Good morning Positivistas and a bright and breezy start to the day in Norfolk. The detritus of cans and empty bottles around the premises reminds me it was a good night. I have a slight haze and a strange recollection of a heated argument about the Queen. It will pass.

I have perused the media this morning, social and mainstream. The content is warm in relation to Arsenal Football Club, its manager and players. Seemingly a light has been switched on among the ignorant and the malicious. No doubt a temporary aberration but it is encouraging not to see the usual clichéd trash of commentary concerning midfield “beasts” and “not liking it Oop North” recycled endlessly.

Turning to matters at hand however eight league wins on the bounce and three points hard earned at Turf Moor in the evening game. I say hard earned because the home side were thorough and organised. We know there recent impressive record against the top four. They massed in defence and made few errors. Boyd and Barnes ran and ran. Their central defenders, Duff and Shackle ( great names for centre backs btw) were resolute. Did you see just how many Arsenal players it took for Ramsey finally to whack the ball into the back of the net ? And if you are aiming to get a goal against a bottom three side, make it an early goal. Burnley were rocked on their heels in the 11th minute, the home crowd quietened, from then we had the 3 points to hold on to. Another fairy tale result was not on the menu for the plucky claret and blue battlers.

The match itself? After an opening phase when it looked as though we would blow the home side away with our speed and craft the game became more difficult, much more of a genuine contest. They did not back away from that effort however for the next 80+ minutes of the game. Not at any stage were we hanging on, not at any point were Burnley creating clear scoring chances, but even so there was pressure of a not entirely pleasant type. HOW IMPORTANT that early goal was !

There then followed 60 minutes of hard work from both sides. Alexis fizzed like a firework all over the pitch, we created a few chances, Burnley dabbled around the edge of the box, Ospina made a good save, Hector looked a little off his game once or twice, referee Dean displayed the patience of Job with players on both sides.

And so we moved into the traditionally tricky final fifteen minutes when I assumed that we would come under sustained high level bombardment, as Burnley pressed for the equalizer. That is after all what is supposed to happen, goal line clearances, finger tip saves, breathless finish, me hiding behind sofa etcetera – you know the form. You have suffered as I have often enough.

Not a bit of it. As the game drew toward the 90 we took total control again and our hosts were barely able to get over the half way line let alone put together an equalizer. As impressive an example of “game management” as you could ever see.

And so Deano blew his whistle and the contest was decided. Three points gathered, the Manchester derby to come with points dropped by one or both of the pursuers, and just a notch more pressure applied to Chelsea today. By 6 p.m. our win at Turf Moor may be an even more satisfactory result than on the day itself.

The Premier League now needs to be put aside by us and our full concentration directed toward Reading. A great opportunity for back to back FA Cup finals is open. As Burnley demonstrated yesterday though an organised, fit team can cause you problems.

Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be.

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  1. Now now,
    let’s hope the fish don’t bite, Andrew.


  2. Fidgeting – is the act of moving about restlessly. Fidgeting may be a result of nervousness, agitation, boredom or a combination of these. It may be a result of genes and is often an unconscious act.

    gerund or present participle: fidgeting
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    “the audience began to fidget and whisper”
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  3. it rhymes with midget


  4. and as i walked i saw this midget
    so i had to tell him not to fidget

    for midgeting is wron
    as well as frowned upon

    and as the trawler sails away
    the fidget’s time to make hey

    how does it look so far? would they accept me at oxford?


  5. The day job – for now – do nothing


  6. hahaha


    ill come back stronger

    youll see …


  7. Hunter is in the Army of the 12 Monkeys you know.


  8. I’m a fidget you’ll no doubt be surprised to learn.
    At this moment I am probably fidgeting less then the Heginbotham clan.

    George, email sent!


  9. Top film. Maybe his finest..maybe…opinions ard split… there is also a brasil and the one that should have won all oscars..you know which one…as your lawyer i advise you to take half…

    Which begs the question? Does bruce save the world? Is there really a virus?

