Arsenal : Sanchez inflicts Hammer Horror



早晨 (Jóusàhn) Positivistas,

A most pleasant trip to Stratford last night I am sure we can all agree. The hosts, as has happened so often in the past 20 years, putting on a display that made the journey entirely worthwhile. How they manage it season after season I shall never know. New restaurant, same menu. To be fair our lads, confronted with such abundant generosity, did themselves proud.

Of our display I was particularly impressed that they we took command of midfield within seconds of the kick off, and never gave it up for the following 95 minutes. Even before the words “we’re missing Santi” ( banned sobbing face, banned sobbing face) could be posted on Twitter Le Coq and Granit were into gear, capturing the ball , pushing it forward for Theo, Ox and Ozil to twist their way toward the ‘Ammers goal.

On the odd occasion the ‘Ammers managed to get hold of the ball a swarm of yellow shirts was onto them, denying them time to look up or pick a pass, flicking the ball away before sweeping back towards Randolph’s goal, poor soul.

And having grasped the initiative in that opening few minutes I do not think that we ever let it go at any time in the evening. Two players who stood out in the first half were Ox and Monreal, both of whom have had a lot of criticism in recent weeks. They worked together as well as any full back/winger combination I can remember when attacking. If they did have a West Ham player against them on the wing to defend against I have no idea who he was because he never made any impression with or without the football.

The opening goal was as simple as it was inevitable. Ironically it was a recklessly misplaced pass out of defence from West Ham that Le Coq cut out that finally sank them. That it took 24 minutes to finally arrive was the result of some desperate defending and a weakness on our part to translate overwhelming control in the final third to a killer pass or clear shot on goal.

I sensed, and I am sure you did, that having got the first goal that the metaphorical floodgates would open and we would rattle in a few more by half time. As is the way of football however we did not translate our domination into that important second goal.

Half time slowed us down and afterward we had an occasional attach by the Ammers to deal. At just 1-0 there was that uncomfortable feeling that a silly error, a Payet free kick or even Mr Pawson might even the score unless we moved the scoreboard on.

I need not have worried and the best player on the pitch, probably the best player in the Premier League this past month, struck decisively on 70 minutes. Despite his size Sanchez used his strength to break tackles and make space in the West Ham box before steering the ball past Randolph. He brushed off two WH defenders like dust. It was exactly the same type of strength that Costa had used at the Etihad earlier in the day. I look forward to him applying the same physical rigour to Ottamendi, Stones and Kolarov in three weeks time.

Having scored the second there then followed the next three, each a peach in its own way. For the Ox he badly needed a goal, even a really good shot on target, and the goal he managed was both and perfect. Alexis’ final solo effort, with THAT STEPOVER brought the curtain down on our biggest win against the Ammers away from home in my life time, and perhaps ever. By that stage the London Stadium was more than half empty, the home supporters unable to bear the crushing humiliation.

Normally I am able to single out opposition players for praise, generous opponent that I am. It is difficult this week. Other than Randolph, and the ever so lonely Fletcher, they were collectively and individually rubbish. Fucking amateurs. At least the ball boys had the right idea.

So onwards to Basel and I anticipate a second string squad. I also expect a win. It is on Tuesday so we shall know soon enough.

Enjoy your Sunday.



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75 comments on “Arsenal : Sanchez inflicts Hammer Horror

  1. Eduardo

    I nearly posted something about Ferdinand’s comment yesterday. Decided not to because i didn’t want to look like someone who finds negatives even on the good days.

    Truth is ,though, I agree totally with what you’re saying.

    It’s all part of the same thing for me- the media, the injuries, the referees- and I had the old bad feeling before hearing of those comments from Ferdinand.

    Saturday represented the highest point so far for Alexis, and given the nature of the performance and the reaction afterwards (I saw a few minutes in the studio with Jake Humphreys acting as though he was put out and searching for consolation- ‘they need him to sign that contract…they NEED him to sign that contact (I really, really hope he doesn’t sign that contract’), this worrying brain was quick to tell me the threat of a bad foul had just increased.

    Then that comment to get the blood boiling. Utd push those ideas incessantly in the media. Scholes, Keane, The Nevilles, and now Ferdinand. All the while completely ignoring the devastating effects for us from that unprecedented number of horror injuries. Only a joke of a media would allow that, with never a voice connecting the two as they naturally should. Nope. Old Wrighty laughing along in the studio.

    Smash them, smash them, smash them…oh, a broken leg, what a shame, total accident, mind….smash them, smash them…physically squeamish…get in there faces…don’t like being tackled, smash them, smash them…oh a broken leg, just too quick for them, what a shame…

    Maybe I missed them over the years saying the same about Silva, Aguero, Hazard, Mahrez, Coutinho…Robben, Ronaldo, Messi… all the rest of the top creative players who are as vulnerable to being smashed as our guys. I doubt they think the same way about how those players should be dealt with, though. Perhaps because they know normal rules apply in how those players are protected.

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  2. Nice of Pochettino to admit diving was practiced at some clubs. Maybe a first. Denies that Spurs currently do so, of course, but anyone should be able to see that’s bullshit.

    What it would take for Pgmol to see it,though, I don’t know.


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  3. Someone can explain to me why it is not possible for retrospective action to be taken against Dele Ali – straightforward cheating designed to deceive the referee and which brought his side an undeserved lead. Well worth a one game ban.

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  4. It is not possible because he is a spud and I think they are allowed by the refs ad pundits to do whatever they like – presumably as compensation for being forever in the shadow of the greatest team the world has ever seen.

