Arsenal Draw Again – But That’s Not The Half Of It!

So Arsenal drop yet more points in games they should be winning.

This, aside from transfer matters, was the message for many observers, of the whole weekend.

And yet time and again, when Arsenal results are said to disappoint, my personal disappointment, (aside from the points that have been dropped), tends to rest heavily on the shoulders of two groups of people not actually involved in the loss of those points. And that combines with irritation with two other groups which, all in all, means that anything less than victory is going to be far more painful than really should be the case.

So what – or who – are the disappointments and what are the irritants?

First and foremost are groups – noisy ones, at that – of the club’s own fans, too many of whom anticipate cricket scores in our favour against supposedly ‘lesser’ opposition. By now, they really should know better.

One of the key features of a league such as the PL awash with money successfully shared (compared with, say, it’s Spanish equivalent) throughout the division is that there are now rarely any whipping boys or ‘rollover’ matches. And this is not a recent development – all games now have to be won; it’s no longer sufficient to merely turn up as was once the case. This is true for all clubs as conveniently demonstrated by both Manchester outfits already this season.

Given that this is not a new thing, the tendency for our own fans to erupt on social networks at the first hint of a setback, especially DURING games, is particularly disappointing. Whilst you might reasonably expect the fans of other clubs to talk nonsense about our club, when it’s our own fans doing it, it’s particularly regrettable.

The second group to disappoint – and this seems to be the case for most games these days including those not involving Arsenal – are the performances of the men in black.

Many accept they (the refs, the linesman/assistants and the ‘fourth’ official) are no longer fit for purpose and some of us are only waiting for the inevitable introduction of video technology to ride into town to save us all from the lottery that plays too big role in the outcome of far too many of today’s games. But it is not their inability to keep up with the play, to see through blatant (let alone thinly disguised) player gamesmanship or even the ill-advised current fashion to ‘manage’ as opposed to ‘referee’ games (ie, apply the rules) that generates disappointment in these game-weary eyes.

My fundamental problem with the officials is their failure to perform consistently.

Yesterday in two games we had the perfect illustration of this with Liverpool benefitting from the softest penalty award we are likely to see this side of Xmas (or, as some wag will inevitably suggest, until Liverpool next play again). Meanwhile, down in the Midlands, Cazorla is illegally ‘displaced’ in the penalty area, goes flying immediately in front of the ref as the game is allowed to continue ‘to flow’.

So one game is allowed to flow, thus benefitting the lesser talented side needing to take a more ‘muscular’ approach to the match, and the other game is governed – at least at one critical moment – with an iron-fist, to the benefit in an up-to-that-point even game, of a Liverpool side still working to achieve dominance. That Liverpool should benefit in this way is particularly galling for any observer familiar with the thuggish defensive practises of their own defensive lunatic Skrtel who is routinely permitted penalty box assaults without penalty (let alone free-kick, booking etc) for any and all set-plays – but maybe that’s another story, albeit a closely related one, in truth.

I understand that offside is hard to call correctly.

I get that throw-ins and corner decisions go wayward on an all too frequent basis.

At a stretch, I understand that to some referees, certain players get sent off thanks to embarrassing cases of mistaken identity.

But it is unacceptable on any level in the same competition for one ref to ‘let the game flow’ and for another to apply the rules to within an inch of the game’s life. That continental referees veer towards the latter suggests ours should follow suit if only to prepare players for life playing in European cup competitions/international games. Either way, standards need to be agreed and applied. Consistently.

So those are the disappointments, what of the irritations?

My primary irritation lies with those clubs who consistently turn with cup final-level performances one week against Arsenal, only to roll over a week later against the next scheduled opposition. We can reliably guess that Leicester will not prove as obdurate again this season unless they make it to a cup final. Or play Arsenal again. It must be said that Man u had to overcome this many times in years gone by when they were still a giant of a club – the phenomena of teams playing out of their skin in the full knowledge the eyes of the majority of the footballing world would be on them. So yes, Arsenal have to deal with this but I do wonder why those sides, capable of virtuoso performances one week, let it all slide the next. I genuinely feel sorry for their short-changed fans and, regardless, find this whole syndrome incredibly annoying. Especially when, as they usually seem to, their goalies turn into Gordon Banks for the day.