    That phone call from ramon…… ‘its all about control’……got me thinking and its been what ? 15 years since? 20? Im still not sure…


  10. Hunter
    Terry Gillian is a Master, this was his inspiration for 12 Monkey’s:



  11. just like…wait for this…reservoir dogs….made 1992…..

    1992 ….. verstanden ? ein sehr cultishes film …als neunzehn hunderd zwei…c’est magnifique.


  12. i knew i could count on you fins…..lajetee !! si senior… la jettee !!!! come ta avec translation?


  13. its good i found you here fins…i can practish meine russian und dutch


  14. What’s up with that Youtube video? Is that some dark shit or just my translation?

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  15. Perhaps I should’ve looked for a link with English subtitles…


  16. No harm in practising a bit of French. Get into the spirit. Though my language skills are so poor I’m just making it up as I go along here.


  17. Nice pictures


  18. The Bradford fire.

    I’m shocked at what I’ve now read. Feeling rather sick, actually.

    My mind thought about fires in the 80’s, which makes me feel more sick.
    The New Cross fire still hurts. There were plenty of fires from riots, too. And of course there was a war going on. “The Troubles”.

    But my mind also reminds me that during this period of massive polarisation, many listed buildings burnt to the ground. (Was there a feeling at that time of: business as usual?) At the time I was suspicious. (But not about the Bradford fire.)

    Peace to the families.


  19. Like you Ranty I never had the vaguest idea that the Bradford Fire and arson were ever mentioned as a remote possibility.

    One reason for that is I had no idea the chairman was an alleged serial arsonist.

    Even so if Heginbotham was the perpetrator if find it a bit difficult to square a competent arsonist choosing to burn down a football stadium when it is full of people, in the middle of a game.

    If i wanted to burn down a football stadium, particularly an old dump like Valley Parade, I would do it in the middle of the night.


  20. anicol

    Very good point. Thanks.


  21. Sam @samuelJayC · 23m 23 minutes ago
    Özil (15 starts from possible 32 League games), Koscielny (21/32), Ramsey (18/32), Wilshere (7/32) & Giroud (16/32).


  22. Hate them or just mildly loathe them with a tinge of green Barca totally dominant tonight in Paris – for once Messi had a quiet night.


  23. ok i have sharpen up

    ..the midget met the fidget and went to play cridget only they didnt know the game was ridget… why is the game of cridget ridget, the fidget asked the midget, i dont know, said the midget to the fidget and off they went for pints of guinet, far away across the bridget.

    yours truly,

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  24. If i wanted to burn down a football stadium, particularly an old dump like Valley Parade, I would do it in the middle of the night.

    even if it was stamford bridge? with terry playing and 40k racists ? and miss out on fariah screaming like a bitch?

    i would…….


  25. porto – bayern 3-1 ? WHAT?



  26. Not quiet quiet Andrew, Messi was discreetly highly influential tonight.
    A bit like our Mesut.


  27. I can’t believe my better half made me watch 12 Monkeys on Tuesday evening and here you are talking about it a day later. Almost more of a coincidence than those fires. I remember the Bradford fire video being shown as part of a fire prevention course I had to go on once: horrid stuff.


  28. Some better rhymes for Hunter

    Some say the world will end in fire,
    Some say in ice.
    From what I’ve tasted of desire
    I hold with those who favor fire.

    But if it had to perish twice,
    I think I know enough of hate
    To say that for destruction ice
    Is also great
    And would suffice.


  29. Not coping with star players leaving and competing against better-financed clubs doesn’t make Klopp a bad manager.

    It just makes Arsene Wenger a great one.

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  30. klopp? yes ok hes had it tough … expected…

    what about pep guardiola huh? ok i shouldnt bask…. but if its an embarssment for arsenal to get kicked out of monaco ( i admit it is ) then how embarassin is it for them
    super duper bavarian weltmeisters …..

    i think Herr Franz is already in contacts with snipers ….


