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Thank You Arsenal 1st Team, We’re Moving On Up

  Arsenal 1st Team Arsenal Football Club Highbury House 75 Drayton Park LONDON N5 1BU  Hi Guys, I won’t be presumptuous. In the unlikely event any of you saw my open letter last week, either through the Arsenal media office or through your PR person, you may be aware that many of us Gooners have […]

Arsenal Versus Swansea: On The Tip Of The Tongue Of The Year

When I saw the pictures of the Arsenal training in wintry snow ahead of today’s trip to Swansea I confess to harbouring a certain sympathy for them. As my Scottish uncle used to say to me that snell wind makes everone fair jeelit. The sympathy has evaporated this morning as I sit in my frozen […]

Arsenal Versus Swansea: An Ugly Lovely Game

Ever wished you didn’t have a game to watch quite so soon? Usually I find a quick turn around to be the best medicine, get the stench of defeat out of the emotional laundry with the fresh breeze of a new fixture. Unfortunately I also like to spend a few days convincing myself that it […]

Can Arsenal Win The Title Without Giroud

Prologue The last time Olivier Giroud was injured playing football for the Arsenal was on August 23rd, 2014, and it happened after the Frenchman had scored a goal in the 89th minute to help the club cancel out two first half strikes by Everton. He made a seemingly routine challenge for a ball in the […]