Save By Moments Of Individual Brilliance-Again




Good morning all.

Since Pepe managed to hit two absolutely glorious free kicks,to steal a result last night ,I’ve been agonising over whether to write this blog. Because it will basically be like every blog I’ve written for months. The story is the same, poor football and bailed out by a moment of individual brilliance. It’s all depressingly familiar.

We played against a team from Portugal, that lost last week in the cup to a third division team of semi professionals and they came to our ground without a point or a goal in the Europa League. And guess what? For 75 minutes they were better than us, on our own ground.

The positives are two dead ball strikes and Matteo running with the ball. I should be cock-a-hoop at turning a game around and getting a victory. That is the emotion I want to feel, but I don’t. I’m depressed by our play and the thought of watching the same thing over and over and over.

Everything I loved and admired about Arsenal seems, just like Mesut,to be fading into the background and taking my joy of supporting with it.

I feel genuine anger towards Emery, and that in itself is irrational. I’m honestly lost, I don’t know where to go.

I feel that I should take a step back, do myself a favour, and take up knitting or something, because this is horrible and worse of all, I think the worst is yet to come.

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  1. Boo-hoo! Snowflake.


  2. Just wanted to post this on the last blog and your comment that review is up. Anyhoo…

    Has Emery been put on notice?

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  3. That would not surprise me at all, not my choice but surely better than Jose lite

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  4. The cup games have been our pride this season but that was such a difficult game to watch. I for one think Roy will look at that, our previous game at Sheffield, and feel encouraged that this is a very good time to play Arsenal at the Emirates.

    I got a feeling though, from Emery’s defensive demeanor in his last presser, that he got pulled aside by either Edu or Raul and they expressed their concerns. His (non) reaction at Pépé’s winning goal too was very out of character for him. And I don’t think Emery got it in him to get us out of whatever funk we are in, not with his record at his previous clubs because. Because this was usually the start of the end for him.

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  5. I am officially done with the club if they sign Jose as manager.

    Just shows the people now in charge have wasted the work, effort and values of those that came before. Its not just the last 20 yrs but prior to that. Arsenal have always been a classy club and does not deserve to be dragged thru the gutter by the new regime.

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  6. First the positives from the game. Pepe, stating the obvious, like others, get the feeling he will be special, Guendouzi, and dont forget Martinelli, really impressed by them, Tierney looking like he will be a very useful player but needs time to bed in, Hector getting up to speed at a rapid rate.
    Others looked tired, a bit out of sorts, or not quite ready-eg Lacca, who was a little naughty, but we know what he can do. A bit of a group unfamiliar with each other up against limited, but well drilled opposition.
    But genius prevailed in the end, that and throwing the kitchen sink at them in the final stages, a true North London trait it seems these days. The team came alive on Pepes arrival, so did the fans, nothing like a new hero to lift the spirits.
    As for Ozil, the word baffled is the only one I can use, dont even want to mention too much about something I just dont get. One of my friends at the game last night is convinced something happened in Baku to..even more.. fatally damage his relationship with the manager, but I would go back further than that.
    As for Emery, just dont understand him. Every instinct tells me to back and give time to an Arsenal manager, knowing the hostility they face from all quarters, PGMOL, media, fans, Spurs/Scouse pundits, rent a gob ex players, but there is clearly something very wrong. In my section at least, those half time boos were for Emery, not the players.
    I dont think Emery is a bad manager/coach, his record is decent if not spectacular, but suspect he might be the wrong man, at the wrong club, in the wrong league, at the wrong time. There is also too much coming out to ignore the possibility of communication problems, as unlikely as that would sound in this day and age, must admit, I dont understand what he is saying in interviews most of the time, and not because English is not his mother tongue.
    I suspect the increasingly obvious that Emery is going to have to improve things very quickly , or be gone, thats if he is even able to improve things. An Ozil PR war, key players apparently liking his posts, youngsters praising Freddie, Rauls thinly veiled threats on finishing in the top four, players openly talking about not really understanding him or his methods, now it seems Raul inviting Jose to the game!!- in isolation, these mean little, but in current context and when put together, can only conclude a manager under a lot of pressure. These things are not all happening by accident.
    But Emery, or not, the good news, even from this season, and what we saw last night,we have some incredibly exciting players. Just hope that if Emerys time is drawing to a close, they chose someone who will harness the talent in this squad, or just set it free. The fans went home much happier for seeing that approach at the end. The players looked pretty pleased as well.

