That Was A Riot.

Good afternoon Positive Arsenal fans,
I did not expect to be writing the post match commentary on the Cologne game as I was travelling to the US and, having taken off at 6.00 pm by 8.00ish I was very long way West of Ireland, quite a long way South east of Greenland. According to the polite chap from American Airlines we are at 34,000 feet (and he knows).
No1 son however was fiddling with the seatback entertainment console and lo and behold …. what pops up ? Lucky kick off was delayed.
Global game eh –  there is no escape, no release from the Arsenal – even when the air is thin outside the game will get through.
Admittedly I’d missed the first half hour and other than the gruesome replay of David’s little difficulty I saw nothing else. A decent line up, enough good players to do the job. Good to see Sanchez and Giroud starting.
That final fifteen first half minutes was ok, a little reminiscent of our Britannia trip. Good to the edge of the box but solid defence and a lack of sharpness/guile took us no further. Midfield of Elneny and Iwobi not used to working together produced a lot of effort but  not much creative output.
Second half kicking off so I will be back from time to time, optimistic we shall trouble the scorer…….
Get the F***  in you beautiful Bosnian – he really is very good.
This is more like it, let’s concentrate though lads – no silly second for the visitors. Enjoying Hector Bellerin tonight.
Cometh the hour cometh the Chilean assassin – super strike – and that is why I think he is a man to keep.
Just crossed the Newfoundland coast. Jack bright, surely the 3rd is within our grasp?
And Hector obliges, first to the block and a good finish,  intelligent dummy from Jack. I think that is the Germans done for.
A harder game than I expected but credit to Cologne. From the hour I saw Elneny can be pleased with himself and his push for first team action. Sanchez is looking fit and dynamic again( ed. I hope he was joking?)

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56 comments on “That Was A Riot.

  1. Ed, That occurred to me.

    the dramatics and hysterics following 2 loses with 4 games into the season was dramatic to put things lightly. as if Huddersfield being top was the end of season stuff.

    Don’t get me wrong, I expect Arsenal to win all games, yet certainly could see that no one played up to scratch in the pool game, these things happen and they were unlucky to lose to stoke period…

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  2. Ox had a clear the air talk with Klopp after today’s game, it went something like this

    Ox – “boss in the signing talks before I signed for LFC you told me you would put me in my best position, Center of the Pitch”

    Klopp – “yes yes Alex, I have put you in your best position, Center of the Bench”

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  3. Tottenham home dropped points last season in 19 league games: 4

    Tottenham home dropped points this season in 3 league games: 7


  4. Ozil could be out?
    Wonder if he might go for a 3 4 3 tomorrow, Lacca, Welbeck and Sanchez up front


  5. Oh well, have to admit my prediction for Dean with Spurs was wrong. Massively surprised he turned down a number of opportunities to give them a pen.

    Not enough to make me abandon my views but very much at odds with them.

    Anyway, the game did showcase their pen hunting nicely, and how it increases as the situation demands. Over the course of seasons that behaviour is, unfortunately, very well rewarded in prem. Leicester at it again yesterday, with their player using and stepping on a half-dangled foot for a pen/point.

    Our u18s going from 3 up to 4-3 down, with two pens, for equaliser-83- and winner -89- took me back to Newcastle instantly, but also had me thinking about how other ‘remarkable’ comebacks often involve a pen or two.

    Barca this year, but I also remembered a 3-3 with Chelsea and Utd. Highlights here

    Both pens won with disgraceful antics of attacker stepping into and initiating contact with defender. One is by our man Welbeck. I hated him for that moment at the time, but he was only doing what Utd men are trained to do. We’ve since seen that, either through conditioning from refs or input from managers, players can be rehabilitated.

    As always ,we know we won’t be gaining any advantage from this stuff, won’t be getting legitimate stuff either, and face the constant threat of someone pulling it on us and ‘fooling’ a ref. That’s all part of the tension for me ahead of these games

    Not just our refs who are ‘fooled’ by this nonsense; Lewa’ and co in champions league are running riot as well. 17 pens in that competition in 2006-7; 53 last year.


    Everything crossed we play well today, but equally so everything crossed the game doesn’t hinge on some stinking bullshit.

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