A Disaster Waiting To Happen – Arsenal Fans Turning Into Self-Fulfilling Prophets?


Round and round we go …

I have to admit that this transfer window has left me drained and disappointed.

Not because of anything the club has or hasn’t done, but because once again the atmosphere has turned sour.  The mood surrounding the club in no way reflects our excellent league and multiple cup positions, or indeed our form over the last 12 months.  Anyone would imagine we were out of all the cups, fighting relegation.

Seriously, how the hell has this happened?

If you are not happy now, what will make you happy?

To me it feels like it did before the Aston Villa game, almost a disaster waiting to happen.  A huge wave of negativity that could swamp the team and drown our collective high hopes.  I just hope we score early and the pressure does not build up and overwhelm everyone.  It’s not fair.  I don’t want to feel like this.  I want to be happy and eager to see the team.  Yet if anything, I want to keep the fans as far apart from the team as possible.

Not the ideal way in which to show our support.

There seems to be little room for manoeuvre when it come to team selection.  Whatever happens we will see two of the three midfielders not fully match fit.  It’s that bad.

As you will have gathered by now I am feeling anything but positive.

I still expect an Arsenal win, but the fear of failure is weighing me down like an anchor with hundreds of negative bloggers and tweeters pulling it down. I don’t like it one little bit.

Roll on 4 pm Sunday, roll on another 3 points.

Roll on the return of the Arsenal feel good factor.

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62 comments on “A Disaster Waiting To Happen – Arsenal Fans Turning Into Self-Fulfilling Prophets?

  1. hehe zim ..well played!! we are fucking going for it whether people like it or not….

    “whos playing ?”

    thats right alex !!


  2. Passeral said it.
    Wenger Out is the only agenda.
    At whatever cost to the club or the team.

    The moaners are led by a bunch of mouthy smart-asses who couldn’t run a sweetshop.
    Every set back where Arsenal do well or Wenger proves them wrong only makes them angrier and more conniving.

    Also the meme that Man City are unstoppable isn’t helping – thank you BBC.
    I really expect Barcelona to put manners on them. Even an under-par Barca will spank them.

    People forget that this season’s Arsenal team are only 3 points behind the Invincible’s equivalent record after matchday 24. This is a seriously good team Wenger has built.
    Finding players with the right qualities to join it is not easy.


  3. Being AAA must be so hip and cool.
    Sneering at modern sell-out Arsenal and telling everyone you used to go to Highbury and watch the season highlights on VHS tapes.
    Yet you want all the newly earned hundreds of millions of pounds spent in a quick week-end with some filthy pimping agents and a few fat club chairmen spotting mugs like you from a few hundred miles off.
    Real life is different from FIFA 14.


  4. There is still a huge and vocal section of blogs like on-line gooner dedicated entirely to Vengaout.


  5. Arteta yesterday was A M A Z I N G.

    (I’m writing-up something for you PG to the same effect).


  6. Sorry about no post today,But I couldn’t be arsed
    Anyway, read this instead. http://www.arsenalvision.co.uk/articles/4523


  7. Oh good stuff DC, chop chop.


  8. hey now lets stop giving value to abunch of sad cunts

    besides…who listens to online gooner or any of them twats anyway.

    ….we are going for the title wthere they like it or not….and no matter the outcome the TEAM and CLUB are giving their all….. the true fans can see that and will support.


  9. besides ..our club has strong ownership and foundations….theyll never listen to the arsehole fans…..never have , never will. they know better.

    all is cool George !!


  10. Here is a post from Arse or Brain that he posted on the wrong article. Well at last we have our answer, Its Arse not Brain !

    “arse_or_brain 2m

    All good now were top again although how bad was the crowd yesterday? I’ve never seen 50 odd thousand people take part in a sponsored silence before. I can never understand how a club can have such good away support and such bad home support it is perverse. The one good thing about the amount of ” big” clubs visiting over the next couple of months is the atmosphere has to get better. I remember going to ot after a few years of not visiting the place and couldn’t believe how quiet it was for about half an hour until they scored unfortunately we are now the same with most in the stadium refusing to give up their vocal support until the team produces something. There is something very wrong in that and it drives me crazy.”


  11. FunGunner,

    Thanks for that link. Great read.

    I have always said that there are more sensible Gooners than the “buy-buy-buy” brigade. Unfortunately the latter are very loud on the Internet. It is always nice to discover another sane Gooner-blogger.


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