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  7. It’s not just you, I’ve found myself in recent matches hating myself for actually part wanting us to lose just so Emery is sacked.

    I never want Arsenal to lose, but since last April there has been no enjoyment in watching our football, its slow, predictable, lack creativity and we are still a shambles at the back. There is no feeling that we are building towards some grand tactical masterpiece like early Klopp or Pep teams, and no understanding at all as to our team selections or why Emery seems to hate Ozil (he’s inconsistent yes, and was over indulged, but come on he would still help us in many matches even of it was from the bench.)

    I genuinely dislike Emery, I don’t think he is a good coach or man manager, and I think he will damage the club and the players if he stays. He’s only still in a job due to Auba and moments like last night from pepe.

    I hope he goes soon, and if it means we lose a few matches for that to happen so that we can get some enjoyment and excitement back into watching Arsenal then so be it!


  8. Thanks for doing it George, it keeps things flowing and moving at PA. Cheers!

    “I feel genuine anger towards Emery, and that in itself is irrational. I’m honestly lost, I don’t know where to go.
    I feel that I should take a step back, do myself a favour, and take up knitting or something, because this is horrible and worse of all, I think the worst is yet to come.”

    Its not irrational. Theres a psychological grading system of emotions and anger is the way out of depression, its the next step up. We’re in the same dinghy with you mate. But lets all be glad that we’re not in the ship of fools that the Wob built. Its fkin sinking!

    We have to stay Positive underneath, but just call it like it is.

    Trouble is that as I started listening to the game last night, I nipped off to make a quick peanut butter sandwich and came back to see the absurdity that we were losing…and started laughing. Not very amusing!

    I think we will beat the Smeagles, but Im glad its not at the Nest as we would lose that one.

    Lets hope Pepé can start doin the biz with Auba, if only öööööööööööööööö was doing the supplies! Guen working hard is nothing compared to a ball player creator like the ööööööööööööööö. ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ you are awful!

    Heres a joke, lets hope it gives a more laughs…

    A woman is studying to become a sex therapist, but she’s often found not listening to her teacher who at this minute is explaining to the group that the arsehole starts twitching and moving when orgasm is achieved. The female teacher looks over at the student as she not paying attention, and instead is looking at her phone and says in anger : ” can you pay attention please and can you tell me what is it that your arsehole does while your having sex?”
    “he’s out watching Tottenham play”

    Cheers again George. Got to keep on and see it through.

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  9. I feel genuine anger towards Emery, and that in itself is irrational. I’m honestly lost, I don’t know where to go.
    I feel that I should take a step back, do myself a favour, and take up knitting or something, because this is horrible and worse of all, I think the worst is yet to come……

    Been feeling like this for a while blogs to be fair. I have tried to look only at positives and think of the players as it is not their fault really but the fact that i feel agitated now when i think of Arsenal, emery’s teeth, the next game or previous performance and tactics, Ozil, Ramsey, Carzola and all the players sold, emery press conferences, the fans praising emery for very little (well thats changing) (i can go on for a while but i will stop) i have now stopped watching our games to spare my sanity and mood. Will look out for the results and i may watch one here and there but the days where i set time off to watch my beloved team play has ended.

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  10. George it is not irrational to be angry to witness someone out of their depth trash the reputation of the Arsenal because you love the club, beacause they have tried and failed to hound out of the club a great player in the history of the club . If they’d succeeded it’d be a different story but they’ve been trying and FAILING with what they’ve been trying to do on AND off the pitch for over 12 months now.

