Why Can’t Arsene Just Spend The Money?


How hard can it be?

Come on Arsene, just spend the money!

You’d think from the views of some that this should be the easiest thing in football.  But interesting recent remarks from ‘Swing’ in the PA comments section regarding Chelsea’s former defender David Luiz made me think further on the subject. Swing eloquently highlighted how Luiz appears to be thriving since departing these shores from a team (or a team set-up/manager) that was evidently ill-suited to him.

One of the more almost endearingly simplistic traits of our Goner friends is the tendency to hop from player to player in a kind of footballing flavour-of-the-month perpetual merry-go-round of helpful suggestions of those who might strengthen our squad and whom Arsene has clearly, albeit inexplicably, so far not spotted. Trouble is, it’s a bit of a kiss of death as a disproportionately high number of these ‘helpful suggestions’ go on to see their careers dip and in some cases dry up altogether in the months and seasons that follow.

There are two reasons I found Swing’s comments particularly interesting.

Firstly, in how they might apply to our own Lukas Podolski, a lovely guy with first class PR and disposition, 118 caps and 47 goals for Germany since 2004 but who carries a faint aura of disappointment around with him when it comes to his AFC career (55 appearances/19 as sub and 28 goals) since 2012. Very roughly, he’s appeared in approximately half of the games played and scored in half of those.

It’s not really for me to judge how successful Lukas has been – certainly not a disaster for Arsenal (not to mention a Germany mainstay) – but the frequency of his 70th minute substitutions only contribute to the vision of a player who appears past his ‘bedding in’ period but who is still not slotting in seamlessly to the squad. Could Lukas, like Luiz burst more fully into footballing life in the ranks of another club?

Secondly, and using LP as a very crude example, this is precisely why AW can conclude a summer’s transfer window with apparent gaps in the squad – Arsene knows he could well have picked up x, y, or z player – we had the funds, clearly, although it’s by no means a given that all potential buys would want to come to the club given the appalling reputation our own fans have earned for themselves. So Arsene might have adopted a robust buying policy but what if he had not had the confidence all the newbies would slot in in the way that, say, Chambers and Debuchy have?

Players may well grow on trees and the buying process might indeed be very simple (as we are repeatedly told by the ‘just do it’ brigade) but make the wrong purchase and you will have a player on your hands who will sit somewhere on the spectrum defined by the Chelsea version Luiz at one end (laughing stock) and Arsenal’s Lukas at the other (decent but ‘enigmatic’).

Start to fill your squad with such purchases and the resulting mixture can give you a team on a second spectrum defined, perhaps, by Newcastle – ‘laughing stock’ – and, say, Spurs, theoretically challenging for honours but always falling well short of their targets (and laughing stock). We’ve seen time and again what happens to teams attempting to stuff themselves with new players – Liverpool and Man u being current examples following on from 2013’s epic big spenders, Tottenham. The Suarez swag, like the Bale bundle before it, has proven to be a double edged sword. An ephemeral cash weapon which, in the wrong hands can prove to be a blunt – and potentially ineffective one – at that.

So, Arsene – just spend the money (but go easy with it, eh?).


So on to tonight – and on the exact 18th anniversary of the start of Arsenal’s golden era with Arsene celebrating in his usual low-key fashion, a tough game awaits us against a Turkish side likely to be very well supported and also in urgent need of three points.

As well as reeling from the loss of Ramsey and Arteta, but with the safe squad return of Jack, Arsene knows the Turks’ main threat may well come from Burak Yilmaz breaking on the counter. This will be no walk in the park for either team but should prove one of the more watchable – and enjoyable – of the week’s European encounters after yesterday’s dull affairs involving Chelsea and the misfiring City.

Up, as they say, The Arsenal – and congratulations, Arsene!

18 years to the day of outstanding service and so many incredible achievements.

Here’s to many more.

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166 comments on “Why Can’t Arsene Just Spend The Money?

  1. View and tactical appreciation wise the front rows of the upper tiers are best – problem with the upper tier even at the front is that you are still a long way away from the players

    There is a sweet spot though about 12-15 rows back in the lower tier where the view is good, you are just about high enough to see the pitch in 3d and near enough to still see and hear the players close up

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  2. May eternal peace follow my PA brother Zimpaul. Respect and honor to a man of political and football integrity. He appreciated and defended the beautiful, progressive football Arsene has brought to our lives. Like many of us, he had no time for the whining middle of the roaders and betrayers who had no stomach for the setbacks and defeats Arsene faced to fulfill his mission to build AFC into a true super club. Always a preference and a nickname for the youngsters coming through the ranks, never a supporter of the dire, wretched money-driven football culture that we now pervades the PL. I will miss his optimistic posts when the chips were down.
    Gone but not forgotten..

    George: In his honor you may want to republish a post he did for you earlier.

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  3. Shotta I know. He somehow deserves better than I can manage.

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  4. RIP, Zimpaul.

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  5. RIP ZimPaul. Truely one of the greatest positivistas to have shared his wisdom with us.

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  6. Shotta

    What a fantastic eulogy for ZimPaul, thanks!


  7. That is sad indeed and how blessed we were to have known him. RIP Zim: the world is a better place because you were in it.

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  8. We can leave messages for Paul here @BookCafe_Harare

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  9. Rest in peace brother ZimPaul! You will be sore missed in goonerverse and more sore on this blog! May God give your family the fortitude to bear the loss!


  10. Rip ZimPaul, your insightful contributions to life as well as PA will be greatly missed. Saying a goodbye on PA shows how much you love it here. Adios fellow gunner!

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  11. RIP ZimPaul.


  12. yeah… i recall the tone of ZP’s goodbye and cant say i am overely shocked but still, very very sad! RIP… ZimPaul

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  13. GP @ 8:18pm – My affection for ZimPaul is well known. We were continents apart but we were of like mind on almost every issue taken up, 1st at ACLF and later here at PA. He enjoyed the art of football brought to us by Wenger, believed in it and defended it to the hilt up to the time of his illness. Thank heavens he was able to revel in our FA cup success; I remember him sharing with us the joy at the open-air location in Harrare where he watched with other fans. But during the world cup and certainly after his posts dwindled which was unusual. Belatedly we know why. Like all of the PA regulars I will miss him greatly.

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  14. I’ve just seen the news about ZimPaul. He really embodied the spirit of this little online community. I will miss him here. My condolences to his family.

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  15. RIP Zimpaul. Alas another good man passes.


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