Looking In And Out Of Arsenal’s Window

There we have it then, the window is firmly shut.

Looking in through the window of summer 2014 I can see a nice collection of players have been acquired for our future entertainment.

We have some genuine competition for the goalkeeping position in David Ospina. He may or may not be better than Fabianski but I feel he is a bigger threat to Wojciech simply because he has no baggage; he has never been dubbed with a disrespectful nickname like “Flappianski”.

The French No.1 RB Debuchy has replaced the French No. 2 LB Sagna, and he looks to have a better delivery and be equal to Bac in other departments.  He is of course younger.

Chambers can play at CB, LB and we are assured CDM. That is good news for us going forward and he looks a real gem.

We wanted a world class striker, well that is exactly what Alexis Sanchez is. It’s no good saying he is not a striker – Arsene says that is what he has bought him as. Therefore that is what he is.

Joel Campbell has come in and Arsene has been good to his word and kept him at the club. Had we bought him, people would be very excited about his acquisition.

That’s 5 very good players who have come into the squad before yesterday’s madness.

People (very stupid people) say most, if not all, of these players are replacements and not additions. Completely ignoring the fact that with a fixed limit of 25 squad players, ALL incoming players can only be replacements. All that it is possible to do is replace squad players with better squad players. As far as that goes I feel we have done just that.

In addition to these, yesterday we signed Danny Welbeck from MUFC. With Giroud being long term injured we needed a player who can play at CF and link-up play. It seems he is ideal for that.

Back in June I was arguing on twitter with someone who suggested we should sell Giroud and replace him with Welbeck. This was my tweeted reply

“If we replaced Giroud with Welbeck, I’d join the BSM, AST, start reading Le Grove and be a WOB overnight.

I stand by that.

Giroud is, in my opinion, a better player than Welbeck, and I would have been furious if we had sold Giroud and Welbeck was his replacement. However as an understudy and cover for injury, he will more than suffice. He is also of an age that a big leap forward could easily be achieved.

Now, looking out of the window I can see some players walking by that we could have bought.

A CB seemed to me a must. Goodness only know why we didn’t get one, and when I next see Goodness,I’ll ask him why!

Perhaps I would also have looked for a DM that could learn from Mikel and cover for him when he needs a rest. But we do have Flamini and perhaps Jack too. I think if jack wants a starting place, the holding role looks his best bet. We’ll see.

All in all I think its been a good window. I also think if the right players had been available then we would have gotten them and it would have been even better.

I feel that had Giroud not been injured it would have appeared a lot more impressive a window than it is currently perceived.

However, whether we are completely happy or not, we march on with the troops we have, at least until January when the madness will begin again.


By pedantic george aka @Blackburngeorge

359 comments on “Looking In And Out Of Arsenal’s Window

  1. Sav, for what it is worth, the West Indies team around 2005-2007 has immense potential, but failed miserably. It was enjoyable watching them on the rare occasions they decided to be devastating. Oh, and Lara!… I have never seen anyone play with such authoritative grace and elegance.


  2. Man, Sens, Lara was the man.

    Picture this. Coming out of Apartheid South Africa, of course we ‘blacks’ are not too appreciative of South Africa doing well in the world cup in India and Sri Lanka (1996 right?). Shit was not like Invictus at all – people did not just turn around and say ‘oh lovely’ – although to be fair, I now like the Springboks quite a bit. I get it. But anyways, Lara is totally out of form. West Indies are not expected to do much at all. Lara and the West Indies stand the fuck up and smack the post-Apartheid-still-Apartheid SA cricket team out of that world cup. That was Lara for me. He will always be my definition of a great batsman. Although, Ricky Ponting and Tendulkar are in his era, his swashbuckling charisma was just spectacular. I don’t even know how to describe anything, I am just an amateur observer compared to FH and others.


  3. Sav. If you haven’t watched this doc. already I’m sure you can download it or stream it from somewhere

    FH padded up against some of these bowlers. The loon!


  4. Hunter:

    “1. Hammethf was signed by porto 19 y.o. 3 years scored 25 from mid and monaco paid 40m for him. He became wc top scorer and now wears madrid’s number ten and you were moaning about a costa rican kid and how the evil world wouldnt acknowledge his “amazing” tournament….lol”

    The guy still hasn’t done anything in a league worth mentioning, but you use his transfer fee at Monaco to justify his quality. Again, scoring ten or more goals a season in Portugal means very little when you understand how much worse the opposition are than Porto.

    That Costa Rican kid made a name for himself at the Copa America while James was nowhere to be seen. Also, that Costa Rican kid helped his team reach the quarter finals in Brazil while topping a group which included England, Italy and Uruguay. In contrast, James’s Colombia won a group which included Ivory Coast, Japan and Greece, then later were dumped by the worst Brazil ever.


