Arsenal Flying, Enjoy It.

Hello lovely positives.

Another week of basking in the reflected glory of an exhilarating display from Arteta’s young guns. And enjoy it we should, the last 5 year seem to have been one disappointment after another. It’s not been a lot of fun, the odd little peak and some horrible troughs for a club of our stature.

Many on this site, not least of all yours truly, have been very critical of the direction the club was taking and Arteta has taken some severe stick. “The Process” has been questioned and mocked, the PR openly laughed at and the sails were set against Arteta. I don’t think any of the criticism was unfounded and I believe some very bad decisions were made. HOWEVER, it appears the ship has been well and truly turned around. Of course it’s early days, but fair is fair, we didn’t see this coming and we should be big enough to accept, despite the trips ups along the way, that Arteta has produced an exciting team that has the potential to improve a lot more. We must not become so fixed in our thinking that it stops us acknowledging improvement and enjoying the upturn. I personally don’t like Arteta, but I don’t have to like him for me to want him to succeed and get fully behind the team.

We’ve played 3 games, and although I wasn’t much impressed with the performance at Palace, the last two games have been a joy to watch. I don’t know about you but I’m going to enjoy the ride for however long it lasts.

Anyway, here is our latest podcast where we analyse the last game and look at what we can reasonably expect.

Pedantic George.

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60 comments on “Arsenal Flying, Enjoy It.

  1. Yes, Eddie does look rather impressive when he comes on


  2. Five wins from the first five games.
    You read it here on PA from Ian & others first.

    I guess because only Fulham from that list are in the top ten for the first form table (last five games) of the season Villa and Leicester not having a great start. Wishing Fulham the best for their trip to SpursWorld™️ on the wknd.

    Happy to see the team spinning moves up the pitch on a more regular rhythm. Don’t mean to add to the Saliba hype but the pass and move for the winner against Fulham reminded me of the attacking moves kicked off by a recent right sided centre half. It’s not a ludicrous comparison but to pull it off he’ll have to become a regular for his national team soon heh.


  3. So it looks like Ainsley has gone to the Saints and apparently we have put in a £20 million pound bid in for Villas Luiz. That seems quite cheep so a good deal on the face of it.
    What it means for Smith, Azeez and Patino is another question especially with Mikel’s dislike for our academy players.


  4. Having seen that foul on Saka in the area again, not only am I amazed it wasn’t a penalty but also surprised it wasn’t at least a yellow for Mings.


  5. Apparently you’re allowed to pick up players now or even tuck their heads under your arm.
    The old neck brace is completely legal but amazingly some pundits were saying we were lucky are they fucking sure.


  6. Tielemens playing for Leicester tonight so that’s the end of that bullshit.


  7. Azeez has joined Ibiza on loan


  8. That was without doubt a pen on Saka Foreverheady, but the ref, Robert Jones like most of the PGMOL, is male , white and from the north west, in his case, he is from Merseyside, perhaps he picked up on a little Scouse connection with Villa. He certainly officiated in such a manner
    Doesn’t explain VAR getting two key decisions, both against Arsenal, wrong


  9. What I love about VAR is how it exposes how the pgmob do not care about the sport.

    In their reality the Corinthian spirit is a nightmare that roams the earth whilst eating the eyeballs of it’s gullible victims – thanks to the writer Neil Gaimen for writing such an apt analogy I never knew that he was a fan of the Football (association), but then again reading the Damned Utd etc you can see that many great writers love the footy & not the panto and that explains why we great writers writing about the footy, Clough and the FA etc. whilst piss poor hacks like Barnaaaaay Mmmmmm Roonay serve up their gibberish in the sh*t rags incapable of calling out sh*t football or the sh*t heads that administer such sh*t.


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