Illogical Unfounded Criticism And Abuse Of Olivier Giroud

By Bootoomee

Fans have always had different reactions to different players and such reactions have not always been logical. Players are not necessarily beloved because of the cogent contributions that they make to teams; they are often valued based on how they make fans feel. It is for this reason that flair players and the sort who wear their emotions on their sleeves are the usual fans’ favourites. You can see the flair even if it leads to nothing useful; or even counter-productive at times. Players who show passion on the pitch act exactly the way the watching fans would have probably acted in most situations. It is therefore not surprising that these 2 types of players are the most loved.

How many times have a player been criticised and abused for being crap only for the numbers to be broken down for fans (and most irresponsibly, the media) to now realise that they were wrong? Sometimes, the criticisms are well justified but most of the time they are not. I can’t recall a more unjustly criticised player than Olivier Giroud of Arsenal FC this season. I hear people criticise him and I wonder if I have been watching the same player or there is something wrong with me.

I have an attitude when it comes to Arsenal player that I must confess to my dear readers: I never abuse any player as long as they are in the service of Arsenal FC. I have complained about a few players during the heat of the game but that is it for me. I never take my hurt at how a player performed in a game away from that particular game once the final whistle is blown. I don’t necessarily forget how poor a player was in a game but as long as they are still wearing Arsenal’s red and white, I continue to support them and hope that the manager (who knows more than anybody alive on how to turn players around) will get them sorted and performing on top soon.

This attitude has saved me from having eggs on my face on countless occasions. I feel extreme pride in myself when I read comments from Arsenal fans on how they used to give Ramsey grief but they are now glad to be proven wrong. Fuckers. You are not supposed to be giving the players of the team that you love and support grief, no matter how poor they might be performing. It is not your job. There is a man employed by Arsenal FC to do the job of setting our players straight both tactically and with harsh words if necessary and he is pretty good at his job.

It is not my place to harass players or call them names like “Flappyhandski” or “van Porcelain” when they make mistakes or are struggling with injuries only to then whine about Arsene Wenger not giving them long contracts when such players seek more opportunities to play or earn more money elsewhere. (I am not too sympathetic with the Traitor but calling him names then was wrong all the same). Ironically, those who have abused our struggling players in the past would then follow up their mea culpa with immediate abuse of a current struggling player.

How many times have you read this line: “I am one of those who used to criticise Aaron Ramsey but I am glad that he has proven me wrong ……. But that Sanogo is never going to come good or Carl Jenkinson is not good enough, we need to get another RB”. You would think that someone just eating crow would have learnt their lesson but you would be wrong.

Of all the players that Arsenal fans in their infinite stupidity have treated unfairly, I struggle to find anyone like Olivier Giroud. We can say that some players have underperformed in the real sense of the word and that while this doesn’t make the abuse right, one can at least understand the reason for it. Giroud’s case is a strange one for me.

The guy gives our defence very good cover during set pieces and tracks back when we are under constant attack to help out. He is in the midfield during battles. He is a very selfless striker who would not only willingly pass to better positioned team mates but would celebrate their goals like he is the one who actually scored it. And, he scores his fair share of goals too. With 16 goals in the premier league and 22 overall, I think he is exactly where Arsene Wenger expects him to be this season.

What Giroud does better than any player in the league, in my opinion, is that famous link up play of his. He is bloody good at it. The way he keeps possession at the opponents’ goal area and calmly waits for his team mates to take good attacking position is superb. And the flicks, oh the flicks! Giroud has some of the most delicious assists in the entire league this season. Statistically, he is where Thierry Henry was at the end of his second season with Arsenal. True, he is older than Henry was but he is not at the peak of his career yet so there is room for improvement.

Now, why has the guy been treated like some bumbling doofus by the media and many of our fans? Why?

Apparently, he missed some good chances in some high profile matches unlike, you know, every striker who has ever played the game! Luis Suarez scored none of his 31 league goals against a top 4 opposition. That is zero in 6 matches!

Arsenal’s attempt and failure to get Suarez last summer is probably most responsible for the animosity of many of our fans towards Giroud. Most of the criticism and abuse are borne out of nothing but covetousness. Many wish we had Suarez and because we actually went for him but failed because Arsene Wenger wouldn’t write a blank cheque to a club that was unwilling to part with their most treasured resource, these souls took it out on Giroud.

