Giroud Technique Sweeps Up The Greek




Kaliméra Positivistas,

Another good start to a Thursday with the glow of a memorable victory last night warming my cockles (?).

For twenty minutes the home side made a battle of it and stuck to their pre-game promise to try and take the contest to us. They created a couple of half chances during the period but failed to hit the target or test Cech. With no top, top striker they were not equipped last night to hurt. How very different from the Bavarians.

Commendable performance from Mr Rizzoli who faced down the intimidating atmosphere from the first whistle, as well as spotting a bit of work in the finest traditions of Greek theatre from Fortounis. If ever a yellow card was justly deserved for diving that was it. It set a good marker down for what the official would, and would not, tolerate. The possible high point of Olympiakos assault was the yellow picked up by Aaron which set off the jitters with more than 70 minutes to go at that stage. I was tense, I admit.

By the 20th minute we began go roll forward, retain possession, pick out accurate passes. The Flamster rattled the bar, defying his legion of critics who curse him crossing the half way line. Then Mesut got out his protractors and set square, railed the ball through to the Welshman, on to Olivier’s sharp head and the group was burst wide open. I see a lot of criticism of the keeper Roberto in the media this morning and that Giroud’s effort was a poor header to let in ? Looked all right to me.

And another goal in or around the 29th minute ! Have you see how many goals we score recently at or around that stage of the football match ? There is some physical/psychological dynamic at work there – it will take wiser minds than I to discern it.

We negotiated the deadly 10 minute pre half time period when we have a weekly wobble with no ill effects. We roared out in the second half, and by 49 minutes, with lovely work from Campbell the contest was tilted in our direction, the Olympiakos boat on the point of capsize. Just one smart save required from Cech around the hour mark and that was about that. After the somewhat harsh penalty award the home side played out the tie, as deflated as the crowd. An evening that started with such promise for them turned to ashes. They kept their discipline though to the final whistle and will be a tricky opponent for any English/Spanish/German club in the Thursday night Cup.

No Man of the Match last night, super team performance, from the back to the front. Professional, efficient and with flashes of excellence and art. As Olivier picked up his first hat-trick, the first of many in an Arsenal shirt I am sure, he earns the opening picture today.

Finally a little excerpt for your delectation that I picked up and retained from the mainstream media on Tuesday;

Asked this week for their predictions concerning the final round of CL group games the football experts of the responded thus;

Times writers predict which English sides will be knocked out this week.

Oliver Kay One. Arsenal.

Matt Hughes One. Arsenal.

Matt Dickinson One. Arsenal.

James Ducker Two. Arsenal and Manchester United.

Rory Smith One. Arsenal.

Tony Cascarino Two. Arsenal and Manchester United


Don’t give up the day job lads.


Enjoy your Thursday.

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97 comments on “Giroud Technique Sweeps Up The Greek

  1. I have a problem. I can’t concentrate here at work this morning. I need to see the goals again……Thanks for the write up Anicoll

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  2. Never in doubt.

    After that third goal went in!


  3. Oh incidentally, it was Καληνύχτα for Olympiakos….


  4. I sense I should steer clear of the Greek

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  5. Anicoll, not all, your Greek is spot on…


  6. I had a Roy of Rovers moment a few months back. Arsenal beat Bayern. Bayern beat Arsenal. Arsenal beat Bayern….yes you read it here first….


  7. Good to see those goals again. First two brilliant. Joel’s pass takes 6 Olympiakos defenders out of the game.
    Another word for Arsene. Remember when he signed Koscielny? People were saying, Who? From where? WTF! Now they’re saying things like he’s the best defender in the PL. But Wenger isn’t interested in defenders surely?

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  8. This site rides on the backs of Andy Nic and Stew Black.
    I wouldn’t swap them for any writers on the internet. Every post is a joy.

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  9. Kind of you to say so George. I/we merely stand on the shoulder of giants

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  10. Isn’t it fun supporting the Arsenal?

    With our backs against the walls and an entire colony of WOBs and the anybody-but-Giroud mob on, well, Giroud’s neck and back, our pretty boy stepped up and now – hopefully – take his rightful place amongst the UK media’s “recognised top PL strikers”. One can only hope the narrative surrounding him will now change from “and that’s why Arsenal need better than Giroud” and “FFS Giroud” to “oh, unlucky from Giroud” or “the keeper really did great there to save that great strike from going in”.

    Then again… who cares. Keep knocking ’em in Ollie.

    Great review Andrew, I do have to disagree with the “harsh penalty award” though. Seeing some dead ones turned down for Arsenal, and quite few shockers giving against us. I’m of the school where I’ll paraphrase the ‘ol muck Fergie’s words, though only applying to Arsenal: “we should easily had 1/2 more penalties awarded to us”.