Why am I imagining they do this so much versus Arsenal? I can only guess that it’s something to do with our penchant for playing the game in the way it should be played – as a thrilling, attacking spectacle – that incentivises opponents to try to beat us by exploiting our gaps and by playing the heroic underdog card. They are entitled to, of course, but their fans must sometimes wonder …

My final irritation lies with, almost inevitably, the media and its reaction to any perceived Arsenal set back. Images on newspaper back pages of broken cannons, doom-laden studio analysis, apocalyptic radio phone-in debates are rarely truly matched when Citeh drop points, for example. Man u never seem to crash and burn in quite the same way as AFC in the eyes of the media and Liverpool are rarely hung out to dry, no matter how many times Steven ‘slippery’ Gerrard loses his footing, in quite the same way or with as much gusto as is reserved for Arsenal. There was a glee attached to the ramblings of Jamie Redknapp on yesterday’s Sky coverage that was fuelled rather than moderated by Ed Chamberlain, the Sky anchor, which just doesn’t happen in the wake of the unexpected defeats of other ‘big’ clubs.


Oh, that’s right, it was a draw yesterday, wasn’t it?

Who’d have known?

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110 comments on “Arsenal Draw Again – But That’s Not The Half Of It!

  1. Yes, let’s spout the mantra Gains… Better than what we have? You mean better than Sanogo then?

    Come on, give me a hard one! Peter Crouch is hovering into view as you chat shit.

    Better than what we have? Are you revenge serious? Coz that shit is funny!

    Walcott? One game, no goals at CF. Ditto Yaya, but loads more games, no goals I mean. Erm, who else is there? Joel no goals, don’t get a look in Campbell? Or Podolski? Who the boss doesn’t play as a striker? How about Akpom?

    I’ve named three strikers and we hVent even got onto the midfield yet. But this is cathartic while I tease out the dregs of the window, thanks!


  2. Sis: “What do you expect? Wenger said we need a striker and a defensive midfielder at the end of last season… We don’t sign them, Giroud gets injured, Sanogo looks unready and it’s all guns aimed at any Gooner who dare ask questions ?

    Go figure that one out.”

    After watching Flamini play yesterday, I’d take him over Fernando, Fernadinho and fucking Jordon Henderson, wouldn’t you? By the way, Matic was overrun by Leicester last week, if you happened to catch that game. He looked better against Everton because he had Willian and Ramires to help him. But yeah, let’s throw our widdle toys out the pram and bitch about mean old Arsene the Incompetent.


  3. Fuck it! We’ve signed Welbeck!! Love you all really!! Good night!!


  4. Gains, tell all that to AW! He wanted a DM.


  5. Passenal: “Sid, Arsene is the manager, he does not actually negotiate the transfer deals, so regardless of where he is, transfers will or will not happen for other reasons.”

    Even if Arsene negotiated the transfer, dude has a mobile phone, for pete’s sake. Never mind that this charity event is where all the “It” people in the football world are gathered today.

    P.S. by It people I didn’t mean fat computer network repairmen.


  6. Sid: “Oh Jesus, let’s forget we need a striker, a midfielder and a defender and blame the…. Refs, the fans and that cunt Piers Morgan instead.”

    Or let’s run around like a chicken with our head cut off because we didn’t buy the players on my ridiculous wish list.


  7. I hope we sign Wellbeck. I have always been a fan of his since he was out on loan with Sunderland.


  8. Gains
    Latest reports say it’s happening.
    i wouldn’t mind an extra centre back – no one special, just 4th choice cover would do.


  9. If we get Welbeck, we will have done good business.


  10. United has spent £140m this transfer window on three left wingers and Falcao. Are you watching, Sid?


  11. I told a sibling of mine last Saturday or yesterday that of all the forwards linked to us I preferred Welbeck. He was a central striker unlike Remy and the most mobile around the penalty box unlike the statuesque figure of Bony. Plus he is hard-working and willing to help back in midfield and defence. Didn’t think it would happen because United reportedly wouldn’t sell to a rival. Clearly they can’t afford to turn-down good money given the humongous amounts of money they already spent. That is why you hold out until the 11th hour, if you are a serious negotiator who refuse to overpay.


