What This Arsenal Team Really Needs



It has been a tough few years: a steady stream of sales of the club’s best players, heartbreaking losses in three Cup Finals, even the occasional challenge in the League came to nought, seemingly scuppered by brittle bones and questionable ‘mental strength’.But, after all that, in May Arsenal finally ended the years of pain with a glorious, thrilling victory to win the FA Cup, the first trophy since the move to the Emirates. For a few days, maybe even weeks, all was well in the Arsenal universe. No more cringing every time someone mentioned “X years without a trophy”. Instead, as fans we could bask in the knowledge that as well as having the Cup, we had Ramsey, we had Ozil, we had Kos and Per, we had Jack, Santi, Theo and Ox-Gibbs, and with the new commercial deals starting to kick in, we had the prospect of more good players – and more glory – on the way.

That feeling of goodwill towards all (Arsenal) men mostly made it intact through the World Cup, but the warning signs were starting to appear. Even with our Germans triumphinguber alles, and with one of our loanees (Joel Campbell) thriving on the big stage, people were criticising Arsène Wenger for being present in Brazil, for playing on the beach, and for not having bought all the best players. As the negativity started to gain momentum, boom! – Arsenal bought Alexis Sanchez, a top, top quality forward just approaching his peak years. Wow! Then came Debuchy, Chambers and Ospina, a veritable spending spree to acquire a mix of players to help address the club’s most pressing needs. The warm glow returned… for a while.

The team’s quick visit to the US turned Manhattan red for a few days and delighted the many dedicated fans who came to see the Arsenal at a series of events in New York and New Jersey. The mood was good – and then Arsenal lost to the Red Bulls. It was hardly the end of the world – the Red Bulls are mid-way through their season, so it was no real surprise that they won – but then when Arsenal were robbed of the Emirates Cup trophy, the lustre of the victory over Benfica seemed to ebb away very quickly. There was less talk of Sanogo’s four goals and more talk about needing a defensive midfield ‘monster’ and a ‘world-class striker’.

Victory over Manchester City in the Community Shield ensured the team brought back another trophy from Wembley, but this was immediately devalued in the press and by many fans because City variously ‘didn’t want to win’ or ‘were not at full strength’. A week later, an injury-time win over Crystal Palace was not praised for Arsenal’s perseverance or finding a way to win; instead, it was, after a day or two, used as evidence that Arteta was ‘overrun’ and that our strikers ‘aren’t good enough’. Oh, and Jack and Santi are shit as well, apparently.

A good home win over a tough team was followed by a good away draw over a tough Beskitas side. Arsenal ‘fans’ chose to celebrate Mikel Arteta’s injury on the basis that ‘now Wenger will have to buy a DM’. Olivier Giroud bore the brunt of the fans anger for not scoring any of the chances that came his way; other players who similarly had an off night were spared. The dark clouds are returning.

Will this battle of negativity and positivity ever end? Sadly, no. The negativity can only be kept at bay by the success of the team. In the age of instant feedback, the urge to judge is too powerful for many to suppress. For them, a bad touch or a bad match equates to a bad player. Young Chambers has started his Arsenal career incredibly well, but we should beware what may happen when, inevitably, some of his mistakes are punished by the opposition.

Every one of the Arsenal players, staff and management havs flaws, sometimes very obvious, sometimes not; but they all deserve our support.  Any Arsenal supporter who hopes that an Arsenal player gets injured has lost sight of the big picture. The best team isn’t necessarily the team with the best eleven (or twenty-five) players. Effective teams need role-players just as much as they need stars. The Arsenal players who are less than ‘world class’ (whatever that means) are still important to the success of the team, because they do the jobs that need to be done. The team that plays most effectively TOGETHER is the team that is likely to win. Giroud won’t outsprint the defenders, but he will act as the hub of the attacking wheel, bringing the others into play and scoring a good number of goals himself. Arteta isn’t Yaya Toure or, the new flavour of the month, Nemanja Matic, but he will retain possession, pass accurately and help to manage the flow of the game.

People have the right to voice whatever opinion they want; my wish is only that they realise that tweeting ‘player X is shit’ or ‘I hope so and so plays so Wenger sees how rubbish he is’ contributes to negativity around the club, and that negativity is infectious. Ultimately, it hurts the club, the same club these people say they support. You want the team to play well? Be a good supporter. Pull for the team – all of them – and, if you go to a match, don’t forget to put pressure on the referee.

