Arsenal Unite to beat United

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Mohammed Elneny and Granit Xhaka were the foundation of Arsenal’s defeat of Manchester United according to Byso, @hawt_red, Blackburn George, @arseblagger, Ehab, @candymanchenk and yours truly  Shotta, @shotta_gooner in our match review. They all agree that the Top-4 race is now back in the hands of Arsenal.

As always we invite you to support our plain-speaking, uncensored point of view without the fake narratives that now dominate coverage of Arsenal in both mainstream and social media.

Pedantic George

13 comments on “Arsenal Unite to beat United

  1. Lol, the foundation of this victory was incredible luck, VAR and the useless referee.


  2. Another really enjoyable pod with the happiest compare around and three excellent analytical figures chipping in to complete a brilliant programme.
    The situation we find ourselves in is strange having just beaten chelski and manure we should be thinks we are invincible but actually we are still very fragile.
    Tavares is not good going forward, (really don’t understand where people are getting this myth from) he is awful going backwards the only thing he has is potential which is an attribute you could attach to a thousand youngsters.
    To say AA or even Hector are bad defensively is a cloud to hide how bad he is and the distance those players are in front of him is immense.
    I couldn’t agree with Byso’s rating for Oddegarrd, 8 is far to high. I have described his recent form as poor with a touch of class. His vision is excellent as is his execution of reverse passes however his slow release of the ball allowing him to be tackled often and the number of passes that seem to go astray means for a player of quality performances should be better and is definitely not an 8.
    George said that in a previous podcast he thought we would lose three games before the end of season however he could of had 50 guesses and he wouldn’t of got those three and we still have another 5 to go.
    Again people everywhere (including on the cast) are suggesting we are favourites, now we have just lost three games to mid-table sides, we have just won two games to goods sides who played badly and we still could have both and if we played the king’s head Sunday league team this weekend no same man would put his mortgage on us winning.
    I was talking to a Manc and a spud at work about two months ago and I said this season’s fourth place side would be the worst ever to qualify for the CL from England and nothing has changed my mind.
    To say any of these fragile, inconsistent flimsy sides is favourites for anything is a very bold statement.


  3. Could of lost both


  4. ‘It’s being so cheerful as keeps me going’, said Mrs Mopp in the darkest days.
    I’m choosing to imagine we’ll beat West Ham and Leeds while the Spuds drop two points to Leicester and three to Liverpool.
    It won’t happen like that but it’s good to dream!


  5. Nuno Tavares has potential is another one of those throw away lines, especially from those that like to pretend every Arteta signing has been a success. Nuno is 22, but is talked about like he is 17 or 18. He has the physique and speed to be a very good footballer, but so far he has not shown that he has any idea of really understanding the game. So what level has he the potential to get to, and how long will it take. Maybe it will click with him, maybe I’m missing what others can see in him. If so please feel free to enlighten me.

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  6. Reading other blogs,incredibly the- Arteta still needs more of his own players line continues to be peddled.This despite ALL of our better players at the moment,Xhaka,Elneny,Eddie, the other Hale end kids,even Martinelli,not being Arteta signings.

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  7. Eduardo: I would say that Tavares is still very young in terms of experience as he didn’t play that much for Benfica. He was a ‘relatively’ cheap signing, presumably mainly as cover for Tierney but also with some prospect of development given his physical attributes. A sort of defensive Sanogo type maybe? This is a very cynical view, of course, but new signings often take a while to get used to whatever training and supplement regimes are put in place for them, so I’m not giving up on him yet, especially as defenders can often take longer to mature. However, I would also point out that given Tierney’s injury profile left back is an area I believe needs strengthening for next season.


  8. Tim, I would imagine both Leicester and West ham will rest players because of their European exploits so you would expect both us and the spuds to take advantage however given both clubs fragilities nothing is guaranteed.
    Leeds will be happy with a point so will want to frustrate us so first goal will obviously be very important especially as we have not done well against teams with that set up recently.


  9. We have spent alot of money at left back so strengthening again without either getting rid of one of our main two would be foolish.
    If we decide next season that Nuno will not come good then Cedric should be the cover and youth players should be given their chance early in the season to give us options. This has obviously been a major failing so far for Mikel.


  10. Klopp, never missing an opportunity to put the boot in to ARSENAL describing Unai as “world class” how embarrassing.


  11. Thanks Ian – I’d forgotten that Leicester were still involved. That’s a shame!

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  12. Ok I’ve watched the podcast where’s the new post.


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