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  5. Spurs get away with alot in general, not just the diving, but rotational fouling in midfield and defence….Wanyama, Dier, Dembele, Verthongen, Rose, Walker, yet precious little ever happens to them.
    Stand to be corrected but believe the highly vicious Santi Cazorla has more red cards given during the match…and not retrospectively…. than the whole Tottenham first team over this season and last
    I am always amazed ref keep getting deceived by them…wish i knew why….maybe something to do with the media fondness for our neighbours?
    Some, including many of our own cite Poch as a tactical genius, others have called them hoofball merchants, the Stoke of the South

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  6. In the euphoria of the weekend, I was perplexed that no penalty had been given against us on Saturday. Surely we must have done something in the vague vicinity of the penalty area to offer the ref a sporting chance.

    And then my rational mind kicked in and told me that it can’t possibly be true that we are badly served by penalty awards. After all these things even out over the years.

    So I was moved to look at the last 10 seasons – and those Premier League teams who have been ever-present. Here’s how it looks: apologies if the table doesn’t load clearly.

    Penalties awarded over the seasons 2007/8 to 2016/17:

    Chelsea: for 62, against 28, difference 34
    Manchester City: for 65, against 32, difference 33
    Manchester United: for 54, against 25, difference 29
    Liverpool: for 57, against 38, difference 19
    Everton: for 46, against 36, difference 10
    Tottenham Hotspur: for 45, against 40, difference 5
    Arsenal: for 46, against 47, difference -1
    Sunderland: for 39, against 51, difference -12

    So you see we’re not the worst off after all – courtesy of Sunderland’s tenacity in holding on to a Premier League place for 10 years.

    And I suppose I’ll just have to accept that we’re a rough, dirty, combative side compared
    with the elegant, gentle and essentially fair teams above us in this table.

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  7. Mandy – that’s brilliant: the Stoke of the south. Or maybe the Galatasaray of the north?

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  8. hector bellerin pictured in first team training today.

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  9. i had a look at the stats on here Merlot that go back a bit longer, to 2002/2003.

    Arsenal 50 penalties awarded at home, 26 away
    Chels 55 v 27
    Liverpool 45-41
    ManYoo 50-27
    OilCity 61-20
    Tottingham 38-26

    The club to have a look at at Oil City!! – and you can understand why Delle Ali chucks himself about ( banned smiley)


  10. Yes, Anicoll – I’m sure you’re right. All we need to do is wait for a long enough period of time.

    So we can all be fairly confident that the figures I’ve quoted above for the past ten years will be rebalanced over the next ten years.

    That’ll be something to look forward to.


  11. TorontoGooner ‏@TorontoGooner 20h20 hours ago
    Liverpool, Southampton, West Ham , Man Utd & Arsenal, 4 of those 5 teams dropped points, 4 of those 5 teams started key players in beer cup

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  12. Think I have to credit one of the poster on here with that Stoke thing Foreverheady, have certainly seen it somewhere I frequent.
    Like your version!


  13. it look like arsenal have brought a full strength squad to Basel, with games against stoke, everton and man city not far off, i thought we would have fielded our eflc squad


  14. coquelin has the week off, he is suspended for the basel game and also for the stoke game.
    giroud comes into the squad in place of him


  15. Are you sure eddy – the FA does not list him with all the other offenders?


  16. He is definitely out for Basel but Stoke as well ?


  17. well it was reported on saturday that his booking was his 5th of the season and he would therefore get a one game ban. maybe that info is wrong.


  18. anicol that link does not even have him listed for 4 bookings, so either he has the 5 or he is on less than 4


  19. from what i can see coquelin actually only has 3 bookings so will be ok for stoke


  20. FAC 3rd round

    preston north end v Arsenal


  21. Héctor Bellerín ‏@HectorBellerin 5h5 hours ago
    Back out here with the ⚽️💪

    Chuba Akpom ‏@cakpom 5h5 hours ago
    Great feeling to be back outside running ⚽️❤️ #AFC

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    Wholesale changes or minor tweaks? It was hard to know what Arsène Wenger would opt for ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League game against Basel.
    In the end, the boss has made just one change to our squad.

    We’re without the suspended Francis Coquelin, who serves a one-match ban after accruing three yellow cards in Group A.

    But Olivier Giroud is back in the squad after a groin problem.
    “It’s basically the same squad,” confirmed Wenger. “Coquelin has been replaced by Olivier Giroud in the squad. So, overall, it’s about stability.

    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20161205/wenger-why-i-picked-this-squad#Z9GDwOOyGg8Yasbp.99



    Arsène Wenger faced the media shortly after arriving in Basel for Tuesday night’s Champions League game – and he fielded questions on Alexis.
    The boss was asked about our leading scorer’s future and this is what he said:

    on contracts and money…
    Well, I would like to say the luxury of the modern game should be that it’s not only about the money, because the players make anyway wherever they play good money at this level. I believe, personally… maybe I am a bit naïve, but it’s more about getting to meet the players’ needs. That’s about the way the club has values, the way the club has ambition, the way the club respects the players. So I think, for me, that is more important nowadays and an important ingredient for every player to consider. The money is good everywhere for everybody.

    on the negotiating process…
    Nowadays, you negotiate with the agents more than with the player. We are in negotiations, yes. The players are 18 months away from the end of their contracts, so it’s normal. But the players always come in at the end, when it’s a renewal. With the first contract you need the players, but after that, when you renew, 90% of the contracts are negotiated with the agents.

    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20161205/wenger-on-alexis-and-contracts#xq4gf4gl1QSqqFX2.99


  24. tomorrow sees our 6th and final cl group game, and Irish TV are, just like they have for each of the other 5 games, chosen not to show it live. both TV3 on Tuesday’s and RTE on Wednesday’s have not seen fit to broadcast any of our six games.


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