The Bradyesque7 Weekly Round-Up


Hello and welcome to this week’s Round-Up.

First up is the news from last week that Santi had won the Arsenal Player of the Month Award for February.  Cazorla just pipped Wilshere with 44% of the votes to Jack’s 43%. That is a substantial pile of per cents for just two players.  The biggest revelation to come from this story, however, is that 13% of the voting populous have clearly been smoking a lot of crack.

Cazorla also pipped himself to the Goal Of The Month award for his second and winner against Aston Villa.  The goal went something like


You know the one I mean.

With no weekend tie for which to prepare, Arsene Wenger came out late last week to talk to Arsenal Player about the up-coming game in Munich.  The boss said 327 times in his interview that we have to believe.  I think it will take a sit down with Paul McKenna round Derren Brown’s house to convince most people.


But without hope we have nothing; a performance to be proud of would do me, or failing that, a shed-load of luck.

Carl Jenkinson also did an interview which spelt out his love for the Champions League.  He spoke about how it’s what you dream of whilst growing up, the music that sends a shiver down the spine, and how he would tell his school friends that he was going to watch a Champions League tie.

What is the Europa League music anyway?  Whatever it is, Arsenal fans tend to have plans on Thursday nights and we don’t want that to change next season.  We are the very fabric that makes the Champions League what it is.  We are the Champions League!

The absence of Arsenal at the weekend forced many Gooners into watching less important teams.  Many will have seen Ryo Miyachi’s return for Wigan against Everton on Saturday.  After months out injured he was brought on as a sub for some player and was doing pretty well until a good hearty Premier League tackle from behind, sent him crashing into the hoardings and carried away on a stretcher, clearly in considerable pain and distress.  Kevin Mirallas’ mother was unavailable to pick him up from the game but is believed to have said he too is “not that type of player.”  Mirallas joins the growing list of footballers who will get theirs!

Lastly, and devastatingly, news broke on Monday night that Jack Wilshere had picked up some kind of injury and is a “major doubt” for the away leg against Bayern.  Without any official confirmation from the club at that time, theories were being created and dispelled through the night.  Some were saying that it’s just ‘mind games’ from the manager while others believe that Wilshere has been left on a waiting-list for surgery as Kroenke is forcing him to go on the NHS.


The truth, as always, will be somewhere in between.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading.

Up the Arsenal!

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107 comments on “The Bradyesque7 Weekly Round-Up

  1. Funny you should say that Hunter .I tweeted this 5 hour ago

    “Positively Arsenal ‏@Blackburngeorge

    @GaryLineker how wrong can you be? Sarcasm is not your strong suit Gary.Here have a bag of crisps”


  2. Frank .I am a great believe in a punch in the face.


  3. i wrote him ” now who looks silly..seems your brain slipped out your arse too that night in cagliari” 🙂


  4. true frank very true..with class…i will just imagine he smacked him later ..


  5. hey george sorry man but we got to laugh at a few other mugs too…..the mugs who are realising what others have been syaing for ages that the system worked fine when world class players vieira pires and henry worked it, not the same with untested youngsters, therefore patience faith support is what is needed….and not critique..or like a judge…and that there is adamn good reason why arsenal could not afford world class players and decided to build some too…. some fkn irony that huh…backflip…180 like seals…. their heads on poles please for their disrespect and arrogance and inability to admit they are not capable to offer critique and disguise it as “freedom to express opinion”…it doesnt work like that…


  6. I think Giroud was the difference maker today. Without his forward drive Bayern would have chewed us up and spat us out. Big up to Rosicky. He was rusty, but he gave a ballsy performance. He was all over the place.

    I think Jenks and Ramsey were my youngsters of the day. It could have been Theo, but Heynckes fraked out after the first goal and threw a double mark on him. Jenks dispossessing Robben was amazing. And to think this kid was only playing division god-knows-what just two years ago.

    Flap-ianski was the shit tonight. Big up to that kid. He’s like Diaby except he’s a keeper. Wenger loves the shit out of him, but he is always injured. Awesome!!!!

    Special mention for his eminence Eboue who ripped it up for Galatasaray against Schalke. I love that crazy bastard and he plays really, really good.


  7. Our right backs are characters. Look at wee Jenkinson calling that fat gasbag a doomer after having played ninety minutes of top class football.


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