    Laural & Hardy > Raul & Emery

    Emery is not a coach and not worth even expanding the anger upon. He’s not subbing on Suarez ahead of Ozil, that is not the decision of a man who cannot even explainbhe’s been told to that. And he’s been told to do that by his puppeteer because he is not a coach.
    As long as Raul is at the club, bearing in my his record and damage to Barcelona, then the club’s standing and status in the world of Football fan will diminish and what kind of football fan who follows the great institution that is the Arsenal not be angry at that.

    How could any lover of the Arsenal not be angry at seeing the club abused by a pair of bullshitting chancers & glorified laundrymen.

    I wrote here weeks ago when Billy Big Blagger was screaming “I like Raul” that Emery had lost The Support, which explains the sudden 18@ from the fake fools. and Emery had lost th support for the obvious reasons above.

    Bullshitting Blaggers and bullshitters masquerading as Football Coaches, they may own lots of space online but that doesn’t necessarily reflect the reality!

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  11. As a very experienced coach I can assure you it is easy to see if a coach knows what he is doing, and saying.

    Just watch a number of games and it becomes obvious.

    Emery has very little idea, that is for absolute certain.

    His teams play like pub teams.

    My personal view is to watch City for pure enjoyment, they certainly have a coach who ticks all the boxes.

    I will not be watching Arsenal again until their quality of play improves drastically.

    Forget Moanio, bring back Arteta as Coach and Mert as assistsant.

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  12. Regarding Ozil.

    There must be psychological issues with the player.

    No one could possibly doubt his ability,or his desire (despite what so called pundits can assume from body language,,,,,,,what do they know).

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  13. We all know it. Which is why we’ve been saying for ages:

    Emery is Raul’s gimp exactly because he is willing to take the well paid fall before Jose gets the job.

    Just imagine: Raul is inviting Jose to sit next to him in the Arsene Wenger stadium but he doesn’t have the footballs to either invite or convince Arsene to sit with him in the Arsene Wenger stadium these past eighteen months. Maybe he hasn’t asked, maybe Arsene told him to fuck off, either way this is a fascinating story and alone fact and it tells everyone what the story is (and that story ain’t gonna include any morning glory, or glory of any other types).

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  14. Bob what you wrote above is an insult to pub teams my friend.

    I’ve seen better pub teams.
    Under 11’s.

    I am not joking. I just like Football!

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  15. Did Paul Scholes have psychological issues playing for England or were his England coaches dickheads? ‘Scuse me for cursing

    You all know the answer!

    Yep. Paul Scholes is a very small dickhead hahaha! (His England coaches were also dickheads!)

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  16. I can only echo what so many of you have said.

    I am losing interest, after nearly 60 years, very fast.

    Last night I was barely interested and when I saw we were one down smiled wryly and got on with what I was doing.

    I could not be bothered to check the result until the end when my phone binged twice to tell me something had happened. I was surprised but not elated.

    If they bring in Mourinho the exodus will be substantial, other than those fans who are only interested in winning, until he fails as well, as he will.

    The way I feel at present, I cannot even be bothered to watch highlights or even any more games that sky dish up.

    Have a good weekend everyone

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  17. “Were supposed to be at home”
    Well after saying yesterday that George would have it easy writing today’s blog I couldn’t of got it more wrong.
    My Mrs said to me before the game “Bloody hell ARSENAL are not playing again are they” I’m beginning to understand what she means.
    I would rather play in the second division than Maureen getting hold of our club, just letting him in the stadium is disgraceful.

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  18. The optics is baaaaaad for Emery;

    * getting booed by your home crowd at HT,
    * the Özil song, which has now become sort of a protest song against the dire football, belched out,
    * having Jose as daddy Raul special guest in the box seats?

    Maybe he should listen to his friend.

