A Tail Of Two Twits


Today a new ‘guest’ writer from Twitter, a certain @arseblagger gives us his take on yesterday’s game and then we’ll hear from @Blackburngeorge.

First up our new twitter friend @Arseblagger.

A gift of a penalty, an own goal and an offside goal gave us three points that we never looked like getting.

From the moment I saw the team that Wenger had picked I knew we were in trouble.

I called it.  I simply knew we should have started Podolski and Theo rather than the hapless and out of their respective depths, Gervinho and Cazorla.

The game proved I was right and Wenger has lost the plot.  If they had started we would have scored three goals in the first 10 minutes rather than the last.

We started slowly and quickly ran out of the steam we had never had.  We never looked like scoring, and defended like a pub team.  Norwich out-played us.  Those reliable BBC statisticians told us that they had 51% possession.  Imagine that.  We are a disgrace of a team.

We should be beating teams like that by five clear goals at home.

It makes me sick to see us in such a poor position with this bunch of second-class players.  If we manage to fluke a Champions League spot we will be humiliated again next year.

This lot are so bad they have dragged Jack down to their level.  Now he is useless, as well.



Okaaay, thanks for that Blagger.  I’m sure I speak for precisely none of us here in looking forward to your next article.

Now here is how George judged the same game …


Alan Hansen, on Match of the Day (MOTD) last week said that Arsenal’s problem was that we could not play poorly and win.  Well I am glad he pointed that out because Arsene seems to have addressed that particular problem this week, and put it right.

I find myself hard pushed to think of many moments of Wengerball.

I was disappointed in our first half performance.  I think we were slow and lacking more than a little spark.  Personally I think that missing spark was one Tomas Rosicky.  His replacement – Jack – was definitely out of sorts.  And Arsene removed him just about as soon as he could without denting the lad’s confidence.

Jack has been 6 weeks out and it really showed.  I hope Rosicky is fit for the visit of Everton on Tuesday.  For me he is currently miles ahead of the youngster.

Another youngster that was definitely not out-of-form is Aaron Ramsey.  I thought he was our stand-out player – and by quite a margin.  He worked tirelessly and looks brimfull of confidence and class.

It just shows what can be achieved with a little perseverance by the manager and a good attitude by the player.  He has gone from deadwood to dead-cert.

I understand I have not mentioned their goal and how it came about, because I assume you have all seen it and I don’t want to think about it.

Anyway, Arsene hooked Jack and Gervinho, and Theo and Podolski entered the fray.

It seemed to inject a bit of pace and urgency to the team and the visitors were pinned even farther back.

The pressure mounted and on my dodgy internet stream Tony Gale urged Norwich on and lambasted our teams efforts and players.

Then Giroud was hauled down in the box and the assistant referee flagged it up.  There has been moaning and carping about that ever since, but I don’t understand why anyone can complain about the correct decision being made.

Up stepped our cool cat Captain and it was 1-1.

Three minutes later we took the lead through a Giroud/own goal (I couldn’t care less which).  By this time Arsene had brought Alex Oxlade Chamberlain on for Sagna (a bold move for a man who supposedly never makes good tactical changes or bold substitutions) and the kid burst into the box, made the byline and with the outside of his right foot cut it across the face of goal.  Yippee.

Now I am cursing the fact that due to their persistent time-wasting they have six minutes of additional time to rescue an undeserved point.

Then Safehanski make a wonderful save with his legs.  Safehansnlegski, it would seem.

However, when Theo was played in behind (quite a bit behind actually, but let’s not go there, either) Podolski showed us just why he has 100+ German caps to his name.  It was a brilliant bit of finishing from him.  He could have had a hat trick if not for two previous thundering efforts being miraculously tipped over the bar.

All the things Arsene has claimed this team have, grit – Finsbury will like that- mental strength and a never-say-die spirit were displayed in the closing stages.

It was, in the end a great three points and one step closer to our remaining target for the season.

It turns out we actually had 68% possession by the way (and no thanks to the BBC).

I suspect we will have to do better against Everton, and I am convinced we will.

Oh, and we are third in the table, don’t you know?



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92 comments on “A Tail Of Two Twits

  1. What grounds does Perry have to suggest that Goergaki?


  2. Whenever Paolo Di Canio flashes those big Chiclets of his, he looks like an even bigger fascist.


  3. Legends for their off field behaviour. Him and merse, not much education.
    Papers say Pod is going, BFG is going, Jack will go…
    We can all see the agenda here to keep destabising the club and the doomers take it hook line and sinker. I despair.
    You guys gotta keep the real story of our club and its “upward (sic) spiral” in the limelight. We have to stop this shite talk from the rest at source.
    I really respect that you all have the guts to properally name and shame the falsehoods and their perpratrators, and much of it is sedition from within the ranks.


  4. Di Canio must love Gerv’s goal celebrations.


  5. On the upside, the Orcs are even deeper in the doggy-do after today’s effort; just need Wigan and Villa to pull their socks up and we might finally see the back of ’em. Hopefully never ever to return – and take their hideous excuse of a manager with them.

