Liverpool Then – Here’s Hoping?


So the late ko at Anfield is going to be a test, in more ways than one I feel.

The team heads north going into the battle sitting insecurely in 4th spot, a single point in front of Liverpool, with a game in hand. The league positions alone would make this a big game, but it feels a lot more than just 3 points at stake.

Both teams are on poor runs, both managers are being blamed by very vocal sections of their fan-bases and both clubs have gone from title hopefuls to no-hopers as far as the media and the fan-bases seem concerned. Both teams need a win and one, or both, will definitely be disappointed come 7.22 p.m.

All I seem to see recently talked about is how poor our away form is,  against the current top 6 . The problem is,  and there is no getting away from it – It is poor. Of course that doesn’t mean it will stay poor. We can’t do anything about what has gone, but the players sure as hell can do something about what is to come.  I almost feel that the next few weeks ,these players will hold Arsene’s future in their hands. If they show the fight and togetherness needed to go on a good run, I believe Arsene will stay. However, if he sees anything less, I think he could decide his work with us is done. I stress, this is just my gut feeling, I could be completely wrong, he may stay if we go on a bad run, and he might equally leave if we go on a good one.

I also think this next few weeks could see the team staying together , with further building work going on in the Summer, if things go well. Or it break up as we know it ,with some players losing faith in the team or the club losing faith in some players, if things go badly.

The result will ultimately be all that matters today, but the application will be what is crucial going forward. If the players don’t show the spirit and application required, then Arsene will take the blame. And ultimately, this has to be the case.

I have no idea who should start, what tactics we should try or what shape we should use. That, thankfully is not my job or problem. I just want to see the players live up to the potential they have.

I believe in these players and our manager but I feel the moment of truth is upon them all. The club is coming to a fork in the road, and its up to the players to make the right turn.

I’m sure I’m coming across as a right drama queen, but I think this is a very important time for all concerned.

“Cometh the hour, cometh the men.”


Come on you Gunners.



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159 comments on “Liverpool Then – Here’s Hoping?

  1. well anicol it seems to take very little to baffle you,
    the conceding of goals in double quick time is of course incorporated in our overall conceding of soft goals, but as usual you try to distract from anything that does not fit with your “all is well” view.


  2. Oh well, if it all goes wrong,there is always Sean Dyche

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  3. Anicoll5 is my new favorite. I mean, all you guys are my favorites, but he’s my new favorite favorite.

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  4. Boothby Graffoe‏ @boobygraffoe 4h4 hours ago

    Has Piers Morgan commented on the Trump/Obama phone-tapping allegations yet? For once maybe he could offer genuine insight.


  5. you know how all season long we have been saying Xhaka has been getting carded for fouls no other player gets carded for, well today he got carded for an opponents foul. A new low for reffing standards this season.

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  6. Even my Liverpool supporting friend was laughing at the ridiculous Xhaka decision.

    Interesting Cech says the tactics were the save in both halves just executed better in the second.


  7. Why the doom and gloom here?
    We are 5th with a game in hand. You win over West Brom and we are 4th again.Correct me if i am wrong

    We were never going to win at Anfield when Liverpool are so good offensively.

    I think Ozil Alexis and Walcot were rested with the Bayern game in mind.

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  8. After my first cup of tea this morning I feel much better..


  9. New post up


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