Respecting Giroud.


A guest post from Rich @AlternativeArse


Everyone, stop the press.


Our most hated manager has finally dipped way down into those deep, deep pockets, battled past the moth hordes and opened the war chest of squillions to purchase a player who is going to win us, well, everything.

 It’s bold move, a real statement and one that will hopefully give the squad that outlet for the weekly goal-a-thon we all pine for, especially against Huddersfield.

 Lacazette score an impressive 27 goals last season in the French league. The season before he netted 21 and prior to that in 2014/15, he put away another 27. That is some impressive striking, French league or not.

 I’m excited. You’re excited, we’re all excited. We might win something….again!  Ozil might find an outlet for the 98 ( yes ninety eight ) chances he created last season in the league. The potential is great. It’s the player that we have needed, he’s the keymaster, the one to unlock all the doors and turn our library into a performance theater.

But what if he doesn’t?

What if he gets to Arsenal and bags an injury? What if he doesn’t score for 10 games? What if he takes a whole season to settle in? What if he doesn’t settle in?

As exciting as it may be, we have to keep our feet on the ground. We have a quality squad and Lacazette is a handsome addition; an exciting prospect of great potential. But in reality, Arsenal have just spent £50 million on potential.

That’s a lot of money to invest in something that might not work.  Then what? What do we do if it doesn’t?

Well, we have Giroud.

You may scoff at that. Lacazette is far better than Giroud, he scores more goals and cost more money.

Yes he did and yes he does. But please be a little more savvy, oh connoisseurs en football.

Giroud wasn’t just a stop gap.

Giroud is quality.

Olivier was a steal of a purchase in a transfer market that Arsenal have inevitably had to link arms and play along with – played perfectly in a wonder deal by Wenger. You only need to look at the beautiful man’s form for France as explanation. In 67 games he’s netted 27 times. Over a period of 6 years.

Lacazette has netted once in 11. Over a period of 4 years. World class striker?

And let’s not gloss over last season statistics either. Believe it or not, Giroud was actually comparable to Lacazette in all match statistics bar one – His time on the pitch.

 You see for Giroud’s 1,209 minutes strolling the turf, he managed statistics that fall very close to Lacazette’s tallies, but the important factor that we must bear in mind is this:

He’s not as quick.

Giroud made 18 appearances as a sub, Lacazette made 2. Lacazette played for a total of 2408 minutes; Giroud only 1198. Effectively, Lacazette played over 1,3 90 minutes games more than big Olly.

No wonder he has better statistics, he had more opportunity.

Look back to 2015/16 and you get a better comparison;

Giroud played for 2431 minutes – Lacazette 2962 (an advantage of 5 games )  Giroud scored 16 – Lacazette 21. Giroud’s shot per game 2.7 – Lacazette 2.8 However, look deeper and for every 90 minutes played in 2015/16 and Giroud led Lacazette in shots taken 3.7 to 2.9

Sure, Giroud doesn’t appear to be as good a finisher, but his footballing prowess is comparable. Different, but comparable.

The question is,  is Lacazette  better than Giroud ?

Giroud offers elements to the game that Lacazette doesn’t and vice versa. He just didn’t cost a ridiculous sum, and if Giroud does leave the mighty Arsenal he will be missed. Not just for his chiseled beauty of course, but for his part in some of the finest footballing moments we have witnessed in the Premier League in recent years if not history.

In no way has he received enough credit.

The goal against Norwich. The scorpion. The FA Cup. The other FA Cup and the last FA Cup and all those near post touches to mention but a few moments of splendor.

 Giroud wasn’t a stop gap.

 Giroud has been class when you actually look at what he does.

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  1. IslingtonGoonerAFC‏ @Born_a_gooner 2h2 hours ago

    MUFC have now spent over £600m since Alex Ferguson retired.



  2. Bit late to the party, but it’s great news about Per getting the Academy job. I have a feeling he will be a success. It’s good to see the club continuing to take on former players in off the pitch positions when they show potential. I don’t subscribe to the view that being a former player alone entitles anyone to continuing employment.