    Tricky for Sunderland now; a lot of their support are deeply unhappy about DC’s dodgy background but that was a massive win for them in an always fiercely contested derby. If he keeps them up they can hardly sack him but his past will follow the club around like a very bad smell …

    And Dobbin scores off the inevitable Manure penalty; presume the bookies didn’t even bother taking bets on that one.

    As far as yesterday’s game went, I honestly didn’t think we were that bad given we had a changed line-up, an opposition hellbent on a draw and a less-than-competent referee. We thoroughly deserved the win for sheer persistence and aside from the moron’s getting on Gerv’s case, the crowd also played their part, for the most.

    Tuesday will be interesting …


  6. The rotting corpse of Stoke City Football Club sliding slowly but relentlessly into the primeval slime from which it crawled four seasons ago

    Obviously I’m sad


  7. PG

    If we no silverware next season


  8. So stupid speculation then?


  9. anicoll5 how is that article coming on?


  10. Hey, A5 don’t insult primeval slime by putting it into the same category as stoke!
    Some of my ancestors was primeval slime once but we moved up in the world…
    Now them prime evil slimes from that rough estate, they never did well for themselves.

    Hmmm. Grecian 2000 scores a penalty at the Orcs. The Orcs don’t like it.
    Some sort of Pulis out protest by them going on according to my radio commentary.
    Is Ironic an actual word they use in Staffordshire? You’d probably get beaten up for using it up there.

    Getting worried AFC are being set up by sky sports for the game against Manu where Grecian 2000 gets to collect his 20 pieces and celebrate with his bestest new buddies.
    My heady hurts from after the match yesterday. Too many beers in the eaglet bar. Can someone do the maths?

    Oh, I think Arseblagger IS being ironic.

    Pochettino complains about Big Sam’s excessive use of the long ball tactic. Is that ironic?


  11. Apologies to all swamp dwellers and slime enthusiasts

    If my writing was done by 5pm tomorrow would that be ok George ?


  12. It would indeed do you need an Email address


  13. Never mind arseblagger, get load of JonJon, he’s back on ACLF

    April 14, 2013 at 5:09 pm
    good write up..

    when was the last time we played glittering wengerball??

    the results have come about from hard work and slogging it out – it must be driving wenger mad that his tictacs made good players look schoolboy and bouldies tictacs are saving his 4th place bacon..

    and to be honest its been driving me mad that it took him 6 months to see it but hey ho..

    the penalty was lucky i felt..6 of one half a dozen of the other, you wouldnt normally demand a penalty but we were lucky the lino just caught the other guy pulling at jiroo. good call, we’ll take it..

    big props to rambo as well..he’s being playing really well recently..one of our standout players i would have said and its a remarkable turnaround from a few months ago when he was facing a confidence crisis and the fans were on his back..

    then again..it wasnt rambo or the fans that was the problem was it?

    we are on a fantastic run and you guys can think what you like about the manager but i personally still think the eras nearly over and i give no credit to him for whats going on now because he was being pressured to chop and change the in form players and play players in their best position and change the tactics to suit the players all season..

    this run of form points to the fact hes been wrong on the majority of decisions hes made this season and i hope to christ he doesnt get another contract on the back of another year full of fuck ups and a late scramble to get top 4 with tactics that arent his..


  14. Do you want to DM the address on Twitter ?


  15. I will do that Anicoll


  16. Haha Georgaki.That would even depress Arseblagger


  17. I saw a few Orcs crying over their team’s crap performance.

    It’s funny how Stoke always shrivel up against the Mancs but become lions when they face us. I suspect it has to do with the lax refereeing they enjoy when playing us.

    Lovely two footed stamp by Aguero on the elbow mad David Luiz. I love watching bullies get theirs.


  18. Jesus Christ the pundit for the FA cup game is such a shit stirrer.


  19. Who?
    Andy Townsend,? he’s just a bit thick with no originally thoughts, I don’t think he is malicious though. He is pure Chelsea so prob hates Rafa.
    I was looking forward to a milwall chavshi final – for all the wrong reasons. It would have shown up the FA for papering over all the deep rooted cracks where those nasty evil ‘fans’ dwell.
    Yeah, we know what you are alright.


  20. Georgaki-pyrovolitis @ 5.23 pm – some people clearly don’t read their posts to check that they make sense before pressing the send button!


  21. Gains, do orcs have lacrimal glands?
    I thought those were normally ripped out of their eyes by their mothers shortly after birth. How could you live in that town and not cry every day?


  22. One must really be in a deep dark hole to be able to write like JonJon…..it’s actually quite sad. Making comments about who should take credit and who should not when you have no way of knowing is really quite remarkable.


  23. At least some people are objecting to JJ on ACLF


  24. I thought Podolski looked sharp and hungry yesterday


  25. Or as we call it up here “being a thick twat”
    He will be distraught that once again Arsene is making him and his ilk look foolish.
    Everything they said is being shown to be the pile of shit some of us always said it was.


