A manager is a guide

Morning Positivistas, or for those of you taking in the blog elsewhere in the world or later in the day good afternoon, evening etc. I am coming into the morning with a greater serenity than yesterday, the job “done”, the adrenaline subsided, the tools required for this supporting malarkey cleaned and stored in the shed until August.

You all saw the game. You all had a slight tightness in the chest until Theo lashed the first goal past Given. You all beamed as the Chilean’s goal went in, and crowed like a rooster as Per signalled to the FA’s in house engraver to get his tools out. And when Olivier tidied away the last vestige of resistance that was the punctured claret and blue balloon you recognised that the club, its players and manager had marked another unique achievement in English football. As the somewhat dubious ceremonies that make up the presentation of the trophy drew on you were proud of those players, the manager, the club, even the bloody Gunnersaurus, and rightly so. I know you felt all these things because we are part of the linked Arsenal community.


Above a snap from david hickman on Twitter captures the stadium colour.

I have read and heard at least 100,000 words about the performance Arsenal put in yesterday, Ozil, Sanchez, Santi, Le Coq, Nacho, everyone in a yellow shirt in fact who performed between the gradings of “played very well” and “ absolutely excellent”. Each man deserved the award they were presented with, their Cup winner’s medal, no man deserved more nor less than that award. To pick one out as MotM, or whose contribution was decisive, seems to me not only excruciatingly difficult but pointless. They were all marvellous.

Even Szcz, who came into the game as the latest target of the club’s pitchfork wielding lynch mob, acquitted himself perfectly on an afternoon and in a stadium where goalkeepers are so often found out. I doubt Benteke expected the keeper to dash 15 yards to knock the ball off his head at the edge of the box each time it was crossed. Szcz’s style may have been untidy but my goodness it worked. The Belgian striker barely had a kick and not one real chance fell his way in 94 minutes. Now that was a surprise for me.

Turning to our opponents much was made in the various commentaries about their poor performance and that the Villains “ did not turn up” on the day. Not my view at all. They came to play football, with what seemed to me an attacking set up and exactly that aggressive approach had worked so well against Liverpool. They did not attempt to park any buses a la Chels, Swansea and Sunlun. The problem was for Villa we also came to play football, and the technical quality of our players is above theirs.


The fans at the Ems’ screening enjoy a post match stroll, courtesy of Joe Nelson on Twitter.

I doubt I have ever seen a more miserable manager than Tim Sherwood when he eventually emerged from the locked dressing room the best part of an hour after the final whistle. I thought it an odd time to tear into his players and announce that some would be on their way as a result of the day’s events. Tragedy affects different people in different ways I suppose.

As with all things in football, actions have consequences. And the immediate consequence is a Community Shield game against ‘them’ on Sunday the 2nd of August at 3 p.m. What a tasty opener to the next campaign.


And so, as a final curtain closes on the 9 months of watching football the Positively Arsenal way, here is me and the boys relaxing after the final whistle, courtesy of JenaC2 on Twitter.

Thank you for reading today, and enjoy your Sunday !

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72 comments on “A manager is a guide

  1. Right? You better believe he and we were right. I have never felt so smug. Its going to be a long summer for some people on twitter.

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  2. While I believe the team on here have been brilliant all season im not having this now this is the end theme, I’ll still be reading the posts and comments everyday all through the off season.
    This is a continuation of harmony on here and while others may speed up and slow down I expect us continue at pace


  3. Have I missed the public statement of joy from Mr Usmanov?

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  4. What, the Fat Hutt who said Arsene should be going in a different direction?


  5. The people on twitter and the media who say that this team need a whole new spine over the summer, really need to grow one themselves.

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  6. foreverheady I understand that the quote is real, that its from his official facebook page.

    A question i have asked several of those who bang on about Cech, as being the be all and end all of goalkeeping, and all have failed to answer, – could or would Cech have been able to perform the role Szczesny did yesterday, in nullifying the high ball to Benteke, cos in all the years of watching Cech I have never seen him dominate his area, and what little he used to have, went with that head injury, he just does not leave his six yard box, and in most cases he does not leave his line. Lloris is the same too.
    I would also say that if Szczesny only had to concern himself with covering his six yard box then he too would look much better, same with Ospina, for me he is a very good shot stopper, so between our two keepers we have both kind of keepers, why is there this craze for us to bring in a keeper, are the AAA stuck, along with the lazy journos and pundits, back in the days of Almunia, Senderos, Denilson, Bendtner, they must be, as I see no other reason for all this “Arsenal need a GK, CB, DM, ST” nonsense that is being spouted even more now than ever before.

