Arsenal’s Mistakes.

arsenals mistakes

A Classic Mistake (Bayern Munich 0 – 2 Arsenal, 13th March 2013).

I am told all the time “In the last 8 years Arsene has made mistakes”

Normally I reply with one of my two stock answers:

A) “No shit Sherlock”


B) “Perhaps, but not as many as someone else would have,and not as big as people might think”

It’s a little like basic maths.

If you ask  the question:  “What does  2+2 =  “,  you can confidently answer “4“.

However  the question in Arsenal’s case should be:  What does 2x+2y=  ?

Then unless you know the values of x and y, you can’t give an answer at all.  If you still say 4, well that makes you either something of an idiot or a fortune teller.

People ask questions and reply to them with the answer they believe is correct.  But as they don’t know x and y, how can that answer be taken to be correct.

The problem now is that some of the answers given to questions, answers that were taken by many to be correct, are being shown to be incorrect.

Will Arsene ever buy superstar players?   Old answer “NO”, new answer “YES”

Can Wenger make us competitive again? Old answer “NO”, new answer “YES”

Does Wenger do defence?  Old answer “NO”, new answer “YES”

Can Wenger change tactics mid game?  Old answer “NO”, new answer “YES”

Are these players Arsenal class?  Old answer “NO” new answer “YES”

So if you want to ask questions like: “Was it right to stick with Almunia ?”  and your answer is other than: “I don’t know, because I don’t know the facts or circumstances at the time”, then its the wrong answer.

“Could we have spent more money and sooner?”  The answer should be: “Perhaps, but I don’t know what the long term plan was”

In short then, if the answers to questions you asked have changed, it’s because you were wrong before.  So don’t assume that other answers you still believe to be correct will remain that way.

The fact is that no one has enough information about long term plans and finances to make the assumption that either Arsene or the board are wrong.

Seriously, ask yourself this every time you question Arsene, the board, tactics, formations, player purchases or abilities.


I could answer it for you, but that would be rude.

Up the Arse.

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67 comments on “Arsenal’s Mistakes.

  1. Dealing in “I don’t knows” and “perhaps” is so boring, though. I like to have strong and definite opinions on these matters, and if I’m ignorant of the facts I just use my imagination to fill the gaps in my knowledge. Easy peasy.


  2. It is a relief to realise, from reading the Post, that an otherwise ambiguous headline was just that and not a decidedly unhelpful list of supposed mistakes perpetrated by the club, for which read Arsene.

    You are quite right to intimate that many fans appear to confuse unreliable or unfounded opinions with established fact.

    The same people still begrudge AW his multi million pound salary and also frequently decide to bore the asses off the rest of us by proclaiming their ‘greater’ knowledge and acumen when it comes to tactics, team selection, business dealings and in fact all things football.

    They do not seem to realise that many of the biggest clubs in the world are happy to pay Arsene such big bucks because he is among the best managers in his profession, and they would be prepared to pay his detractors and ‘know it alls’ fcuk all, because that is what their non-factual ‘opinions’ are worth. 🙂


  3. True man, arsenal fans like complaining too much. I believe we were wrong and i now acknowledge that arsene knows better. He sees the players in training everyday maybe we should trust him more: but he is only human and has also made mistakes in the past. All in all, excellent coach!!


  4. If Arsenal and its manager did not make some errors he/they would not be of this human world; there is no such thing. The question can only ever be, taking into account all the internal circumstances, financial, personnel, long-term strategy, business plan, and football, plus the environmental or external factors and changes, did they do more right than wrong, achieve substantial progress at the club, and advance football, and so assure its immediate and long-term future. And the only answer – except for the village idiots – is “ffs, you joking, surely; Yes! Overwhelmingly. Emphatically. And factually.”

    Personally I don’t trust Arsene Wenger as some god-like creature. I trust him as a decent person of integrity and skill, but with extraordinary determination to achieve something lasting, beyond the mundane. Some people call that a visionary.

    Mistakes. Pfffft …


  5. When the this contemporary period in the history of football is written by a future generation, Wenger will have a chapter about him all of his own, about the fella who stuck to principles.


  6. Now that’s what I call a post Paul


  7. Is keeping us out of the oil funded arms race while everyone around us goes further and further to debt an error? Is building a new stadium and keeping us in the CL every season an error? Is avoiding short term gains and setting the club up for long term success an error?

    Where this club is at today is the epitome of slow and steady wins the race.


  8. Well done PG. This is a great article.

    It disgusts me that any mouthy ‘voice of the fans’ should have the temerity to question Arsene’s plan for the club.

    Secondly, these people think they should be given a voce to approve said ‘plan’ and the ‘plan’ should be made public so City and Chelsea can dissect everything Arsene intends to do for the next 5 years.

    The spokeswanker of the AST wants the Club to spend it’s entire cash reserves on new players this January. Why?, because we have the money and he does not want know of the ‘plan’, (he does want to know the plan but he would never understand it). Do these demands benefit the Club or even the current team?, does he give a f*ck. Folks like him will always have their own self-certain answers to the wrong questions.