  26. I don’t even read the articles anymore Georgaki.Let alone the tedious bullshit comments.


  27. Just saw Di Canio’s celebrations. He’s an idiot……


  28. Dammit, I hate being in the States sometimes. By the time I have a minute to comment, everything’s already been said. Oh well, never stopped me before.

    I thought we were good yesterday. Maybe not as pretty as it can be, but good. Do people complaining why didn’t we start with Theo and Poldi ever think about how great it was to be able to inject that pace once Norwich was worn out from being run all over the pitch for an hour? But we all know AW doesn’t do tactics, does he?

    As for Aaron, I could not be more proud of him. What an example of mental strength and character he is. A role model if ever there was one. And biggest kudos to AW for shepparding him through a very dark time. The light at the end of the tunnel has appeared.

    PS. Hi SweetAFCJane. Good to see you. Guess who?


  29. Anyway, before we descend into a slanging match with another blog, which all of us are much better than, can I just say well done George for the write up and well done Arsenal for the patience they showed in breaking down the Norwich defence.


  30. Ah, Steww – the sweet voice of moderation.

    I wish I had as much patience as them.


  31. The patience must be transmitted from Arsene Stew,He has shown it pays dividends in all aspects of the club and team


  32. There is a certain kind of Arsenal fan that is always quick of the mark to criticise Wenger for every perceived mistake but at the same time won’t even give credit where it’s due through gritted teeth. The post Georgaki has provided exemplifies this. Because, of course, Wenger is not at all to credit for Ramsey now being able to play virtually anywhere on the pitch. I am sure that he was given experience on the wings at times this and last season played no part whatsoever in this. He probably just woke up overnight and was suddenly able to play everywhere.


  33. @steww 6:58

    Double that comment.
    George is God’s Rottweiler.

    I’m new on here, you folks all have vaild points to say about our club and the posts are always a great read, who’d have thought there was intelligent life on the interweb?
    I hate having to point out the Fucking Ovbious to the vocal minority of our own so called ‘fans’ (more like the tea party as another blogger said) when their pre ordained and media fed pack of bullshit about some of our players begins to unravel. They just refuse to see the changing circumstances of our team, ok we are not the 03-04 vintage, but so fucking what, we just have to be better than what is in front of us which is a lottery winner and a lottery cheat. We are already better that that bunch of pikies squatting behind the bus stop in Fulham and as for the annually deluded game is bout glory mugs…all I can say is try doing what your club mission statement says or I’ll report you to Offcom! Mugs.
    We will be compedative for the league title within the next 2 years and do better in Europe than last 16.
    And if we don’t I will still love the Arsenal.


  34. Well said DC and welcome on board.


  35. Ay ay sir, glad to man one of the 24 pounders sir!


  36. finsbury April 14, 2013 at 11:49 am class post!

    Double canister April 14, 2013 at 2:57 pm
    “Why is this meme growing in the media and among the amatupundits that you can turn up at the Ems, do fuck all but kick us and hope for 1 arsenal ‘mistake’?
    Where does it get you?”

    ..its even funnier that such scenarios /plays/unlucky momments are presented as “arsenal found out”…and like hailing the “plan of the away team and their tactics” ..


  37. Very funny, George. I am laughing so much at the penalty outrage.

    @ Passenal
    ” Bassong was trying to remove his shirt as well. I know he has quite the bod, but there’s no need for the opposition to start undressing him mid match!”

    ha ha ha ha!

    @ alabamagooner
    “As for Aaron, I could not be more proud of him. What an example of mental strength and character he is. A role model if ever there was one. And biggest kudos to AW for shepparding him through a very dark time. The light at the end of the tunnel has appeared.”

    sing it, sister!


  38. As steww mentioned above, I think keeping mention of other blogs – where folk hang out who may ‘irk’ somewhat – should be kept to a minimum. I frequent a couple and when I found PA I thought it a great idea to have somewhere positive that keeps out the negative. I am now aware – purely through reading comments here – of doomers I never knew existed up to now.

    Rest assured the doomers read and fume about the content here and, for me anyway, knowing that is enough imo. Keep mention of other places to an absolute minimum and keep ever onward with the positivity – after all, everyone hereabout ‘knows’. smiley face wink wink nudge nudge icon


  39. Steve_I and Steww

    I really ment thems who make a living out of being anti arsenal, you know mcnulvton, green with envy, the blond dancing bimbo, talk shite, …. Actually now I write it I can’t think of anyone out there who is even a reasonable balanced neutral, (‘cept herself in the guardian) I don’t expect our ex players who work as pundits to be 100% blinkered loyalists either, Dixon & Keown are good but they work on puppet shows rather than quality analytical programming of the nations favorite sport. Smith gets led by his co commentators and Merse Is on just after the kiddies cartoons on Saturday.

    I wasn’t looking to write up a list for the day of retribution, just to keep a note of the legion of the doomed out these, I for one didn’t even realise how widespread the anti arse media thing had got until recently.


  40. We should be allowed to talk about what is being said on twitter ,the papers and other blogs.
    I don’t want to get into a slanging match with them .But If they are acting in a fashion that deserves ridicule .so be it.
    Georgaki had every right to do as he did.


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