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  7. what all this fuss I’m seeing about jack asking the crowd two questions today 1. what you think of tottnum, 2. what you think of shit.
    ex tottnum players complaining and something about jack being reported to the met police by dozens of tottnum fans. If true I hope the met charge all those that made a complaint to them about it, with wasting police time.


  8. I see that gimp at the daily fail, Neil Ashton, has continued his anti Arsenal agenda big time. What a sad loser he is. Jack Wilshere is the main target of his nonsense this time around.


  9. Seems Tottenham have something of a strange influence over the media, almost on a par with Liverpool! Should say I cannot believe they are making an issue over England player …..Jack, but sadly I can believe it, guess it it is more newsworthy than FIFA or Leicester players, or Rangers players at the moment

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  10. Eduardo, think Szcz was superb, I would also question whether Cech is needed. If Wenger and his staff deems he is, then I will support him, but I think we already have some extermely talented keepers on our hands, don’t agree with this four pronged transfer policy prompted by the media ….one little bit. Sir Chesney shared the golden glove with Cech last season, as a younger, less experienced player, and playing behind a less defensively minded team. Would like to see us stick to what we have regarding keepers. And central midfielder….unless soon to be France international Le Coq needs competition and cover we don’t already have…..And strikers, especially if theo stays. And defenders, we are supposed to need them…kos, per, Gabriel , Chambers…..then monreal and debuchy can if needed play there……right….
    If we really need anyone, Wenger will sort it

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  11. Quotes from Martin Samuel in the daily fail.
    Arsène Wenger:
    ‘We are third in the league but I feel we have moved forward,’ said Wenger. ‘People think it is always about buying but, as well, it’s about cohesion. That’s a very important factor, usually underrated by people. We have to keep our cohesion, but also add quality, and the quality we need is in short numbers, that is for sure.

    ‘Paul Pogba, Gareth Bale, we have not spent that kind of money. People forget that for years we had to sell our best players. That was a very difficult period. I know people don’t want to know about it, but that was the reality. Since we buy again we slowly come back to a more competitive level.

    ‘But those players cost you stratospheric numbers and we wouldn’t be involved in that, for financial reasons. I have not made a clear decision on what we will do but, anyway, I am more focused on quality. Today, Santi Cazorla has been voted man of the match, but he did not cost £150m. Francis Coquelin has been one of the best players on the pitch, and what did he cost? You have to look at the real quality of people and players.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3105045/Arsene-Wenger-shouldn-t-settle-FA-Cup-glory-gamble-challenge-Chelsea-Premier-League-title.html#ixzz3blUaTudA
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  12. Has anyone seen any match stats?


  13. Be my guest Pass

    Possession Villa 43% Us 57%

    Arsenal Shots – 16 On target 9
    Aston Villa Shots 2 on Target 0

    Corners Arsenal 8 Aston Villa 0

    Fouls Arsenal 9 Aston Villa 15

    Yellow cards Arsenal 0 Aston Villa 5

    And finally the really important stat

    Goals Arsenal 4 Aston Villa 0, zero, bugger all, zilch, niente

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  14. tha pix is really funny… goal angle shay given and all else


  15. Thanks Andrew, I’m surprised at the possession stats as I did not think we let them see that much of the ball!


  16. This will put a smile on your faces,
    They certainly got Arteta’s hair just right. (Big hint).



  17. anicoll5, June 1, 2015 at 9:07 am

    You forgot the really really important stat:

    One Arsene Wenger.

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  18. Journalists are queuing up this morning to tell Arsenal they need (absolutely must!!) to buy 4 non world class players to compete with Chelsea next season.
    It’s almost as if they convince themselves of this shite over several rounds of drinks in a pub.


  19. And stew i thought we already got the back up to gunnersaurus:

    Ozil, two seasons, two trophies. As lucky as they come.


  20. DC, if that’s what we need then manure, spuds and loserpool are truly fucked.


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