Arsenal: Lazing on a Sunday afternoon


Good morning Positives,

A game nine and a half out of ten of us had marked down for three points but, as it turned out, a game I was happy to escape from with the solitary single point as reward. The unbeaten run goes on, and we remain in the chasing pack for he CL places, but an unexpected and unwelcome slip. Three points from the previous nine PL points on offer, and now three points behind our North London neighbours. Plenty of time and games to improve and return to winning games, but a check to our confidence certainly. That we stagger into yet another international break is, for once, a welcome interlude in which Emery can get to work on the training pitch and iron out the ‘kinks’.

Of the game itself a sluggish first half, even among  Arsenal’s sometimes slow starts with no urgency in our movement, and little accuracy in our passing. Wolves game-plan as superior to ours, when  they advanced over the half way line they looked threatening and we never did. Having rattled us the duly took a deserved lead.

A better second half and a far, far better last 20 minutes when the kitchen sink was duly flung at the obdurate opponents. But for some dreadful marksmanship from Auba the equaliser should have come earlier but, eventually, Mkhi forced in the goal, scruffy, lucky even, but fair recompense from a lot of sweat from our lads. The visitors retained a sharpness that but for Leno would have embarrassed us further but Atwell eventually blew his whistle, thank Gawd.

No contest for the MotM so well done Bernd. If MotM was a podium ceremony you’d probably have been on your own.

We shall rise, we shall be better, we shall smash Tottingham. Know this.

Enjoy your week.


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  1. Question: What you are going to do when you get a heaven?

    Arsene Wenger: I will ask God where are the referees

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  2. Ed

    Strange the women have to put up with that as well.

    Figure it can be explained some of it has filtered down to youth football (men’s) because of how relentlessly message was pushed for so long we are soft, it’s legitimate to foul us out of stride, close gap, etc, but would have thought women’s game was free from that influence. Guess not!

    Glad if Nobbs injury just an accident. Slightly easier to take.


  3. Sniper
    ‏ @clockendsniper
    59m59 minutes ago

    Nations final 4 next June

    France or Netherlands


  4. Pornstein apparently saying Danny could get a contract extension


  5. Headspinning couple of weeks in terms of football leaks revelations about the murk in football, but- don’t know if it’s my brain not being at full speed on a Monday afternoon- this one takes the biscuit for me.


    I can’t keep up with what they’re up to there!

    Another indication of why we haven’t dealt with Mendes once despite him being the most influential agent of the era.

    I believe there are other large swathes of the football market we are or at least have been effectively excluded from. As depressingly, this surely includes a lot of junior transfers, with the leaks also detailing some of the always talked of shenanigans there involving payments to families.

    Must admit I was surprised to hear Christiansen of Chelsea mentioned last week, on the old father being paid substantial sums (half million or so) for non-existent scouting ruse. I have it in mind that Denmark is a pretty middle class country and that it is parents/children from more disadvantaged backgrounds who are much more likely to go in for those deals.


  6. my latest Yorkie Show, where the puns are getting worse but the music is getting better

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  7. Rich wasn’t Malen a Mendez player, maybe why he left so early


  8. Malen was Raiola. Think prob first time we’d dealt with him. Moved on pretty quickly but we then dealt again on Mkhi.

    With Mendes, think the closest we’ve ever been to a deal was early on, for Ronaldo!

    I’m surprised we even kept on with scouting in Portugal over the years (supposedly Boa Morte).

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  9. Jordan Nobbs has an ACL injury club confirm “Following scans this morning, we can confirm that Jordan has suffered an ACL rupture in her left knee and she is now receiving specialist care.

    “Everyone at the club wishes Jordan a speedy recovery and will give their full support in her journey back to full fitness.”


  10. Bad news with Nobbs by way- ACL.

    Absolutely rotten for her in world cup year, especially as I read her big regret is being injured at previous world cup!

    Big big blow for club as well after this sensational start.

    Saw replays of various angles last night and while others look fine, does look on one of them that the other player moves forward after ball already nicked away.

    Also saw a tweet from earlier in game suggesting that the player’s emotions were getting better of her and she had been booked.