As fans, our job is not to manage the team and it is definitely not to run down our own players. Our job is not easy, but it is straightforward: our job is to support.

So, what this Arsenal team really needs is “Victoria Concordia Crescit”

A guest post from @OutforaCorner

Help The Clockend Show.

This blog is about the demise of the weekly show on Arsenal Player , hosted by Adrian Clarke.

Last year Adrian and his The Clockend  show replaced Tom Watt and The Fans Forum.

Some years ago when we had Arsenal TV the Fans Forum was two hours long. It was reduced to one hour when it reappeared on Arsenal Player. If my memory serves me well it went to a 90 minute show until it was replaced by The Clockend, which was back to only one hour per week.

I now learn that the show is to become monthly. Personally, I find this very disappointing. And I’m sure I’m not alone. Here are some words written by fellow blogger  @Alternativearse.


“The Clock End running out of time.

With the start of a new season, the Arsenal machine is back in full effect; all the usual news media and opinions being wafted around the various channels with the usual gusto.

Except this time round, there is a slight gap in the proceedings.

Like a school kid who has just lost one of their first gnashers. You see the same face, it’s just not quite like it was before. Something is different, and only unveiled when you start asking questions.

For the first time on Monday, the Monday after the Charity shield victory, Adrian Clarke hosted the first edition of this seasons Clock End chat show. If you are a regular to Arsenal Player, then you have probably caught the live broadcasts or the highlight show at some point in the past.

It was a Monday night staple for some fans; the perfect way of connecting with the club, being part of the analysis of the team performances and a bonfide method of passing on your opinion to the club without the anonymity of the internet.

Twitter, Facespace and the rest of them are all very good methods of connecting, but they are fairly impersonal. You just can’t beat a good old fashioned phone in to chat live with the shows host and the emotion that is conveyed.

The BBC’s 606 is a perfect example of this interaction working a royal treat.

And it’s that interaction is an important aspect of being a fan of any sport. The ability to connect and feel apart of the big show is critical, and the Clock End show provided that link for many supporters.

Sporting the Arsenal colours and that sense of pride it gives you is important.

Feeling like a part of the club you shout for each weekend is important, and being given opportunity to be involved in some way shape or form is also very important, especially in this global age of instant communication that we now live in.

Take members day for instance; 100% in your face connectivity.

Unfortunately for the Clock End Show, Arsenal Media have deemed it necessary to shorten the availability of the weekly show, turning it into a monthly installation instead, citing poor viewing figures as the reason.

The podcast recording of the same show does do well. It received thousands of listens per episode, but the live performance has unfortunately received the hatchet. (not the full axe in case you are wondering)

But the podcast is a recording.

It may be cost effective, but it is history, and offers little in the way of connectivity for fans. You can’t phone into a podcast, nor can you react to another opinion apart from sounding a bit mad and talking back to your computer, or, if you listen to it on the train, the stranger sitting next to you.

This is not the best way of connecting with your club.

But it is only when motions like this curtail something that is loved, that people start to take notice, and often it is then too late.

Football clubs are marvellous things in the way they attract attention, but this support goes far beyond podcasts and favourite tweets.

There are supporters out there who really will support a clubs ambitions  Arsenal Media  with it’s productions, especially those created in house , have clearly tried different formats and presenters and time slots to boost the viewing figures. They have done their bit and now its up to us to do ours by watching .

Match footage, is of course off limits – that has to be tightly controlled, due to licensing and fees, – but in house media, such as the Clock End, could be streamed, advertised, shared and promoted by individuals across the globe, potentially increasing audience and involvement.

In this day and age, you can watch live TV inside a pair of glasses as you walk along a hill top…so why can’t Arsenal take advantage of it’s colossal fan base and benefit from its outreach and connectivity?

I for one would be very keen to promote my teams activities, I am a supporter, and can offer a lot more than just buying the shirts and watching games.

If it’s for the benefit of our football club, then there should be no issue whatsoever.”

Now then, to get to the point.

Although I feel the club could perhaps have done more to promote the show, there wouldn’t be a problem if more of us had tuned in. Its a great show and we can only blame ourselves that its not to be aired weekly.