    Eduardo, that link you posted @2.26pm got me thinking. The Arsenal Academy must be doing something right as they are starting to develop players that overseas clubs (who prize technique over grit) want to sign up. It’s also interesting that UK raised players from AFC are starting to go abroad for chances to play rather than just taking the lower league route to continuing employment in football.

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  3. 8 of the 15 players that signed Arsenal scholarships in the summer of 2014 have since left for other clubs


  4. That’s not surprising eduardo. It’s tough at the top and only 1 or 2 of the creme de la creme will make it into the first team.

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  5. As fan naturally we have a natural warpped view of our club. We tend want to believe the good and deny /objectify the bad.
    But the love we share should not blind you from realising that ‘The Arsenal’ and it’s lovely sobriquets is a business, hard business decisions need to be made.
    “David Rocastle- Negotiate a new contract ?” ,”No,I think his knees’ gone”, “Leeds Have bid £2 million”, “Hmm,, Take it! ”
    Ashley Cole £5,000 p/wk to Martin Keown £50 p/wk Arsenal have time and again shown a toughness in negotiation with home grown players.
    Arsenal is not golden,
    Chris Willock and family were criticised for reviewing their options, he looked at them and took (in my humble) a good footballing decision as Benfica is a massive club. Portugal football is great to develope and he has a better chance to make the 1st team. He could have gone to City for a lot more money and United made a late try they were rebuffed.
    Kaylen Hinds has joined VfL Wolfsburg in another astute move , he already knows Freddie and Jonker, the oppertunities for a young player to play is much higher in Germany.
    But this is a test for our academy are we raising men or boys?

    Because England youth exports to Europe a rarer than World Cups in England football.
    Both these young men are pioneers of The Wenger vision
    Of course Arsenal youth team England players have gone abroad, but none have been from the u-10 or to such high profile clubs.
    I for one am hoping that they will both be successes,beccause ‘Once a gunner’
    Spread the Wenger love

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  6. 20-year-old Ajax man Abdelhak Nouri, collapsed on the pitch during their friendly. The game has been called off.


  7. yes passenal it is normal for that if not more to leave within that time frame

    wwwb, yes there was a £5K issue with Cashley, but even without that money our offer was over double his wages, and after the fall out he actually got almost triple pay, he went to £70K a week, people act like he walked out after the £5K thing, he actually signed a new contract and stayed a season before demanding a move, where CFC double his wages again.

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  8. Weren’t there secret hotel meetings with Mourinho in the Cole case?

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  9. also wwwb, the £50 a week more with keown was renaged on by the new manager not the board, and even then it was with a promise of an even bigger pay rise if nailed down a starting spot.

    but you are right, the club like every other club makes its calls with their own viewpoint upper most in their mind. Clubs have never been known for paying well cos its the right thing to do, no its cos they think they have to do it, otherwise we would still have players on maximum wage. Back in the times it was scrapped the wage was £20 a week, but all of a sudden clubs were paying up to £100 a week. So it was never a case that they could not afford to pay it, more it was in their self interest not to pay it. the scrapping of maximum wage changed clubs to a degree, but it was not for around another 50 years that the players got the upper hand with the Bosman ruling, and if you look at the reasons for the Bosman decision you will once again see that it came from clubs rough riding a player.
    the think I find odd is that clubs have done nothing to stop the money pit that is agents fees

    On the subject of Chris Willock, I do not understand anyone having hate for the lad, he was well down the pecking order for a first team slot, if he had stayed he might never have progressed much closer to the first team, so he went where he has been offered a better chance. As the saying goes, “we only want loyalty from the players we want to keep”, I do laugh when I see those complaining about Willock lack of loyalty, also complaining about Gibbs, Jenkinson and Debuchy still being here.

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  10. yes passenal, that was after the initial contract offer, where the dispute over the extra £5K arose. Jose and CFC found guilty of tapping up. Cole then signed for an even bigger pay rise, and then a season later demanded to be let join CFC

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  11. Hence sowing the seeds of maureen’s hatred of Arsene!

