Arsenal: Fine blend of youth and experience



Good Morning Positive fans,

Very little comment required from me on last night’s performance and a comprehensive victory. Emery chose an Arsenal team that reflected our already strong EL position in the group, as well as the December fixture list. Youth was paired with experience, silky skill with a couple of players with the harder edge, the seen-it-all expressions of Lichtsteiner and Cech alongside fresh faced Euro innocence of Medley, Gilmour and Saka.

And it worked perfectly, especially getting that first goal.  Our confidence rose, Smith Rowe put on a show in midfield, Aaron waved his baton, Mo patrolled the back line like a hungry hyena. Three goals up at half time ? Away from home ! It seems a while since that happened.

After a decent finish at the Emirates in September Poltova must have fancied their chances of making a good game of it, but they barely laid a glove on us. After that opening goal setback I thought our Ukrainian opponents rather lost the plot. Their discipline went.They bickered among themselves, argued incessantly with the officials about trivial calls, and forgot about playing football. I felt sorry for them with what was probably their biggest ever Euro home tie switched to the empty bowl in Kiev.


I shall give Carl the MotM award for the tie, not that he was outstanding on an evening where everyone was good, but as the PA equivalent of a lifetime achievement award.

Friday beckons, as does Sunday.

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  1. Thanks anicoll5, nice to see the Corp getting a PA award. But really pleased for all the lads; young, and younger, goal scorers and not. Happy 60 goals Mr.Ramsey!

    I felt a bit sorry for the Ukrainians though, as it couldnt have been easy to play with all sorts of tensions in the back of their minds.

    Now a date with the Kane Gang down the road.

    Cheers again,


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  2. Nice one Andy.
    I particularly liked the way Ramsey rotated around the midfield. Dropping deep to start play, moving seamlessly into CM to control ,shifting into CAM to set up attacks and finally into the box as a goal threat.

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  3. Thanks Andy: unusually for me this season I saw the first half but not the second, and what an easy watch it was. Well done Corporal J, and if there has ever been one thing that has baffled me about the current crop of fans it has been their rubbishing of him – and the obstinate refusal to acknoweldge the effect that injuries have on a player’s development.

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  4. Excellent, Andy.

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  5. Nice dispatch Andrew, as efficient as the team itself last night, by all accounts.

    Unlike Foreverheady and in a kind of reverse-trump, I saw NEITHER half, listening instead to the whole game on the radio and seeing the goals via Twitter.

    I may have imagined this but the younger our players, including the subs, the more exciting they seemed, if the commentary was anything to go by.

    A commentary that spent a good 10 minutes querying Ramsey’s penalty award and a further 10 minutes objecting to his execution of the spotkick. Only after forensic examination of the replays did both TalkSport’s broadcasting chumps concede that both the award and the execution were 100% legitimate. Pillocks.

    Good to know our supply lines of outrageous talent are set to maximum capacity. Also felt the older heads on the pitch are likely to have kept the whole team grounded, so well-balanced did the performance sound.

    So how many unbeaten is that – 18?

    Hardly a point of discussion in the media although that may change when we beat Tottenham at the weekend …

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  6. As a tall fella the corporal looks more like a CB than a full back and you woniif actually that will turn out to be his position he was certainly comfortable last night whatever the standard of the opposition.
    It is rare when you can say you have so many quality youngsters who all have a genuine chance of making it.
    When you think the likes of Tray Colye still coming through the conveyor belt seems endless.


  7. It was a clumsy challenge, a clear penalty AA and one slo-mo review of the action seemed to be enough to quiet the commentary mob on BT. Similarly the penalty conversion was fine, although if AR tries that on Sunday I will throttle him.


  8. ian despite Trae Coyle clearly being highly talented, I think he will struggle to make it here, too many others in the positions he can play, are ahead of him, Smith-Rowe, Nelson, and now Saka who is younger than him, Amaechi was ahead of him too, but is now out injured, Coyle has had his moments, but is still mainly with the U18’s, of course he doesn’t turn 18 till January so he could still progress here, but we are in the fortunate position of having a good batch of youths in those midfield and attacking positions, it might not be so good for Coyle though


  9. yes anicol once the view from the back was shown it was as clear a penalty as any you will see.