Every time Giroud played, he reminded those Gooners of what could have been. His minor errors are exaggerated; they are errors that Suarez would never have made. His missed opportunities are those that Suarez would have converted. In the end, Giroud was not being judged on his own merit but with another player that they wish we had. Giroud was portrayed as one of the worst strikers in the league. Ironically though, you would often see the same detractors whining about what would happen to the team should he get injured. This bit gets me every time. Why would the team miss a player that is so crap?

The media fanned the embers of this discontent amongst Arsenal fans, as they have always done with our players whenever they notice our fans getting on their backs. News reports and analyses were written mocking and berating the guy with emphasis on how he shouldn’t be Arsenal’s leading man. It would be safe to assume that Giroud would score very low in any rating system used by the media. Afterall, they couldn’t stop slating the guy. But it turns out that the Telegraph scored him 214 which is only second to Suarez’s 290. All the other strikers scored less than 200. I am not a believer in the Football Fantasy points of players because I utter distrust the media when it comes to player ratings, which bad enough, is subjective on its own. However, Giroud’s position here is interesting to me because it got me by surprise. It also means that while the guy was being written about as inadequate by the media, their subjective player ratings system is showing a different result.

Here are the top 5 rated strikers in the league (courtesy of Andrew Crawshaw of Untold Arsenal):

Luis Suarez 290
Olivier Giroud 214
Daniel Sturridge 197
Sergio Aguero 180
Edin Dzeko 180

The fact that our very own much maligned striker is ranking this high (even though this is an unscientific rating system) shows that much of the abuse and criticisms that the guy has received are illogical and mostly unfounded. If a rating from a media publication – who are not known for being Giroud’s fans – put him this high, then he must be doing something right for us. Not that I was ever in doubt of Giroud’s contribution to the team but I hope that those who berate him and call for someone else to be signed to take his place would just calm down and show the guy the respect that he has earned.


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60 comments on “Illogical Unfounded Criticism And Abuse Of Olivier Giroud

  1. Well said Bootsville. I think you miss the point of some of the fans though. When they said “We need cover for Giroud” they actually meant “we want anybody but Giroud” – and I think the negativity yesterday when it was rumoured that Remy was to be signed was proof of that. Apparently he is not wanted either.


  2. wonderful article. giroud would cost us 25m now. he’s just what we want and need, he just needs a little help!


  3. Heady, I think Remy will be great for us.


  4. George, I try not to get too excited by these things, but I think so too – there seems something very Arsenal about him, and I hope he does come to us. But to stick to the point of the great article for a while, Giroud looked absolutely tremendous yesterday evening in the France/Paraguay game. Astonishing work rate, great vision, top physicality – and it really does beggar belief that he is so shamefully dismissed for the things he doesn’t do rather than lauded for those that he does. My wife, (sophiecollier@getyourgunsup on Twitter) commented last night on how good he was in the air and how threatening he seemed with all those crosses. Her point was that it was a shame we don’t see more of that when he plays for us, but I suspect he is more efficiently policed by Premier League defenders than was the case last night – and we don’t tend to speculate with so many crosses anyhow.


  5. foreverheady,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    “I think you miss the point of some of the fans though. When they said “We need cover for Giroud” they actually meant “we want anybody but Giroud”

    I agree with you on this but I was only trying to be fair to Giroud’s critics even though they don’t deserve it. Unfortunately, that is a courtesy that they never extend to our players once they get mark them for scapegoating.


  6. Great article BTM. The Fantasy Premier League rankings also had Olly high up: 4th behind Suarez, Sturridge and Rooney and FPL takes goals;assists, and, cards into account. Given the absence of so many injured players (Rambo and Theo in particular) that couldn’t take advantage of his hold up play, he had a great season.


  7. Spot on BTM. For our fans, the grass is always greener on the other side. Ever notice how ex-Arsenal players, sold at their prime, look much better when playing for another wining team. Fabrgas, Van Stapleton, Nasri, and even the much maligned Clichy. Same already with Giroud leading the line for France. We spend more time slating Wenger and the player themselves than waging war against the unfair tactics of our opponents and biased, lenient refereesg. Put Giroud in a situation where defenders were punished for kneeing him in the back, dragging him to the ground and myriad other assaults and we would see an even more productive striker.


  8. Nailed it Boots… Giroud ain’t the best in the business and he’ll probably be the 1st to admit to that. But one thing we can’t deny though, this guy always leaves his heart out there on the pitch. Remy would be a great signing, should the rumours be true. I doubt he’ll be above Giroud on the pecking order, but I’m almost sure he could be just the fuel that’s needed to propel Giroud into the endearing hearts of the malcontent. Perhaps then will they also the awesomeness of him they deprive themselves off.