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  12. https://www.arsenal.com/news/u-23s-arsenal-1-2-bournemouth-report

    Arsenal U23’s 1-2 Bournemouth U23’s
    Balogun with the AFC goal.

    Arsenal – first half: Virginia, Moore, Olowu, Medley, T Bola, Bennacer, Toral, Amaechi, Dragomir, Eyoma, John-Jules

    Arsenal – second half: Keto, Osei-Tutu, Johnson, McGuinness, Omole, Gilmour, McGuane, Benson, Mourgos, Burton, Balogun

    none of these players can be expected to be part of the first team squad for the Australia trip, which does not bode well for Jon Toral. It might suggest that the likes of Nketiah, Willock and Sheaf could make the tour squad.

    would point out too that big Arsenal youth blogger has been shown to not have the info he claims to have, as he had an article earlier in the week that Mourgos and Kamara had their contracts cancelled by AFC, but the Greek lad palyed today and Kamara is still an AFC player, although he is on trial at Dundee and might very well leave.


  13. I could be wrong but looking at the u23 selections it very much looks like its a 4-2-3-1 formation, suggesting that we will be playing that again this coming season at first team level, as it has been club policy for some time now to mirror the first team formation down through the youth ranks.


  14. Ed, as Tom Jones says “it’s not unusual” for youth lads to finish their contract but still play games while their trying to find other clubs.


  15. ha ha ha, jeorge bird has deleted the kamara and mourgos gone article from his blog and also his tweets about it too. Uber blogger and ITK, ha ha ha.

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  16. ian you will find that jeorge has been caught out a few times recently, he said Joe Willock was gone too, and when he put up the article about the two lads being gone, he was told that it was not true
    we do allow lads to keep training when still looking for a club, but we seldom play any lad who is no longer in contract with us, train yes, play no.

    Jeorge has been blagging a lot of stuff over the last year or so, doing match reports of games he was not at but implying he was. Time and again he has to wait till either AFC.com put up the match report or highlights package before he puts up his.

    I seen a claim that since AFC tightened up security at London Colney he has not been able to attend games there, but he still tries to imply he has full access.


  17. I saw a rumour that Toral is wanted by Birmingham on a permanent deal


  18. yeah passenal, a local brum paper ran that story. He is a big favorite with their fans, he won loads of awards when he was on loan with them, player of the year, goal of the year and such like. It was a surprise that he did not spend a second season on loan with them.


  19. there is a suggestion that Thomas Lemar of Monaco is wanted by Arsenal, not as an Alexis replacement or any other wide players place, but that Arsene sees him as a central midfielder in the mold of Santi Cazorla. Good with either foot, has a goal and an assist in him, can play wide right or wide left too, very Santi sounding when you look at it.

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  20. whats this, PSG have an agreement with Dani Alves, but but but Man City had him signed last week, or so the media and the experts told us. It was how you do transfer business, unlike AFC.


  21. I see Ray Parlour will be flying out to Sydney with the Arsenal tour party tomorrow. He is a club ambassador


  22. Riyad Mahrez is in London

    he is at Wimbledon, but just watch all the click bait headlines by the bloggers


  23. Seemingly the second batch of returning players were in today for fitness checks, and depending on results of that the final decision on who of them will be included in the tour squad will be made. New signing Lacazette was one of those assessed. The likes of Koscielny, Ospina, Szczesny, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Elneny, Ramsey and Giroud are said to be some of those back.

    There are some reports that any player who does not make the squad for the two games in Australia will not be added to the squad as they continue on for two games in China. If that is the case then I would expect many of those who returned today will be in the traveling squad. Otherwise their first preseason games would be in the Emirates Cup 3 weeks today.

    Any senior player who has been in training all week and is fit who does not make the squad would surely have major question marks over their Arsenal futures. Some reports suggest that Debuchy, Gibbs, Jenkinson and Lucas have already been told they will not be traveling so that they can sort out transfers.


