Arsenal: Sunday, Bloody Sunday


Good afternoon Positives,

There we are then, a poor week finished off for all sports of footballing and no-footballing reasons by a defeat to Brighton.

Reviewing in my mind’s eye the performance today we lost the game as a result of a period of incomprehensibly poor defending during a 35 minute period when our defensive core, Cech, Kosc and Shkrodran looked never to have met one another before and Brighton physically brushed them aside. Each time a corner came in a big blue head got on the end of it. What was puzzling was the back four we put out, including Kolasinac and Chambers is physically the most imposing group of defenders we have at the club as viable starters. Why lads … Why … Whisper it in my ear – please – I won’t shout – I promise ! It was 2-0 after 27 minutes but in truth it could have been worse.

In any event having recovered consciousness and found ourselves flat on our back we suddenly flickered into life. Oddly the turning point of our afternoon was Jack’s 40th minute wild challenge of Knockaert, for which he was deservedly carded, but after which we had some energy about us and physically began to compete. Over the remainder of the half we matched Brighton challenge for challenge,  and certainly in the second  half went on to dominate our opponents, over 80% of the pitch at least. That goal just before half time, neatly despatched after good work on the left, surely provided the platform for a storming second half. Or so I thought …..

In spite of our momentum  going into the second half Brighton defended deep, deeper, deepest, were organised, and allowed us only an occasional sight of Ryan’s goal throughout what seemed a very long 45 minute indeed. I thought Jack and Granit were very good throughout the second 45 and the Englishman was constantly poking at the centre of the Brighton line. In front of them PEA and Mkhi also twisted and turned and tried to find space but Gawd it was crowded in there. We tried to hit them again and again on the same axis, and they defended again and again in the same way. I cannot criticise the sweat that we put in, or the commitment of our players once they had come to their senses. The guile to cut open Brighton however was just not there. Is that 16 goals in 15 PL away games this season ?

So well done to our hosts today, a deserved three points won with two well taken chances and a commendable second half defensive display. I know it is a subject I could bore for my country on but oh how I wish we had a nippy winger like that Izquierdo who was a constant thorn in our flank all afternoon.

We must stop meeting like this.

Enjoy Sunday and I trust like me you are looking forward to temporarily putting the clanking chains of Premier League football aside and enjoying the prospect of the San Siro and Milan.

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  1. Yes we lost.
    Yes it hurts but I still prefer AW’s take on how the game should be played compared to the Catalan way.

    Nothing would please me more than Barcelona and Man City getting knocked out of the CL. Watching them is really depressing for football. Tiki takka without flair is rather boring. “Once I score I’ll retain the ball by passing back and sideways till you try to come get it”. Sounds like I’m hating but I really really get bored with Pep’s football. After ya, I’d rather watch Liverpool.

    Like I posted a few days ago, this season is over. Retaining AW for his final year is the big priority. Give him full support and a preseason and AFC will be fine. Spending 500m is definitely not the answer. Max 4 new players (DM, CB, LW & RB) and we are back in business. Wengerball 4.0 must be executed to the fullest!


  2. COYG I know I normally put this before a game but I think we need it right now

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  3. Strangely enough this season is far from over, our priority many would have said would have been to win the Europa. That goal is still there and so in that respect despite our poor season nothing has changed

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  4. My French is improving

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  5. Hey Positives. Have been AWOL due to work and domestic pressures. To be frank I haven’t seen many of our recent games in full ; just snatches here and there. Nonetheless the defeats have been painful although they pale in comparison to some of the real world tribulations many of us go through. Unfortunately when you are in a hole it is sometimes very difficult to come out especially when almost everyone is piling on; in the case of Arsenal it is the media Establishment; the fans (especially the super bloggers, tweeters and podcasters); ex-players, etc. Almost everyone suddenly forgets 20 years of achievement or is it over-achievement. Fortunately it is in times of adversity when true character is truly forged; Arsenal will be back sooner rather than later.

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  6. gf60, yes arsenal have been lower than this before, many times in fact, and much much lower at that, and we have come back each and every time, but have we done so without changing the manager.

