Arsenal: Sunday Tyne – below the line


Good Afternoon fellow Positives,

Sadly, for you, words do not fail me after that excruciatingly disappointing result from the SJP. Be assured though – you do not suffer alone. We have not won a point since the turn of the year  on the road in the PL. Trust me every dropped point is a nail in my hand. I would however admit, looking back over those painful mostly Sunday afternoons, that we have not actually deserved to earn a point with some poor efforts.

I have not seen the stats for today’s game but I assume we had 75%-80% of the possession. And yet we lost, again, as we did in games in which almost exactly the same possession format developed,  at Bournemouth, at Swansea, Watford, we play well, get in front. We have better players than them, technically, probably fitter and more intelligent. We are confident, in control and then, and then, AND THEN – we fall apart and  lose.

I have read on here, and I have some sympathy, that these calamities are the defence’s fault, that they should defend better. Looking at the first Toon goal today, though not the second, I have sympathy there. It seems Rafa paid more attention to Shane long’s goal last week than Mustafi did. There is a lack of concentration at the back, I accept that. The notion however  that we must win games, in fact the only way to win games, is by keeping a clean sheet, i.e. relying on a defence that we know is gash,  seems wrong headed.

What distressed me more though is the lack of quality that we showed at the other end, in our attacking and allegedly creative play.  We had oodles of possession throughout, yet barely tested the Toon goal-minder Dubravka. In the final 25 minutes with Toon ahead I don’t think he had to make a serious save. What is the point of having “stellar creatives” (*Copyright Mandy) if we never get a shot or header on target ?

What to do ? Away from the Ems we are not a team at the moment.

We had no “Number 10” today, or  if we did I did not see him. We have Ozil, Rambo and Jack at the club, yet young Joe Willock had the job given to him, and he had no chance. He was eaten alive in midfield, in my opinion. Our creative output and goal threat, when it was badly needed,  was negligible today. And if we cannot score goals then on the road we are f*****.

Having got that rant out of the way well done to Mo Elneny today, another AFC Man of the Match performance for the Egyptian. 95 hard minutes in Moscow and he still looked like a Spring lamb today.


Enjoy your Sunday.




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  1. That is pure sunshine.

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  2. I would love to see Cazorla back playing.. Even if it’s not for us. I’ve personally had to deal with a ‘career-ending’ injury and it’s not pleasant. This is also why I have a special loathing for those that abused Diaby and the Stokies who abuse Ramsey.

    On Diaby. I met Armand Traore a few years ago and after the pleasantries, shared some injury stories (he was also in post injury physio) and then I asked him if he was in touch with Diaby and how Diaby was doing (then at Marseille)

    The sad thing was that Traore got immediately defensive and said Diaby is a hugely talented player. As if to fend of the expected criticism/ridicule of his injury record. I told him I fully agreed with him and wished both him and Diaby all the best for the future.

    Anyway, that was a tangent. Back to Santi. I am not very hopeful he will be able to play at the highest level again. But maybe, hope against hope, he can come back and at least be a part of the Arsenal squad, and contribute even in 10-15 matches a season. A player of his experience and ability could be vital. If nothing else, in training with all the youngsters.

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  3. Also Aman. I wanted to say I disagree with you about the need for another midfielder. Not in terms of numbers per se, but a midfielder who can dribble to keep possession under a press, as well as break through the defense, is invaluable, and as we have seen over the past couple of years, hugely important to Arsenal.

    Fabinho, or any other DM can provide the shielding and maybe powerful runs. Ramsey’s major strength is his stamina and ability to make late runs. Elneny likewise in terms of stamina and keeping things ticking over. Xhaka can pick out the long passes (and is improving in defensive positioning) Even Wilshere can dribble but only really in the final third and not like Santi did deeper in midfield to break the press. I think we could really do with a Santi replacement.

    I have some hope Miki can do the job, but I wouldn’t be entirely comfortable if we didn’t get a midfield dribbler/controller (If not Santi then someone like Cesc was. Always had time on the ball) Right now we are vulnerable to a well organised press (As are most teams, but we aren’t most teams)

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  4. Hard to think of many footballers who’ve returned from 2 years out. Redondo briefly did. Van Basten had to admit defeat. A number have surely made it back after reoccurrence of ACL injuries. Think Santi’s is a near enough unprecedented type of injury anyway.