  9. Fans dont know what the team wants to do or how the team has DECIDED to play. Fans abusing Giroud do so because they are living in the past where arsenal had a killer up front to finish off chances (van persie). They have not realised yet that the team has changed its offensive philosophy to include its midfield a lot more than relying on one striker and contribution from wingers. For what Giroud is asked to do and for how Arsenal are playing the last two seasons he is more than fine, but you know fans…they have one thing in mind and if the club aint doing it then its the club that is at fault and everything needs to change ( ego??) rather than understanding or trying to see what the club wants to achieve.

    They did the same to Ramsey….and to excuse their lack of knowledge and faith, when they saw Ramsey coming good their default answer was ” well we were right telling wenger he was playing ramsey out of position” …totally oblivious to the fact that if Ramsey is better today it is because Wenger played him in various positions to pick up different skills and improve his decission making.

    Look, fans are fickle, and secondly the internet has given a lot of people who have nothing to do all day the “freedom” to kill time moaning and abusing and analysing and questioning and debating. It is a result of the decline of human civilisation and as you can all note trolling and unsubstantiated moaning has become professional now with journalists being chief trolls-provacateurs…why? because football fans are stupid and waste way too much time and money on football and the companies that sell football want as always as big a piece they can get. Wenger is uncommercial, he builds squads, respects budgets, plays clean football and gets on on with it. it is peaceful and almost close to paradise …but football media want indriga, want fights, want questioning, they want a carousel of @opinions@ going back and forth to validate their own importance in the game/industry and the stupid fickle fans of all clubs…give it to them for free.


  10. shottagunna,

    “We spend more time slating Wenger and the player themselves than waging war against the unfair tactics of our opponents and biased, lenient referees. Put Giroud in a situation where defenders were punished for kneeing him in the back, dragging him to the ground and myriad other assaults and we would see an even more productive striker.”

    This is what we ‘deluded’ faithfuls have been saying on here and at Untold. I don’t know if it is due to a bizarre need to sound even handed and unblinkered but many Gooners love nothing more than to blame the victim of injustice when the victims are Arsene Wenger and his players. There is no better example than our experience in the FA cup final. Had we lost that game, we’d be hearing fellow Gooners complain about the 2 early goals while ignoring the 4 ungiven penalties and and the serial kicking of our players.


  11. Bootoomee, there is nothing I hate more than our own fans ignoring injustice and bias and accusing US of making excuses.
    ;ook at our 1 home loss last year. It was mainly down to horrendous officiating, yet Arsene and the boys took the brunt of the abuse.


  12. One other point Boot and Hunter; most fans simply ignore salient points made by Wenger re Giroud:
    (1) He gives structure to the team.
    (2) He is key to defending free kicks because of his height and strength in the air.
    (3) He will buy a striker, not to replace Giroud but to supplement him. (said at the time he was pursuing Suarez).


  13. Excellent Bootoomee, I agree wholeheartedly!

    @Labo_Goon at 12:31 pm As far as I’m concerned Giroud IS the best in the business of being a target man. I have yet to see a player who, with his back to goal, can bring the ball down and link up play as well as he can. And 22 goals this season……


  14. if half the questioning that goes on about arsenal city chelsea moyes whatever ..went on laws/taxes/governments…my oh my …..

    opium of the people….give them football world cups ronaldos messis irinas eurovision formula1 grand slams and super bowls etc etc…while 98% starves to death with fat cats screwing us daily in insurance finance banking housing schools health you name it..

    and with those great words of detachment im now off to get my panini album and three boxes of stickers because i dont have the patience to buy one fucking envelope at the time… gimme gimme gimme….

    corporatocracy has won.


  15. Well done, Bootoomee – bang on the money and well overdue. OG offers a great deal more than just goals. And his instinctive finishing is superb.

    Some of your points can be made about unfair criticism of Theo as well, don’t you think?

    Another point to note is that people don’t realise how few strikers there are who are clearly better than our Oli G. The blogger who runs 1NilDown2-1Up researched strikers and found about 6 in the world in the last 10 years or so who regularly score 30+ goals a season. 22 goals plus all his assists is a good return, and crucially he is getting better and better.

    Well said, good points.