  24. the reports of the demise of Santi Cazorla might be a little premature, he has for the second time in a few days posted video of himself working out in the gym, this time he said he had just finished a double session.
    Seeing him doing gym workouts certainly contradicts the story that he is about to have another skin graft on his achiles, I very much doubt anyone with a non healing wound would be exerting themselves, surely any such activity would only hinder the healing process. I only know one person who had trouble with an open wound and he was ordered by the docs to not even lift a teapot, they told him even any sort of exertion could delay the healing process, not only at skin level but inside too.

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  25. I’ve a new revolutionary idea of how Arsenal should avoid all this “star player in last year of contract” think,

    sell our best players when they have two years left on their contracts. Simple really, surely no one could complain about that.

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  26. eduardo792
    Lets face it Ashley Cole was looking a wage commensurate with his standing within the team and England football. He might just about been the best paid Left Back at Arsenal but no where in Europe, at the time he was he was top 3 left back in the world.The other leaders in the team were being paid more than double, that £5,000per w/k was ‘Brown M&Ms’.
    How much do you value me?,
    Arsenal made it look like it did not value Cole enough and he read the signs.
    The board realised the error too late , tried to repair by offering an improved contract, but had spoiled the well.
    They had already leaked a bit on how things had gone
    The Cole family were fully Arsenal and Ashley still has a lot of love from people inside the club .
    I always find it strange when people call him ‘cashley’


  27. Ed, players no longer on contracts do play in friendlies in pre season and even sometimes when they come back to train with us. That’s why you sometimes get the so and so resigning for ARSENAL stories.
    Jeorge has been blogging about the youth for donkeys years and reports on games behind closed doors and gets info very very early. He is very much ITK as far as you can be, but the fact he is allowed access to hale end and reports on it means the club are aware of who he is and allow him to report info in a world where clubs are becoming increasingly secretive of their youngsters. I can’t think of any blogger or journo for that matter who is given more info than him so I can allow him the odd slip.
    As regards Ray, he is also going on to China but he assures me ( when I was chatting to him the other day, yeah name dropping I know but we all like to be ITK for 15 minutes) he will sit at the back of the plane away from the players so he can enjoy a drink.


  28. Ian, Jeorge Bird got it badly wrong on Kamara and Mourgos, he guessed, as I said he has deleted both the article(which I posted here a few days ago) and his tweets claiming they had left. Mourgos has even stated that he has not left AFC.
    Jeorge has not nearly the amount of access that he pretends to have, again as I stated he now more and more has to wait for Arsenal.com to put up either a match report or video highlights before he can do “his” match report. Also if you look at his match reports and some of his articles, again more and more the info is credited to other people, often Andy’s Arsenal U18’s for example.
    Its also clear that Jeorge is either bitter about his lack of access or he has decided to go the negative route for more clicks as his articles have become more and more negative over the last year.
    It looks like Jeorge is trying to follow that Sanderson guy into a main media role, he now does bits for other blogs, such as Arseblog, again tending to be very negative.


  29. If you are a footballer at any club WWWB then don’t write in your autobiography, or allow to be written on your behalf as is the reality with Ashley, rubbish, i.e. ;

    “When I heard Jonathan Barnett (player’s agent) repeat the figure of £55K, I nearly swerved off the road. He (former Arsenal Director David Dein) is taking the piss Jonathan! I yelled down the phone. I was so incensed. I was trembling with anger. I couldn’t believe what I’d heard.”

    £55k v £60K a week ?

    Just shut the fuck up Ash

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  30. As for Chelsea fans, well the ones I know anyway, they rated Cole as a footballer, but never, ever trusted him.

    And why would they?

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  31. Cole was on £27K a week, AFC were increasing that to £55K, so just over double his wages, and the lad was incensed, yeah right.

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  32. Drive carefully Eddy

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  33. The next few days or week should see lots of talking points for Gooners.