    “2. Jenks, bless him, was never a cafu nor will he ever become one.”

    Who said he’ll ever be Cafu?


    “3.anceloti played fine with tens ..kaka seedorf pirlo..won everything.what Xmas tree formation you idiot? Lol…that requires only one striker..carlos played diamond and two up front sheva and pipo”

    If you don’t know about Ancelotti’s use of the X-mas tree formation, then read up on it.

    Seedorf, Kaka and Pirlo were not tens for Carletto. Pirlo was a five, while Seedorf and Kaka played as an eight or eleven. If you can understand Italian, go read some of the criticism over him being unable to play tens due to his emphasis on defence.

    My Christmas Tree by Carlo Ancelotti. Google that book.


    “4. Whether youd pay 50m for luiz is irrelevant when judging each player’s overall ability and status in world football.”

    We saw his ability at the world cup. Also, the fact that two Chelsea coaches in a row kept im out of defence, should tell you all you need to know about David Luiz.


    “5. Lol whats that supposed to mean? He is not as good as them. Neville has done more in football than zabaleta and sagna…is he as good? Lol…..”

    Neville was starting RB at Manchester United while they won two European cups and at least eight league titles. It’s telling how you’re willing to dismiss a player’s accomplishments and his quality because he’s not the current flavor of the month. Neville was a bastard and a cheater, but he was a good player.


    “6. Ok so you dont watch football if it not champions league or epl. Got it :)”

    No. I watch Serie A, La Liga, the Bundesliga, most FIFA sanctioned youth tournaments, the EPL, Champions League, etc.. I don’t, however, go wild over a player until he has proven himself at one of the three bigger leagues or the CL.


  5. What I find hilarious about your comments, Hunter, is that Wenger gets slated for not buying the first over hyped player that crosses his path and here you are lending to the exact hype.

    This is my last comment on this and the Djourou issues. I’ll just sit back and let things unfold how I’m pretty sure they will.


  6. FH played these guys? ….[shivers]

    Fins, I watched ‘Fires in Babylon’, it was on Australian TV not too long ago. Got my blood pumping. Powerful stuff.


  7. Sav, it is moments like those that you recall with smile on your face and a swelling in your heart. The Australians have also been at the receiving end of some of Lara’s finest innings’.

    Tendulkar and Ponting have better numbers, but in terms of a batsman thrilling you with his play, Lara had no equal. Damn…Now I have to watch some Lara videos.


  8. Dammit you found it Youtube, have to watch it again. So pumped! What the hell I was going to go to sleep….! Fins, you know Barrington Levy right? His music is how I feel whilst watching that documentary.

    In soccer terms – Ivory Coast was my West Indies. That team that could conquer the world. It did not eventuate – 2010 was their moment. Fuck it.


  9. “Sav, it is moments like those that you recall with smile on your face and a swelling in your heart. The Australians have also been at the receiving end of some of Lara’s finest innings’.”

    Sens, I must have have a confusing moniker, but though I live in Australia and love Australia – I was born in Africa. West Indies is my team because its the African team. Next is India, because I’m Indian by blood, but West Indies and Lara and Sobers and Richards and Lloyd and Greenich – those guys are my dream of cricket.


  10. There was much less cricket then, in the 70s, the games in which the best players in the world faced each other, Lillee Thomson the Chappells Rod Marsh Doug Walters v Clive Lloyd GreenidgeAndy Roberts Holding Richards etc happened once every c. Two or three years at Test match level

    Privileged to see it


  11. Barry Richards.the finest batsman I have ever seen, by a distance.


  12. Sav, I figured part of that out.

    I am from India, but West Indies has been my team for a long time before I got sick of cricket. People dont understand and I have even been called a traitor and have had people pissed at me when they cant comprehend beyond blind nationalistic following of a team.

    Pretty much everyone here is of the opinion that Tendulkar is the greatest batsman of all time, no arguments. It is interesting watching their reactions when I invariably go, “Lara is miles ahead”.

    When I was young, I read a story about Basil D’Oliveira and that was also powerfully moving.


  13. Barry Richards and Gordon Greenidge opening for Hampshire, as brilliant and brutal pair of batsmen as ever lived


  14. Sens,

    Lara is to be like ‘The Three Musketeers’…he has that sense of adventure. I don’t know another way to describe it. He was this swashbuckling figure that I could not help but watch in anticpation of his next move.

    Incidentally, Sens, since you’re Indian, do you know ‘Sri Dhrampal’? Its something I ask all Indians, because he’s pretty important but for some reason nobody knows him and his works.