  12. How many times are we going hear “dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘it’s”…..


  13. we did well to get welbeck. man u did slightly better by getting falcao and selling welbeck for 20M.

    i would have taken falcao any given day..no kidding.

    we are still well equipped to win the league..if only these damn injuries dont plague us as much..

    common arsenal!


  14. is it that the very high wages demanded by Falcao put us off? i cant think of anything else to miss out on that deal.

    does somebody know more?


  15. 6ft 1″, 23 yr-old CF rearing to go..

    PL: P90 – 20 goals (Man Utd/Sunderland)
    CL: P19 – 4 goals (Man Utd)
    INTL: P26 – 9 goals
    cost: 16m?…welcome to the greatest club on the planet Danny Welbeck!
    Well done AW & IG!

    Good luck Iggy. Hope you go on to have a solid career.
    Good luck Ryo. Hope we’ll see you soon.
    Its shop window time Francis. Make it count.

    Here’s to Hector, Isaac, Gedion & Chuba grabbing any opportunities that may come their way.

    Here’s to us having a great season.
    COYG! COYG! COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. Wellbeck is a huge improvement on Loic Remy.


  17. Falcao is a twenty million dollar gamble on a player who may not even do well in the premier league.


  18. Very satisfied with our signings, glad to see we buy for the now and future. Welbeck should have a good chance to show what he can do until OG comes back. DW is young and if he pans out will be ready to take over as 1st striker in the next few years as OG turns 30… He knows the league, plays with a few of our guys already for England so should adapt pretty easily.

    As for a central defender CC will get even better I would think, I hope that he has a long career with us. Finding an experienced 4 th choice would have been nice but not too many options available I would think, who wants to come and sit? Only oilers can get quality sitters by paying them thru the nose…

    I think we have the best or at the very least among the best midfields in Europe and that is where games are won, once we gel, we’re going to be scary!!


  19. Have to say I’ve been a closet Welbeck fan for a while. How many British players do we have to field before the media, referee’s, and FA give us a fair shake? Do they really hate Arsene and Arsenal that much? This is just another sign that Wenger is a very clever manager. Can’t wait to see him in an Arsenal uniform.


  20. Welbeck is one of those players who always seemed to do well when I was watching him, and inevitably seemed to score. So I might have a slightly biased view, but I think this is a massive signing for us. And I am absolutely delighted, and can’t believe AW has pulled off such a masterstroke. WOW. (that’s Walcott, Ozil, Welbeck)


  21. Amazed MU let DW go and more than a little surprised they sold him to us.

    Seems very good value, youthful and bags of potential of the kind AW so adept at unleashing. Significantly, DW knows the league very well, has the kind of pace to join Theo in becoming a lethal outlet for Ozil. Looks a very good fit for us and the fact so many MU fans are unhappy to lose him is telling in itself.

    That he appears to have left them at least in part for Champions League football is somewhat fitting and you wonder how many others share his aspirations on that front. Amused by his outright rejection of the Spuds and the 5 year deal is indicative of AW’s confidence in the lad, who is still only 23.

    The cream on the cake of a very decent transfer window.

    WOW indeed Foreverheady.


  22. Redshark: ” Only oilers can get quality sitters by paying them thru the nose…”

    Sagna is on a hundred odd thousand a week to sit. Mangala is a £30m sitter.


  23. I can’t believe there are some people moaning about us not pulling a stunt like the one where you pay a desperate player £20m to use your club as a stepping stone for his transfer back to Spain.

    Signing Danny Welbeck is a good piece of business.


  24. Agree Gains; Welbeck had been with MU since age of eight and at still only 23 easily has his best years ahead of him with significant sell-on value virtually assured. Falcao an over-paid injury hit journeyman, 29 next year and questionable sell-on should MU take up option to buy on a player claiming a move to Spain represents a dream switch for him.

    The Falcao deal smacks of a club that doesn’t really care what happens if they miss out on top four again – it’s all or nothing by the looks of things. No wonder MU fans unhappy but can anyone really excuse the moaning from our own fans?


  25. So young Danny you may just have taken the best step of your footballing life – fingers crossed the player gets the opportunity to show what he can do and steers clear of he injury hoodoo that stalks our English youngsters.

    I am getting excited about Citeh on the 13th already.