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  7. Get the horrible impression that when the dust settles some time this summer, some will be left with a feeling that those around our manager could and should have shown more class and respect, as he has shown them , sometimes in challenging circumstances, many of which we probably dont even know about
    Cannot substantiate this, just a gut feeling

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  8. football fans have completely changed in recent years,
    even major success is soon forgotten, and we see managers sacked within a year of winning the CL, or the BPL or the FAC, –

    Chelsea have done it for all 3, man utd have sacked FA Cup winning manager only weeks later, CFC fans want Conte out after winning the league last season and still being in the CL this. Man City sacked a title winning manager, and lets not forget that Leicester City did not even keep their one and only title winning manager another season, and no one in the game is in any way outraged at this, in fact its promoted by them.
    So of course its open season on Wenger

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  9. I don’t think it is just football fans eddy – it is the technology enabled mob running amok across sport, the media and politics. Ignorance is feted as the will of the people, cruelty statesmanship, bigotry a virtue.

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  10. Ah yes I remember it well;

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  11. Andrew your comment at 12.02 pm is spot on. Unfortunately, football fandom is just a rabid example of the deterioration of society in general. It’s hard to stay in love with the game with all the cheating, incompetence and ignorance that is lauded over the values of fair play and open competition. There is far too much money swilling about and it is killing the essence of the sport and taking all the enjoyment out of it. It’s an addiction and therefore a hard habit to break, but when an addiction is doing more harm than good…

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  12. The Rugby fans chasing the England coach at a train station last week underlined the above.

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  13. We certainly could have used him at Brighton.


  14. Lest people forget the stalkers’ and the salivating agents’ PR reps’ pitch forks were prepped previously been unleashed to blunt affect in 2014, 2017 etc., same as today.

    The composition of the football squad seems far more important to this football fan then any other matter, same as always.

    Also worth bearing in mind that we all understand that such mid-season upheaval will affect the flow of an AW teams’ football, so if we get it, and the risks entailed, then I’m sure the club do to. Previously they were competing with the petroclubs for players.
    And as I obviously failed to highlight, now the club are struggling to compete with Liverpool for players. Lots of reasons for that, let’s stick to the one we all can agree upon: the Wonga. They have more. I’m sure the AFC coaches thought that Van Dyke might be a good shout to fill a similar squad role to the BFG, with the right level of experience now, but I don’t think they could spend 75M on him!

    For some strange reason I can’t take seriously the claims from the same people that the club doesn’t know what it is doing when these same people, or experts I should add, they were saying the same thing when the club signed the likes of BFG, Cazorla, Giroud etc.

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  15. Dixon yet another I’ve never trusted, but one I didn’t flat out dislike

    Rocking up at a supporter’s meeting tonight though to feed their greedy appetites for Wenger bashing. Really?

    Even if he believes the things he says, even if he thinks Wenger should leave or should have previously…he enjoyed fantastic success under Wenger, and was no doubt treated well by him on a human level. To then eagerly join the pile on at Wenger’s toughest hour. Wanker. Reflects terribly on him

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  16. 900ftG

    The field hockey coaches have worked out well in the past, for Cruyff, it’s all the reference that football needs hehe

    I won’t tell the pgMOB if you won’t – how they manage to operate a b*llsh*t free VARs system, for years and years…black magic?

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  17. lee dixon being a right cunt towards Arsenal, Wenger and the team tonight. some amount of bullshit being spouted by him to a fawning audience,

    if ever anyone needed proof that these pundits will say whatever their pay masters want to hear, then look no further than Dixon tonight at the AST meeting

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  18. Lee Dixon and the Spine of a Jellyfish


    “Dixon, who played more than 600 games for Arsenal in 14 years at the club, believes a the players, staff and supporters need to stick together as the Gunners target a top four finish in the Barclays Premier League this season.

    “We’ve seen protests and booing at other clubs, like Wolves and Blackburn, and it doesn’t do anybody any good,” said Dixon, who was speaking at a Barclays community-led cycle ride in Islington.

    “Everyone needs to stick together. The fans have huge power and that shouldn’t be underestimated.

    “I’ve always backed Arsene and I always will. He’s the heart and soul of the club, he’s doing it the right way and for the right reasons.”

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  19. as I said above anicol, these paid monkeys will say whatever their pay master wants to hear, dixon is being paid by AST for his comments tonight, we all know what they want him to say, and should not be in any way surprised that is exactly what dixon has said.

    if PA had a meeting and hired Dixon to speak at it, I would contend that he would happily contradict what he said for ast tonight

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  20. Wenger has had a pretty incredible career for someone who cannot coach, in contrast to the managerial career of the man LD says coached Ashley Cole.