    Juan Smith the rugby player came back after 2 and a half years out, and retirement, with achilles and played a few more successful seasons at top level

    Bit surprised club don’t seem to be getting regular updates from Santi, but that could just be a sensitive move- give him space- after all the horrendous setbacks and bad news earlier on.

    I hope if there’s a sort of half chance he can play again both parties can agree a contract which reflects this.

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  5. Shard such a shame about Diaby. Terrible that people have to be defensive of him. I don’t know how people couldn’t see what a player he was when he got to show. He could have been one of the best.

    I’m with you on a midfielder that can dribble comfortably. Most of our problems have been from poor controlled distribution from the back. I think Mustafi was bought to help leave the gap Sagna left in those regards but it’s not really worked for whatever reason. It would make perfect sense if we could get a midfielder who could control things in possession in front of the defence.

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  6. Shard,
    Santi Carzola & Cesc are such rare breeds that as well as AW did in snagging them when others “weren’t looking”, he doesn’t have that luxury any longer.
    With a year left on his contract, he has Ozil, Mkhi & Iwobi +/- St. Santi. Thats 1 grand maestro, 1 vice-maestro, a trainee-in-waiting +/- St. Grand maestro . The “midfield dribbler/controller position ” has been filled. What we need is a smooth recovery expert. A suave enforcer. A Gilbertoesque shadow boxer. A Sargent Biscuits type (Busquets) to constantly recallibrate our attacking machine, like F1 pit-stop mechanics change tyres, while screening our defence with greater efficiency.

    Rambo, Ozil, Iwobi & Jack are defensive minions. They lack the grit, recovery speed, talons, mojo, ruggedness & black arts certification to play this role. That is not their role. No team ever wins the biggest prizes without good defense. We’ve been at it for over a decade with no success.

    My tail’s been between my legs for a while now. I need to wag it again. I miss my wagging red & white tail.


  7. Used to have very strong ideas about what sort of midfielder we could do with- mythical Viera beast, any beast, very disciplined sitter, speedy tackler and closer downer- but not case any longer.

    I figured Xhaka, Coquelin and Elneny covered the options well defensively, and with Ramsey, Jack (or maybe it would have been Cazorla at that point- start of last year) and Ozil meant we could find right mix for any occasion.

    Didn’t pan out like that- couldn’t get best of Coq without Santi, mixes of Coq, Elneny, Xhaka didn’t provide defensive strength I expected- and now I’m not sure who or what type could help get balance between attack and defence spot on.

    If fit, Xhaka, Ramsey and Ozil are definite starters most weeks, Elneny is a valuable player, and still improving, so who best complements them, or what great attributes are missing from them.

    We’re looking for a big mean tackler, great dribbler and passer, quick at closing down and recovery runs, intelligent. Hmmm.

    Realistically, maybe it’s case of..could attack, and defence be improved by a better attack, or could defence, and attack, be improved by better defence. Nope, i still haven’t a clue.

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  8. Decent clip here to look at if we go for Meyer.


    I believe all big clubs who are not the wealthiest in their domestic leagues are into similar ideas now.

    Looking for a primarily defensive way to play against any bigger/wealthier clubs which relies heavily on counters, while also trying to develop a way to play against smaller clubs who sit back and won’t play into their hands on giving up counter opportunities.

    We’re a definite exception. Not sure how I’d characterise Liverpool, though think they are far closer to that than to us in that they can pack mid with energy, graft and intense pressing; drop back and leave majority of attacking to deadly front three when necessary.

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  9. Rich I’ve given up on complication.
    Casemiro is on course for a CL hat trick while we’ve been complicating things.
    Its a beautifully simple game really…


  10. Are people of the thinking that if we get a player that can be a bit beastly when needed the fact we give away possession a lot in our own half will sort itself out?
    To me that will be the problem Wenger will be addressing. A player at the back that can distribute rather than a tackler. As Aman says I thought we had all boxes ticked with the line-up. To me Elneny is the answer to a lot. I think he’s got a lot to offer. He’s growing in confidence. He’d get the nod over Xhaka and Jack for me.