    I have to admit the ManYoo drama is fascinating. Van Gaal spendingall Pa Glasers savings with the old boy barely cold in his coffin, a whirl of players, most of whom are unproven in the PL or in a major league brought in, with one not even allowed to play, and a few departures that surprised me, Welbeck being one of them.

    We are seeing either a Dutch Meister at work who is restructuring the Mancs in double quick time at, what will eventually prove, modest expense. Or a bloke who is panicking and whose insane spending spree on overpriced and unfit players will sink the Salford club for a generation.

    Theatre of dreams indeed. ( banned smiley)


  26. Danny Welbeck is our player, welcome Danny, I’m sure you are going to do very well and I am enthusiastic about you!

    Not bad hey! I was underwhelmed last night but warmed up considerably this morning. I’m still baffled as to why we didn’t recruit a central defender. But who knows what actually happened….

    I could only cope with a few minutes of that awful Bergkamp wonderland podcast everyone was recommending on twitter. Geoff Arsenal is a strong minded fellow standing firm against those dreary, dour, dullards…..


  27. Welcome to the Arsenal, Danny Welbeck.

    Turing down Tottenham is a good start to your career with us.
    Working with our British core should be a boon to Arsenal, and eventually England.

    As for CDM’s (or whatever we want to call ’em) we still have Arteta and Flamini.
    As for CB cover – we will just have to rotate and pray until January.

    Good news for Hector and Issac.

    And hey, no one can accuse Arsene of carrying any deadwood in this squad at the moment – assuming we can figure out what to do with Coq.


  28. I wonder how Judas is feeling this morning?

    Clearly 3rd choice as the best marksman at Old Trafford these days, and to pile injury upon the insult – the worst paid of the bunch too.

    Watching the manc’s splash cash on flashy players is like watching some idiot buying a Buggatti Veron, and letting their ma drive it.

    Manu still have Carrick and Cleverly in midfield – that will hinder any attempt to advance up the table.


  29. AA: “Can anyone really excuse the moaning from our own fans?”
    It is remarkable. Prior to yesterday Arsenal had already spent £60 million, 2nd highest of all Premier League clubs, replacing players and strengthening the team. Sanchez, Debuchy Chambers and Ospina are not mid-table cannon fodder or future deadwood. But you would never believe this from our own fans on twitter, bloggers and podcasts. At the risk of being repititious, I called them a a load of “whining c*nts”. On deadline day they wanted the club to fall for the last minute panic-buying which simply serves the interests of the greedy voracious sharks (third-party owners, agents, mercenary players egged on by a compliant media) who prey on the stupidity of the emotionally driven with too much money at their disposal. Smacks of those easy marks, including yours truly, who got ripped off by the real estate mania 6 years ago and before that the dot com bubble 14 years ago. With these recent lifetime experiences there is no excuse for so-called opinion leaders on twitter, blogs and podcasts to be slagging the club for sitting tight on transfer day.

    As it now stands, Gazidis and Wenger patiently waited for the wastrels to do what they inevitably do every transfer window. In their haste to throw money away at the next best thing, in this case United’s chase of Falcao, a bargain was thrown up at the last minute and Arsenal snaffled Welbeck for a cool £16million. Compare that to £15 million for Shane Long or £11 million for Ross McCormick. A total bargain.

    Unfortunately every year we will go through this cycle. That is why I simply refuse to post on those blogs who endorse this nonsense. As long as George allows me I will simply describe them as c*nts and pricks.


  30. PG to be fair,
    Sid wasn’t the worst.


  31. Shotta
    I don’t know if you can see Sky Sports News, but honest to God – the crown of retarded muppets outside the Ems represents the basest level of our Fan base.

    Everyone of ’em online claiming to be a 60 yo ST holder who is ‘entitled to their opinion’.


  32. Never mind lads and lasses – just four months ’til the window opens


  33. “I wonder how Judas is feeling this morning?

    Clearly 3rd choice as the best marksman at Old Trafford these days, and to pile injury upon the insult – the worst paid of the bunch too.”

    From what I hear DC Robin is spending his time doing what he has spent most of his football career doing – being ‘injured’


  34. Georgaki
    That podcast is full of silly WOB twunts, slagging off the club and manager with abuse at every opportunity in the past. Nasty stuff.

    e.g.: last time i listened they slagged off the goalkeeping coaches from their Wxperts perspective. That’d be the same coaches who produced three of the starting keepers in the league this year – truth is they don’t know very much about football, but they do know how to groan.