    Awesome night. Only positives to be taken from that result. Some real stand performances from the players and they left it all out there last night. And then some.

    The boys gave Olympiakos the full Greek treatment [banned winky thing]

    Here’s to another season of fine dining with Europe’s 16 elite.

    Up the Arsenal.

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  11. To quote the immortal Andy Townsend on the penalty Labo –

    “I’ve seen ’em given, Clive”.

    If the boot had been on the other foot, or the ball on the other hand at least, I would have been furious.


  12. I would have been miffed. I think it was a pen all the same.


  13. Wise man that Andy Townsend. The universe do have a way of balancing these things out, and for all I know it could only be this December period. So gift horses and all that crap. We’ll take ’em as they come.


  14. Remember folks
    George will take posts from any our fans, to help lighten the load off our key players with the Christmas fixture congestion coming upon us.
    We’ve got to look after Steww and Andy5’s hammies.

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  15. i said it at the time, that if that penalty was given against AFC I would be raging, but having said that, if the same incident happened out the field a freekick would likely be given, so with that bit of logic I’m morphing into michael owen

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  16. The first leg of the round of 16 games is in mid-February.
    A bit too early for comebacks from Le Coq or Santi.


  17. as for the journos predictions, more wishful thinking from them, they so crave an Arsenal in crisis.

    what chance of history repeating itself, last year AFC beat Besiktas in the CL, putting them into the EL, where they beat both spurs and lfc, maybe Olympiacos will now go on to do the same, but if they do it will once again be ignored by the media, the pub team when facing AFC will morph into a top side if facing any other English club.

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  18. not sure DC if Coquelin should be ruled out of it just yet,

    rumors that Wilshere has stepped up his training big time, and will very soon be in full training, its most likely that he will have to play some U21 or behind close door friendlies before he can make a first team comeback, there is no way he will be back into the first team without some actual game time.


  19. Yes, thanks, a5.

    There was so much about that game last night.
    I must first mention Joel Campbell as I was amused by Theo being unable to play on the right anymore. (Obviously, TW’s not fully up to speed yet, and that’s not a problem for me as he makes progress on each outing. IMO he put in a good shift last night even if he didn’t score a hat trick etc).

    It didn’t take long to switch JC back to the right hand side. His assist for OG’s 2nd involved maybe 6-8 touches of the ball in about 5 meters of space, before Özil-ing it through the lines to the exact spot Giroud wanted it. Joel was one of many players who were up and down that pitch, passing, tackling, attempting to tackle or intercept, tracking, etc, etc.

    OG spoke after Sunlun about “Generous Campbell”. Part of what impresses me about Olivier is his clear effort to speak English, and so his use of the word Generous to describe the contribution from a teammate, for me, is splendid. Once that goal was scored and a few Arsplayers had congratulated OG, JC sauntered up to Olivier and they shared a generous hug. Honestly, there was a tear in my eye.

    The ovation Campbell got as he walked off was utterly fantastic as it clearly involved the whole crowd. It was only then I first heard Joel had scored 11 goals for Olympiakos last season.

    The reason I wanna make special mention of Campbell is partly to say “I told you so”, (not that I recall anyone on here ever doubting him), and also, of course, to “big myself up” about my previous proclamations about him. I’m absolutely astounded that this teenager who was signed from Costa Rica – had to go to FOUR different clubs on loan in countries new to him, probably living in digs even if they were hotel rooms, (no cosseting in the U-21’s), experiencing his work permit being delayed again and again, and finally – having his first child (which of course involves living and working through himself and his partner’s reletively young emotions).

    Campbell finally gets his chance. No surprise his first game at Sheffield doesn’t look special, but with each passing game he does what all new or returning players do – they make incremental improvements to their and Arsenal’s play/game.

    And this is just the start.

    I’ll have to watch the game many times to pick out the magic produced by Özil/Čech/ Flamini/Ramsey…. Everyone.

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  20. A demolition of the Scarfists and fence squatters in today’s Telegraph;


    Thorough I thought

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  21. anicol that piece in the guardian is a sham, its full of little digs at Wenger, even if its hidden in what is meant to be an apology

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  22. Thanks Andy Nic and thanks to Ranty for the hat-trick link. We must have been very good and I look forward to seeing the game sometime soon. What a result, and what an adventure. Two poor games to start it all off, with Olivier’s Red Card and a bit of a horror story at home against the Greeks seemingly ensuring we were already out of contention with two ties against Bayern to come. That home game against Bayern gave us a glimmer of hope though, and although the 2-0 win then was soon discounted by all and sundry when they put us to the sword back on their patch we were still in with a chance. Peerless performances at home against Zagreb (with the first real signs of Joel’s value) and then again yesterday sees the early season form an irrelevance and our place assured. So my simple question is, can we now start to get some credit for that win against Bayern? And if not, what foul agenda are people following?