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  11. the only replacement for santi like for like is isco. what a coup it will be if we manage to get such a player. i know many will say it’s almost impossible, both finacially and competition with other clubs. but that brings the question, how did we manage to sign santi? and for such amount!

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  12. “but that brings the question, how did we manage to sign santi? and for such amount!”

    Because he was a panic buy?

    A signing indicative of a club in malaise, that doesn’t realise it is a football club that puts players together to make a football team? A club that is a “Shambles™”, as per the thinly disguised PR consultant’s meme for this year.

    Don’t believe the hype.

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  13. Casimero?

    Different players but you won’t see either in n5, Not unless they’re at a petro-club that goes bankrupt after their oligarch has a change of mood (politics innit!).

    That is how Cazorla happened.

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  14. < and Monreal too!

    No doubt MP would've liked to have bought them over to build a ridiculous City squad (with slightly less agents fees then that handed out by Young Pep) – but he ended up with Navas etc. instead. Heh.

    When you think about it Vengarrghh sneaking in and pinching MP's gems from Malaga ahead of him was almost as funny as the Oooze at City splurging £30M several years ago (£70M today?) on a beach footballer from Brazil (Jo!).

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  15. <considering that Malaga made the CL SF the season before those were Lemar/Mmmmmmmbappe quality/level of gemstones.

    Panic buys. Right?
    More like daylight robbery!

    And today's meme is…

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  16. Panic buy.. As I recall this was a term first brought in when we bought Per and Arteta (as well as Andre Santos.. but shhh) and Benayoun on loan (it was the same year right?)

    When they could no longer claim we only bought kids they had to come up with a new angle. Thankfully for them, they could attribute these ‘panic buys’ (May we always have such buys) to the 8-2 loss. As if Wenger suddenly realised the squad needed something more and then went out and bought these guys. (In such a case calling it prompt action would just not do) Of course they ignore that after the ManU loss there was the small matter of beating Udinese (and a wrongly awarded last minute penalty) to get into the CL proper. Would this have anything to do with signings? No, of course not. Venggaaaarrrrrghhh

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  17. There will always be good players available.
    I feel we have enough really good players already. AW has and will always unearth and attract gems because he is one himself.
    It is now about filling in the missing pieces that will make our team great.
    No dilly-dallying. Its absolutely positional not about finding the next Santi or whomever else.
    Need not be the overpriced obvious choices, just players that will fit.
    I believe Arsene knows.


  18. Aman

    True about snagging them under others’ noses. But my submission is

    a) why is that no longer possible? Cesc was highly rated at La Masia (we just offered a clear route into the first team) and Santi was a Spanish international. They weren’t exactly unknown. Maybe underrated. Such a player could still exist somewhere today.

    b) Arsenal also have a lot more money now. If there indeed is someone who can have a Santi/Cesc level impact for us for the next few years, I am certain we can put together a competitive financial package to get him. By some reports we were seriously in for Mbappe to very high transfer fees. It cannot be a City style spending spree every year, but I think for the right player, the player who puts us over the top, we can manage a one time mega spend. At least, that is my understanding of both our finances, and our policy.

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  19. By the way, I don’t disagree with needing someone like Fabinho. I put that as my priority no 1 in the transfer arena. But I really believe we would do well to also have a midfielder who can dribble through a press.
    Also, this might be sacrilege to some, but I find myself hoping that Wilshere will not sign the extension we have offered him. (To make room for this midfield dribbler)


  20. ‘https://www.football.london/arsenal-fc/news/manchester-united-arsenal-wenger-ferguson-14551823

    He’d placed every little bit of the last two weeks on this particular game. They are not coming to Old Trafford and they are not gonna do us.

    “They had a young Spanish winger called Jose Antonio Reyes and we literally kicked him off the park, I think he got subbed off after about 60 minutes.

    “Every time he got the ball, Gary [Neville] smashed him. Next time he got the ball I smashed him, next time he got the ball Scholes smashed him, and after a bit I remember looking at him and thinking “what am I doing in English football?””