    Maybe slow mo misleading in this case and it happened so fast she didn’t even realise ball already gone and took another step forward. Doesn’t matter i guess, but painfully avoidable on that front, and also the other as looked like if Dobbs had just slid through instead of nicking it to right she wouldn’t have been vulnerable to the knock. Real shame


  11. Craig Pawson has been appointed as the referee for Sundays match away to Bournemouth.


  12. germany were 2-0 up v netherlands but ended up drawing 2-2, they got relegated too, but as we know its all Ozil’s fault, and with next international break not till march, germany will by then have gone 8 months without a competitive victory,

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  13. Given how badly I cope with International breaks (and Test Matches that finish early) I just want to make it clear how delighted I am that there is no mid-winter break in English Football.


  14. Bad news Tim, there is now a winter break in English football, early January.


  15. Can’t see any break in fixture list on .com, George. Fa Cup first weekend Jan (4-7), prem week after.

    Shows for games, prem or 2 rounds of FA cup, every weekend, plus 2 midweek jobs if we get to semis of Carling cup


  16. That’ll actually feel like a drag whenever the Jan break starts.

    Often in back of my mind in these early months of season that another international break is around corner, and the winter break will mean that stop-start rhythm continues until well into January.


  17. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jun/08/winter-break-to-come-into-force-in-premier-league-england

    There we are. Starts next year and is in February. Bit better as it’ll mean a few months continuous action from this period to then


  18. http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2018/11/19/infantino-goes-gold-fifa-sell-off-seat-head-newco-table/

    Only FIFA could find someone even less transparent and more megalomaniac than Blatter.
    About time a few key nations broke away from this shit


  19. Mandy

    Extraordinary isn’t it! All this while the trials aren’t even all finished from the last lot of major Fifa crooks.

    Book I read this year about FIFA corruption was pretty mind-blowing. In large part it involved regional FIFA heads selling rights for less than would get on open market (denying many of the poorest regions money they badly needed) in return for huge kickbacks from Sports marketing companies.

    Among many striking elements was the recent escalation. Guy who took over Concacaf, I think, on anti-corruption ticket, of course, after previous one left thanks to FBI, asked for and got something like a jump from 2 to 10 million. They’d begun to ask for so much that it was putting a big squeeze on the crooks on other side of table, but they were still accepting at that point as there was no other way to conduct business.

    Crazily, the centenary Coppa America was the creation of two rival sports marketers who dreamed it up and then sold idea to a few corrupt officials. Very odd to think of some of world’s biggest players being there for that reason

    What precisely Infantino is up to, aside from massively enriching himself and trying to dig in Blatter style, I’ve no idea…but it can’t be good.

    Real sad the game is so dirty and that even the massive exposure of the Blatter regime, with some very heavy hitters doing or facing serious jail time, appears to have done nothing to halt the escalating corruption.

    Think it probably represents the wider world of business, but still dispiriting.

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  20. Yep, it’s pretty depressing. I am sure,as the article implies,he has some pretty big monied hitters ready to back him, for their own various reasons, but sounds like EUFA against all this, hopefully they will stick to it, a European block is still powerful in the game.
    If this goes through, sounds like it will be GI and Saudis running the game, doesn’t sound too democratic to me


  21. I am going to see Liam Brady tonight and apart from worshipping my teenage hero ( or one of them) it should be very interesting on his take on that Terry Neil side, going abroad and the academy. I’ll try and post tonight about how it went

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  22. Ian. Good stuff. Look forward to hearing about that.

    Not around for his era but lot of respect for him as the only ex-Arsenal man I ever saw on tv who defended club/Wenger properly and tore into a couple of bell-end journalists on ESPN or BT who were ripping piss out of Wenger.

    Was great. They backed down 100% and were very sheepish after.

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  23. Ianspace2014:
    Have a great time, he was my hero as a kid too-I used to try and make the dimple in my chin like his ( I know what a tool, but was only a kid!). At the time there was nobody like him. That left hand side was strong in those days (including Sammy Nelsons long throw) but Liams little jinks and chips were mesmerising at the time.

    Ive often wondered if he felt that his goal against Leeds gets forgotten in the shadow of the Tottenham goal? Lower, but similar. Both were slices of magic. Bloody heart breaking for a kid when he left after the long- haul anti -silverware season of 79/80, then some years later seeing my mates Dad holding up the Sun and showing the back headline was ” Liams our man!” but it was all bs he was just training with us and not coming back.
    Even when he smashed in that goal for the Irons against us I wasnt angry, just more amused. Ive always wondered if he didnt get on with Terry Neill too much-not much of a hug after the 79 final.
    If you get a chance can you ask him what he thought of Wilf Dixon as a coach-another unsung hero?

