Arteta And The Arsenal Are In Big Trouble

After post Covid-19 defeats to Manchester City and Brighton, Arteta and the Arsenal team are in big trouble and face a gloomy future. Tune-in to the latest podcast by Shotta and Backburn George aka the Arseblagger.

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  1. afcstuff
    Arsenal discipline ranking in the Premier League so far this season (after 30 games):

    14th most tackles (477 tackles)
    9th most fouls committed
    1st in most yellow cards (65 yellow cards)
    1st in most red cards (4 red cards)


  2. so we have to extend any loan players deals this week if we want to keep them for rest of the season


  3. the players we have to get extension deals with would be David Luiz, Cedric Soares, Pablo Mari and Dani Ceballos, although Mari is out for rest of the season, seems deals have to be done by tomorrow for EPL


  4. Keenos
    On average this season, an Arsenal player is booked every 4.97 tackles

    Leicester commit 10 fouls per booking
    Liverpool 9 fouls per booking

    Spurs (4.97) & Bournemouth (4.7) the only clubs who get booked more per foul than Arsenal


  5. Spurs equal to us! that surprises me, always thought they got away with a lot, but perhaps thats selective bias, or maybe based on when they play us.
    Liverpool and Leicester, no surprise. We know the hold Liverpool have over the media PGMOL, the brand and EPL/FA, but just what is it with Leicester?
    On another note, seems no further action against Guen


  6. mandy there is a difference to getting booked at same rate per foul, and actually getting called for fouls


  7. Orbinho
    Arsenal earn a card on average for every 4.4 fouls.

    For Liverpool that’s one per 8.5 fouls

    Man Utd 5.9
    Chelsea 5.7
    City 5.0
    Spurs 4.7

    Our opponents get cards for every 5.6 fouls they commit against us

    Liverpool 6.3
    Man Utd 5.0
    City 4.9
    Spurs 5.2
    Chelsea 4.6


  8. reports that tomorrow we will announce the permanent signing of Mari


  9. Arsènic™
    Flamengo’s VP: “Pablo has been sold. We know he suffered an unfortunate injury, but the case is closed. At the right time, the figures of this transfer will appear on our balance sheets”

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  10. STATEMENT: “Burnley strongly condemns actions of those responsible for aircraft and offensive banner. We apologise unreservedly to the Premier League, Manchester City and all those helping to promote Black Lives Matter.”


  11. Man City 5 Burnley 0 (so far)


  12. It had certainly happened when Sven slammed the door on his way out saying in public that people with a specific policy or policies not relative to the Football pitch were running the club.

    I remember the silence of the bloggers that day.


  13. As long as Raul is at the club the club is quite simply D**Med*

    *I think Torreira is the only DM in the squad? and with him and Xhaka out no surprise shades of the early season have returned with Guendouzi in at the Fulcrum. It’s like watching a puddle of treacle get confused.

    AMN might be rusty for a few games, heavy touches etc but surely he’s got to be better shot in there? Shame if he’s sulked his way out of a chance at this moment.

    I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of Mari. Luiz hadn’t played football for two years. Never a smart signing (Josh must really like Raul?) I almost don’t blame him for being unfit to play both physically and mentally the other day.

    Great to hear you guys makes the pain of this debacle at the club and the fools that enabled it mildly easier to bear.


  14. Either Guendouzi has given a little gift to the hate machine against us, or, as usual, it’s bullshit.

    Truly dumb if he was going around taunting them about wages and calling them shit, but I don’t see any reason to take word of some twatty Mail writer, who seems to make a living mostly from negative articles about us, as part of a wider landscape full of negativity against us, nearly all of it distorted or false.


  15. Truly staggering that after yet another incident of us losing a player to a serious injury from a clear foul which ref chose to ignore…before the 90 minutes was out the story had shifted to be predominantly about our poor behaviour, character faults, etc, and has kept going that way.

    On Sat, I responded to a Motd tweet, which was joking about Maupay and Guendouzi, firmly on side of former. Leno will only be feeling his way back in a year’s time if it’s his cruciate, and they are using stupid emojis (the eyes to side one) about incidents directly related to it.