    Very bad tactic and a desperate one…unless you know refs can be trusted to favour you and not do their job properly. In that case, it’s a good tactic.

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  21. Evening folks,
    Can someone explain to me why Arsenal need a DM when we already have 70 to 80% of possession, who are the team defending the midfield from ??
    I’d rather have the ‘missing’ player be a solid ball passer and a no- nonsense all rounder, I.e. In the Viera / Roy Keane mould.

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  22. burnley 1-2 Chelsea

    AFC stay 2pts ahead of Burnley, we have them to play yet

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  23. from football.london

    Wenger On team news

    Well we have some uncertainties about Wilshere. Of course Mkhitaryan is not back. Ospina is available again of course and that’s basically it I think.

    On Ramsey and the cut on his leg

    He has not participated in full training but he’s practicing in non-contact, so he will be available for Sunday.

    On Wilshere

    It’s a short-term one, a little ankle problem.

    On Mkhitaryan

    Mkhitaryan is running again. He has to progress in the next three or four days to see how much intensity he can have in his training sessions.

    On when Mkhitaryan could return

    Possibly Thursday is the earliest I think.

    On if he’ll rest anyone on Sunday

    No, I would say this weekend is as well a preparation for Thursday. I rested some players after the Moscow game, and they will need a game. It’s not so much rest, it’s more preparataion.
    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger faces the press.

    On if the Europa League is the priority

    Yeah its the priority because in the Premier League we go for not a lot and for us it’s the biggest priority now.

    On if the team have anything to play for in the Premier League

    Yes, first of all because we are Arsenal Football Club and we want to win football games. Every game we play is important and because we love to win, of course we want to win our home games.

    I think at home we’ve had quite a good season. It looks a little bit strange but I think if you look at home games we are third in the league and it’s away from home that we’ve failed. It’s absolutely important that we maintain that record at home.
    Read More

    Spanish club eye shock Jack Wilshere move – and Arsenal loanee could play a key role in transfer

    On if Arsenal need to win Europa League for season to be a success

    It would be better, yes. Yes of course, for us it’s important. First of all, we have a big opponent in Atletico Madrid. For us it’s absolutely vital to beat them and to have a chance to go into the final and win the competition. We have a big obstacle, a big hurdle in the semi-final. I would even say that Atletico Madrid are seen as the favourites to win the competition, but I believe that at our best, we can beat them.

    On if he’s certain he’ll stay on next season

    Look, my personal situation is not so much my worry at the moment. My worry is to transform a season with many disappointments away from home into success and that’s what matters to me. As I said the other night, my future is in front of me every time I make a half turn. That’s not my biggest priority.
    Arsene Wenger (Image: Stu Forster/Getty Images)

    On if it will be his decision

    That doesn’t really matter. As I told you, my main worry is Arsenal Football Club and I think if you have to give me some credit, if you look back at my career, you would have to accept that my priority was always the interest of Arsenal Football Club.

    On if it’s frustrating to have to talk about his future

    I’m not responsible [for the press]. When the results aren’t as good as everybody wants, people ask that question. I cannot master that. I can only master my commitment, the quality of my work, and I do that.

    On attendances falling at home and if it’s a concern

    No. No it’s not a big concern because our crowd is very solid at the moment. We have played on some special days, we don’t go for the league [title].
    Empty seats are seen during Arsenal’s match against Watford (Image: Michael Regan/Getty Images)

    I believe we have a very faithful crowd, very faithful fans, who will always be there and support the club. When you look at the renewal numbers for next season, they are absolutely outstanding.

    On suggestions that fans are turning their back on the club

    No [I don’t believe that].

    On Jack Wilshere’s contract

    I cannot give you any news because I don’t really know what is in his mind. I can just update you by saying that until now he has not signed. He has an offer and we want him to stay. He has an offer that is on a long-term contract basically, and I hope that at some stage he will sign it.
    Read More

    Agent reveals just how close Liverpool were to signing Arsenal star Henrikh Mkhitaryan

    On whether it’s hope he’ll sign rather than confidence

    You can reproach me maybe, but I’m always confident. I am, I am, really.