If the club are to invest in its production then the least we can do is invest our time and watch it live. If there is a demand the club will cater for it.

So, lets all tune in every month, that way the viewing figures will justify a return to a weekly show.

Arsenal Media will , like the rest of us , be working on a budget. They do ,in my opinion, produce some fantastic shows. If I were them, my budget would be used towards the shows that attract the most views. So its up to us to ensure that The Clockend is one of them.

If you have never tuned in I promise you that you will not be disappointed, its an excellent hour for all keen Arsenal fans.

Please support it and promote it !


I’m pedantic george @Blackburngeorge , thank you for reading and I hope you will all help with this matter.



Arsenal’s Motion Starts Poetically.

It’s Gooner-stic, I say

Sight and sounds of opening day

Red army to the fray

Proud, ambitious, ready to slay.

While pundits babble and predict

Bringing comfort to the pessimist

Gooners remain optimists

Full in knowledge that signings are no mist.

So Palace to be the test

Fully prepped but leaderless

From the south they came

Up for the physical game.

Emirates buzzing

Fans anticipating

Twitter palpitating

Some surprise the gaffer is springing.

Tweet goes the whistle

At last an end to the tattle

Arsenal on the front foot probing

Palace in the trenches, countering.

First blow, set piece comes their way

Hangerland causes dismay

Down in the bottom corner, scoring

Visions of an upset soaring.

But this Arsenal refuses to fade

Making attacks, forcing a foul to break-up the play

Up step Alexis, ball in flight

Around comes Kozzer, neck muscles tight.

So its second half to decide

Substitutes tilting from the side

Chamakh yellow, Puncheon red

Palace clinging, as if ready to bed.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man

A corner won, arcing from right hand

Downward header by Giroud, Debouchy lashes

Never in doubt as Aaron smashes.

Three points bagged, no scapegoat to blame

Gooners are happy, doomers ashamed

Onwards and upwards is the positive claim

As the joy of opening day forever remains.

We are moving up market with Shotta. Poetry now, whatever next?


Nah na na na na na na Giroud

The striker who has everything is extremely rare. It is not just doing almost all of dribbling, goal poaching, scoring 30 yard screamers, heading, creating, link-up, holding up, positioning, creating space, partnership, etc. The attitude, mentality and behaviour makes that difference between the supremely talented players and the legends. This is why, atleast personally, while the likes of Suarez and Judas are undoubtedly the best strikers of current generation of players ,they will never ever be anywhere near legendary and charismatic strikers like Thierry Henry.

If we look just below the top top top quality strikers, Giroud should be put at that level. Whether another player can do a better job is certainly subject to opinion and can be debated. However, over the past two seasons, slowly but surely, Giroud is changing the perception of people about him. Forget the always-moaners. Most Arsenal fans seem to wonder about Giroud and Sanchez playing together. Many hacks grudgingly talk about Sanchez playing with Giroud and earlier in the summer talked about a strike partner/cover for Giroud. Compare this with the view of Giroud by the general public and the press to two seasons ago, even last season.

I would argue that Giroud is an improvement on Judas for the team. During Judas’s best and final season with us, he scored 37 goals in all competitions. The next higher goal scorer was Walcott at 11 goals and then Arteta at 6. In the next season (2012/13), Walcott scored 21 goals, Giroud 17, Podolski 16, Cazorla 12. We also scored 10 more goals than when Judas was here. Last season our top scorers were Giroud with 22 goals, Ramsey with 16, Podolski with 12 and Ozil and Cazorla with 7 each. It is obvious that the goals are now shared across the forward line and the midfield, making it harder to neutralise us. However, also consider that Giroud did not have Walcott to play with, Ramsey was injured for months, and so was Podolski. Now look at the statistics again. When you have a star striker, the ball is attracted to him, but take him out of the game (either through shadowing or a la Bussaca) and you are suddenly looking at a team having to adjust. Giroud is perfect for Arsenal midfielders to run onto to his delicate, oh so soft passes that take out defenses. Our wide forwards benefit from Giroud suddenly pulling wide and taking one or two reluctant defenders with him. Giroud is a vital cog in the ever moving, ever shifting fluidity that is the Arsenal midfield and forward line.