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  21. Arsènic™
    ‏ @MrArsenicTM
    1h1 hour ago

    “Lee Dixon is a legend, he can say what he wants, he earned that right. No true Arsenal fan would abuse him.” But when it comes to someone who dedicated two decades of his life to serve the club, the above statement is not valid…

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  22. Andy Kelly
    ‏ @Gooner_AK
    5h5 hours ago

    Arsenal’s poor recent performances on the pitch haven’t affected the share price. Two traded at £29,000 on Friday morning before a new record high of £31,000 was set a couple of hours later.


  23. Wengerball 4.0 will resolve all issues.
    AW must be allowed to see out his contract.
    Keep the faith gooners.


  24. Vieira would tighten up the midfield. Dixon would sort out Bellerin.

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  25. Rebuilding confidence must begin with defence.
    For the rest of this season AW should revert beck to the blueprint that served him so illustrously in the past.
    Play either Elneny or AMN with Xhaka to shore up CM.
    Everyone defends but let the AM & forwards focus on attacking.
    Too many share the same responsibilities to the point of overpassing which slows our attack down. With Lacazette & Auba we have 2 quality minimalists who require quick passes into space to devastate defences. Time to deploy our weapons more efficiently.

    With the extra (sitting) CM always there, Kos & Mustafi also benefit. Kos especially needs not the extra stress of starting attacks. Let Elneny do what he does quite well to complement our CBs. Both he & Xhaka are more than good enough to also back up Hector and Sead (or Nacho) when they overlap.

    Do I think we need a proper DM? Yes but we have guys more than capable of doing a job over the rest of this season.
    Playing Jack or Ramsey along with Xhaka exposes us to counter attacks, balls over the top, and sharp dribbling through the middle because whether we like to admit it or not both of them are, post-the-numerous injuries, liabilities. They are also naturally AMs, number 10s who must defer to the greater AM, Mesut of Oz.
    Over the summer our CM roles really have to be reviewed for the sake of achieving the right balance moving forward. AW’s love of number 10s in my view has been the greatest cause for his demystification and with this team, without the grand wizard Santi Cazorla, its time to let it go and simplify our tactics.

    We have a fantastic group of players waiting for a few key adjustments and reinforcements to allow them compete at the levels associated with Arsenal Football Club. If the board keep the faith in AW, he will deliver.
    Of this I have NO DOUBT.


  26. Which is of course not to suggest that they weren’t fine payers who did the Arsenal proud – they were and they did, and more. And like all players they had their less good moments too. But jeepers, the effing revisionism that is going on right now beggars belief. I’ve learned over the years to disregard the views of most ex-players, and while I do not begrudge any who can earn a living by trading on past glories I think it is worth remembering that unless they are still working on the training grounds they have little more to offer than any other middle-aged spectator.

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  27. Ugh. Foreverheady. I hate that memory. I cried that day. I maintain that’s my most painful memory as an Arsenal fan.

    But your point is well made. All these ex-pros should be giving insight into what its like to be on the field in different situations, not slandering the players and giving simplistic soundbites (or worse, managerial or ownership advise) But that would require honesty, humility and the ability to introspect, and probably wouldn’t pay the bills.

    You know, maybe the club rushed ahead in its attempts to make the Emirates Stadium feel like home. It seems all these guys with their names up around the stadium, and two of the ones with statues, have forgotten why they were honoured in the first place.

    Dennis Bergkamp (who..can I just say…has the wrong pose for his statue) is one exception. He knows to keep his counsel, and when he speaks it is only complimentary without even being gushing. Imagine if Bergkamp played today. He missed the penalty and didn’t ever take one again, didn’t fly, didn’t score enough. He would be called mentally weak and not good enough. Just shows you what the modern fan has learnt at the altar of TV punditry.

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  28. It’s as though recent weeks have given the haters licence to say absolutely anything they want as though it’s true.

    Every one of the slights, accusations, inventions, nonsense etc of the years is being repeated as though they are now undisputed fact.

    I was not as sure as some that there was anything the club could do about this but after Ashton’s piece last night surely enough is enough.

    It was written in style of a mediocre, hungover A level student rushing their work 15 minutes before class. Chucking a good dozen accusations of serious turmoil within club out there bullet-point style.

    With the real disgrace being a revisiting of the theme Tony Adams started by suggesting Wenger lives a sad empty life without football.

