Agendas, Deceit And Lies

Today’s post is by Blackburn George


It all seems so obvious …


If there is a stick to beat Arsene and Arsenal with then it appears to me that there are multitudes of halfwits ready to pick it up and brandish it with a flurry.

The opinions of agenda driven plebeians are picked up, digested and regurgitated as facts. Theories are accepted and embellished if they in any way make the club look bad. Rumours are started and accepted because dimwits want to believe them.

I’m sick of it and the moaning cretins who do it in the name of passionate support.
My old friend and ally Shottagooner (@shotta_gooner) said this and it exposed several of these misconceptions in a few short lines:

“Such a brilliant morning-after in my part of the world. That glow in the cheeks after a night of …. watching Liverpool, the pundits favorite, simply choke on hubris and self-entitlement at the hands of Tony Pulis and Crystal Palace. What the hell were they smoking in the dressing room at half-time?

Karma is a bitch as many of us said on twitter last night. The lying and cheating in the Suarez buyout affair for one. Even more galling was the gloating that they were succeeding without oil-money despite having the 4th largest net transfer spend in the league since 1992 (£287M according to transferleague.co.uk) was a stick the Arsenal 5th Column and the media was swinging heavily at our club.

All myths exposed and defeated in 10 minutes.

I must save a word for the pundits who are now hopping on the bandwagon of critics of Liverpool defending. Such amazing hypocrisy. I was monitoring the game online on the Guardian’s M-B-M service and later saw replay on America’s NBC network and all were urging Loserpool to go for more goals and put pressure on City.

Turned out very well, didn’t it.”

The thing is, it was not that Liverpool fans were churning out this drivel, or even that pundits were.

Oh no, our fans were at it with gusto.

Brendon was being hailed as a tactical genius, and that was evidence that Arsene was not! How is that looking now I ask you? Roberto was a similar cut above poor old inept Arsene, until he managed to lose 3 of 4 games at the business end. All the time our moaning fans were happy to ignore the fact that both were playing far fewer games than us and we had catastrophic injuries.
Then we have Maureen, dishing out masterclass after masterclass. A serial winner who couldn’t come up with the tactics to not get beaten by Sunderland at home, evidently can’t out-tactic Fat Sam (or even score a goal) – again at home – let alone Norwich.

So all these genius managers that are better than Arsene failed, despite the advantages they have had.

We have some malcontent going on Arsenal TV telling the world that Stan wanted to increase prices by 8% and had to be talked down. (No mention of the heroes within the club who talked him down, even if it were true).
When I challenged this and suggested it was no more than shit-stirring in order to make Stan look bad, I was told:

“We have people in high places at Arsenal who told us!”

Of course they would not tell me who these high people were, I suspect because they don’t exist. Now it is accepted by thousands of fans as fact, simply because some moaning malcontent said so.


The AST had an analysis done (I suspect they were disappointed with the results) which proved beyond doubt that Arsene overachieves every year (with one exception) but this actual evidence is ignored in favour of a purely fictional notion that he does not.

Detractors point to the wage bill, claiming that we are the 4th biggest and therefore should expect to be 4th. They conveniently forget that we have a huge staff because we are NOW a huge club.
But more than that they disregard transfer spend as if it is totally irrelevant.

However, a big wage bill is the result of big spending in the transfer market.  Simply put, big transfers in, expect big wages, and get them. So it’s the transfers that drive the wage bill.  Not the other way around. Therefore it’s transfer spending that is the main measure of where a club should expect to finish. Not wages.

The wages are a reflection of the transfer spend!  Got it now?

This though does not suit the detractors so it’s disregarded.

A stick, a stick – my kingdom for a stick!

We have experts telling us how much we have in the bank and jumping to conclusions about how and when it should have been spent, without one iota of knowledge of what plans may have been made – let alone cash flow considerations.

Don’t get me started on the pricks organising protests.

Just who the hell do they think they are?

All in all, it’s sad and pathetic what is going on.

You can tell George exactly what’s going on via Twitter @Blackburngeorge

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221 comments on “Agendas, Deceit And Lies

  1. A_B
    I look forward to hearing you


  2. Peter Marinello? Got to be some Italian there somewhere.


  3. Eight construction workers. Eight human beings lost due to fast tracking the projects schedule of completions. You can bet your bottom dollar that some of the demonstrations will be for their cause and memory. It won’t be a walk in the park for the organizers of the tournament.


  4. Gainsbourg69 at 2:30 pm
    Playing at home, I back them to go to the semis and get knocked out by a proper team who will score 1st and drag them out of their shell, then score again. Brazil has enough firepower and home support to grind out enough victories up to the QF stage.


  5. I’m just a little disappointment and sad for MIKEL. one of the reasons why he came to us from Everton was to work his way into the national team. This was his last chance and he has been overlooked. The German and Spanish squads look menacing and will probably win the tournament. Belgium will be the dark horse and get as far as the semifinals.
    Everyone pick your favorites and place your bets. We will have some fun with this PA ” office pool”.
    If the troubles outside the stadiums don’t take too much from their focus, the Brazilians could also go far. Possibly even winning it in front of their home fans.
    That’s my four teams in the semis.. Final probably the Brazilians against Germans.
    The Germans to win it…
    Probably a safe bet…


  6. Good call Goonerkam, but most sides will be full of internationals so no walk in the park for anyone. Or another way of looking at it is that with a maximum of 7 games to play (think I’m right about that) is that any country with 10 decent and four top class players could get quite close. Those Ivorians, for instance, could prove a handful for anyone on the day.

