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Arsenal: Bound upon a wheel of Fire

Good morning Positivistas, Our second defeat in 16 PL games came as something of a surprise, and needless to say a disappointment. I admit that coming into the game against our favourite opponents, and watching the hapless Toffees fumble around for the opening 20 minutes, there seemed very little chance indeed that we would not […]

Arsenal Versus Everton: Crunching The Numbers

One of the things I dislike most about the Christmas period is that there is far too much football compressed into too little time. It distorts the balance of the race for the title which otherwise has a pleasantly steady momentum. Would the world of athletics stand for it if Mo Farrah, 4,000 metres into […]

Gooners: Trust The Unbiased Data, Not The Mainstream Media

  In my last blog, less than a week ago, I called readers’ attention to the mainstream media’s deliberate lack of attention to Arsenal’s statistically significant 13 game unbeaten streak. After the club’s thrashing of Stoke last Saturday, some of us may have expected a change in tone, some token appearance of even-handedness and fairness. […]

Arsenal: Riding the Range, Poking Stoke

Good morning Positive Arsenal fans, We sit astride the bolting donkey of the 2016/2017 Premier League this Sunday morning. From my view downward from the saddle I can see a few of our competitors in disarray, particularly up in Manchester. Our lead may not survive the Baggies’ efforts at the home of the Champions elect […]

Arsenal Versus Stoke: Sparky’s Magic Piano

The last time we enjoyed an extravagant midweek score and performance in the Champion’s League we returned to earth with a bump at the weekend. Despatching a Ludogorets side (which has proven to be far better than the naysayers ever suggested) with style and six of the best, we returned to face Middlesbrough at the […]

Facts, Damn Facts And Statistics

Yesterday on PA Shottagunner posted a great thought provoking piece looking at some of the numbers behind Arsenal’s current achievements and also the tepid, if not a little wayward, response by the media to it. Although a tad ‘stat-lite’ compared to his recent other excellent pieces, upon reading it I felt 98.8% of readers would, like me, […]

Arsenal’s Deplorable Unbeaten Streak

The silence is deafening. No media headlines, none of the uber bloggers beating the drum. Nobody seems to know that in the Premier League: Arsenal are  unbeaten in the last 13. Arsenal are unbeaten at Home in the last 6. Arsenal are unbeaten Away in the last 7. Nothing to see here? So it would […]