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  19. As painful as it is to watch Emery’s Arsenal, if they bring maureen in to replace him, then the values of the club will be well and truly dead and buried!

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  20. Could be wishful thinking, but I am not convinced by this Jose speculation.
    Whatever motivation Raul Edu et al may, or may not have, it will be the Kroenkes that will ultimately have sign off.
    Though the Kroenkes may know little about the game itself , or at least Stan by his own admission, they are not stupid people and will also have an army of their own risk analysts advising them, Jose represents a significant risk to the brand, the finances of a self sustaining club, and these days , he brings no guarantee of reward.
    Could be horribly wrong though .
    Going from relative austerity to Jose in a few years would be some journey.

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  21. Pardon my kind of eulogy; it’s been building up in me and I do want so much to say it.

    Oh, can only see my Arsenal in Calum’s face… (- PL these days -)
    Oh, my Arsenal is going away.
    Where are my people nowadays? (- Out. Out on loan. Out on the bench. Out at home -)
    Where has their spirit faded away?

    Eyes stopped watching months, months ago;
    Heart stopped aching; face ceased to show
    Head’s still busy with all questions,
    Heart’s still longing for solutions.

    Can I have back my team–so dear
    When it seems that the end’s so near?
    Will I get back the love–same one
    If this ends up half of them are done? (- already nearly a group set of players to me -)

    Roll up, roll up, the show goes on
    Wake up, wake up, not time to moan.
    What could be grasped is truly gone
    What waits ahead, sure, would be shown. (- Mou or M-lite, the pain just prolongs -)

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  22. Would add players constantly praising Freddie’s communication skills, players liking Ozils posts, some of the performances we are seeing, and Rauls threats on finishing in the top four to the optics Labo.
    Seems maybe the Sheff game , after quite a while of poor performances has crystallised a few thoughts, and the wolves, for now, with a small “w” have been set loose on him. No wonder he looked glum at the end of that game.
    Can only see this ending one way without almost instant improvement,which , let’s face it, looks unlikely.
    Know some are angry, but I actually feel quite sorry for Emery at the moment. Don’t agree with all he is doing- Ozil, but also see a human being there, undoubtedly working hard and doing his best, but just not good enough. Perhaps he should find ways to communicate better if hints are reality, and I am not having a go at his English as it is far better than my Spanish.
    Can’t help wondering if maybe Ivan built him up into something he is not and never will be,and if Raul is what some on here and elsewhere believe him to be, I pity anyone working for him.

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  23. like some others on here, I was doing something else while the game was on, I was playing pickleball. I checked the score early to see we were losing and it did not surprise me in the slightest. I did not think of the game again till my pickleball session was over and by then the result was in, a comeback 3-2 win, and like so many of our games this season, I had little to no excitement even for the result. Ive never been so bored of our play as I am these days and I’m over 50 years a supporter.
    Yesterday evening about this time I seen the Ozil tweet, the You Make Me Laugh, tweet, I thought that surely it could not be an indication that he was not in the starting team, let alone not even being in the squad, but I can see little other meaning behind it now. Ozil is hitting back, the fans singing his song show that many of them are as pissed off about the exclusion of Mesut as the player himself is. It does not bode well for Emery as we know many in the fan base love nothing more than bashing Ozil, but there seems to be enough who have had their full of Emery’s madness. If you leave out a Mesut Ozil level player from your team, nay 18 man squad, you really can not afford to play piss poor football, fans as stupid as many of them are, will not put up with it.

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  24. blow Wow! Wow, some deep comments here. Sad state of affairs currently. The Arsenal we once knew is dead and gone, just hard to believe it only took 18 months to destroy it.

    Something positive though, I watched Carlos Vela play (on TV) and the young man looks amazing. Scored a couple of goals and a nice assist.

    Here you go.


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  25. As for the game yesterday. It’s hard to pay attention and we looked dead in the water until Pepe scored the first goal.