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  23. Its in the Telegrpah eddy and in my opinion its fair enough – it lists Arsene’s alleged crimes and – in the opinion of the author – issues his verdict.

    Most charges are dismissed, judgement is reserved on another on the basis of “if Benzema or equivalent was/is available”. As Benzema is not/was not avaikbale and s likely to be spending time inside it is largely irrelevant. Arsene is convicted of not buying an unnamed CDM ‘ cover’ in the Summer.

    Our cover did not look too shabby last night.

    I wonder whether the Flamster can keep it up til Le Coq is back or Chambo can step up ?

    Maybe Arsene will dip his pole into the transfer torrent come January – we shall see !


  24. Benzema???? When I last checked his scoring rate was almost identical to Giroud’s…


  25. I was curious because Pedro has been very quiet on Twitter. The tone on LeToiletPaper is sad to say the least. Whilst we all marveled at last night’s performance, waxed lirical about some of the footy, the following is rather typical of the fare you get elsewhere:



  26. Seems like our firewall filters out bad language….you get my drift


  27. Here is one without any expletives:


    Is that the highest level of intelligence you can muster? If criticising Wenger annoys you, feel free to ignore it but don’t play the degenerate game by having a go at people for expressing their opinions.We can guarantee with the certainty of death and taxes that Wenger will let us down again and again. Last night was wonderful to watch and be happy about and I was merely expressing the idea that one can be supportive of the club without revering the manager. Your brain couldn’t compute what that meant so you started banging away at the keys because all you heard was “oh no, they are criticising my hero again, can’t have that”. The real obsession is on you but you’re too dense to realise it.

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  28. Courtesy of Orbinho

    Minutes per goal in 2015-16 CL

    Ronaldo 49
    Giroud 59
    Lewandowski 65
    Benzema 67
    Dzyuba 78
    Muller 87
    Suarez 90
    Messi 90

    Minimum 3 goals

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  29. Good job nobody at Le Toiletpaper is obsessed with Wenger too.How is it guaranteed that Wenger will let anyone down? The bloke changed the club beyond all imaginings at least in my time( since 77/78 season).That place reeks of psychological issues.(yawn)
    Well, were still on for the treble.

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  30. (we’re still on for the treble. )


  31. Not a bad time for your first win in the new blue shirt.
    The media had a go a the keeper for the first goal because it mucked their predictions up. Actually the header was perfect where it went so the keeper done well just to get something on it.
    Goldstein and cundy had obviously based their show on ARSENAL losing and so perversely asked the question surely their can’t be any gooners wanting Arsene out tonight just to get a wob response and yes they got it.
    The rest of us can enjoy our team winning.

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  32. Nice one Andy thank you for another excellent post – I’ll bet you looked forward to writing this one. I made my feelings about Joel clear weeks ago, I’m just delighted he is living up to my hopes and dreams. When will fans realise any player needs a run in a team before he can be expected to show what he’s capable of? Bergkampesque what he did to set up that goal. I thought he looked like a provider and it seems I guessed right.

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  33. Tim if you don’t want to wait for the club site and can stand a few adverts here is the game http://www.footballorgin.net/2015/12/ucl-2015-2016-group-stage-olympiacos-v.html


  34. Old fart’s thoughts:
    Wasn’t that good to watch? Everyone’s favorite to go into the Thursday night special thus making Arsenal devotees of ITV’s Lewis or Fifth Gear (do we have any?) miss their programmes, the lads put on a great performance. Professional, well disciplined and with a joie de vivre it was rare that they, the travelling fans and us soap box watchers had truly heart stopping moments. Petr continued his fine form when needed but our magnificent BFG with his soul mate the BFF saw to it that little got past.

    With Flam and Rambo combining well in the most part, our midfield looked solid and once the early pressure was handled, they shone. Flamster very unlucky when his shot from Joel’s pass was deflected onto the bar.

    This was not the first time that Joel Campbell troubled the Greeks and he went on to demonstrate how important a good run in the side and the confidence that goes with it, is to players. From being what was termed “our 7th choice” I’d be surprised if he wasn’t in contention for the rest of the season. And of greater value perhaps, is his willingness to chase back and help out in defence. Yesterday may have been his break through night. For sure young Hector had less of a hard time of it when he had Campbell chasing back.