    I won’t call these people muppets, at least muppets have someone else’s hand up the own arse.


  9. hah george !! that was fkn brilliant ! direct & sharp !


  10. Is PG a genius?

    Old answer, “Yes”.

    New answer, “Yes”.


    **** off, then.


    I’m having that. Thanks.

    I’m very angry today, for matters unrelated to football, although I’m still smarting from TR7’s bruk-up nose and the usual “**** all will be said or done about it”. If I wasn’t so angry I might just accept that Tomas will play wearing a mask. One thing’s for sure, if TR plays, some cottaging players will try and batter his nose again – or any other part of his body. No matter who we do or don’t buy, our players are going to be battered, and it’ll all go unpunished, as it has done for however long. I’m filled with hatred for all the people who make this possible and allow it to continue:
    Spokeswankers, plundits, journo’s, broadcasters and Arsenal naysayers – all of you **** right off.

    Ta for a great piece, PG.

    Steww, Where are you? Lets be ‘aving you. (FFS)


  11. i’ll rather answer every question with ‘arsene knows’. there are many things i’ll love to see arsenal do, but when i dont know what is actually the plan or how much is availble to the club.
    it is wrong to make statements when there is no information to back them up.

    piers morgan said that if we dont buy a top class striker this month, we will not win the league this season. but i asked him to name that world class striker that is available this month. and also tell me how buying such a player will authomatically hand us the league title. chelsea bought torres
    in january but he could only score one goal in six months. 2+2 may sometimes be 22.


  12. Teacher and Student:


  13. Whenever Piers Morgan starts talking shit, I watch the video of him getting pelted by that Australian bowler.


  14. Zimpaul wins…again.


  15. ‘Spokeswanker’ is terrific. The hapless Payton is a constant source of comedy on twitter. He says the club is more focused on financial results than football performance, then discusses (over and over and over again) how much cash reserves we still have rather than the fact we are top of the table. He wonders aloud if the club have a clear, long-term vision for success, then puts forward his ingenious 6-month plan of spunking every penny in the coffers every time the transfer window re-opens. Such a towering intellect.


  16. Lee Probert refs for Fulham on Saturday.

    Details on Untold. I won’t link as I don’t wish to spread depression. I expect the odd bruise to Arsenal’s players.


  17. We can only assume that as a normal human being Arsene has made mistakes although as the article eludes without the complete facts it is difficult to point out which ones. It is possible , although unlikely, he has made no mistakes and has achieved maximum results with the hand he has been dealt. It is entirely possible that no matter what decisions he made and in what order that silverware was beyond our reach.
    Although history is written by winners and so sometimes is as accurate as wiki I believe It will judge Arsene “baron” years as a success. With luck and officialdom probably the two main factors why he has not achieved even more in the years he has been swimming against the tide with weights on his back, hopefully now the shackles are mostly off, although the weight of financial doping will be tied to us for a while yet.


  18. Typical of the PL forcing us to play with a much shorter break than the opposition – Ffs how do they expect players to recover after a game on Monday night ?
    I’m fuming


  19. The other worrying thing is that we have never, ever lost to them !
    Typical provocative scheduling by the PL.
    The media sharpening their razors for the so called ‘upset’

    Still fuming


  20. Fulham ‘resting’ players in their previous PL game against Saints

    Admittedly they were slaughtered 4-1 but you could see where their real focus was.

    That Meulsteen is a snake


  21. The paranoia meter is barely registering tonight – I shall look again at half time


  22. Very well written and argued GEORGE. I must add though the formula was 1x + 1y + 1z + 1w = whatever. the club had to overcome a handful of unknowable factors in the past oh eight or nine years. Not just the simple x & y unknowns.
    AW , the board and our players have truly gone through the eye of the storm and emerging like the true champions that they are. At a cost of much personal and organizational sacrafice. This deed required a fantastic captain to steer the ship and we are truly blessed and lucky to have ARSENE ON BOARD.


  23. The media sharpening their razors for the so called ‘upset’

    .yes ive noticed that too…every week they hope…and we kill their hopes. every week


  24. Rantetta,

    “I expect the odd bruise to Arsenal’s players” I blame the physios 🙂 not the referees fault they keep missing things like a slightly obvious f

    Once more unto the breach…


  25. Love the way AW upsets the spokeswankers & interwebminions week in week out.
    Everyone makes mistakes. Who’s to judge?

    If Mulensteen’s team aget twacked silly in a few hours, he’ll be vilified by his court jesters for resting them for too long won’t he?

    anyhoo, team today could be:


    +Fabianski, Jenks, Frimp, Mozart, Ox, Poldi, Park.


    @ Craven Cottage in August, we lined up with:

    that ended in a 3-1 W.

    I propose an identical scoreline…with or without identical goalscorers!



  26. Ooops
    <like a slightly obvious forearm smash. Can happen to anyone.

    Theo's lucky his surgeon didn't snip the wrong ligament by mistake.