  10. not a rag I’d buy but here is a link to a Sun article where former Stoke player Dave Kitson basically telling us all what we have known for years, Pulis sent his stoke team out to injured Arsenal players and it cost Ramsey a broken leg and an injury ravaged career, Kitson says Pulis totally hated Wenger and the way Arsenal played football, and the message all week before the Ramsey leg break game was – Agression, Agression and more Agression


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  11. Then all those involved should have a life ban?

    What kind of a person hated the way AFC under Wenger played football?

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  12. Haven’t seen much of a media reaction to Kitson article about Pulis yet.

    One article Mail, one Mirror I think, zero in Guardian, and not a mention on their liveblog of today’s football stories.

    May develop but I don’t expect much.

    That’d be extremely incongruous and suspect, in light of the voracious appetite for football content in the media- 24 hr channels, sports radio, print, internet.

    It’s a perfect free starting point for a tremendous amount of debate, opinion, etc, starting with the specifics of that particular game, then spreading out to Pulis, managers like Pulis, attitudes within English football, English football itself, including national team and mentality. And ,yes, it naturally asks serious questions about refereeing.

    All that, for free, in an industry with an insatiable demand for content. Who could resist and why?

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  13. I only got to see the game deep into after 1st half with Arsenal leading 3-0 already. So the disallowed goal from Emile was pretty much all the excitement I got. Caught the gist of the game in a 5 minute or so highlight package on tv. So you certainly add some colour for Andrew. Thanks.

    Re that Sun article… really sickening stuff. Refs got a lot to answer for if managers feel so emboldened to send there teams on the field with total disregard to the rules and well being of their opponents.

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  14. I imagine the lack of outraged response about the Dave Kitson article is a) Pulis and Kitson hate each other. Apparently he tried to do the former Stoke manager with a pair of scissors. Fair enough but not exactly an impartial observer. Here is Kitson on the 18th October.


    b) It is a long while ago, eight years during which Kitson has said nothing. Why are we hearing about this today ?

    c) a lot of fans of clubs, and players, and managers, would say there but for the grace of god etc. Managers do lose control and their grip on decent behaviour, as do players and so do fans. And once a manager has lost their grip anything can happen.

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  15. Alexis Sanchez out for six weeks with the ‘Christmas’ hamstring injury. Good lad, nice few weeks off in Chile then fit again just in time to pack your bag. Hard life innit?

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  16. Micciche and Pilling join the academy
    Arsenal Media 30 Nov 2018
    Dan Micciche

    Dan Micciche and Adam Pilling have joined our academy as head coaches of the under-15s and under-13s respectively.

    Micciche’s previous roles include head of England Under-15s, head of England Under-16s, head of coaching at MK Dons and first team manager at MK Dons.

    “We have appointed a forward thinking, creative youth coach who is highly qualified and experienced in developing young players. Dan will be a fantastic addition to the academy,” said Per Mertesacker, academy manager.

    Pilling meanwhile, was most recently the head of academy coaching at Hull City and his previous roles include coaching positions at Sheffield United, Watford and Reading.

    Adam Pilling – under-13s manager

    He has already commenced his position with the under-13 squad.

    “We are very pleased with the immediate impact that Adam has made on the under-13 team,” Mertesacker added. “His experience and expertise will have a positive effect on our young players.”

    Everyone at Arsenal would like to welcome Dan and Adam to the Arsenal family.

    Copyright 2018 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

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  17. Jonathan Wilson must be clever, right, because he wrote some books? Wrong. He just constructs a bunch of too-long sentences around the tried-and-true “Arsenal is a soap opera” narrative. This time, it’s Özil in the Wenger role as the divisive figure. Then he lets his creativity run wild by putting words into Emery’s mouth. It’s the old John Cross technique — Wilson’s idiocy and laziness are just disguised by fancy words and a florid style.

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  18. Yeah, maybe there’s not that much to it.

    As one Mail commenter puts it ‘Bull, the tackle was hard but would not have caused serious damage 99% of the time, it was a complete fluke due to the positioning of Ramsey’s leg’.

