Arsenal Refuse To Lose

In this latest podcast, yours truly Shotta and Blackburn George, the Arseblagger, analyze Arsenal’s magnificent draw at Chelsea. The Gunners refuse to lose, repaying the faith manager Mikel Arteta placed in the team after they went down to 10-men, when he declined to make any immediate substitution.

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18 comments on “Arsenal Refuse To Lose

  1. Spot on. I love the realistic ambitions for this club and this team at the moment.
    In the future with the same manager some investment and some astute buys, who knows?
    Keep the faith.


  2. Apparently were in talks with Pablo Mari


  3. Without wishing to be disrespectful to a man who may wear the shirt, but Pablo who?


  4. Mandy everyone knows(well once the look up his wiki page) he is a 26 year old Spanish CB who plays for Flamengo, who he joined last summer from Man City, where he spent his entire 3 seasons as a city player out on loan, at Girona, then NAC Breda where he was captain, and then at Deportivo De La Coruna


  5. reports from Brazil is that we are signing Mari on loan for €4 with another €4M to be paid in the summer if we want to sign him full time. That is roughly a total of £6.7M


  6. now the Flamengo President says the deal for Pablo Marí is not a loan, it’s a permanent deal.
    possibly £7.5M fee

    There is video of Mari and Edu going through Heatrow Airport and when he was asked if he was excited to be joining Arsenal he said “of course yes”


  7. I see Arsenal have got Martin Atkinson as Ref on Monday, with Mike Dean on VAR, what could possibly go wrong

    its unbelievable how often we get the same few refs.


  8. Yes, of course I have looked him up Eduardo, but have never heard of him before all this, hence the “ who”
    Quite a left of field signing assuming he passes his medical, and none of the press have linked us with him until very recently , or at least to my knowledge, I get a childish pleasure when the club wrongfoot the media for some reason.
    Sounds like some super agents involvement, but hope he proves even a fraction as effective as the last player edu bought over from Brazil


  9. Atkinson and Dean again, FFs, how many times have we had one or both of them this season?


  10. Mandy I was taking the piss, was just having a little giggle at all the twitter experts who have either deemed him best thing since sliced bread, or the worse CB in the history of the game, without a damn one of them ever knowingly having seen the guy play.


  11. Gruesome twosome back in harness again. Presumably that signals assessors were happy with their Pepe decision the other day.

    Don’t know how many times they’ve done our games. Was a ridiculously high percentage up to about 12 games, then tailed off I think. Let’s hope this isn’t start of another batch of those two or Oliver almost every game.


  12. Thoroughly deserved piss taking Eduardo!
    Assuming nobody leaves, and this dude arrives, we are pretty well stocked at the back, Luiz, Sok, holding, Mustafi, and our new superstar CD, Mr Xhaka


  13. anyone see the nonsense of a club being formed called Dial Square, the name Arsenal FC were first founded under,

    well it might be of interest to some that the guy behind this, in 2014 set up Addlestone United FC
    then in 2016 he became a director of Camberley Town FC. but resigned in 2017
    now 2020 he sets up Dial Square and wants gullible fans to buy shares in it, but from what I can garner, only a tiny %, that is unless someone is prepared to make him a sizeable offer for more shares.

    by the way this disillusioned Arsenal fan it seems is setting up this New Arsenal FC, cos he is fed up with the poor atmosphere in Club Level at the Emirates.

    If it looks like a scam, and money is involved, then its normally a scam, so I call this Dial Square FC, a scam, but I’m sure there will be enough idiots out there to part with their money and make Mr Stuart Morgan a bit of money.


  14. You’re a sleuth Ed. I thought it sounded so daft beforehand I could barely work up a reaction to it. Utd’s version was at least powered by visceral disgust at someone buying the club by putting hundreds of millions of debt on it, if I remember right. This nonsense, from the brief glance I had at it, doesn’t have that.

    I figured he’d struggle to get more than 20 people properly interested in it for any length of time.


  15. Really hope Nketiah gets start tomorrow, especially if talk of him only having year and a half on contact is correct. On transfer market they have it as summer of 2022, so hopefully that’s right.

    Just think if he doesn’t get many minutes with Auba out chances aren’t too high of getting many in rest of season. Figure he’ll not be happy player, and will have no interest in contract extension, if that’s case.


  16. Wow… that’s Yogi of ACLF… hmmn… really sad


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