  27. That midfield was fantastic away at Fulham. A very exciting line up that day, with a fit Plodders showing his worth in this squad (& during the Fener games).
    I’ve been hoping to see that midfield three again, but Vengaaar, he never listens to me *sobs*



  28. Impeccable and unarguable logic, George.

    It’s actually quite worrying that in the so-called Information Age, so many are happy to talk with absolute certainty of their position with so little evidence to back up their ideas.

    Forgive me for adding the Bayern Munich match preview from last year courtesy of, I think, the Bleacher Report, by way of illustration to the post. It’s typical of the unfounded nonsense that can be written by supposedly lucid journalist and of course it preceded a classic victory for the Gunners whilst setting the benchmark, in some ways, for exactly the kind of vacuous reasoning George has referenced, above.

    Maybe some will just laugh at this but the problem for the media or writers of any persuasion, is that when they have been shown to be comprehensively so far wide of the mark as to be a cause of embarrassment to themselves and their respective media vehicle, many people like myself simply will not bother to waste time reading their non-contributions to the sum of human knowledge in the future.

    Not only are they shooting themselves in the foot – whether it’s in a newspaper, on Match of the Day, or even on Twitter – not only are they shooting themselves in the proverbial foot, but with it, they are shooting down their entire reputations.


  29. Wenger’s biggest mistake this season was to have the temerity to enter 2014 in top spot, when it was so clear City and the Chelsea Daves had outspent us by a factor of about 6:1 (Squawka) over the last few years. What the hell was he thinking? What kind of nonsense? Absurd! Damn fools at Arsenal never learn. We are supposed to be drifting ever-hopefully somewhere between sixth and third. It is supposed to be a close run thing between us and Spurs. For the story to unfold it has to be a two-horse race between Maureen the poseur and City the spendeur. Come on, get a grip Wenger!


  30. oh ohh ohh ohhh ohhhhh
    we re gonna win the league
    oh ohhh ohhhhh ohhhhh
    we love The Arsenal

    to the tune of fear of the dark fm iron maiden

    .lift off!!!


  31. ok lets get into the mood


  32. ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh

    we love it we love it !!!


  33. im going crazy i need help


  34. apart from the obvious joy at being top of the league purely for footballing reasons it is also pleasurable just to fuckoff all those doubters both inside and outside the club.
    today we need a strong disciplined performance as usual, Fulham are usually a tough nut to crack although we usually win out in the end.
    It would be nice to spank someone soon if only for the goal difference although today I think will be a closer affair.


  35. “im going crazy i need help”

    Ha, ha Hunter – you are on the road to recovery already because the first step is acknowledging the problem! 🙂


  36. ..u seem fine to me hunter


  37. At last. Alisher Usmanov, the Lion of Uzbekisan, comes through for The Arsenal and does something useful for a change*. Jabba’s testing regime for his new product must have been rigerous:


    *The report says “manufactured by a Utd fan”


  38. one block : victoriaaaaaaaaaaaa

    the other block : concordiaaaaaaaaa

    one block :victoriaaaaaaaaaaa

    the other block :.concordiaaaaaaaaaaa


    and repeat…



    crescit! crescit ! crescit!


    now bring us a psychologist ooooeoooeee
    i dont know what im saying ooooooooeeeoeee
    ive lost my mind with arsenal ooooeeeeooooee
    i think im going craaazzy

    ooooooooooo eoeoe ooooooooooooooooooooooo

    the medicine wont work
    what are we gonna do ?
    addictions running high
    and i have lost my mind




  39. DJ Cacofonix: take ya pick h13…….



  40. DJ Cacofonix: ..ahem, #2


  41. DJ Cacofonix: or better still, just go see the doctor here, hunter….


    ..you have an hour & a half to get cured…hurry


  42. Strange to see Nacho start but hope he has a another good game. Hope to see the little phatom of the opera Motzart today COYG


  43. agree about Nacho & Mozart, a_or_b,……wonder if they start Dempsey?



  44. I see..Dempsey starts…should be a good game.
    3-1 again to the Arse!


  45. Top of the league!


  46. Monreal the harbinger. He’s not bad.
    He also had a season with Carzola at Malaga, which must be helpful.
    Carzola & Podolski can make up Theo’s goals I hope.

    After two left footed moves for the goals against Villa it was nice to see Santi finish the first with his right, can’t let the lefties have all the fun. Though it was another move down the left…


  47. Well done gunners…
    Very well done, S-A-N-T-I C-A-Z-O-R-L-A !!!!

    Top of the pile
    Top of the log
    Top of the league
    Best team in the land

    “oh ohh ohh ohhh ohhhhh
    we re gonna win the league
    oh ohhh ohhhhh ohhhhh
    we love The Arsenal”



  48. This team started to create spells of pressure where they could score two or three in fifteen minutes last January.


  49. lest I forget…….
    10th CLEAN SHEET of the campaign (17 overall) for the BEST DEFENCE in the EPL


  50. We’re going to have to change our signature tune from one – nil to two – nil to The Arsenal at this rate! How many games have we won with that scoreline now?


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