    The articles timing may be as result of Kitson being near confirmed now as ‘The Secret footballer’ .

    I read two or three of the books and was pretty sure today’s comments were in line with something from them about an ex-manager he- player x, secret footballer- had fallen out with, who took things too far on the dirt front, was an unpleasant asshole, etc.

    Quick internet scan showed I remembered right, someone from 4 years back discussing it, saying it must be Pulis and discussing part in book with talks about manager x hating Arsenal and riling players up excessively to face them.

    I’d guess today’s comments fit very well with those from the book, with some extra detail obviously, most of which could be explained by the neccessities of writing anonymously beforehand.

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  19. Secret footballer passed the snifftest of authenticity for me, without being someone I warmed to particularly, and there were big, frustrating limitations on to what extent to believe any revelations about the game, what with nobody being named. But still at times very interesting.

    The psychological profile built in it would fit for a man willing to break the dressing room code by naming Pulis now.

    Not your average footballer by any means. Though a lot of that could be because you are never likely to get the sort of insight and truth from an autobiography as is possible, at least, from someone writing anonymously. Because of the dressing room code and all the connections and friendships built in a life in football.

    There could never be an impartial observer of any of it, far as I can imagine. Though maybe fact Secret footballer is a Spurs fan from Spurs family, I think, goes some way towards that.

    Thinking about it, thing that may have been most familiar with article was about Wenger’s reaction.

    I think in book he may have said a lot about that, naming Wenger, but without revealing game or that it followed a very serious injury- i.e. it was probably just about tactics and fouls team were using and Wenger giving him the look he mentions. probably in same section as discussing manager x, his new teams excessively dirty play,etc


  20. anicol, apologies for that snarky start to my first post.

    Our views obviously differ plenty on all that but I’d rather not start arguing or anything. Just opened up a lot of the old feeling about that time for me.

    Hopefully for one day only as it’s a waste of time and I can’t get anything like what I desire from it (Pulis in cuffs,etc)

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  21. Unai Emery sat down with the media at London Colney on Friday as he prepares for his first experience of a north London derby.

    Our head coach discussed the match itself, how he rates Tottenham, Mesut Ozil and more in a wide ranging interview.

    Read on to find out what he said:

    on whether he’s exceeded his own expectations…
    It’s a different match on Sunday against Tottenham, but the derby for every supporter is different. For us it’s the same but also with a cool head and our thinking on three points. In the last matches we drew and also Tottenham have a three point lead over us, and we will do a lot of things to prepare for a difficult game and a tough match, but we need to deliver the best performance to win.

    on whether Ozil will play on Sunday…
    I don’t know because tomorrow is the last training, but every player is very important with their qualities. We need to continue preparing and continue improving in our work and as a team with bigger performances and individual quality. I will prepare for the match with every player.

    on what he’s expecting from Tottenham on Sunday…
    For us they’re playing in every match with good preparation and also thinking we’re going to play a lot of matches. But we’re only thinking match to match and preparing match to match. On Sunday the derby, with our supporters and also three points on the table that we need there is a lot of positive things for our motivation to be very, very high.

    on where the game will be won or lost on Sunday…
    I am positive usually before playing matches and I think on Sunday our only possibility is to win

    on his relationship with Mauricio Pochettino…
    We meet sometimes and we’ve spoken. We have a good relationship.

    on Pochettino calling him an unbelievable manager…
    Every coach wants to do the best with their players, their teams. Then you want your team to have your personality and I think we can recognise Tottenham from his characteristics. His career is improving with each year and with each team, and I think now Tottenham is one of the best teams in the Premier League. They’re like Manchester City and Chelsea. In the four or five years of working with Pochettino, they have improved a lot.

    on what makes Pochettino a top coach…
    For me, he’s a coach who has a lot of respect from other coaches. I can learning from watching Tottenham’s game and from watching his characteristics.

    on how much he’s looking forward to his first North London derby…
    For me, I’m thinking about our supporters and making their lives very special on Sunday with a very big victory for us. We also know that our responsibility is to prepare for the match against a big team with big players.