    On whether it’s better to pay Jack what he wants rather than buy a replacement

    If you think like that, there’s no limitations anywhere. As a club. you want the players to stay and to be paid well, and I believe that everybody would agree that we pay our players very well.

    On what will make the fans return in numbers

    I don’t know, we are sold out in every single game so I don’t know where the problem is at the moment. If you feel like next season it will not be the case, then we’ll have to face it. But I believe that, if you look at our numbers and how much people want to renew tickets for next season, I don’t believe that we have a major problem.
    Read More

    What Arsenal must do to become Premier League title contenders again – including squad overhaul

    We have a major problem at the moment because we’re not in a position to win the league. That’s our biggest problem. The biggest problem is not the number of fans who are behind the team.

    On whether he’s started looking at transfer targets for next season

    Yes of course but at the moment, as people have said before, we have to focus on what is important for us to make this season a success. That is a short-term goal, the long-term thing is that it’s a World Cup year and the transfers only start after the World Cup. There’s a long way before that starts again.

    On whether Sean Dyche is a manager of the season contender

    He’s one of the contenders, yes.

    On who he is thinking of voting for

    I don’t know. I think Guardiola, certainly, and Sean Dyche are the two who have been above everybody else.
    Sean Dyche (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

    On the importance of finishing ahead of Burnley to avoid fixture congestion

    Of course we want to finish in front of Burnley. For us, we play them at home still and we play on Sunday, so let’s win on Sunday and see where we go from there. I believe that we still have some important games in the Premier League and we want to finish on a high. We were on quite a good run before our defeat at Newcastle, so let’s start to win again and see where we finish at the end of the season.

    On whether he would consider West Ham safe now

    They are safe, I would say. Mathematically, no. When you’re in that, as long as you’re not mathematically safe, there’s no relief there. At the moment I would say that they’re 80 per cent safe.

    On Moyes’ short term contract

    Unfortunately the clubs who fight not to go down only give short-term contracts at the moment. david Moyes was in that case, Sam Allardyce, Mark Hughes is in that situation. That shows that the trend in the Premier League is all short-term, lets win the next game and after we see where we go from there.

    On whether Aubameyang will play on Sunday

    I haven’t decided that but anyway he can’t play on Thursday so I am not sure whether to play him on Sunday.

    On how Aubameyang has handled the situation of being cup tied

    Yes, it’s true [he has handled it pretty well]. At some stage, I would say most of the time, after the Europa League games, it was a help because I could rest some players and bring someone fresh in. When you prepare for the Europa League it is a handicap because he cannot play, and when the games become important like they are at the moment it raises the question.

    On a deadline for Wilshere’s contract

    No, no. He has the freedom to make that decision, he knows I want him to stay and overall I hope that at some stage… he as well is focused on winning the next game, and certainly he will make his decision a bit later.
    Jack Wilshere in action against CSKA Moscow. (Image: Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

    On whether talks could go into the summer

    I don’t think so, I think he will make his decision before the end of the season. he will not want to go to the World Cup and not have settled his situation because that would not be reasonable as well I think.

    On Santi Cazorla’s future

    I have not seen him since the League Cup final because he has gone back to make his rehab. We leave him there. But the last news I heard is that he is doing very well, so i hope that certainly he will come back before the end of the season and we an make a check-up of where he stands. Can he play again in the Premier League? I don’t know, I have to see how he responds to his injury.

    On whether he will assess Cazorla before discussing a new contract

    Yes, of course. We miss him a lot. I never spoke about it in the press conferences, or not many times, as he was not the subject of the daybed we have missed him a lot in our game. he is an exceptional football player and it is very sad what happened to him, and very sad for Arsenal as well.

    What James Maddison has said about his future as Arsenal, Spurs & Man City target summer move

    On whether Cazorla will be able to play at the top level

    Honestly, I don’t know. I hope yes, but I don’t know.

    On where Wenger stands on safe standing

    I am in favour personally. The atmosphere is much better when people stand. the closer you are to the position of the player, the more supportive you are and you imagine if people were lying in bed watching the game, they could fall asleep sometimes so it is better they stand up. I think as well that it is a tradition of English football to have that and overall I must say it is much better. there are safety reasons that they don’t do it and I can understand that, but if the safety is right then it has my 100 per cent backing.