    Mandy, Emery has and is shooting himself in the foot. I have never been able to pinpoint so many reasons why a team is poor. Staring from last season, even as a novice I can name so many errors he made; none more glaring than having Ramsey and Özil on the bench for so many matches last season. That was madness and makes it hard for me to sympathize with him (not to mention he is being paid millions). Why can’t he humble himself and admit his way is not working? Brendan Rogers has a way less talented Leicester player so well.

    Pride goes before a fall.

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  26. “Know some are angry, but I actually feel quite sorry for Emery at the moment. Don’t agree with all he is doing- Ozil, but also see a human being there, undoubtedly working hard and doing his best, but just not good enough”

    “Could be wishful thinking, but I am not convinced by this Jose speculation.”

    I feel the same Mandy. I thought these were good interesting points, and down to earth. I was thinking about this all while cooking up dinner, would the club really be so callous to invite Jose in while Emery is there? Are we looking too much into it? If Raul has then we really are losing much more dignity as a club rather than just not playing well on the pitch. Maybe any dignity has already gone, but whose to say it wont come back again one day?
    Lets face it, to people like Raul, Jose is going to be the kind of manager he wants-sooner or later.Except is there enough cash to sustain a manager like that? He does win trophies, but only with big ol cheque books.Its what the Wob always wanted, especially LG. Plus that situ could well end with a muther of all squabbles and finger pointing…(?) and everyone going but the owners…?
    I think Emery was only ever also going to be used by these people, ie: get into CL give him one season, the see yer later guy.

    I want to ask a question or two to everyone ( and might go down as my joke above), if Jose does come in why all the talk of not supporting the club?
    Everything comes and everything goes, thats the way of life. The club is a stream, of course not in isolation, but its still stream. The club, and what the club might be is of utmost importance. None of these people will be there, one day.
    Plus the Wobheads have all woken up to the fact its pants, and they will start bullying everyone sooner or later. I still think their way is dogshit, but they will turn on anyone who doesnt supply them with their fix.

    Never say die. Always say damn. But never say die. Maybe in this storm the (future)club needs us more than ever, not the club now, but hope for what the club can be again?

    Is this all a bit 1st world problems? (runs for the air raid shelter for this question)…I know Im a bore/twat etc/and deserve a panning for daring to suggest that, but Im so sick of this poop at the club that I want to limit my suffering. But theres much bigger turds floating in the pool that nobody is doing much about.
    I think (and this will be unpopular) but it was worse than this in the past, but we all have different perspectives, and most memory is false anyway ( so my comment is perhaps equally invalid), Hereford, Wrexham, York, Swindon, Luton, and stacks of other games, sometimes 25,000 people only turning up at Highbury in the 84-85 era.

    What future for Positively Arsenal, is that now changing into something else/new? The positive aspect was the glue that held things together. Most of the old guard have gone, or just observe the forum. What next? Endless unhappiness will not solve the problemo, but how to get feeling good in the storm of depression? Im worried that we will end up just a facsimile of the very blogs we opposed? I cant do that. You see Im a tool that lives on cloud 9.

    And for those who still remember his wisdom and understanding and long term perspective of the club, please think on dear old friend gf60 : NEVER LOSE THE FAITH!
    Im going to follow him and my instincts and keep the faith no matter what ( unless we become involved with any form of politikal shit). Even if Jose comes. Arsenal first…
    Thats all we’ve got, we have to use the kack times to know and enjoy the good times, even if that grates, its how it is. A gusty wind does not last all morning. How can you know day without night.?( I know go to outer space, but we are here), cold without heat? These things arent separate. Shitty times at Arsenal are part of the structure of the club, its history, its DNA.

    If Jose comes, I will not lose my faith and stop supporting Arsenal, I just will block him out as best as , as Im trying to do with whats going on now.
    Im just glad I didnt help bring this poop on the club, those who did have to be accountable. But like all systems, we cannot tell the final outcome: ALL THIS SHIT MIGHT BRING SOMETHING EVEN BETTER!!!. Who can see things how they will be?