    The squad flies out to Australia today. – who goes, who fails to make it etc

    Away Kit launch – not much of a talking point, but still of interest

    Wenger will be doing interviews with the media – bound to be some talking points, almost certain to be asked about Alexis, Ozil and others contracts, transfers in and out etc

    Open Training session – again not much of a talking point but still of interest

    First game of the tour quickly followed by the second game – always talking points, not least what formation we use, and how the guys are shaping up, not least our new signings


  34. anicoll5
    In the book he was trying to defend his position,which was his right, he wanted to paid what he thought he was worth.
    He was not paid to recognise his leadership value in the team and the club, there were other full backs (England players) who were paid more than him.
    Yes the money is important,
    why did the club come back with an improved contract?
    They should have offered him the last one he signed first then he would have had no trouble on the road and changing surfaces.
    Who cares if Chesea fans trusted him?
    What did he ever do to make them distrut him?

    If he asked for a transfer he would not be entitled to be paid out the rest of his contract and Arsenal could charge fully the value of his contract.
    I still don’t understand the hate.


  35. Umm, not that I would try to second guess someone defending the indefensible, WWWB, but the contract ‘misery’ of poor old Cole being ‘short changed’ £5K on a supposedly £60K contract offer is both ludicrous and hardly the whole story, in my opinion.

    The contract yarn was an attempt to plead for sympathy, after he attended an appalling secretive meeting with his agent Jonathan Barnett, the then Chelsea manager Jose Maureen, and the then Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon and so-called ‘super agent’ Pini Zahavi on the 27th January 2005.

    In the same autobiography, Cole having been fined £25K for attending the ‘tap up’ meeting [Maureen was fined £200K and the Chavs £300K] said ‘it had nothing to do with transfers – it was just a meeting’. Well, we do not doubt your honesty Cashley — but the FA were not convinced, to the tune of half a million pounds in fines – so you seem to have condemned yourself.

    The name ‘Cashley’ is a play on Cole’s first name — but Arsenal fans clearly believe it was all about the money, and his lack of loyalty in dealing illegally behind the club’s back with Moaniho et Co. Yeuk.

    Sorry to disagree with you.

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  36. I have got no problem, and it would not matter if I had, with any player negotiating hard when their contract is being drawn up WwWB.

    I don’t even have a problem with a player leaving for a rival club if they are being paid more money.

    What I find bizarre in Ashley’s case is his bragging about it – as you say trying to justify his exit on some sort of grounds of moral righteousness. “Oooo poor me – only £55k a week et cetera”

    One point I would say though is when AC did leave Gael Clichy stepped in and certainly for his first season was superior to the Chelsea man. I have not checked it but the PFA team of the year had Clichy in it not Ash.

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  37. I hope I am not repeating myself, but there is very little comment on the blogs (except by me) over the news that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame with his mega $billions of wealth, is said to be in discussions with Levy about the purchase of the Spuds.

    That would put all our concerns about who to buy, who to sell, and for how much, seem very small beer if he lights up the wrong part of North London.



  38. Anicoll, is a bit posh and takes the Sunday times — it is in there.

    [Hi, Sir Anicoll, gimme my dictionary back!] lol


  39. I’ve never been able to forgive Vengarrrrghhhh for dropping Flamini for Cole (not match fit – returning from injury) in that CL final.


    Speaking of such transfer shambles that 1001% must be the entire fault of AFC and no one else but this target of my mid-life ire, I though I’d listen in to a certain blagger to see if they were still taking commission from Chamberlain’s agent and, well, yep:

    They must be: no other sane or rational interpretation of a rant about AOC still not having a “set position” being an excuse to sell a young English player (who obviously is delayed in development after 2.5 seasons interrupted by injury) who probably has the best technique of an English player who plays a similar position (not saying much but when the competition is Sterling and Alli then we can be confident of such statements!). Incredible. And predictable gibberish from those who by their words and statements can no lo longer have any credibility or integrity left when it comes t chatting about the Football. There it is folks, there are some serious parasites out there sucking blood from the Arsenal.

    Not frustrated footballers or football coaches, but frustrated football agents.

    It’s risible stuff. Not least for the lack of content on the bleedin’ Football. And I fully intend to highlight such pearls from the spawn of Alan Partdrige (did I ever describe Steve Coogan as a genius…?) going forwards.