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  24. Oh Mirror

    Apparently we are going to ‘bomb out’ Mustafi and Xhaka and have young replacements lined up

    A 25 year old right back on a free and a 21 year old attacking midfielder/ten from Norwich.

    There’s no name on it but it smells like Cross work to me, or a young (45?) protege

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  25. Head-scratcher how Xhaka’s fine form was barely rcommented upon, but we lose one game, in which he didn’t play badly, and the talk resumed immediately about him being a failure.

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  26. DC

    I can try. I think we need someone who can protect the defense the times we do lose possession. Especially in transition. A player who prioritises defense but at the same time doesn’t clog up our possession game. I think the stats bear out that we are allowing opponents more shots than we used to. Having a great attack alleviates some of the pressure. I don’t want us to go boring boring Arsenal again. But having a solid defensive base would actually help the attack. Unfortunately, we do not have a solid base right now.

    I was thinking about it more though. And I thought our DM must be someone who focuses on defense, has the technique to play, and has the recovery speed to either drop back as a 3rd CB or cover for the FBs who go high up the pitch. And the name I came up with? Ainsley Maitland-Niles. I think he checks those boxes.

    However, defense is also an experience thing, and so..I will now go out on a limb and name names. N’Zonzi would be my favourite. Also because at 30, he doesn’t block AMN’s development. But he provides us the experience and size. He’s quick too. Fabinho seems slower to me, and less of an assured dribbler, and that’s why I’m less enthused by him now. Another player I like is Adrien Rabiot. The question of course is would they leave their CL clubs to be at Arsenal if we don’t qualify.

    I love what Xhaka brings to the team. But he’s a bit of a specialist. A great deep lying playmaker. But he lacks defensive awareness (improving in this regard). And though he’s not slow exactly, he’s not quick to recover.(can’t fix this) I wouldn’t sell him, but I think Elneny is pushing him for his starting spot.

    Plus I think Max Meyer would be a great buy. Giving us lots of different options for different styles of opponents.

    For instance, I wouldn’t play Xhaka against a pressing team unless he has two quick and more defensive oriented players in front of him as a shield.(Elneny, AMN/Nzoni) I would instead play Meyer as the 6 if Ramsey is the 8 and then have only one of Elneny, AMN, Nzonzi there) Because Meyer can dribble out of trouble and is quicker on the cover.

    Or to break down a park the bus team, I would play the DM (Nzonzi/AMN) to protect against the counter. With Xhaka and Ramsey. Xhaka can help break down the team with his passing and long shots, and Ramsey with his runs into the box. With Elneny and Meyer the stand ins for Xhaka and Ramsey.

    I realise this might be overkill. 6 midfielders for 3 spots. But I’d like to see it happen.

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  27. Also, in defense. I could see us selling Mustafi. I like him but I am more and more frustrated by him. I think he was brought in to help with the distribution from the back but he’s not very good in that regard. And he’s not dominant in the air. Which I think we need. He’s also seemingly always got a moment of madness per game in him.

    There was some indication that both Xhaka and Mustafi were signings made on the recommendations of the stats team. Wenger has publicly complained about stats driving recruitment without the filter of an experienced eye. I’m not saying they were not Wenger buys. I’m saying Mislintat was brought in because he apparently combines stats with a ‘diamond eye’ very well, because Wenger felt this was an area he wasn’t getting the best advice in.

    I hope we buy a CB who is aerially powerful, and quick… even if he is only ok with the ball at his feet. The CB that stays on the cover as Kos/Holding go up to pressure the attacker, winning interceptions. With Chambers and Mavropanos (who from the highlights looks very much like a younger version of Koscielny to me) 5 CBs. One towards the end of his career. One established. And 3 at various stages of starting out. Plus Monreal/Kola can fill in if required. (Elneny/AMN have played as 3rd CB too)


  28. Arsène Wenger has issued the following statement:

    “After careful consideration and following discussions with the club, I feel it is the right time for me to step down at the end of the season.

    “I am grateful for having had the privilege to serve the club for so many memorable years.