  15. Unfortunately I have to disappoint you and tell you that I do not know him. I just googled his name. I am surprised we did not read about him at school.


  16. its funny when we rank individual players who play team games like football and cricket hwehwehwe.

    sensaional arsenal: “Lara is miles ahead”.

    i have always liked lara much more than tendulkar..as he attached more.

    surely you can like lara more..but how is miles ahead?


  17. They were all good players, and I was lucky to see them at close quarters. Spent a couple of matches keeping behind Richards V and Richards B, and predictably enough didn’t see a great deal of the ball. It has been very sad to see the West Indies side go from best in the world to not quite so good, but times change and I suspect that with the inexorable rise of limited overs cricket they will soon have a top one day side again. I think Test cricket is on its last legs to be honest, with only Australia, England and South Africa seemingly that bothered about it.

    But more importantly, can anybody tell me anything about Sturridge’s injury?


  18. btw this is the kind of work that goes behind honing a teams skill 🙂

    the best player messi was only one very significant piece of one of the greatest footballing teams ever..

    fuck individuals..hwhehwhwehw


  19. Some kind of strain for Sturridge. Reports suggest a few games, maybe.


  20. Was hoping Welbeck would get a rest but I suppose that it can’t be too bad for him to play with Wilshere and maybe Chambo too before the real thing next Saturday


  21. I hope test cricket remains alive, it’s not got the appeal in some parts and the mismanagement In places doesn’t help but you never know.


  22. Tim, you stood near Barry Richards. I have 3 sporting heroes, Dennis, Jimmy Connors and Barry.?


  23. Can’t help it PG, I just miss the little pixie….


  24. No worries, Sens. Nobody knows him. I think when he published his books on Indian history there was a gag order or something to keep the knowledge from disseminating among the general population. Its up on a few websites though, take a read if you get a chance, its pretty eye opening stuff.


  25. So this was interesting:
    I listened to the podcast that had John Gregory on. He says the most important player in the current AFC squad is, not surprisingly, the captain Arteta. Minutes later after he’s off a phat arsed hack follows up with the D**M meme which the Groaners lap up. To be clear the AAA Groaners are happy to be observed agreeing with a spud plundit who’s never coached or anything else, and no either the former PL manager they had on as a guest. But then that’s not surprising when the majority of the podcastateers are full blown WOBs, how could they agree with the former manager, their guest who sati the following:

    “They (Arsenal and on course by default the manager) represent the best (values, traditions etc.) in English Football”

    Because, being WOBs an’ all, that would make them look quite stupid. To be clear the WOB hosts didn’t make any comment on that specific statement by their guest. That is very revealing. And strange too. As arsenal fans it takes someone not linked with the club from within the game to highlight the incongruous and stupid and jingoistic bleating that they engage with as an attack on the English traditions of AFC. Just a little bit ironic. There’s a phd in there for an anthropologist if they are bored, and they enjoy studying idiocy.


  26. Never saw B.Richard’s, don’t know anything about him as a player or person.

    But he makes a top plundit! This ex-pro, a legend in his game, certainly does not resemble the phat arsed know nothing hacks as mentioned above. A bit like comparing Seedorf to Lipton!


  27. http://thebubblegame.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/falca-oh/

    He’s a goalscorer, scored a header against Arsenal in August which is more then he did last time he visited.

    I saw Falcao play for Porto when Bendy scored a hat-trick. He did not stand out above his teammates, who included Hulk. Who was himself returning from injury at that time. Even with the excuse I was happy to conclude from that one performance that Hulk was another Mendes type over-rarated stooge/pawn.


  28. Interesting link about Falcao. I am also in the camp that suspects some injuries to those ageing forwards of theirs. Nice to see RVP running around with a 10 man Dutch team.


  29. “His role will presumably be as third choice striker replacing Welbeck. Even there he looks a poor choice. His 26-28 year old seasons barely edge out Welbeck’s 21-23 year old seasons.”

    “United have outscored Falcao’s clubs by 58 goals over the last 3 seasons so perhaps such a direct comparison is unfair.”

    “He’s fallen from contributing 56% of his team’s goals to 28% in 3 years.”

    And this all was said by a Manure fan. Another thing he ,issed is how Falcao has only made four assists in four years.


  30. Fin, the chart in that blog post shows Rooney and Aguero nearly tied for goals per game, with Suarez just about ahead.


  31. Gains, there’s more!


    Please note: none of the above implies any player is a poor player. Just an observation of their incredibly inflated costs, relative to value and age when compared to other players. The Special Agent truly has a special relationship with certain specialists.

    I also enjoyed the position of recent Arsenal signings on this chart. Moneyball!