  40. The ST story is more or less Zuckerburg and a set of other Silicon Valley investors have offered £1bn for TH and Joe Lewis wants £2bn

    All sounds a bit insubstantial to me.

    I can’t imagine Zuckerburg is interested to n Spurs as such but the notion of Facebook poking its considerable commercial snout into PL football may be hugely significant. For a long time I have pondered how sustainable the current monster TV single business deal is. Especially when the technology is readily available, and getting cheaper and more reliable, for clubs to deliver their own product with no need to cut in Murdoch or BT.


  41. The point about the price discrepancy, as no doubt the guys from Menlo Park are explaining to Joe is that while his club may be worth £2bn this year a 50-60-70% or revenue is tied into existing broadcasting deals.

    And who can say where that will be in three years time ?


  42. It is a bit flimsy, Anicoll, but ……… in this day and age …….. everything is possible.

    There is a move afoot to allow PL clubs to negotiate their own deals, like Barça and Real do, but I am in a dilemma about that. Say the top six negotiate big deals, leaving the minnows to squabble over peanuts that would increase the pointlessness of the league.

    The current situation is not perfect as a limited number of clubs attract the most ‘hits’ but still think the bounty should be spread around – one for all, all for one – united we stand, divided we fall – so for me its stay as we are.

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  43. It’s almost as if the PR genius’ at Sky and BT and their blagging hangers on modelled their content upon Steve Coogan’s now ancient satire.

    The following clip is about twenty five years old. It could be a recording of Robbie from AFTVs in five years time. Essentially clip is no different to having a muted Robbie on MOTDs build up to the fa cup final, worth repeating therefore the hilarious genius of this satire:

    Though, it could be fair to say that we are beyond satire at this stage.

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  44. By the way – that D’Artagnan has a lot to answer for with all his lardy dah philosophical niceties. Thank goodness there is no one in this era that does that! lol


  45. Unsubstantiated rumours are that Lewis was never keen on the redevelopment project – hence the hilarious and failed efforts to gazump West Ham on the Olympic stadium (didn’t offer Boris as big a bribe?), so yes he’s desperate to sell, and yes clubs are thinking about streaming their own content (Arsenal’s Setanta attempt), but I’m guessing a club that hasn’t won a big trophy in twenty five years is not going to be the team to break the mould, or have the international audience/fan base required. More chance of the Red Bull Football team in Germany beating the Adidas corporation’s sorry I mean Bayern’s monolpoly.


  46. It’s easier to type on a keyboard, that’s a good excuse in my book…


  47. Thas ezzee fur yoo to tipe, Finsberry. lol

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  48. HenryB yes in your opinion
    anicoll5 – If (and I have not checked) even if Clichy was better the next season Arsenal did not win with the deal, the tried to low -ball him with the belif that Clichy was behind him and had potential.
    Cole tried to explain himself probably not using the best in terms (not to the normal man on the street )of language, but what I am trying to say is the club were part responsible for it, but has been let off.
    So when players play thier cards I am talking about players from ‘The Academy’,as Arsenal have a history of not treating them as well as players bought in.
    You guys find Cole reprehensible, I do not, for you to say that Chelsea fans did not trust him, he did nothing but stand up for every Chelsea player whilst he was there and any Arsenal player whilst he was at the club.He stood by John Terry because he was with him for Chelsea and England, a true soldier because he would even “fight on a lie”
    Maybe you guys have some reports of him being nothing but trouble when he was a young player at Arsenal or trouble at Chelsea or England.
    I haven’t heard anything,so you will teach me something.
    Another England international has sworn he would kill for Ashley Cole and that player never played for Chelsea.

    If you really think Arsenal did not miss a real soldier a warrior when Cole left I think you are misunderstanding what it takes to make a sucessful football team.


  49. There was only one season at Chelsea where we saw Cole reach the same levels, put in the same effort, as he did at AFC, so…


  50. …he turned out to be a bad influence on Adebayor! Heh.


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