    “I managed the club with full commitment and integrity.

    “I want to thank the staff, the players, the Directors and the fans who make this club so special.

    “I urge our fans to stand behind the team to finish on a high.

    “To all the Arsenal lovers take care of the values of the club.

    “My love and support for ever.”

    Arsene Wenger


    Stan Kroenke:

    Majority owner Stan Kroenke said: “This is one of the most difficult days we have ever had in all our years in sport. One of the main reasons we got involved with Arsenal was because of what Arsène has brought to the club on and off the pitch. His longevity and consistency over such a sustained period at the highest level of the game will never be matched.

    “Arsène has unparalleled class and we will always be grateful to him. Everyone who loves Arsenal and everyone who loves football owes him a debt of gratitude. Three Premier League titles, including an entire season unbeaten, seven FA Cup triumphs and 20 successive years in the Champions League is an exceptional record. He has also transformed the identity of our club and of English football with his vision for how the game can be played.

    “We have high ambitions to build on Arsène’s remarkable tenure and to honour his vision by ensuring that Arsenal competes for and wins the biggest and most important prizes in the game.

    “We must now focus on making a strong finish to the season and ask our millions of fans around the world to join us in paying appropriate tribute to one of the greats of Arsenal’s history and one of the greats of the game.”


    Arsène will lead the team to the end of the season and we will make an appointment as soon as possible. The club will not be making any further comment on the selection process until an appointment is made.

    Copyright 2018 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/merci-arsene#itsiBzoqUbtyAAk6.99

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/merci-arsene#RtUduxiPVtqTBlm7.99

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  29. the king is dead long live the king

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  30. Ok, there will be loads of blogs paying tribute to Arsene. I would ask you all to post a few of your own words which I’ll put together as an article. The tribute should be from all of us and not just me,
    A sad day, but we go on.

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  31. A sad day, how long before the new bloke gets a load of shit. Can’t wait for his warts and all book. What next PSG?

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  32. It’s all the triumphant tossers claiming they got what they wanted who will be infesting the blogs and pubs and workplaces who will really piss me off. I’m going to hide in a cave for a while.

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  33. Echo previous posts, a very sad day, but the club will move on and make good choices.
    Our greatest modern day manager, a man now unique in the game. Always tried to play, and more importantly, approach the game in the correct manner, not for him diving, cheating, bus parking and ref bullying.
    If he has chosen to go, you wont find me arguing with him, but what a servant to the club and game he has been.
    Wish him the very best wherever he ends up, he certainly is not finished in management yet.
    Supporters of all persuasions should now back the manager and players for the rest of the season, and conspicuously so.
    And the best of luck and success to the new man and his team, they will work for a great club

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  34. Yep! Those seriously big transitions have been going on all season long on and off the pitch.

    Looking forward to the book and of relevations of what went on last season, he teased us with some hints, and the transfer window dealings last summer.

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  35. Marky
    Great minds!
    As with Bergkamp’s book, the bst bits are unlikely to be in English! If it’s ever even published here!! L.O.L.

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  36. Now watch the hypocrisy unfold where they all line up to hail the man!

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  37. I doubt they will you know, I expect a lot of gloating and knife twisting and I told you so ing from the plankton at Sky Etc. Wankers

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  38. While this sinks in. Let it be clear that Arsene Wenger is a man of his word. He said he would leave Arsenal if he felt that was best for the club. A power hungry dictator he never was. I feel…weird… It’s not sad. Because he’s choosing to leave and is obviously doing it for the right reasons. But it is sad because he’s the only Arsenal manager I’ve ever known.

    The part of his statement that needs to be taken to heart is the bit about taking care of the values of the club.

    Somehow, thank you Arsene, just does not say it. It’s not enough.

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  39. I have had the shittiest morning ever for reasons that I thought were strictly mine not realizing that the entire Cosmos had a part to play in it. A friend sent me a message saying AW was leaving @ the end of this season and I thought it was fake news.

    So it is true.
    He’s really leaving.
    I don’t know what to say…
    Thank you for everything ARSENE WENGER.

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  40. It would be weird to see Arsenal without Arsene Wenger.