If someone, says Giroud doesnt have pace or cannot dribble past three players like Suarez. Tell them, Suarez cannot win the ball with his back to goal with a defender kneeing him and no foul being given every single time. If they say give the ball to Suarez and he will score a goal. After the obligatory diving and biting jokes, tell them Giroud will win a physical duel without playing ugly, pass the ball perfectly to a wide forward or defender, then play a neat one two with the midfield and will make an assist of the season. Tell them Giroud will be there when at crunch time, you need somebody to do something for a goal, like against Reading, against Dortmund, against Bayern and most recently in the FA cup. Lastly, tell them to expect more screamers from Giroud now that he has got that first one away.

Here is to Giroud and co terrorising defenses this season!


By Sensational Arsenal  @Madras_Periyar


Is Arsenal’s Squad Now Good Enough?

Today, in The Independent, and yesterday in The Telegraph they wrote that Arsenal have their best squad in 10 years. I would often disagree with the Torygraph’s line on all things related to Arsenal, but not this time.

We must have lost count nearly of how many times the club have had to rebuild the team since the end of the Invincible’s era. 3 captains gone in the last 4 years alone, yada yada. The Boss banked on a golden future of Cesc, Eduardo and Nasri, then on to Arshavin, JvC and Song. Instead we became a feeder club to City and Barcelona as greed and impatience festered in the ranks.

Despite all of these set backs, we have gradually built back up the quality of the squad; I think the signing of Santi Cazorla was the point where the fightback began. Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Mertesacker, Podolski and Giroud have been acquired around the same time. Only the hardcore loonies can still remain adamant that Arsenal had spare funds between 2008 – 2012 for more player purchases and higher wages to splash out on the very best available quality. Ironically they use vaguely quoted statements to support their arguments against Arsene Wenger and the board. Bottom line –  the Club didn’t have enough money.

What Arsenal haven’t been able to do until recently is developed significant strength in depth in the squad. As an example in the 2006-07 season Senderos made 25 appearances, Hoyte 26 and Traore 7. In the 2009-10 season Silvestre made 16 appearances, Eastmond 5 and Merida 4. Even in ’11-’12 we had players like Santos, Park and Chamakh filling out the squad. There was clearly too much secondary quality in the overall squad to be sustainable or truly competitive. Even with these grade of players, Arsenal were caught in a bind over wages to players who could threaten to get far more elsewhere from more recklessly spending clubs.

In the excellent book, The Numbers Game by Chris Anderson & David Sally* they have clearly demonstrated that the biggest improvements to a team’s performance over a football season comes from raising the standards of the average journeymen in the squad, rather than squeezing a few minor percentiles of perfection out of the top rated players, i.e. for every minor coaching tweak to get more assists or goal scoring from  the likes of an Ozil, – time and effort could be better spent trying to improve someone like the Squid’s defensive performances or whoever the boo boys think is this year’s Squid. (Gervinho, Jenkinson, Park, Nacho, Coquelain, – even Jack has been getting some stick this summer).

The book back’s-up this incredible assertion that making upgrades on the weakest links in the squad gives a higher boost to the overall team’s league performances  with some impressively hard data from many many EPL club games over several seasons, and further research from La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga. The data doesn’t lie. What is recommended is that the B team players should be of the best calibre we can get – either through in-club coaching to get the best out of the existing players (and Arsene Wenger has turned coal into diamonds many times) or by getting upgrades. Improving the B team results in improving the club’s overall performances. Fact.

The bringing through of more academy produced players has been tortuous – few have been able to survive at Premier League altitude: Serge Gnabry shows immense promise – but I also had high hopes for Eisfeld. I genuinely doubt Zelalem has the physique to challenge in EPL games, although reports on Dan Crowley’s progress are encouraging. It has been really unfortunate that for the last couple of season’s we haven’t had enough opportunities with extended cup-runs against lower league opposition to try out more of the youngsters more often. In fact I think the fans put so-much pressure on Wenger to end the trophy drought we haven’t been able to use the Cup games the way we used to. (remember when the fans were complaining about Arsene Wenger not taking them seriously enough?). The unfortunate consequence is that we have not had enough chances to show where the true talent is in the academy squad. Talent alone is often not enough for many, anyway.

So what is the bottom line?