  32. “Both Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney have more impressive recent scoring contribution records, at 0.74 and 0.88 respectively last season, but both are injury-prone and will likely need to be covered for during the season.”

    He is the most expensive back up in the history of the league. Even more so than Schevchenko and Hernan Crespo.


  33. This is hilarious.


  34. Alexis while at River Plate:


  35. Fins: that’s brilliant. Where do you find these things? What I find so sad about the Falcao transfer is how far it takes Man U from where I thought they would always be (more or less). I’ve never much cared for them, but have always admired them: I thought they stood for something, and this was captured brilliantly be a really low budget movie called Believe released this summer. (Terrible watching unless you have young teenage children to entertain, in which case it is just the job). It taps into Munich, Duncan Edwards and the hope that football can bring to street urchins,


  36. @ the end of the season, its going to be “viva LvG” or “the incompetent LvG”.
    Either way i could give a rat’s arse.
    Danny Welbeck and his new team mates have all my attention.


  37. This is funny too!

    I saw this link on Untold thanks to Rantetta

    I guess with club football evolving into an international game the board room wallahs at Utd couldn’t give a ratz arse about bringing through local/youth players etc. as long as they get to keep on paying off the debts on those malls an keep those yaughts it’s all gravy on their train.

    As Andrew so wisely wrote the other day, with Utd following that debt peonage model that is so in vogue (Dickens eat yo heart out!) this further isolates AFC at the top of the game and those values that John Gregory so admires above (shame about his hosts!). Whatever black magic it was that Fizman hit Kronke with upon his deathbed it appears to be working still, we can only hope that the Groaners haven’t burnt all the bridges that will be needed in the future.


  38. *coughs*


  39. Hi folks. I’m just writing to say hello. It is not clear whether or when I could post again. Long story, medical-related. I’ve been in intensive care unit for some weeks, now home.

    I just wanted to say what a lovely experience it has always been, on PA and the earlier vintage, meeting you, chatting and engaging. I consider a number of people here my very good friends, over many years.

    Wellbeck was always going to be controversial, AW and Co settled on 16m, a tidy amount so rest assured AW rates him extremely highly already. I doubt, like a few deals it was any kind of a short term damage control idea, but an idea AW has been mooting for a while, fast-forwarded by the injury. As usual, shrewd.

    We haven’t played to potential, and yet, with a tricky start, we have not lost. Now a testing run to come! We look good. Theo to come, a few fitness issues here and there.

    Otherwise, a team to truly admire; balanced, fast, exciting, bold. I have to say I have been impressed with Jack too, even though he has been criticized. His work rate is good, his passing and movement is better then one thinks (he makes it look easy). He is a star, and he will get better as he gets playing time.

    Chambers is probably the best buy and most important decision we have made, all things considered, exceptional, immaculate, controlled (player) and clever (the manager). I tip my old hat to AW! I never heard of him. I am so impressed at his game.

    Bye Arsenal friends!
    Love you lots!


  40. Shotta and Fins, big hugs to you both too. Long time hey?


  41. ZimPaul: “Otherwise, a team to truly admire; balanced, fast, exciting, bold. I have to say I have been impressed with Jack too, even though he has been criticized. His work rate is good, his passing and movement is better then one thinks (he makes it look easy). He is a star, and he will get better as he gets playing time.

    Chambers is probably the best buy and most important decision we have made, all things considered, exceptional, immaculate, controlled (player) and clever (the manager). I tip my old hat to AW! I never heard of him. I am so impressed at his game. ”

    I concur regarding Jack and Chambers.

    Hope you feel better. We all miss your insight and your wisdom.


  42. Hi Paul, sorry to hear you’ve been poorly, but really glad that you are on the mend now. I hope you can come back again soon. It’s always good to ‘see’ you.


  43. How I’ve missed you, o wise one…
    Good luck getting better ZP…stay strong.


  44. go on…admit it Ian Holloway,
    be one of the (new) first to state the obvious:


    …if he was vying for the “sb” position, he would have signed Fraser Forster.


  45. ZimPaul

    I know you will stay strong.
    You are a brother to us all here.
    I am glad you have seen the potential of AW’s new team,
    we have won a trophy and I believe the great days are coming.
    Victory Through Harmony.


  46. All the best to you, ZimPaul. I hope you can get better and quickly.


  47. Always a real pleasure to read each and every one of your comments, ZimPaul, though it’s distressing to hear of your time in intensive care. You have always been one of the classiest and most insightful of commentators and you are always missed when circumstances take you from us.

    Rest assured we are all thinking of you and I know you’ll feel the best wishes sent to you by your many friends from all over the world via Positively Arsenal and anywhere else whose pages you have graced.

    Cheers Paul.


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