    The bastard claimed Totteridge residents worry about Wenger, that he spends his time alone, and often eats out alone rather than spend another lonely evening by himself at home.

    Completely out of order and, I’m almost sure, an example of how a ridiculous claim- started by Adams in this case- is picked up by the lowest people out there and embellished.

    Is there any justification for not hitting that twat with a lifetime ban from the club?

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  29. Like most I found Dixon’s opinion in bad taste. I think he’s an opportunist, just like Wright, Thierry and Adams who want to use the current turmoil to their advantage making careers for themselves.

    I see others try to validate their by using the “legends” tag and describe them as ‘expert’ in their field. For me ‘expert’ suggest anything said by them is fact / truths, when in fact all they do are sharing opinion – that easily bent depending what time of the day it is.

    ‘Opinion’ should be backed by sound knowledge rather than bias. So I agree with Heady, there’s nothing special about any of them, at the end of day each of them is nothing more than just another fickle middle-aged Arsenal supporter.

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  30. Aman

    Two legged knockout ties usually favour defensive football anyway. I really hope we, as a team, are concentrating on getting the defense right.

    You are correct to concentrate on midfield. But it’s not just about being caught on the break or being dribbled through because they are AM’s (Are they?)

    Our single biggest midfield problem since Cazorla went down has been an inability to keep control of the ball under any sort of press. The connecting link between defense and attack is gone. Our defenders have to then step up as an attacking outlet, while our attackers have to drop deep to receive the ball. If they aren’t winning the ball up high, the opposition can just drop deep and stay solid because we’re not going to go past them with any sort of regularity. There’s no one to dribble past players, especially in wide areas. Alexis had other flaws but at least this was a strength of his that we now lack. The only player who can do it is Bellerin because of his speed rather than technique, but his crossing is poor, and it leaves us exposed at the back anyway.

    I’m not sure how to fix this issue apart from through the transfer market, and even then, who? But for Wengerball to work, this is something that absolutely needs to be fixed.


  31. Ashton , Custis, Riley. The Neville Neviles (England coach and England manager, for the record…) .

    You can support the Revie School. Abu Dhabi, Qatar, the international national club teams of the international petro-corporations and all. Those who chose Revie over Clough.

    Or you can support The Arsenal and those who follow a similar model.

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  32. Remember how they reported the Invincibkles squad:

    Toure not a proper LB
    Lauren not a RB
    Henry not a CF
    Pires not a right old whinger

    This has been the best week in their sporting lives (I won’t mention Wiggo if you won’t! It’s all TIm’s fault anyway, crazy sinister conspracies involving heralded cheats and multi-million spending broadcasters crafting a branded package, or mule, with their PR consultants and raking in the Wonga? He’s been picking mushrooms in the New Forest, again, hasn’t he…?)

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  33. < Invincibles!
    Toure was a CB, I know…or was it a RB or CM…Bloody vengarrghhh these players don't know if they're coming and going!

    Nothing to do with the constant heckling that has undeniably affected the morale of the squad in each of the last three seasons as the protests in the media kicked off after Xmas, regardless of the results…

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  34. << would these be 'performance enhancing' mushrooms, or just very tasty mushrooms that are part of a holitsic medical diet?

    I guess we don't always need "evidence", which is very interesting, is it not?

    Though i hear that Wiggo strongly "refutes" the "malicious" "allegations".


    this is absolutely the best sporting podcast that any of you will hear this week, on the cycling but it appplies across the board.

    For the life of me I can't think of a single reason why the Football plunditry is so consistently poor from the same broadcaster…perhaps I could ask Team Sky to explain how it all works?

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  35. Shard, I agree with your analysis on what Santi does for the team.
    But we have to change the strategy of having 2 mid-tempo number 8s (Xhaka + Jack/Rambo) in CM. They all have a tendency to drift forward and lack defensive positional discipline because its just not their game.
    Elneny, sideways passing et al, will maintain his defensive position. AW just has to tell him to.

    We do not have the proper personnel to be as expansive as we want to be
    and just like you I believe we will have to buy in the summer.
    As to who exactly? Absolute top choice is Fabinho who scores goals and plays RB as well. Its going to be expensive but completely worth it if its not outrageous.

    Add Stefan De Vrij at the back (free transfer, place him on 180k/wk) and our defence stiffens considerably and frees up Jack, Rambo & Ozil to express themselves easier.
    Adding a dribbler then becomes less critical. Iwobi, Mkhi, Lacazette, Danny, Auba & young Nelson & Eddie have been known to make grown men look silly trying to stop them.