    But meanwhile, and far more importantly, I am struggling to decide whether to play Podolski or Wilshere alongside Cazorla and Ozil


  7. gk, greed does not care about the lives lost or abused. Just wait for the Qatar world cup preparations to begin, the level of slavery and deaths of migrant labourers will ratchet up. I am all for conducting the tournaments in places other than Europe, but considering the immense poverty, drug and mafia problems in Brasil, is this the priority now? A world cup in the peak of summer in a desert? really? They wont move it to the winter, because that would mean less cash for the leagues and sponsors. I heard that many of the stadiums in South Africa are lying unused in the middle of nowhere.

    Like all beautiful things in this world, football has been abused, while a facade is given to us to make us believe everything is fine and dandy.

    Regarding teams to support, I am going Africa and Germany. Ivory Coast for Gervinho, Ghana for one of my favourite non-Arsenal players, Asmoah Gyan and Nigeria. As long as Germany dont choke, they have a very good chance of winning the world cup.

    Was Scolari in charge of the last world cup? The then brazilian team played like thugs against Ivory Coast.


  8. Podolski, Foreverheady. Goal threat.


  9. Yes. PODOLSKI to start on the left for me. IMHO we should put the game result beyond doubt In the first half. Hull will be awestruck in the beginning and we must take advantage.
    Good post SA. too much politics on this game we love. I long for the day when the peoples game is wrestled out of the current caretakers hands and given back to the people. When we put our minds to it, its easy.


  10. It’s a terrible shame Diaby wasn’t ready in time to make the French squad for the World Cup.

    Sami Nasri, on the other hand – what kind of grade A tosser must he have been in the last French squad to have been dropped entirely out of the team?!


  11. Beware of Huddlestone.


  12. Fu•• ” dog pee” pudellestan.
    Nastry is as selfish as they come. it shows on the playing field. Any manager worth his weight would not touch him with a ten foot pole. Unfortunately AW read the three of rvp, ea & sn completely wrong.


  13. Podolski by a country mile.


  14. Congratulations to Silent Stan’s St Louis Rams who signed the first openly Gay American Football player in the NFL Draft last week


  15. I could do with two write ups about the Cup Final, one from someone with a ticket and one from someone abroad. Any volunteers?


  16. No doubt football is expensive but what is wrong with a first increase in 3 years of just 3%? The clubs costs escalate, this is merely to cover inflation. Not being rude but if you are paying £1,000 that is just £30.00 extra per season, which is around £4.00 per month.

    But here is the point. The real issue is the inflated player salaries, caused by tthese rich owners trying to buy success for their adopted club..We should not be paying these sorts of salaries, it is ridiculous. Average PL players are getting around £2.5 million per year in wages, seriously?! The sooner something is done to address this the better. FFP is a soft way of doing that but not enough.yet the same fans moaning about the 3% will be the same ones dismissing FFP, I have seen that printed many times.

    But here is the irony. Man City have a season ticket for £300, the cheapest in the PL. In addition they also offer the cheapest match day ticket at £30.00 – which includes a pie and a cup of tea!

    So while we are self sustaining, we have an oil club that is now recognised as the most expensive sports team ever, yet are able to subsidise their fans tickets with money the club does not have!

    So instead of moaning about a 3% increase and at the same time dismissing FFP, perhaps fans and the media should wake up and smell the coffee and see the bigger picture. Recognising the true enemy and attacking them is what we should be doing, instead all we have is ‘friendly’ fire aimed at our own club.


  17. proudkev,
    Your comment is exactly what is on my mind. Couldn’t have said it better tbh.


  18. Oh I would have a good moan about the 3% Kev, same as I will have a good moan about the increased price of match tickets I pay for and the total bollox of having to pay £2-£3 “administration” charges for the fucking privilege of paying £80+ for the digital activation of the card I have had in my wallet for the past eight years on the relevant matchday.

    I will pay though, I will pay although the days of attending as many games as I could are behind me. I pick and choose. I am a “consumer” – Stan and Alisher understand that – or at least I hope they do.

    What I will also however do is ensure that keep my spend at the stadium, and on the tat passed off by the club as essential to the “supporter experience” at £zero – as a it has been since about 2010.

    They may have their hand in my pocket, but I know it.


  19. Hello anicoll5
    I absolutely understand all that. My point however is that we are where we are because the dice has been loaded against us. Football has been corrupted, we were forced into a very expensive ground move and of course all the repercussions that entailed. We supporters have had to put our hands in our pockets for little reward in terms of trophy success. And that is hard.

    However, that is not the clubs fault and that I guess is my point. It isnt’ as if they taking dividends and paying themselves handsomely on the backs of us fans. All the money generated is for the beneift of the club and ultimately us fans. Of course, we need to start seeing the money being spent on the team and that would certainly remove much of the criticism.

    However, I wish the angst would be aimed at the real culprits and that is those that have corrupted the game.Arsenal should be acknowledged as the good guys, we should be the ones wearing the white hats. Instead we are demonised, ridiculed and bullied for doing nothing more than taking on the establishment and the ‘fake’ clubs.

    We are a class club with a proud history. And we should feel enormous pride about what we have achieved because make no mistake, it has been some achievement.

    Lets stick two fingers up at the ignoramuses who hate our club, the obsessed media hacks, brain dead pundits and the small pocket of dissenters choosing too pee on us from within.

    The sooner we all stopped whinging and the supporters united, the sooner we can stick those two fingers up.

    Our club motto has been sadly forgotten. It needs to be resurrected without delay.


  20. Thanks Stuart. I apologise for rambling on, I am a passionate guy and feel strongly on this subject.

    When I look at the difference in ticket prices between us and Man City, and the cost of the squads, I realise just how corrupt and unfair this sport has become. The sooner somebody gets a grip and fingers start getting pointed in the right direction, the better. Unfortunately, ignorance is bliss.


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