First XI – Szczesny; Gibbs, Mertesacker, Kos, Debuchy; Arteta, Ramsey; Cazorla, Ozil, Alexis; Giroud

Second XI – Ospina; Monreal, AN Other(?), Chambers, Bellerin(?); Flamini, Wilshere; Podolski, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott; Sanogo

Extra Squad Players: Rosicky, Campbell, Gnabry, Diaby (players probably out on loan/sold would be Coquelin and Miyaichi)

It would appear that yet again Arsene Wenger has built a squad with a good age profile, skills and appetite for winning to serve Arsenal for years to come, I would also suggest that we are not likely to get in any players who would push anyone out of the First XI on a regular basis, so I can’t see the likes Khedira or Hummels willing to sit on a bench for 30 or so games in a season. We are never ever going to pay the crazy wages that the likes of the greedy Oligarchs can afford – so forget about the likes of Falcao or Cavani. There are potentially some natural slots in the squad for replacements coming up by next season because Arteta and Rosicky can’t play-on forever and the BFG’s pace will eventually recede to continental drift levels. 

If the Club could find a midfielder of Gilberto or Edu’s standard – I would be as happy as Larry, but I don’t see many of those around. I don’t really believe in a team that play like Arsenal having the need to use a pure defensive midfielder anymore – in fact I think it weakens our normal 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 formations – It is far better to have a more balanced and creative player [Arteta] in the middle of the park – but if he can tackle like a shithouse then that would be all the better. In the meantime I would say speed of thought is more important than brawn.

Ivan and the back-room wonks have been doing their job, thankfully more quietly and out of the public eye for a change, so no more silly boasts about spending money to please the baying mob – just concentrating on getting the sponsors money in and planning the investments wisely. That’s a lot better than can be said of our main domestic rivals; or Tottenham. September’s annual accounts shall be interesting reading – I expect Arsenal may be even richer these days than we think and more superstars will be on their way to N5 – Next Summer. In the meantime we can sit back and watch AOC developing into our next superstar this season, and let Gibbs continue to be the best LB in the league not to get picked for England.

The final line? – Arsene Wenger knows better than anyone how to select a squad for the club for the long term especially now we have the resources to avoid the weaker calibre of players, and our long term future is looking very rosy indeed.

*The Numbers Game: Why everything ou know about football is wrong, by Chris Anderson and David Sally

This post was submitted by Double Canister on Tuesday evening and follows neatly on from yesterday’s post.



Arsenal’s Strongest Ever Squad ?

The other night I tweeted this

“I’m going to stick my neck out here and say this is Arsenal’s strongest SQUAD ever.”

Of course my Time Lime was immediately swamped with mocking toddlers who were quick to tell me that I was deluded and the 04 team was better.

Clearly these people were unable to distinguish the difference between “squad” and “team” . Why was I not surprised ?

Before we go any further I should make it clear that I don’t think our current best eleven is better than that of the 04 team( Although I don’t think there is much in it).

“But we have only added Sanchez !” 

They say.

Well Yes. Since last May. Thats sort of true. if we say Debuchy= Sagne, Ospina= Fabianski and at a stretch Chambers=Vermaelen. (and conveniently forget Campbell).

However if we look at it over the last two years the squad is almost unrecognisable in terms of true quality.

In that two year period we have added Santi, Mesut and Sanchez . Those three are arguably considerably better than anyone at the club was, prior to Santi arriving.

There have been others like Podolski, Giroud and Monreal, but I think its fair to say we had players that were in the same class as them. I believe that Tomas is in the same class as  Santi, Mesut and Sanchez, but thats for another day.

We don’t however only have those three in the very top bracket though. Aaron Ramsey can stand shoulder to shoulder with any of them. We didn’t have this version of him two years ago

Then we have Koscielny. If there is a better central defender in the world, I haven’t seen him. I would not have said that two years ago.

Gibbs is now a really good leftback. Again much better than two years ago and the best we have had for at least since Cashley slunk across town.

Also its fair to say that AOC and Jack are much better than they were. Especially Jack as then he was out of the game totally.

Per and Giroud are also very much better than they were, having fully settled into the league.

Finally, Just look at what Szczesny has become compared to himself or Almunia two years ago. I believe he is the equal of any keeper in the country.

So,  Santi, Mesut, Sanchez, Aaron, Gibbs, Koscielny and Szczesny are massive improvements on what we had just two years ago. Then Per, Giroud, Jack , AOC and even Theo are also improvements to one degree or another.