    I’ve only known Arsene Wenger as Arsenal’s manager. I’m not sure if I am an Arsenal fan or an Arsene Wenger fan. If the board appoints Mourinho, for example, as the next manager, would I still be a passionate Arsenal fan? I’m not really sure!

    Hopefully, this would not be the end of Arsene Wenger in football. I would definitely miss his measured, considerate approach to the game.

    I truly think that the bastards at the PIGMOB are responsible for this. Arsenal would’ve definitely won the Premier League in 2007-08 (when Eduardo was hacked down in Feb 2008 with Arsenal being 5 points clear at the top of the table) and in 2015-16 when Leicester were awarded 13 penalties as opposed to 2 for Arsenal!

    I always thought that Wenger would’ve won the league within 3 years of VaR being properly implemented.

    Alas, we’ll never get a chance to find out!

    Au Revoir Monsieur Wenger. Thank you for the wonderful times!

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  41. As others have said , the book will be very interesting, though he will be wary of hurting the club.
    His constant mentions of values is telling, he has seen a side of the game he wants this club to stay away from.

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  42. I fell in love with Arsenal because of Arsene Wenger and the values he personified; beautiful football, class, honesty, loyalty and consistency. He transformed AFC into a modern colossus and his imprint will remain on English and world football for ages. Au revoir Arsene.

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  43. It’s been 20 years plus
    Unless you are James Comey encountering a Mobb Boss ,you would not be able in five minutes to remeber all the things he said and all the things he has done.These things will come out like at a wake. Sort of feels like a wake

    A few things I will remember
    A ball playing central midfielder, to get it to Dennis and supply Wrighty
    Wengerball All versions
    Rebuilding and Re imaginning of the club
    The types of goals.
    But most of all the man is what I will always remember
    The French Frank White
    Everyword he says should be a hip hop quotable

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  44. Yesterday I began a series of tweets on #Regime_Change at Arsenal in response to another of the series of unsourced and unverified reports that appeared online from the mainstream media once again seeking to destabilize Wenger and his tenure. I suspected something was up but never imagined the Great Man was on the verge of calling it quits. But as real life has demonstrated regime-change is no substitute for reality. No matter the thinking of Josh Kroenke, the media or whatever force that helped Wenger to bring forward his retirement, there is no way Arsenal can outspend the clubs funded by Arab Sheiks or Russian oligarchs or that massive cash cow called Man United. I see fellow Positivistas speculating on these pages about signing this or that big player. Wishful thinking in my opinion. Most players and certainly their agents go for the highest price on offer. We will always be outspent in the foreseeable future. Only way we can win titles is by by being smarter and being patient in developing and rebuilding our Premier League squad while fans insist on fair officiating to ensure a more level playfield for all teams.

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  45. I’m shocked at the timing of the announcement, I can only assume there was a leak that they decided to cut off by announcing first. It certainly lends substance to the rumour that he wanted to go last season but stayed on to allow the club to put the infrastructure in place to support his successor.

    I will never forgive the WOB for making his last couple of years a living nightmare when it should have been a triumph. I just hope the players can finally do themselves justice for these last few games and a pox on all the boo boys.

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  46. Passenal I don’t care about the Arsenal holes,
    truth is I’m still r covering from the celebrations after the greates FA Cup victory by any club in the last thirty years. Still gutted Danny or Mesut didn’t make it three or four or more on the day. (Helped by the BFG as opposed to a fit and undistracted Koscielny telling Mustafi what to do!)

    Don’t care for those who rolled out their shambles memes with the aid of the marketing genius’ (self declared or otherwise) as soon as the final was over.

    If they don’t care about the Football, why should we care for them.

    As Arsene Wenger said often to the hacks faces as he knew they felt opposite: “we all love the game”.

    Not all.

    Looks like an Arsenal Marseille final or would that be too obvious even for UEFA?

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  47. < not opposite but don't have the same feeling (why would they it's not their job…a perfectly reasonable comment over the years by the gaffer).

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  48. A tremendous man and a unique contribution to the club. I feel I am a better man for having watched him and listened to him these 21 years.

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  49. I suspect now Mr Wenger is leaving so will Ramsey,perhaps Bellerin also.

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