    This could be much worse.

    “oh really you say like what?”

    Like you could have been a Tottenham fan for the last 60 years…

    I’ll get me coat.



  27. https://mobile.twitter.com/MrArsenicTM/status/1187691630146609153

    Seems rumours of health problems in the wider Wenger family were correct, but this sounds like an indication The Man may be ready to return to the dugout


  28. May well be right Pauln, but from where I am looking, just see another decent man being thrown under a bus.
    Agree Mills, If or when they decide he isn’t the right fit, there are proper ways of doing things, just don’t like what I am seeing and hearing, if interpreting things correctly, just seems cowardly


  29. Mills, to add to your point of “callous”, I too think having Jose there was a bit insensitive, toward Emery at least, knowing his recent struggles and the match going crowd basically turning on him. Jose is also a very vocal critic of his. Man. Imagine looking to Raul for a thumbs up, a “hang in there”, after the night he had with the fans, and see him cozying up to Jose. Pfff.

    On the point of if hell freezes over and Jose comes in, I think he will know exactly what he walks into since he is the one batting his eyelids; limited funds et al, so he will have to make due with the squad that he got. It will be short term, and however my dislike for the man it’s not in my hands. And since I like Arsenal more and will hope under the circumstances he turn things around to steady the ship for the next man.

    We can’t exactly stop supporting the club because the bond has been formed already.


  30. Honest question – Who is throwing him under the bus?

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  31. Just going on suspicions, but the way I see it, I would say people at the club, maybe some players, various briefings, Raul. Maybe just trying to put pressure on him to improve things, but….
    Expecting more in the coming weeks unless he does improve things
    Always thought I similar with Wenger towards the end.
    Of course I could be wrong , and all could be fine and dandy, just doesn’t seem that way atm

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  32. That’s fair, Mandy. I certainly don’t or would not support unfair treatment of Emery as I do not and did not with Özil and Ramsey. We all ought to be treated with dignity.

    My issue with Emery is strictly football related. I think he has all the tools needed to turn his fortunes around. The ball is in his court. I saw the issues a long time ago. I am willing to eat my words though.

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  33. He certainly has the squad Paul, and a depth of squad. He certainly needs to manage it a little better.
    I really do not understand Ozil or Ramsey situations. Maybe financial, clash of personalities or whatever. Ramsey was a bundle of mixed messages from the manager and club last season, very badly handled. Ozil, well , what can you say, but suspect Emery is not alone in blame for this saga, though he may ultimately pay a price for it.

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  34. Worrying signs from Leicester and chelski early doors if they slot in behind pool and city and the spuds and manure rediscover any kind of form we could be looking at seventh and our worse finish since the early nineties.

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  35. Yes Mandy, everything is a bit curious. Maybe there is more to it that meets the eye. Emery could also help himself with his public comments though…I find them to be disrespectful. Like him saying he has made the team more competitive?! We are more competitive but not in a better position? This is not the UFC. Not to mention that is a shot at Arsene.

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  36. I think that Brendan Rodgers might need a few more transfer windows before his team develops a style?

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  37. I really don’t get some of Emerys words they make little sense, to me anyway.
    In his first year, if he wants to go on technicalities, compared to wengers final year, yes he finished a place higher , more points, and got to a final rather than a semi, if that’s the basis of being more competitive, BUT he got into a good position, lost Ramsey, a player it is said he wanted rid of, and spectacularly blew the lot, culminating in whatever that was in Baku, but certainly wasn’t competitive.
    And I don’t see how he can say this seasons performances have been competitive

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  38. Lol @ fins!

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  39. Fins, I didn’t even see the score line. Didn’t even know a game was on. That how detached I am nowadays.

    9-0 my goodness!!!

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  40. To be fair Paul you have a good reason for being so distracted hehe!

    Some of us have been looking for distractions since last Nov.!