  16. Arsenal’s James Olayinka helped Northampton turn around a 2-0 home first leg loss to beat Cheltenham 3-0 in the second leg to reach the League 2 play off final

    They will play Exeter in the final who won 3-1 after extra time, having lost the first leg to Colchester from a goal by ex Arsenal player Cohen Bramall


  17. Anyway, I got more responses to it than anything I’ve ever tweeted. The moronic shite rained on me for more than 24 hours, all the cliches- soft, get a grip, moaners, play victims, can’t accept defeat, maybe should look at training/fitness staff.

    All of it left me with the impression that these incidents are, as a result of way handled, and all of the stuff of the past, fuel for the next one. The football world ends up with a worse impression of us, less sympathy, more antipathy…as a result of our player getting a bad injury from a cheap shot.

    Now this story about Guendouzi. Club need to establish truth quickly. Sort him out if he has given them this gift, or if it’s yet more bollocks, for fucks sake get on the offensive for once and do something. Because it’s fuel for sure.


  18. rich well re guendouzi, it was Maupay who in his after game interview that suggested that an Arsenal player was “arrogant” and giving it the billy big bollox during the second half, and especially after we took the lead.


  19. Yeah, given Maupay did what he did and then wasn’t man enough to tell truth after (none of them do but still have to look unfavourably on it) I’m not for taking his word about whatever was said between him and Guendouzi. And as for Sami Mokbel writing in Mail…another no.

    Even for those who are no fans of Guendouzi as player and anything else, don’t think we as fans should fail to give our guy provisional benefit of doubt. After all in Neville and English football’s narrative our players mouthing off and not liking being tackled is a between the lines reason for, and justification of, us being targeted physically. That was bullshit and I reckon the stuff with Matteo mouthing off is half the story at best.


  20. James Benge@jamesbenge
    It’s 285 days since an Arsenal player agreed a new contract (not including Arsenal activating one year extension options).

    fucking Ivan Gazidis

    fucking Dick Laws

    fucking Arsene Wenger

    what, what, what you mean they’re not here any more


  21. reports suggest that along with signing Mari full time Arsenal are signing Cedric Soares on a 3 year Bosman deal.

    Mari played 2 games pre his injury, and Cedric has not played for us yet, but its said Arteta has been highly impressed by both in training and so wanted both deals done.


  22. rumor that Leno injury not near as bad as first thought, no ligament tear, so will miss only 6 weeks


  23. Please find the latest team news update from our medical team ahead of our match at Southampton on Thursday.

    Bernd Leno
    Right knee. Positive news after detailed assessments. Sustained moderate ligament sprain during Brighton & Hove (a) on Saturday. Aiming to return to full training in four to six weeks.

    Granit Xhaka
    Back in full training from sprained right ankle sustained during Manchester City (a).

    Back in full training following mild strain to right thigh.

    David Luiz
    Suspended. Serving second match of two-match ban after red card during Manchester City (a). David received a one-match ban for the offence, with another match being added due to it being his second red card of the season.

    Pablo Mari
    Left ankle. Sustained significant sprain to ankle ligaments during Manchester City (a) on Wednesday. Further assessments and specialist consultations to take place in forthcoming days to establish recovery programme. Likely to return to action in two to three months.

    Gabriel Martinelli
    Left knee. Sustained cartilage injury during training on Sunday. Further assessments and tests to take place in forthcoming days.

    Cedric Soares
    Integrating back into full training following facial injury. Successful procedure has taken place further to nasal fracture sustained in training. Aiming to be available for selection after Sheffield United (a).

    Lucas Torreira
    Right ankle. Sustained fracture to right ankle during Portsmouth (a) on March 2. Progressing well and aiming to return to full training in the next two to three weeks.

    Calum Chambers
    Left knee. Ruptured anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee during Chelsea (h) on 29 December. Rehabilitation post-surgical repair continuing and currently progressing well with running and gym work. Will not be available for proposed schedule of remaining 2019/20 matches.

    As part of Premier League protocol, all members of our first team squad and support staff continue to be regularly tested for COVID-19.

    Copyright 2020 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  24. There was a lot for Mikel Arteta to get through in his pre-match press conference on Tuesday evening.

    Our head coach discussed the trip to Southampton, the fitness of some key players, the job he is facing and more.