  16. Georgaki-pyrovolitis
    June 2, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    but thats the thing… the fans who abuse and moan DO NOT want arsenal to play with target man who will link up with others. They consider it below us or a small -tema tactic. They want a world class killer ( to show off ) to take the ball and fuck the defenders and goalkeepers with goals…and they will moan till they get it. Why? because to them it is irrelevant what the club is doing or how the team wants to play…its all about how THEY want the team to play. They are so stupid they compare Giroud type strikers to Falcao/Costa type strikers….


  17. PG,

    I can’t recall any instance since I have known Arsene Wenger that I felt for him more than after that Aston Villa match and the days that followed. If they are capable of feeling that emotion, many Gooners must look back to those dark days and drop their heads in shame. I lost respect for a lot of supposed hardcore Gooners in days after that Anthony Taylor inspired debacle.


  18. its like me deciding on my own that the best formation and players for arsenal is 352 and players x,y,z,v to come in…..only i dont own a single share at arsenal nor do i coach them but …i do have the internet and i will put my ideas forward and call the club a bunch of cunts for not listening to my expertise 🙂


  19. I wonder how the mood is over on Endofanera.com these days? Must be pretty bleak?


  20. its ok george they have the expert ouzo drinkers with their ducks and what else debating the optimal use of arsenal resources….and whether the manager who invented the modern game can still work in it….. serious people..serious talks….


  21. Olivier was a prime form last night, not just in the air, and worked well with Remy. Hardly out a foot wrong all night.

    Interesting puzzle for Deschamps as to who he will pick to start in the group games against the Swiss, Ecuador and everyone’s favourite and first up Honduras. It would be difficult to drop Giroud after the Paraguay game.

    Last night Benzema and Ribery, any time they appeared on camera at least, were ignoring the game, and giggling like little girls*, or possibly about little girls given their form.

    I reckon Giroud will start against Honduras.

    *apologies to any ‘little girls’ for that outdated sexist term


  22. Interesting to speculate on how the English media would have treated Olivier if he’d been English.

    Big, strong, gutsy, fearless, big-hearted, scores with his head, good at hold-up play, deft flicks and supporting the defence – all the claimed qualities of a classic “English Centre Forward”. (Well, maybe not the deft flicks.)

    I suspect the English media would have been drooling over him.

    Not really talking about xenophobia here – more myopia.


  23. Great post and comments.

    Koscielny was another great example. Grimandi can retire with pride after finding this gem, but you’d never have been aware of the obvious potential that was there from the beginning of you’d listened to the up their own Arsenal Experts. At the least they are consistently disingenuous.
    What’ll be interesting to see is if Koscielny manages to retain his starting spot for France following his, um, his rick against Ukraine, and the suspension he received. He might be out for the first game or two? I think he’ll probably be starting for France one he is available. A player who wasn’t so important to the squad would probably have been dropped from the squad given that suspension (I think he must be suspended, can’t be sure…).


  24. Boo,

    Hear hear!


  25. George @1:18pm

    “I wonder how the mood is over on Endofanera.com these days? Must be pretty bleak?”

    Why do you do that George, you’re a better man than that, I know you are. You have a great blog, I really enjoy reading some of your posts, but something like that just lowers the tone of what is generally a good Arsenal Blog. Ok, I may now be told to f**k off, and that’s fine, but now I’ve started blogging, I can see the benefits of getting people in who like what I write and are able to comment. I’m sure you’re the same. Actually, I don’t even know who you mean when you say Endofanera.com lol

    Just some thoughts, that’s all….. don’t be too hard on me!


  26. By the way, a very good post Boomie!


  27. I like Giroud. The negative about him is his lack of pace. I like his attitude and work rate. I like the way he tholds the ball up and links play. Hw is excellent at defending set pieces. He has done wonders to keep going this season. He lookedcreally sharp at the beginning of the season but as the season went on he looked tired. He missed Theo and Ox’s pace as they could get close for his lay offs, he also missed Rambo running beyond him

    What he needs is proper support so that he can either have a rest or play as a two ( Remy would be great ). It would also help if Theo, Ox and Rambo stays fit.


  28. @redgooner

    I watched the French game last night, Giroud and Remy looked really dangerous together. If Remy came to the Emirates I wouldn’t see him as anyform of replacement for OG, they compliment each other and Remy would be a great addition to our front line.


  29. Northbank, I can assure you I am not better than anything.
    I can accept lies ,deceit, stupidity and just about every human weakness(I suffer from them myself) . I can accept falling out and even fisticuffs with friends, but I will never accept betrayal. And betrayed I was.


  30. OK George, I won’t ask for details but I understand, and having experienced it in the worst possible way which had severe consequencies, I detest betrayal as well. No probs mate!