    on what makes this kind of match so special…
    Each match for me is very special. The derby is perhaps more special because my responsibility is bigger because of every supporter. Also we need three points in the league because we want to be closer to the other teams, like Tottenham, and we have this challenge.

    on what the atmosphere will be like…
    It’s good. Every match at the Emirates is a very big match. We can watch different games there but it always has a very big atmosphere with our supporters. On Sunday I know that if one friend is asking me if I have a ticket for Sunday, it’s not possible because it’s full.

    on what Arsenal have been working on in training to improve defence…
    We’re in a process and we’re in our own way to improve. We know we need time but at the moment I’m very happy with how they are responding in training and in each match as well. For example, yesterday we kept a clean sheet. Our objective every match is to improve things. It’s also about continuing our quality in attacking moments to continue scoring and being the best team at doing that in the Premier League. We also need to do better and not concede as many chances.

    on how impressed he was with Emile Smith Rowe and Joe Willock…
    They have been training with us since the beginning of pre-season and they are still with us every day in training. We can give them chances to play like yesterday, and I think that’s good. Then it’s one process. Sometimes they are better, then sometimes they can’t produce that big performance because maybe the match is too difficult. They can learn from this though, to get experience and confidence. Yesterday, they made a good step in their process and also helped us at the same time.

    Copyright 2018 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  22. Kitson was outed as the Secret Footballer Rich and I remember it well. What he is describing though, about managers winding their players up to the point where their professional restraint disintegrates, was more common than just Pulis, or even just confined to the McLeish, Allardyce and Moyes.


  23. Ed

    Feel like I’ve heard about Micciche a number of times before- but can’t remember if it was to praise him, as bold thinker, or reverse.

    Think it was probably praise.

    End u16 and 15 coach sounds like good credentials to me, at this time when the youth teams have changed so much and play much better football.


  24. Looked him up- am pretty sure now it was positive things I’ve heard about him.

    Intriguing that he is u15 manager, as earlier this year he had four month spell as manager of Milton keynes Dons, 1st team.

    Fits with sense no expense spared with academy. Per, of course, Freddie, that highly regarded coach of the coaches, a guy from Reading who had a senior academy position there. The new u13 coach coming from a head of academy position!

    Micciche best known for being key coach in development of one Delle Alli at Dons academy!!


  25. I wonder with the arrival of Micciche what has happened to Greg Lincoln who was our U15’s Head Coach


  26. Quite a lot of media noise about Emery and Ozil atm. Which prompts the thought that if you were the Spurs manager preparing for tomorrow’s game, what sort of Arsenal formation and line-up would you be readying your players for. Disinformation? Misinformation? Moles in Fleet Street? Or just the normal click-bait?

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  27. foreverheady

    I’m assuming that, supposing it’s not a one-off, the experiment of not starting Ozil is for away games only, and even then maybe only for a select few of them.

    We’ll find out in coming weeks, but it’s not media’s way to wait for a clearer picture to emerge.

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  28. “Micciche best known for being key coach in development of one Delle Alli at Dons academy!!”

    Well let’s hope he doesn’t pass on the diving techniques to our youngsters as you don’t get away with the same thing in a red and white shirt!

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  29. Reading Mou’s moans from press conference he did yesterday and once more hit by the stunning hypocrisy of the man and the weird sense that, far from first time in recent years, he is making points that should have been made if not by Wenger himself- not his style- then certainly by the media regarding Wenger and Arsenal, particularly in relation to hostilities between him and Mourinho!

    Yep. Money. Mou pointing out how much the league has changed, how much Utd’s status has changed, how much more difficult it is now for Utd to sign the best of the rest from the league, specifically how where once Utd could raid Spurs for their best player, this is now almost impossible. Also moaned about how City are an exception and can spend 140 mill on full backs in a summer if they choose.

    He has a point about much of it, but as is almost guaranteed to be the case with him, he omits certain key facts, like Utd still being bloody rich, and him having spent over 300 million.

    But it’s the hypocrisy that is the main point. Playing down the role of money when you have more than others, or more than anyone else, as he did for much of his career, is something it seems every manager in that situation has to do or at least does, but he went way way further than that with this attacking of Wenger.