    Read on for a full transcript:

    on positive news on Bernd Leno…
    Well we thought it was going to be a more significant injury, we don’t know the extent of the injury still but at least we know the cruciate ligaments are not damaged. That was the biggest fear at the start. He was more positive and in less pain today so that’s good news.

    on whether Sokratis and Xhaka could be in contention for Thursday…
    Well, we don’t know yet – they haven’t trained fully with the team yet. Let’s see how they are tomorrow and if they can be involved in any way with the squad. But they are not yet ready.

    on Southampton’s strengths…
    They are a very German side. A manager who has the team into pressing mode, they are really aggressive, really good on the counter-press, really good on the transition, they know what they’re doing and they all seem very committed to him. A very dangerous team.

    on whether he is getting a sense of how big the job is…
    I knew that the challenge was going to be big, but to be fair a lot of things have happened since I joined. This is what we have, a lot of complications in the last few weeks internally in terms of the injuries as well, but we have to deal with this. I think the most difficult thing to buy in football is time. I strongly believe in what we are trying to do, medium term I know that it is going to work, but right now we need results and we need to perform to win football matches. That is what we have to be focused on.

    on Gary Neville’s comments about overhauling the defence…
    At the moment we cannot do anything, at the moment we are playing with the players that we have. My job is to make them as good as possible. They are players that kept a lot of clean sheets under me, that were undefeated for 12 games and they did really well, so I don’t like to [just focus on it] when they lose. I know overall where we can strengthen the team, but as well that we have some players who are very valuable, that have been performing under me really well and I trust them.

    on whether he has spoken to Matteo Guendouzi…
    My job is to make sure that we all behave in relation to the shirt that we wear. What happens on the pitch, I played for 17 years and it stays on the pitch because you can mould and change in words and context very easily and you shouldn’t be doing that at all. But obviously we showed frustration. In a way I like it, because it means that we care about losing and we don’t accept any defeats. But I like that reaction earlier rather than after football games.

    on what more he wants to see on Thursday…
    I think they are really willing and they are trying really hard, and I was really upset because when I was talking about competing it is for 100 minutes, now these types of games have water breaks and the amount of changes with substitutions that you can make, so you have to keep focus. I hate losing, but I hate giving games away when they are under control and you deserve to win them. So it is about that edge,, the way they run, the way they press, the way they care, it is completely changed and I am satisfied with that. We have done more than enough to win that game, but at the end of the day in the Premier League, at this level, if you give something to the opponent in some moments, it is going to be difficult to win football games in a row.

    on whether he thinks the team can finish in the top four…
    We will see the reaction now. When you are winning two or three games in a row, it’s easy, when you lose one it becomes a little bit more difficult. When you lose two in a row, two very different games that are completely different to asses, I want to see that reaction and how much they want it and how they’re going to react as a team as well as how they’re going to react as individuals and go for it.

    on the confidence of the squad at the moment…
    It’s not about the confidence, it’s about being upset and when you know that it has been your fault to lose a game. I think it helps much more. I see the players willing to get back on Thursday and transform this into a win and everything will be looking much, much better. But at the same time, as a group we have to be dealing with this situation and throughout the season you’re going to lose one or two games on the trot, but it will be how do you react.

    on Emi Martinez…
    He’s been very patient for a lot of years, waiting for this opportunity. Now it’s in his hands. He needs to enjoy it. He needs to take it, enjoy it, make the most out of it and help the team when he really needs to. That’s what he is here for.

    on Southampton…
    I know it’s a really difficult ground to go to there. I explained what the qualities of Southampton are and I agree with you, they are a really dangerous team. They have no fear, they go for it and they really believe in what they do and they compete really, really well. We have to be ready and I’m sure on Thursday we will be ready.

    on whether he will use this season to outline his vision for the future…
    I knew since I joined what I was jumping into. The past few seasons, what happened, I knew it wasn’t a coincidence. So I could’ve sat back and waited to see if the opportunity was still there in the summer, or I could use this time as well to start the process that I want and to start to see where the changes that have to be made are. A lot of things have already changed at the club and are in evolution to change, even results and energy was changing just before the coronavirus. I cannot control everything. Now I don’t have them in my hands as much as I would like during the day, because they are in and out, in and out and that is obviously not ideal for what we need as a team and as a club. But again, it’s not an excuse. We are here to win football games and that’s my responsibility. I take it fully. But we are assessing a lot of things to make a very clear picture of what is going to take us to the next level, because right now is not enough.