  31. I can’t believe my better half made me watch 12 Monkeys on Tuesday evening and here you are talking about it a day later.

    there is no escape winston…im watching you all …


  32. Right then, today’s conspiracy theory for all those up for it concerns the appointment of Martin Atkinson as referee of the Reading game on Saturday !

    Atko has officiated three times for us this season, defeats at the Lane and the Bridge, and a very squeaky win at home against low flying Rangers after he despatched Olivier for an early bath.

    A one season hiccup you say – just bad luck for fine referee….!

    But the previous season of 2013/2014 has yet more Arsenal woe – three more games in charge including a 6-3 beating at the Etihad, a 3-0 thrashing at Goodison and it is as long ago as November 2013 that he presided over our home win against Liverpool.

    And where was he born ?



  33. man…whow the hell can you have mospuitos at thsi time of the year?


  34. Atkinson for the Semi?
    Obviously saving Taylor for the final.


  35. Mikel still isn’t fit – I’m worried.


  36. Between Clattenberg, Taylor and Friend

    Unfortunately our man Oliver is in charge of the Liverpol Villa tie


  37. Fins has sent me a post. I have dispatched it to Bletchley Park for decoding.

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  38. It was a little bit more vague then usual but in my defence that was my first day off after several weeks of hard graft. I tell a lie, There was a sneaky day off for the Liverpool game.


  39. Özil (15 starts from possible 32 League games), Koscielny (21/32), Ramsey (18/32), Wilshere (7/32) & Giroud (16/32).

    Plus Debuchy 14/32.

    Not as big a loss in the hurly burly of the PL but definitely his experience & leadership were missed in the more tika-tactical environs of the CL.

    How to keep ALL the RBs?
    One option: Recall Jenks, keep Debuchy as first choice plus CB cover, Chambo MKII as CB & CM cover and possibly a loan for Bellerin with him returning the following season and Debuchy and or Chambers moving to CB (or reserve/back up CB). Perhaps Bellerin would be better off staying an training at the Arsenal, i don’t know.

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  40. i thought we agreed no lsd before 18:00 hrs …..

    however …… i get it…….

    youre worried bellerin will do a chesney and consider his position safe and be complacent and take it for granted and not step his foot on the gas to improve…… i share that fear too bro….

    would love wenger to take the piss and loan him out to barca with option to buy at 80 million…..

    theyll take it….

    cjrijinshki…ibra….cesc..flops gallore


  41. George,
    if we can decipher NOTH comments, we can handle anything Fins writes.

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  42. No loan for Bellerin. Anything but that.


  43. This is for Hunter:


  44. Hors catégorie @hahostolze · 2h 2 hours ago
    If you ever needed evidence of why the vast majority of footballers make terrible managers and pundits: the PFA awards.


  45. Emmett @Em_MCFC · 2h 2 hours ago
    To be fair POTY awards lost all hope after Agüero scored 23 goals and won the title and Kyle Walker beat him to it.


  46. Miguel Delaney @MiguelDelaney · 21h 21 hours ago
    Guardiola’s 17 away legs in CL: 4 wins, 8 draws, 5 defeats


  47. PG, I avoid conflict???

    Just a note, as someone has an obvious dislike of Mr Wenger.

    The truth of the matter is that Nancy just avoided relegation in 1985/1986.

    At the start of the 1986/1987, Mr Wenger offered his resignation. The honourable thing to do, in my opinion.

    Nancy were relegated at the end of that season, and Mr Wenger was permitted to leave.

    A myth has been placed in the public domain, by inserting a word “tried” instead of “offered”!

    Who needs Bletchley, logic will always work out.

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  48. what is kane doing there ahead of giroud and cazola?

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  49. reports that the entire Bayern Munich medical staff have resigned after Pep totally disrespected the club doctor yesterday, the doc had been at the club for 40 years. Pep has blamed the medics for the teams injury problems. What a nice guy pep is.

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