    All of his analysis, all of his criticism, was predicated on the idea it was an even battle between them. Unstated perhaps for most part, but it made no sense otherwise.

    Of course he couldn’t and presumably wouldn’t have done any of it as he did if the media were in any way consistently honest about money’s impact; but he knew the lay of the land there.

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  30. passenal

    Indeed. To be honest, while Alli has apparently always been hot-headed, it’s fair to assume a lot of the diving stuff originates from Spurs and Pochettino.

    Near enough the whole team do it systematically and from some of Poch’s comments on it, you can clearly see he believes it is a legitimate part of game, and something he surely works on.

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  31. Personally, for myself, I wouldn’t list the name of Biggus Sammus alongside Pulis, McLeish, Moyes & friends of sporting agencies like Hughes. These refugees from Rugby FOOTBALL were never good enough to compete against the coaches in the various codes of Rugby or with the Rugby players in their changing room games (the less we say and speculate the better! Scissors may have been included…) and therefore found their charitable home in the variable code known as pgMOB Rules Football (ok?).

    The former manager of the English Association Football team had shown his ability to manage good football players from all kinds of backgrounds over the years, at differing ages, etc., and this is one reason he got the gig as the English Association Football manager. I hope I am not being too vague or subtle here and you can all still with follow what I am trying to say. Heh. And the above had nothing to do with why he was sacked as England manager although that was also an easily predictable tale.

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  32. Well I’ve no idea Fins, but I shall work on it.

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  33. If you look at an average La Liga match then diving, and then feigning life threatening injury, is very much a “part of the game” of the game in Spain Rich. It is regarded as being clever. If it we only crap players who did it then I could understand the necessity but the best players, Cristiano Ronaldo being a prime example, would cheat their way from free kick to free kick, week in and week out, season after season.


  34. David Silva didn’t play every league game in a season under Pellegrini or Guardiola.

    Özil didn’t start every league game in a season under Wenger.

    I don’t have a blog to hawk, bigotry to feed, etc. so I’m sorry to say there isn’t much of a pattern here the player will simply be rested in a plan worked out with the physios. Same as, wait for it, last season. Hehe. Viva la Revolution!

    I am looking forward to one of the Star players returning to the starting eleven as the new gaffer won’t be allowed to start Rambo till Feb., after he signs up to stay as club captain.

    So: I tried listening to the arsenal vision podcast. As in pre-season, pure, undiluted confirmation bias nonsense from that crew of discredited jokers. No consideration of the sporting (physical) reasons in the selection as they discussed Özil, not even as a possibility. Narratives long ago superceeded the sport for some people. But if they are correct then how can a manager drop a a player against a hard running team as they explain, only to then select said player, as he will if he is fit tomorrow, against an even harder running team? This is the state of your average Arsenal blagger. They are, and I quote, “a shambles”.

    It’s not civil war to point out with the civility deserved that the average Arsenal fan will find better and more useful footy chat down the urinal of The Gunners pub then in these podcasts. Beggin’ yer pardon.

    And that the comments and posts here are far more interesting for the average Arsenal fan. So thanks again George!

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  35. Rich,
    As you know I’m yet to be convinced that Alli is more useful footballer then, say, Lingaard or his other peers. In the last few years Lingaard has been a part of euro and FA cup winning teams.

    It was Alli’s non-performance last season in n5 that underlined his current level for me.

    Kane starting when only half fit meant the Tottenham attack rested upon Alli’s shoulders that day, yet he couldn’t get out of the pocket of a one legged limping Koscielny. Alli is still young so he can still improve, he can add more goals or creativity (improve his technique) as a second striker, but he’s not a midfielder!

    It will be a tougher game for the Gunners tomorrow then last season with Kane and Son both fit and in form.