    on whether he’s hoping there may be less coronavirus restrictions by next season…
    Well, hopefully yes, we can provide them a safe environment which is the most important thing. Of course we are willing, not just myself but all the managers and clubs in the world, it’s the same with the fans and how different the games are. You notice it in the rhythm and how you are competing, the quality of the game, it’s miles away from what it was. But we are living in a unique situation and it’s what we have.

    on Martinelli’s injury…
    Yeah, we had some really bad news again yesterday. In training in the last action he got hit by another player and he’s damaged his knee. The doctor is assessing the extent of the injury, but it’s not looking good at all. We don’t know (how long he’s going to be out for), but it’s looking like months.

    on whether he can put our bad run of injuries down to anything…
    Well, if two players (collide) with each other or what happened with Pablo on his own, and a lot we’ve had in recent months, they’re not muscular injuries. They are more traumatic injuries, but again, we’ve been really unlucky with that and we’re going to have to deal with it.

    on David Luiz, Cedric, Ceballos and Mari…
    Yeah, it’s very complicated with the timing of it and some of the legal issues that are involved with that. The club is trying to finalise everything in the next few hours and we have no choice, we have to do it and even more with all the injuries we’ve had. We are trying to resolve this.

    on whether he’s confident that we can keep all of them…
    I’m confident that we can do it. I hope so.

    on whether missing out on European football could benefit us in the long run…
    I don’t know, I’m telling that I’m going to try to win the rest of the games, that’s for sure. I don’t want look any more behind than that. We have some examples that it helped them in difficult situations when they were involved with the clubs, but it doesn’t give you any guarantees. I want to win football games and I want to play in Europe next year. This is what this club has to be doing and it’s our responsibility to try to do that.

    on Pablo Mari’s current situation…
    Well, we’ve been trying to get the deal done because we were happy with what Pablo can bring to us and the club were trying to finalise the deal. I think the club will announce that as quick as possible when everything is sorted. There were some legal issues that needed to get done, but our intention is to keep him.

    on whether he hopes to secure him on a permanent transfer…

    on the financial difficulties that could arise in the summer…
    At the moment, just to predict what is going to happen in the transfer window is impossible. You can see one or two clubs doing these sorts of deals, but the rest is really, really quiet. As I told you, we have to assess the financial situation that we have, and as well the results and where we finish in the season will dictate whether we have a narrow gap or a bigger gap to do any deals. I think we are going to have to wait another four to six weeks to see what we are able to do.

    on whether he hopes to sign Cedric on a permanent basis…
    It was the plan from the start. He’s been so, so unlucky because he was injured when he joined and then he had a fracture in his nose. He hasn’t played at all for us, but again, we think he’s a player that will improve and will help the squad depth. Hopefully we can do it.

    Copyright 2020 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

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  25. I people on twitter are losing their shit cos Arteta has confirmed that it was always the plan to sign both Mari and Cedric on permanent deals. Also so many up in arms cos we are looking to keep David Luiz and Ceballos for rest of the season, if not longer. So much for the we care do you idiots


  26. media reporting that David Luiz has agreed a new one year contract with Arsenal


  27. Arsenal Fixture News
    · 4h
    Arsenal are looking at touring Scotland and Ireland in late August, early September as part of 2020/21 pre-season preparations.

    Hopefully we will be allowed to travel and attend.


  28. Every thing about Arteta seems impressive, to me at least. Cannot believe the bad luck he has experienced since he arrived as manager ( some of the “ bad luck” has been PGMOL inflicted for course) but if he can come through this, the strength and experience it will give him might help him in his managerial career.
    If he ends up as special as I think he might, hope it is with us rather another team with
    the idiots hounding him out. Though, by the time the crowds are back, hopefully things will have improved, players will be back, fit, and youngsters will have gained experience.
    If he can make the slightest improvement with the handicaps put his way this season, he is quite something.

