. Hello Hunter!
    Not ozil’s best game against The Oligarch’s Charitable XI. it is harder with ten for a playmaker, and lest we forget he had been niggled. I hope you’ve enjoyed the leadership a fit and firing Mesut has shown this season, a rekindling of the partnership we were beginning to glimpse between Ozil and Sanchez just before Alexis’ injury could help this team to kick on.


  38. Fire and Ice haha!


  39. this is not going to please the hurlers on the ditch, but Wenger said today that Ospina will start v Burnley tomorrow. Also Elneny will start and he will decide later if Coquelin starts. He said too that everyone bar Cazorla and Wilshere is in full training.


  40. oh, for the non irish, a hurler on the ditch, is a fan who thinks they know best and could do a better job than the manager, or even play better than the players.

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  41. Wenger also said we don’t need to add any attacking players, with Welbeck and Alexis fit we have enough.

    Also Gibbs needs games and will get games.


  42. Arsenal are set to complete the signing of Nigerian youngsters Kelechi Nwakali and Samuel Chukwueze.

    Nwakali is a 17-year-old forward who was awarded the Golden Ball at the Under-17 World Cup in Chile in November, he scored three goals and also three assists for Nigeria who won the tournament.
    It seems both players are on the verge of moving to the capital for a fee believed to be in the region of £3 million.

    Arsene Wenger said “Yes. The talks are progressing well,”
    “Yes of course there are work permit issues. There are medical issues, because they have to make medicals. It’s progressing well.

    “We identified Nwakali as the player of the tournament, basically, and as a top player. we will see if we can manage to get it over the line during this transfer period. If we can, we will do it. Chukwueze is signing as well.”


  43. Wenger: “Jenkinson has a cruciate ligament injury that rules him out for six months,”


  44. I really don’t know where to start (as I’m not that good with choice of words).
    Anyway, like I normally posts on my twitter TL anytime there is bad day at the office; “There is nothing worse than Arsenal fans whenever we lose”.

    Before PA, I was never a regular reader of any Arsenal site/blog, and I seldom drop comments whenever I chose to read some, and if I perceive too much negativity whenever I manage to visit any blog, that’s it, I never return.

    As someone that made twitter his abode, seeing so many tirade of vitriol against the Team and Manager from our fans after every loss and then attacking some of us that stood by the Team was too much for me to take. And then there is a lone voice from BlackburnGeorge’s handle – always defending our team against our own fans (sounds like a fratricidal stuff), being supported by the likes of PositiveAdi (I remember one of his golden tweets; “When did it become so wrong to be subjective/biased about your own club instead of being hyper-critical”) and Bradyesque”s wisdom. Having the feeling that I’m not alone was a great one, and from their TL, I found myself here (some weeks after it has been created), A real Haven to retire to from the madness (as Andy said), and a place that improves one’s physical and mental well-being for attempting to be positive minded.

    This place is like home to me, a place I always run to whenever things are going tough and where we celebrate our victories.
    A place where I don’t look deluded to others for seeing some bigger pictures after a loss.

    For George, Adi, Bradyesque7, Andy Nic, Stew, DC, PG, FH, AA (and other Positivistas), Many Happy Returns!

    Sammer (@Only1Arsene) from Nigeria

    Up The PA!

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  45. photo of Welbeck in training today
    Danny Welbeck of Arsenal


  46. LVG might not be the best manager out there, but he certainly knows what games the journos are playing, I do really like how he stands up to the journos and shows them up for the shower of lying cunts that they are. I would love if more managers called them out on their bullshit.

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    Arsène Wenger says Danny Welbeck will take “small steps” as he prepares to return to first-team action.

    The England international has not played since April 26, 2015 because of a knee injury, but has made good progress and is back in full training now.

    Wenger is wary of rushing Welbeck back though, and says he must go through a series of measures before being considered for selection.

    “It has to be gradual; he has to go through an under-21 game first,” the manager said. “Danny has not played since April 2015 and we are now in February basically, so that is very long for a top-level competitor.

    “You have to accept that he goes through small steps and one of them is to play in the under-21s, first for 45 minutes.

    “He is basically fit but now it is to absorb the competition and the intensity of the competition. That is the next step for him.”

    Francis Coquelin has also returned to full fitness, and Wenger says he will be considered for Saturday’s FA Cup fourth-round tie against Burnley.

    “I will make some changes, not many,” Wenger said. “We spoke about Elneny, maybe I will give him a chance to play. Coquelin I have to think about. I will play with a team that is a Premier League team.

    “Coquelin gives us defensive stability in midfield so he will compete with the players we have in this area. Before he was injured he had a very good spell in the team and the results were good, including his defensive records. He is now in a position where he can compete again for his position.

    “It is a possibility [that Elneny will start]. He is naturally a box-to-box player who is a bit more defensive-minded than your usual box-to-box midfielder, so he can play in several positions in front of the defence or go box to box. He has good technique, good vision, he is very mobile and agile.”

    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20160129/-it-will-be-small-steps-for-welbeck-#4GmkHS3uY5Hh2l0L.99


  48. Tim Stillman ‏@Stillberto 3h3 hours ago
    Liverpool don’t have Teixeira over the line, Chelsea yet to confirm Pato.

    Presumably because they’re DITHERING and PENNY PINCHING!

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  49. congratulations, happy birthday, and many more!

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