  36. Arsenal Academy@ArsenalAcademy
    10m10 minutes ago

    #AFCU18 ran out 6-2 winners over Fulham in the U-18 Premier League this afternoon 🔥

    ⏱ 12′, 50’ Musah
    ⏱ 22′, 48’ Balogun
    ⏱ 25’ Smith
    ⏱ 90′ Swanson

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  37. Arsenal Academy
    ‏ @ArsenalAcademy
    16h16 hours ago

    How many young guns can you recognise? 🤔👀


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  38. Jeorge Bird
    ‏ @jeorgebird
    2h2 hours ago

    Arsenal U18 v Fulham: Hein; Swanson, McGuiness, Spencer-Adams, Lopez; M. Smith, Azeez; Cottrell, Greenwood, Musah; Balogun.

    Subs: Okonkwo, Butler-Oyedejie, Alebiousu, Flaherty, Dennis

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  39. first-year scholar Alfie Matthews will be out for a while


  40. according to the Times Chelsea have 107 pro players listed, with 40 out on loan, and this does not include their youth squads (u18, u19)

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  41. Auba and Iwobi up for African Player of the Year
    Arsenal Media 01 Dec 2018
    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alex Iwobi

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alex Iwobi have been nominated for the Confederation of African Football’s African Player of the Year award.

    Our duo made the shortlist decided by votes from the members of the CAF media committee, technical and development committee and a panel of experts.

    The awards gala, which honours footballers and officials who distinguished themselves over the past 12 months, will be hold on Tuesday, January 8 in Dakar, Senegal.

    Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah won the award last year, after an impressive debut campaign for the Reds.

    Copyright 2018 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

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  42. Fins

    Yeah, can’t recall Big Sam teams being quite as filthy as Pulis and a few others, and definitely didn’t have radioactive hatred of flair of Pulis. Not sure he carried on the knack of getting in players like Okocha, Campo, Djorkaef and Hierro later on to add class, but maybe that became harder to do.

    On topic of teams getting stuck into us, managed to find a Mark hughes whiteboard image from way back before a game vs us.

    Not a fraction as incriminating as I seemed to remember (i thought it was just one ominous instruction), but still, what you reckon about the last one?

    Did it refer to through football played/ getting a result, or a variant on the old ‘let them know you are there’ through ‘tackling’ ? I thought back at time it was a tiny, sanitised glimpse into how managers gee up players to face us.

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  43. Pulis is a complete and utter bag of shite, but part of the issue is that the media, pundits and PGMOL not only let his teams away with far too much, some glorified his anti football antics, especially against Wengers sides, we all saw the consequences.
    I suspect there are a number of reasons for this, not least he was doing some of the bidding for his mate, probably in the most subservient manner, his friend being the LMA head, whether that was his title or not, referee selector in Chief, and the most annointed manager in English football
    Friends in high places

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  44. Memories eh Rich – that tactics board comes from the 4-2 game in which Adebayor ran the length of the Etihad pitch after scoring to be showered with abuse/coins from the Arsenal fans.

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  45. anicol- aye, can’t believe that was nearly a decade ago already.

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  46. Mandy

    Think I wondered at time if Ferg was sore about Ramsey not joining and joked with his mate to make sure he was given a good kick.

    Shawcross seems very much capable of following an instruction to do so without question.

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  47. Interesting article on a man who is going to be increasingly influential in the running of the club, he certainly seems passionate about sport


    Rich, nothing would surprise me! Do remember at the time Shawcross getting an England cap and being linked with bigger clubs, maybe he was trying especially hard to please Fergie! Like a lot of players , managers and officials back in the day.
    Know it is distant history, but Judas will always disgust me, he joined forces with an over powerful and influential man who wasn’t afraid to use his status and did so much harm to the Arsenal players and manager in his quest to neutralise Wenger.
    Wonder if one day, the truth will out on the malign influence Fergie had over our game

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  48. “Wonder if one day, the truth will out on the malign influence Fergie had over our game”

    Probably not, but wouldn’t that be something?

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  49. Agree, probably not, but there must be some brave journalist out there, perhaps one who supports Liverpool or something.
    Although sports journalists in this country seem to work as a pack on certain issues at least.
    In today’s game, sounds like Soton a bit unlucky not to have a penalty, just a matter of time before Fellaini does his usual!

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  50. Nope, happily proved wrong on Fellaini.
    Nice to see Pulis suffer a sound defeat as well

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