    What can one say of a maestro that hasn’t already been said. Oz rules, just about sums it up. His ability to get the line moving was quite incredible. His pass to Rambo which led to Olly’s first goal, as good as any. And then of course, there was the other BFF getting his first hat-trick for the club. His second goal was an ‘Arsenal at its best’ with Joel showing silky control and a pass that Oz would have been proud to have delivered.

    The penalty may have been a bit harsh, but no sympathy from Olly. Send the keeper one way and the ball in the other corner is very enjoyable Olly. More please.

    And now for Villa. About time to get our away league form on song again. Keep the faith.

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  35. Wenger on Özil:
    “First time I saw him was at Werder Bremen. He was playing left wing & I could see straight away, what a special player. His intelligence struck me. He’s like musician who plays the right note all time. Mesut passes at the right time, right moment. At such a young age, Mesut could do this. His intelligence was so high, it struck me. He could get out of impossible situations. So I decided to sign Mesut but he chose Real Madrid. He called me and said ‘Sorry’ and I found that very well educated. Not many players call you after, it stayed with me and that convinced if I can ever get this guy, I’ll have to take it.”

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  36. a topic I seen mentioned elsewhere re Giroud, if he had joined a different club in 2012 for £12M and played and scored and assisted exactly like he has for Arsenal in his time here, and Arsenal now were to buy him, what would be a fair price for his transfer. For example Costa cost CFC £32M, Benteke cost LFC £32.5M, Lukaku cost EFC £28M.

    so what is Giroud’s transfer value at this time.


  37. Brian McDermott who has been scouting for AFC for about a year now is the front runner for the Reading manager job, and rumor has it that Leicester City head scout Ben Wrigglesworth will be joining Arsenal’s scouting staff.


  38. We’re you aware that OG’s goal celebration was a copy of Ramsey’s?



  39. Brilliant performance by the boys last night! I predicted a 1-3 score line but they had other ideas. I have this gut feeling that the ‘squad’ Arsene has been assembling just came of age. I’m not only happy that we have undoubted talents in our ranks but also the team spirit. There is confidence balanced on humility and individuality bound by togetherness. We don’t just have a first team not, we have a first squad.
    Brilliant summary Adndrew and thanks Steww for the preview. PA standard all the way.
    Just heard this now and had to share for your listening pleasure.


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  40. Dennis Bergkamp to Swansea: Odds slashed amid reports Arsenal legend is ‘in the frame’
    TOM DUTTON 30 minutes ago0 comments

    The odds on Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp taking the Swansea job have been sliced in half amid reports he is under consideration for the role.

    Bergkamp has been among the leading candidates since Garry Monk was sacked by Swans chairman Hugh Jenkins earlier this week.

    The Ajax technical director drifted out to 20/1 to take the reins at the Liberty Stadium as Brendan Rodgers and David Moyes were considered the leading candidates immediately following Monk’s dismissal.

    But Rodgers’ odds have since lengthened and Bergkamp, who was 12/1 to become the next permanent Swansea manager on Thursday morning, is now 8/1 for the job ahead of both the former Liverpool boss and Moyes.

    Odds on next Swansea boss

    Poyet 3/1

    Grant 4/1

    Bergkamp 8/1 (from 20/1)

    Moyes 10/1

    It comes amid reports in the Dutch press that Bergkamp is ‘in the frame’ for a first stab at club management. Indeed, Voetbal Centraal believe Bergkamp is among those being considered by Swansea chief Jenkins.

    Swansea sit 15th in the Premier League table, one point above the relegation zone.


  41. Borussia Dortmund 0-1 PAOK, in the EL, result sees Dortmund finish second in their group

    Squawka FootballVerified account

    Borussia Dortmund 0-1 PAOK FT:

    Shots: 20-1
    Shots on target: 13-1
    Pass acc: 90%-72%
    Crosses: 33-3
    Possession: 68%-32%


  42. Stews, how did Larry earn his nickname? I’ve forgotten.


  43. Considering the sort of players going for £50M these days, I see why Arsene says Mesut at £42M is a bargain. Eduardo, in my opinion, OG is a £35-£50M striker, depending on who’s buying and how desperate they are.


  44. Laurence Olivier. Diminutive Larry maybe?

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  45. Training 💪🏼⚽️☺️👍🏻 … HUAWEI 😉

    A photo posted by Alexis Sanchez (@alexis_officia1) on


  46. Fins – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkguPIbbXUw Larry Olivier – Olivier Giroud. Simples!

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  47. The @UEFAYouthLeague draw also takes place on Monday, we can be drawn away to:


    one game tie in the youth league.


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