We must take into account the improvement of our existing players when looking at the team, not simply the players we have signed.

Ospina, Bellerin, Chambers, Unsigned CB, Monreal, Flamini, Jack, Rosicky, AOC, Giroud, Podolski ! Swap Abou for anyone if you like, and that is our second string eleven. If anyone can list a second team that we have ever had that comes close to that, be my guest.

So I am convinced this is indeed our strongest ever squad.

By the way, we haven’t even finished shopping.


By pedantic george @Blackburngeorge.



Oh Lord, Arsenal May Have A Title Winning Team

After yesterday’s 3:0 thumping of the oilers of Manchester by the financially invigorated Arsenal, both the commercial media and the army of “wannabes” on twitter are having a hard time putting a spin on the event without losing hold of a comfortable narrative they already sewed.

Pre-game, the consensus was to grudgingly admit that Arsenal now had money to spend but they didn’t acquire the right players. These were the exact words of Robbie Earle, ex-pro, now doing punditry for NBC Sports Network in the US. According to experts like him, Arsenal had simply replaced Sagna with Debuchy, added a back-up right back with Calum Chambers and Alexis Sanchez is simply a luxury purchase who is not the big clinical central striker needed by the club.

Other pundits have a slightly different variation from the theme. Their spin is, it is good and well to spend on a striker but Arsenal will not win the title if they fail to bring in a “monster” defensive midfielder to sit in front of the back-four. Pointedly they claim Mikel Arteta is too old, slow and lightweight to do the job.  To support their argument they reprise with glee those big losses last season to Chelsea, Liverpool and City, conveniently glossing over the fact that Arteta didn’t play in the City game and that he was instrumental in helping the club win two of three games against Liverpool.

As usual Wenger and Mikel failed to read the script. After a masterful performance vs City, dominating as the deepest lying central-midfielder, our handsome Spaniard was named team captain for the 2014-15 season.

The table was therefore well set for the weekend’s narrative; should Arsenal win the game it would be inconsequential as it was pre-season and most of City’s top players were missing, and if we lost it would be further proof of our inability to beat any of the teams in the top-three which by the way was the only reason we failed to win the title last year, not the injuries to our top players i.e. Ramsey then Walcott.

Unfortunately for the pundits, they have a long track record of underestimating the modern Arsenal. Eighteen (18) years ago they ridiculed the appointment as manager of the bespectacled Frenchman with the famous headline by the Evening Standard “Arsene Who?” Before the 2002-03 season,  Arsene-Who had the temerity to suggest “Nobody will finish above us in the league. It wouldn’t surprise me if we were to go unbeaten for the whole of the season.” We all know how that went in 2003-04.

I would therefore suggest the best man to give a proper assessment of our performance is Wenger himself:

I felt we had a complete performance in the first half as long as we had the legs to sustain what we wanted to do. In the second half our togetherness and the third goal got us through. We defended well, we lost a bit more of the ball than in the first half and our movements were less fluent but we kept the spirit and organisation.

In terms of forecasting the season he opined:

I have more attacking options than I had for a long time – that’s for sure. Three, four, five years ago, every year we lost a big player. In the last two years, we added players like Ozil and this season like Alexis so of course that strengthens the squad. I am of course very ambitious but I’m a bit cautious because I have quite a good experience. I look around and see the other teams have strengthened as well so it will be interesting to watch the Premier League because it looks like all the big teams will be very strong.”

As for Crystal Palace:

To win today gives us a positive platform to prepare but now the Premier League starts and we have to start well at home because it’s a derby, it’s a very uncomfortable team [we face in Crystal Palace]. It will be a different kind of game as well.”

In terms of additional transfers:

“What it does in my head is [make me think that] Chambers is among the best three and if I can find another one I will do it. But to find another one of that quality will not be easy because… Vermaelen left us and had the choice between two massive clubs. That means these clubs have looked everywhere as well and that means it’s not easy to find.”

Can Wenger be any clearer?  How much more can the spin doctors, moaners and mischief makers cloudy the water as we enter into the new season. Stay tuned.

 Today’s post came from………………….well err…….. I don’t know actually……….he didn’t sign it!!!! .But I do thank him/her
  P.S. turns out the masked blogger was our very own  @shotta_gooner

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