    AW just has to accept his old tactic, the Vieira-Petit/Gilberto CM prototype as eternally fruitful first.

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  36. labo just to point out that just cos they played for Arsenal does not make them Arsenal supporters, Merson is Chelsea, Dixon is Man City, Wright I think is West Ham, and Henry is a Henry fan.

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  37. I’m trying to imagine Wenger leaving at the end of this season. Right now the vox imbecili loves Mislintat and Sanhelli because they aren’t Wenger, but we’re going to be leaving the unfinished rebuilding process in their hands, and the new manager they pick. How long will this love last?

    So putting myself in their shoes, let’s see what all I am doing to rebuild Arsenal. Starting from the manager and coaching staff.

    Wenger is removed. And with him definitely Primorac, and probably the likes of Banfield and Bould. Some new coaches even like to bring in their own doctors (hello Pep) so maybe one or two of them. (All of this costs money.)

    Then they bring in a manager who is supposed to improve the team. Better defensive coaching maybe, but still an attacking philosophy (the basis of Arsenal’s brand. An identity if you will) A guy who doesn’t need special agents or big bucks, and is willing to give game time to the kids. Also a guy who represents Arsenal with class. I’m guessing this new manager will likely be German or Spanish.

    Then, in conjunction with him and his assistants, part 2 of the rebuild of the team will commence. In a World Cup year and with an early deadline day. Starting from the back. A new GK, a new CB, a backup RB, a CM. And maybe even a young winger. On a budget unlikely to exceed 60-100m. Of course there will be a few sales, and one or two of these players could come from the academy but that assessment will have to be made before the season starts.

    That is one hell of a task. Maybe, just maybe, they as much as anyone else will be happy to keep the focus on Wenger as they go towards completing this process of transition, rather than push him out?

    I suppose we’ll see, but our issues are not confined to Wenger, that is for sure. (Not to ignore his role in them)

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  38. I do laugh when I see people claim PV4 was a DM, he was such a good DM we first had to buy Petit to play behind him, and then Gilberto

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  39. My favourite memory of Viera is…of him striding through the midfield to curl the ball into the far corner vs. Newcastle at Highbury. Like some kind of…midfielder…?

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  40. massive game tonight for our U18’s, they are away to Colchester in the FA Youth Cup, kick off at 7pm


  41. I’ve never seen so many Lee Dixon pictures as have appeared as twitter avi’s in the last 12 hours. What’s that saying about “monkey sees monkey does”

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  42. Shard

    – World Cup Summer.
    – Early start to the season agfter a world cup with transfer window closing before the seaosn starts.
    – Unsettled season with a ridiculous number of ins and outs for a style of team that all know thrives or reaches another level when they’ve had longer training spells together, everyone at the club knows that.

    I think if i was a going to make a bet down at Stokebet365 I’d put a bet on the manager staying till the end of his contract as a new manager, who is probably already talking to AW/AFC, and who is serious about the job would want a full summer before the start of a season.

    Might not happen that way, but, I imagine that all this has been considered. Conversely we know that AW is closer to Dein then some on the AFC board. Who knows what game of poker they’ve all been playing for so many years. Seeing as none of these writers, hacks or experts in their copius coverage of the Arsenal ever cover that story. *scratches the hair on my chinny chin chin* So much critisim of AW and him being a ‘scrooge’ by the same sprces for so long, so little focus on how the club ended up with Kronke by all these critics, many of them who have worked with agents or are currently working for or with agencies. Their arithmetic doesn’t add up. Otherwise all these liars could easily admit that AFC’s current position in the table is par per their spend. For the first time, not above par! Shock. Horror!! Unacceptable!!!! It’s unreal to see the Experts who claim AFC spend more then Tottenham,, but these Experts are out there! When they can point to a £30M signing plonked on the bench like Sissoko it might be possible to take their mewlings a little more seriously, till then…they can…I’ll try to mind my language and stop there.

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  43. Shard

    In the scenario of Wenger leaving much will depend on if they bring in an experienced big name coach or a younger one.

    With the big name coach, Ancelotti for instance, the most likely thing would be he identifies what he wants, and finds he cannot have even half of it. Meaning, if I know my coaches of that ilk at all, unhappiness from the offset, and communications to press to that effect.