  35. DC – I don’t have access to SkySports and I don’t care. TalkSports is torture enogh.

    Embrace all Georgaki and Fins have said about the ABW podcast. Poor old GeoffArsenal, Georges pal, is fighting a losing battle. I guess it his cross to bear.


  36. The Welbeck transfer is so exciting. I am actually more excited about him than I was about Ozil this time a year ago.

    I think because the lack of adding to Ozil in January seemed so deflating, but that was sort of put right with Alexis. But if it had just been Alexis, then that wouldn’t have felt quite enough somehow (despite how good Ospina, Chambers and Debuchy are) and I would have had my doubts. But to get this young player with his pace, quick feet and eye for goal (and whom I had long admired) makes me know that we really are going places.

    Looks like Arsene did indeed win the poker game, and how clever to throw the false lead of Remy over the weekend and also to use his Monaco connection to flush out Falcao knowing that all rationality and control had long since left Old Trafford.

    He is a genius.


  37. I wonder when AW started to talk to Welbeck – or, indeed, that Welbeck started to talk to AW? One day perhaps we will know.

    I tried to listen to a podcast once (don’t know which one) but gave up after a few minutes of inane chatter about cheese. It all seemed a bit amateur, but obviously it is fun for people to have a forum, although I could wish that there was a bit less negativity about.

    But on that theme I think it is worth examining the motives of some of the anti-arsenal sites – but not right now, as today must be a joyful day of anticipation. After all, we are unbeaten this season after three hard away games, we have won both our home matches, our three outfield newcomers have all settled in remarkably well (and Alexis now two goals in the last two), Champions League group stage has been secured and we have even won a trophy.

    What’s not to like?


  38. Good quotes from Mike Phelan, Fergie’s right hand man.

    Phelan expects Arsenal to give Welbeck the chance to flourish after finding his chances limited at United.

    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger already has a number of England internationals in his squad, with Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott, Kieran Gibbs, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all first-team regulars when fit. England defender Calum Chambers was signed in the summer from Southampton and has made three Premier League appearances this season.

    “He is still only a young player and with young players you will get peaks and troughs but it is a case of Danny feeling more important in himself than he probably was over the last 12 months,” added Phelan.

    “He is in a position where he can play where he wants and I think that is why he chose Arsenal because they give him the opportunity to play in his best position, which is a striker.

    “A club like Arsenal is a fabulous club, it is a well-run club. From a footballer’s point of view, if you want to choose a football club, then Arsenal is right up there with the best.”

    more here


  39. I say forever foreverheady…..great post at 12:38 pm

    Another very positive view from John Cross:


  40. Thank you, AA, for the post.

    Welcome, Danny Wellbeck, Arsenal’s new number 23. Now that the circus has left town, we can look forward to an interesting Autumn of football. For me, Wellbeck’s purchase addresses a tangible need for more bite up front, and it should have the side-benefit of stifling the nay-sayers. It’s a lot easier to get worked up about not having a first- (or second-) choice striker than it is not having a fourth-choice centre-back or a second- (or third-) choice DM. I believe if there had been sensible options to fill those spots, the club would have.

    Perhaps the club’s growing contingent of England players will help to sway the allegiances of the officials, etc, if not in the club’s favour, at least to something approaching neutrality.


  41. Welbeck was one of England’s better players at the WC. Even though I thought a fit Chamberlain would have started in his place on the left (with Old Man Roon undroppable), he did ok.

    And I can’t help but notice, he’s quick!

    And likes to run all over the shop, behind the lines which would have been handy on Sunday though I did note Sanogo also made plenty of runs but the team just weren’t quite clicking, as expected after Wednesday’s efforts. If Ramsey heads that ball back across the goal Sanogo has a tap in and Arsneal win the game. If Kosicelny got subbed straight away, Arsenal win the game.

    In their haste to groan the WOB experts have tried to edit Bellerin out the squad, but he is there! And that’s because Chambers was bought in as a CB, I’ve only been guilty of listening to the interviews. Hector does need to play at some point. And with Iggy off it seems like Hayden could get some minutes this year in the cups, I hope so. D**Med about with purpose against Gazprom, he could even have been sent off, surely that must have pleased all the D**Mers? Hayden also needs to play at some point, and like. Bellerin he looks like a player to my untutored eyes. With a name like Isaac Hayden let’s hope he plays for the Arsenal.