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  29. great to see that 18 year old goalie Arthur Okonkwo is finally back in training with Arsenal. He has missed all season so far for “personal reasons”,
    He was extremely highly rated a year ago, it will be interesting to see how quickly he can get back to his best and if he can fulfill his big potential.


  30. David Ornstein@David_Ornstein

    Hearing Arsenal have signed:

    David Luiz to a 1-year contract

    Cedric Soares to a 4-year contract

    Pablo Mari to a 4-year contract

    The defenders will be part of Mikel Arteta’s rebuilding job at #AFC


  31. Cedric 4yr deal, Mari 4 yr deal, David Luiz 1 yr deal

    if these are what Arteta wanted done, & by everything Arteta has had to say in recent weeks, they are, then fine, we have to back his judgement. MA has stated how these players have bought into & suit what he is trying to do

    those 3 deals would be for a maximum of less than £10M in transfer fees, all for Mari, if funds are restricted then surely these are the sort of deals we need to do if we want to be in with a chance of a Partey type £50M transfer

    of course these deals will see, and is seeing the FM type fan who demands 10 to15 signings, nearly all for massive fees, go into meltdown.

    all we need now to make them explode is for contract extensions to Ozil, Xhaka and Mustafi, now wouldn’t that be fantastic.


  32. Damn, thought this would be the summer we finally snared Chris Samba

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  33. yeah mandy, and William Carvalho

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  34. With Arsenal sitting 10th and expected to slide further may I dare to ask the idiot WOBS did they get what they wished for?

    I sincerely hope Arteta to come good but the WOBS who thought they know football more than Wenger now have no place to hide.
    They look fools now when they say we were so bad under Wenger and Wenger is responsible for this mess. But they don’t have any evidence to prove. Wenger’s record of 2 decades speaks for itself. And even his worst year when the players had switched off were far better than where AFC stands today. So the idiot WOBS at AFTV Legroan etc can shut there mouths and switch off for good.

    Let me say once again

    Positively Arsenal has been vindicated


  35. Arsenal are really poor at PR, the four contract extensions announced – David Luiz, Mair, Cedric and Ceballos – was always going to cause the hissy fit brigade into meltdown, so AFC really needed to have a deal done with one of PEA or Saka and announce it as part of these announcements.

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  36. We are delighted to confirm that defenders David Luiz, Pablo Mari and Cedric Soares have agreed contracts to stay with us beyond the end of this season.

    In addition midfielder Dani Ceballos has extended his loan from Real Madrid until the end of the current 2019/20 season.

    David Luiz, who signed from Chelsea last summer, has agreed a new one-year deal. Pablo will complete his formal move from Flamengo on a long-term deal when the transfer window opens next month. Cedric will also join us permanently on a long-term deal from Southampton.

    Technical director Edu said: “I am really happy that we will have these players in our squad for the future. They have been part of the long-term technical plan Mikel and I have developed. They bring the right balance to our squad.

    “David is a really important player for us. He has played most of our matches this season and has been important for the team. His passing, his communication with the team on and off the pitch. He helps everyone.

    “With Pablo we’re all disappointed he got injured at Manchester City. Since Mikel arrived here he was asking for a central defender who was left-footed. We were really pleased with Pablo – his behaviour, the way he is training, his mentality and his quality. Unfortunately, he has that injury but of course we are really happy to keep him for the future.

    “Cedric is also going to be an important player. He has been unlucky with the injuries but he is close to being ready and gives us more strength in the right-back position. We’re also pleased Dani will finish the season here. He is making a good contribution and we look forward to him having a strong finish to the season.”

    The deals are subject to the completion of regulatory processes.

    Copyright 2020 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  37. That little speech smacks a bit of Piffle Johnson’s apparent success one


  38. Sam Dean
    FA documents show that, from February 1 2019 to January 31 2020, Arsenal paid around £13.5m to intermediaries.

    That’s considerably less than Liverpool (£30m), Man City (£29m) Man United (£27.5m) & Chelsea (£26m). Also less than Everton (£17m) & Leicester (£15m).


  39. re agent fees, didn’t Amy Lawerence claim the David Luiz deal alone set us back £12M in agent fees, seems she is the spoof I always said she was.


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