    So, much more likely they would go for a younger coach and one who can assure them he will work uncomplainingly within the budget.

    Maybe he could succeed in changing things with existing players through coaching and different ideas, maybe the new team of Sanelhi, Miislintat and co can deliver some bargains. Who knows, it’s all uncertain.

    What’s not is that whoever the coach/ manager is they will not have the bond and loyalty to club Wenger does and so will look to protect themselves and their reputations at all turns, as is the norm for managers. Also they will not be thinking short-, medium- and long-term as has been the case with Wenger for a very long time and as can only be the case when a manager has been with a club an unusual length of time.

    The most likely scenario for me if Wenger were to leave this year is for the new guy to come in, be unhappy with the amount of money available to spend, have a tough year, which then prompts club to look seriously at whether or not they have to change the financial model.

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  44. He’s one of our own Eddy.

    Bellerin can bust a Brexit and fark orf out of my club.

    We want proper footballers.
    Who play proper football.

    I’m with Riley. Riley’s with Scudamore. And I’m writing another report on how the PL really should invest in grassroot facilities and coaches too. Sometime soon. After Phil Neville wins the World Cup (with the Men’s team to complete his unique double).

    I’m just kidding England will have a decent WC in Russia, if they’re allowed off the plane…because politics and sport don’t mix. Ever. And what you are witnessing in the funny papers so consistently around AFC, it has nothing to do with politics. Nope. Not a whisper.

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  45. Josh Kroenke on AFC

    “You got to have open and honest dialogue about the reality that we are in because if we are sugar coating anything about ourselves, about our team, about our direction, we’re only kidding ourselves and we’re only going to be worse off for it in the long run.”


  46. Yes eduardo,
    PV4 was never a DM. He was a box-to-box no. 8, a complete CM.
    Always @ his best with a proper DM behind him.
    Beam back to the present and Xhaka/ Rambo/ Jack represent that position….lack solidity. Elneny needs to be behind with AMN as his deputy.
    Till the summer.

    possible dribbler, must be winger (preferably RW to support Hector).
    my options: Richarlison, Adama Traore, Leon Bailey.

    Wishful thinking aplenty.
    First we have to deal with Milan.


  47. Wenger has many,many mitigating factors, we will not even be aware of most of them. Yes, he has made mistakes, defending being high amongst them, but so do others, in fact, so does everyone, its just things are magnified at our club due to media agendas, finances and heightened expectations bought about by the current boss over the years.
    I would like to see wenger finish a final contract, i also think he has the abilities to sort things, but being realistic, I just dont believe he will be given the environment to sort things,Stan may love him, but others might not, crowds could turn, players underperform, there are other factors at play now. And the results are not good atm.
    for these reasons, unfortunately I will be amazed if he is our manager come Aug, but I hope, against the odds, he goes out on a real high, and even if he doesnt, dont believe a word about this tarnished legacy crap, those trophies, the way they played, Invincibility will forever be associated with the man.
    The future, looks like Son of Stan will play an increasing role.Like many others, can see us going for a German type model, maybe even a German manager. Probably more emphasis on the current vogue of complete coaching/overcoaching, organisation, tactics, and hopefully,defending!

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  48. Interesting words from Josh K, Eduardo


  49. RE: my options: Richarlison, Leon Bailey…..Adama Traore if he can be reined in.
    The force is very strong with all 3 players.
    Urgency in application is missing from most of our players.
    It must be a prerequisite for all future buys.


  50. Eduardo

    That quote from Josh Kroenke wasn’t specifically in relation to Arsenal. I sat through an hour of that podcast. It was mostly centred around the NBA. This quote came about after a question about how knowledge can be acquired and disseminated across sports. (NBA, NFL, MLS, Arsenal).

    Kroenke said that happens, where some things are similar such as deadline day at Arsenal, or trade deadline day in Denver. But that he might e.g. listen to what Wenger says and talk about it with the NFL/NBA coach. He then listed Victory through Harmony as a saying at Arsenal that has proven very popular at the Denver Nuggets organisation, and that while it can be seen to mean many things, he rates open dialogue as essential to bringing about this harmony. I got the sense he was talking more about his role in Denver (which would make sense since it was an NBA centric podcast) rather than Arsenal. There was then a discussion about what certain senior players, who have won at other clubs, can contribute and whether they can come up to management/executives and suggest changes. Again in the specific context of the NBA.

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