  42. So. Mike Phelan, a very successful coach, is saying that ManIOU have sold their soul (in IOUs?) whilst Arsenal Football Club remains a football club. I wish he’d tell the Arsenal Experts.


  43. Crossy wrote up the details on the Özil transfer last summer, with some glee I can happily add* here’s his take on the Welbeck saga:

    “Arsenal asked about Welbeck last week but United made it plain they did not want to sell to a direct rival. They tried to push him towards Sunderland and were even prepared to do it on loan with a loan fee of around £2m.
    Tottenham were also keen but they needed to get players out, chairman Daniel Levy can be difficult to deal with and they also felt he wanted to go to Arsenal.

    When in Rome: Wenger was in Italy for a charity match on deadline day
    So, from a position in the morning when Arsenal felt it was highly unlikely no deals would get done, they moved quickly and made a new approach for Welbeck.
    Welbeck was at Arsenal’s training ground at London Colney but for England training and was at least nearby in the team hotel in Watford in the afternoon. He was quickly on hand, not that medicals are generally done at the training ground.
    United didn’t want to do it and, right up until 9pm, were making life difficult for Arsenal and it was only around then that they thought the deal had a good chance. It was unclear whether it would be a loan or permanent but £16m suited both parties. Selling a youth player to replace him with a superstar on a crazy contract would surely have left Fergie wondering what had become of his club.”

    *though the Groaners chose to ignore the details which all knew of with their panic buy groaning memes…because those that do so are full on AAA WOB twunts


  44. “would surely have left Fergie would be wondering what had become of his club” Fins !

    He might be wondering, and presumably Moyes is wondering, where the f*** did all the cash come from that the Dutchman is hosing up the walls ?


  45. Good question ‘Coll. An always!
    Most Mancs I’ve spoken to today (that’d be just the brother-in-law) are happy to ignore that thought and bask in the glory of their Neo-Galacticos. They could do with a Ramos (a home grown player for Madrid?) at CB. Or anyone else for that matter.


  46. In the cold light of day it is tempting to think that United were so caught up in the frenzy of the unfolding Falcao excitement that they lost sight of the consequences of selling Welbeck to us.

    I have been trying unsuccessfully to have a rational discussion about a player who I think has the ability to become a very fine DM, but I just get met with derision, so I will try it here. On the (admittedly few) occasions I have seen Coquelin play live, and also on the TV he has looked strong. He was sent away last season, and apparently had a mixed time and played in funny positions, but that experience must have helped him. I find it interesting he is still a part of the squad, and wonder what the long – or even short – term plan is for him. My instinct is that he still has a part to play, and that he could play both defence and midfield if needed.


  47. what’s happening george? i have been tryint to post here for days its been impossible. am i beaned?


  48. i am not a fan of DW. up until last night i wished and prayed we didnt sign him. not because he played for manure but because i never rate him. apart from his time at sunderland when he played along side gyan, when they destroy chelsea 3-0. it is also true that i didnt rate sturrige at chelsea and would have said the same thing if we had made any bid for him at the time. but the rest is history today. my hope is that wenger make that transformation in DW.

    and lets face it, wenger has always done better with players considered as flops than every fans’ favourites or big money signings. kos, per, ramsey, giroud, gibbs, walcott are starters when available, but were relatively unknown when we signed them. do i need to mention henry, fabregas (still love him) kanu anelka, etc.

    so welcome to arsenal danny and i hope arsene make another sturridge out of you. you have a better chance because wenger is miles better than roger.


  49. layksite
    I’m no expert but when I saw Sturridge play for Chelsea at the new Arsenal Stadium he looked a good young player. Selfish, suffering from a lack of games at that stage, but still someone with talent.
    Arteta snaffled the supply lines to Sturridge when he returned with Liverpool last year for the first game, he looked more confident and dangerous in the second game following the Away defeat but even then Liverpool needed a pelanty to score. Akpom will go on to be the better player!

    I don’t know anything about DW but Phelan really was/is a good coach, a big part of Utd success in recent times so I’m encouraged by his thoughts on DW.


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