    Well have a good one, I feel envious! Look forward to a post later spilling the Brady Chips and beans.

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  24. Noticed last night Bielik is now in Poland u21 side and scored crucial goal for them as they beat Portugal over 2 legs to qualify for Euros. Hopefully cost Mendes a few bob as he looks to sell his next lot.

    Injury niggles aside, Charlton loan appears to be going well. Plenty of their fans praising him on twitter, which often isn’t case with our loans.

    Apparently only a year left on his contract once he returns though so probably quite likely he leaves, as he has been very clear about wanting first team football and not interested in playing for youths any longer.

    Fingers crossed stays injury free, plays a lot and keeps improving at Charlton then maybe he’ll be in more of a position to push and play pre-season (unless u21 Euro’s interferes with that).

    Not a giant by height but he certainly looks big on the pitch and seems to have a real leap on him. That plus l ability on ball makes him a prospect I’d be gutted to see go before getting a 1st team chance.


  25. Not read these interviews with Sanhelli and other fellow closely but presume they were something organised by them.

    Which made me wonder if the lines about our ‘sky high wage bill’ are actually coming from them sometimes, instead of what I’d always assumed : someone from media says it and others just repeat as gospel.

    Never pleasant to hear, given the richest three never have it said about them, Liverpool are surely at a similar level to us and, likewise, never a mention of their wage bill, and all of them seem ready to spend more.


  26. rich the one big thing to come out of the interviews was a line that is getting overlooked, just as it was when Ivan said it in the summer when Emery was appointed, and that is that our aim is – top 4 and then try and build from there, CL is a must – yeah we’ve got our Arsenal back


  27. Just on my way home now from a brilliant night. Dave, for the first time at one of these dos I didn’t manage to get a question in but I did get a picture with the great man and he signed some of my old books and programmes
    I seen quite a few ex players over the years but Liam was knowledgeable and really funny.
    He said if Arsene was ARSENAL manager in 1980 he would have never left. He also said Don Howe tried to bring him back but it didn’t work out and that GG turned down the opportunity of signing him which is why he went to West ham.
    Apparently manure had the monopoly of Irish players until an Irish scout in Dublin wrote to ARSENAL pointing this out and they sent there top Welsh scout over to have a look, the Irish took him to a game and told him to look at big old type centre forward but our scout said I’ll sign the little midfielder who happened to be Brady.
    When manure found out about this they tried to sign him and promised his Mum a washing machine. Liam said a fucking washing machine, nowadays they offer cars and houses and all I was offered was a fucking washing machine. He’s Mum wanted him to go there but he wanted to come to ARSENAL ( he had two brothers at Millwall)

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  28. ianspace2014,
    Many thanks for letting us in on what went on, great to know that he resected AW, and who knows what a player like Liam would have done under AW? I didnt know that Don tried to get him back and that GG turned him down ( I supposed he had his own vision of how things should be?), feels like a bit of my missing AFC history was filled in.

    The washing machine anecdote is priceless! Bloody ManUre!

    Thanks again, and wished I could have been there with you. Cheers!

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  29. He also said when he made his debut for Ireland it was out in Russia and Terry Mancini made his debut in the same game. When the national anthems were being played Terry leaned over and said bloody hell Liam it’s going on a bit, Liam said this one’s OURS Terry.

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  30. It’s always good to meet up with ex players. I was lucky enough to get into conversation with Bobby Gould at a fundraising event three or four years ago. Funny & charming bloke who’s very popular around the Bristol area.

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  31. That is a brilliant story Ian and it sounds a good night. He was always an intelligent player and an articulate thinking footballer. He was one of the very few who ever made a success in Italian football and made even that look effortless.

    Checking the ‘facts’ behind the story though Terry Mancini made his Ireland debut against Poland in October 1973, and Liam against Russia a year later. It may be Terry, who had only signed for AFC a week or so before, was giving Liam a bit of gentle humour to settle his nerves on the youngster’s debut.

    I know, I know – I can’t help myself.

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  32. Heres an interesting anecdote about Liams last days at Juve. As you say Anicoll5, always a thoughtful player, I think he was surpassed later by others technically etc, however few have ever thought about the game in the way he did. Fascinating to watching him thinking about what he might do as he moved around the pitch.

