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Arsenal: How it (didn’t) happen

Good Morning Positive Arsenal fans, Another morning, another inquest into an away defeat against an ‘Ammers side who I anticipated would be put away with a little bit to spare. The aim was to be back on level points with Chelsea by 3pm, even in we knew the chance of Newcastle getting anything at the […]

Arsenal and the early lunch

@LaboGoon at the head of an orderly queue  Good day one and all. Arsenal is travelling to the London Stadium this afternoon to take on West Ham United; after a mini break from Premier League action last weekend as the FA Cup took centerstage. Ah… West Ham. That 3-1 win against them at the Ems […]

Arsenal, Dean and the keen Tangerines

Good morning Positive Arsenal fans, An early evening victory over a genuinely plucky Blackpool was an easy watch. The game had a balance of decent football from both teams and was enough of a contest until our third goal to ensure that nagging doubt lurked in the back of my mind. We had seen the […]

Taking The Kids To Blackpool.

  Good day to you positive Gooners. A late kick off in Blackpool in the competition that has been kind to us in recent years. I seriously have no idea what sort of a team we will put out. If Mr. Emery feels it’s a good game to reintroduce some of our walking wounded then […]

Arsenal: Eased into the New Year

Good morning Positives, A satisfactory result with the occasional hint of ‘good’ against Fulham, and a welcome salve to the bruising we picked up on Merseyside slightly less than  three days earlier. Looking at the highlights again this morning the 4-1 result does not reflect the number of chances we created (16 shots inside the […]

Arsenal: Talent is only a starting point

Happy new year you lovely Positives. Sadly for you our Labo is excused boots today and you have your truly. Not the best start to  New Year I know, but here we go. At 3 p.m.  we play Fulham at our home stadium, the team we beat/thrashed/took apart 5-1 at the Cottage. That might suggest […]