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  41. I don’t know what the hell I’d feel if Mourinho came in. Appalled, no doubt, but beyond that it’s pretty unimaginable to me. I think he had a hugely negative effect on the game as a whole, and may well have helped remove any sort of true stigma about ultra defensive and ultra cyncial football * on these shores (if the richest club can use those tactics and it’s accepted and praised, how can anyone blame club’s with smaller or much smaller resources.

    * he may have taken plenty of inspiration from Ferguson but think reverse applied as well)

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  42. And then the phenomenal hypocrisy, and the terrible, completely unforgivable behaviour towards Wenger. Even if you loathe Emery’s football and are very unimpressed with his conduct, in the bastard stakes he has nothing on Mourinho

    It’s just unimaginable to me. How I would feel. How I would go about supporting the club and wanting them to do well.

    Thankfully, I still don’t think it’s likely, but I am now starting to worry that it is a real, live possibility.

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  43. No one can kill what Wenger did for the club. First, we have the current youngsters and even those below who have surely been shaped by Wenger’s vision of skilful attacking football. Then there are the player’s who worked with him, who for at least a decade of so could conceivably return. Finally, the ideas won’t die. There could be a bad period of years when there is no sign of a continuation of what he produced and dreamed of, but the ideas can always be revived after that.

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  44. Now that’s off chest, about the game. Sort of thing that makes me wonder how much I actually understand football and, even more acutely, makes me wonder if there’s something in the way I watch Arsenal, my team, which sends whatever powers of judgement I do have haywire.

    Thing is when it’s bad, as it was for plenty of the game, it doesn’t look ‘normal’ bad to me, it looks ridiculously bad. Enough to make me suspicious that emotions are warping my perceptions.

    I mean, poor Southampton were atrociously bad this evening, but that somehow felt like the very far end of the ‘normal’ bad scale (They weren’t at it, and were a mediocre team on an awful day enduring a nightmare against a much better team on a great day), not the abnormal bad.

    And that’s the sort of thing that makes me highly suspicious of how I experience our games. Because it feels crazy to me how we play at times

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  45. Amazing performance by England!

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  46. Whoa! Are you telling me the WOBs had more faith in their project to undermine and remove Wenger than we have in standing up for positive, attractive, progressive football? Only 18 months into this abomination that Josh Kroenke has signed onto and we are ready to give up? Surely we are made of sterner stuff.

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  47. Here’s how Arsenal U23 lineup this afternoon in Manchester City U23’s

    Team: Hein, Swanson, Mavropanos, Clarke, Bola, Smith, Burton, Cottrell, Coyle, Balogun, Tormey
    subs Hillson, Omole, Medley, McGuinness, John-Jules

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  48. Arsenal U18 lost 2-3 to Blackburn u18’s today, Ogungbo opening the scoring for us but we fell 1-3 behind before Butler-Oyedeji scored late on, the lads have only won 3 of their 10 games so far this season.
    Team: Graczyk; Dennis, Oyegoke, Kirk, Ogungbo; Patino, Azeez; Alebiosu, Cirjan, Butler-Oyedeji; Greenwood.

    Subs: Virginia, Plange, Monlouis, Lopez, Matthews.


  49. Arsenal Academy
    FULL-TIME: #MCFCU23 1-1 #AFCU23

    The points are shared in Manchester as we come from a goal down to draw.

    Tormey with our goal

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  50. I think that Fat Frank might need a few dozen more transfer windows before his team develops a style?

    Alternatively I could lower myself into the sewer next to Gavin Blog and attempt to claim that “toxic” Ozil is the problem at The Arsenal, and a not a coach who can’t coach appointed by some clown who is famous for supervising the worst transfer in the history of the sport.

    A person who this Blagger admits to liking above a good footballer and I can’t even begin to imagine why that is for a football fan haha!

    Let’s be generous, attempt to be kind, and just speculate that this nasty parasite is saying such things from his well of xenophobia.

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