    These days the Arsenal expert fan expert tv experts would give him no end of expert kack as Liam often went missing as its known today. Even if you look closely at the Brady cup final he presence was much less in the 2nd half, than it was in the first. Although he did say he was really tired for the whole game. Yet even that was nothing compared to the drain of the 80 sleepwalk cup final. Our final was the semi endless epic v Liverpool. Those were epic games. Made worse by listening to them on the radio.

    However often the first players you see playing for your club perhaps leave a deep groove in your psyche beyond all others and that guy did with mine. I can recall shouting at him as a kid at Highbury and felt really ashamed that I was shouting at a footballing deity, something i had no right to do!
    A fabulous player, really exciting to watch. Mind you over the years we’ve had plenty of them.


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  33. I can remember seeing his debut at Highbury and everyone’s breath was taken away by the instant control and inspired distribution. He did tend to disappear a bit when it got a touch rough – but so does Ozil and so did Bergkamp occasionally. But those rare occasions never detracted from the sheer joy of seeing a footballer play at the highest technical level. A hero indeed.

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  34. Really good players always have that extra half second of time or extra half yard of space, not because hey are fitter but because their brains work faster than other professional footballers. My only personal recollection of Brady is saying hello to him and wishing him good luck as the team went into the Heysel stadium for the Cup Winners Cup final – the Belgian police for some bizarre reason decided to put me inside the cordon of players leaving the bus and trotting into the stadium.


  35. anicoll5, if you ever get a five spare minutes could you please do a piece on your memories of that game (the CWC final)? A game that had many Gunners of all ages in tears afterwards.
    I was too young to attend but would love to hear what it was like.

    A crushing moment that took years for the club to get over (imo), but was still magical, and a fabulous run in to the final.

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  36. Makes me wonder how I managed the summer when this international break has felt so damn long!

    Pretty nervous about Bournemouth challenge though. Don’t know if it’s their football or their ground/pitch, or some of both, but I get this weird feeling of openness at their ground, as though they can drive into the heart of your defence very quickly.

    Caused us problems last two years there and are a better team now, with Fraser and Wilson particularly dangerous and in top form, Ake excelling and ,in Lewis Cook, a very unusual midfielder for an Englishman. Watched him in both u21 games this break and was mighty impressed. Combative but also excellent on ball, very comfortable under pressure and pops up all over place in own half to help teammates and get moves started.

    Represent a big challenge, and we’re likely to need our best defensive display of season so far to win there.


  37. Bould on video analysis at Arsenal under Emery: ‘It’s not massively different, at all, even though some people want you to believe that it is.’

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  38. Just had a look at one of my favourite goals as a kid. Not quite as far out and about 3 less players beaten than I remember but it’s still fantastic. Balance, delicious skills, step over, shoulder drop, both feet.

    Start at about 0.50, but a tidy Ray Wilkins finish in there if starting from beginning

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  39. LTArsenal
    ‏ @ltarsenal
    4h4 hours ago

    Interesting quote from Unai Emery:

    “When I left Valencia, I told the president that I was more analytical of coaches than of players. I don’t have time to analyse players. I am more tactical. Wenger, for example, was more about pure football, more of a player coach.”


  40. Emery on changing the fitness regime: “There’s a High Performance team here that continues to work. I changed details such as putting a gym next to the training pitches to make the distance shorter. Just methods. The ideas from before remain.”

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  41. Some interesting interviews with the manager, and coaches.
    Good to see Bould has a fine antenna for legacy trashers

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  42. The Wegerle goal is the type you scored in the playground when you were nine years old Rich. Lol


  43. That was a fantastic goal


  44. Booger. Nacho out for another few weeks.

    Been a miss so far. No way of knowing but could easily be the absence on Kolasinac in first place led to Monreal getting jiggered up by playing every game


  45. We’re back in Premier League action on Sunday when we travel to the south coast to take on Bournemouth.

    Ahead of the game, here is the latest team news update from our medical team:

    Stephan Lichtsteiner
    Right hamstring. Being assessed ahead of Bournemouth (a) on Sunday, November 25.

    Nacho Monreal
    Right hamstring. Expected to return to full training in two weeks.

    Laurent Koscielny
    Right Achilles. Currently being integrated back into full training.

    Dinos Mavropanos
    Groin injury. Expected to return to full training in December.

    Danny Welbeck
    Right ankle. Recovering after surgery.


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