  31. NB did you get a good few hits on your blog then?
    It will be a slow process if you’re not on Newsnow or twitter.


  32. Not bad George. For a beginner…. not bad! I don’t think I’ll go on twitter, I’ll persevere, see what happens. Thanks for the help though, much appreciated.


  33. Without Theo putting pressure on opposition defences, Giroud, who isn’t the fastest guy on the planet, was tasked with fighting upfront by himself. That’s the main reason he didn’t score as many goals this season. Unless one is a Fantasy Football dork who keeps an eye on goals scored stats, it can’t be denied that Olivier Giroud had a very good season.


  34. Why do you do that George,

    hehe..can i answer that ?

    ross brawn won formula1 construction title with benetton and drivers with schummacher, then went to ferrari and won another 5 …. and then build brawn gp which was later bought by mercedes who are now going for the title even though he retired…. on the other corner i have some bloggers who have never even driven a formula1 and only seen a piste as a spectator from the television deciding to create their own racing team :.

    i the neutral..sitting and watching this circus unravel in front of me, put my faith and support to ross brawn…but then i have these guys from various blogs who call me deluded and a blind follower and ban me from their websites. ….

    since when is trusting a tested professional termed a delusion and blind following?

    not only does such a stance ignore the reality that professionals know better than us the amateurs it also paints a false picture for those who trust said professional. so its two times offensive.

    lets get it right …someone hwo insists that arsenal was a big club before arsene wenger is the one who is deluded and has obviously nothing to tell/teach me on football.. what people in here have been banging on the past 6-7 years is a lot more closer to what happened to the football club between ’06-today than the outrageous and insulting scenarios/themes polluting the Arsenal from media and blogs. These people were banned and made to feel ‘deluded’ and pariahs and cultists…. treated unfairly and called names and kicked out.

    Our club in its nadir and worst ever period after building its stadium and upgrading the whole of its facilities dropped from positions 1-2 to 3-4. This drop was considered by cunts who claim to be supporters as UNACCEPTABLE and that heads should be chopped. i say that these revisionist arseholes aint got a clue about football or their football club and they are only good for killing time on the internet mass debating the suitability of one arsene wenger in his role as manager in the football club he rebuilt from alpha to omega…. if they were 18 and 19 years old you could forgive them , but they are not.

    arsenal fans fell victims of one of the uk’s and the word’s biggest case of trolling. our supporters who were demanding that the players show spine showed none in the past 8 seasons. only a few exemptions.

    in the years where it was imperative for the club to get to champions league football our own fans would mock us and demand that we invest for the big titles…cesc and others were made to feel inadequate for not beating drogba and vidic in their prime… whoever mentioned ref crimes was branded deluded again…i bet the same who deny any ref scandals against arsenal are the same ones who call uefa/fifa corrupt and that they screw english teams in europe. people were asking for world class players when the club COULD NOT PAY for their services and neither wanted to as per its financial planning after moving grounds. fans who claim to be arsenal through and through ignored the realities of the football and chose to join the fucking media and trolls worldwide…they became anti-wenger and consequently anti-arsenal …but they will never admit it..in their mind questioning is a democratic freedom. they dont realise that when the club knowingly has chosen to sacrifice titles for a while there is no fucking room for bollocks like democracy…its all about the plan. a plan that when it comes together they will be the first to cheer while i will be the first to remind them what they were saying back in the day and wont let them enjoy the momment because they dont deserve it.


  35. Going to watch England v Ecuador in an empty stadium next Wednesday. I hope Woy lines them up like so:


    If dumb Woy would have taken Garreth Barry, like any normal human would’ve, he would be next to Gerrard in my line up. But since Woy is mentally cacked, he took Phil Jones instead.


  36. who is stone gains?


  37. Here’s what the riff raff supporters don’t understand. The club took out hundreds of millions in loans using the Highbury property as collateral. Near the end of the year two thousand and eight, the world economy suffered a massive heart attack and the flats which were supposed to help pay our creditors were losing value by the hour. What kept us afloat were the UEFA Champions League money and the sale of our highest profile players. For these pricks to moan about us being City’s feeder club and being a club without ambition, it means they’re fucked in the head just enough to be able to work and feed themselves, but not enough to think critically about what happens in an adult world. They’re the low information dumb fucks who elected Tony Abbot PM of Australia, for example. .


  38. Boy from Everton. Jagielka fucked his hamstring and Woy has him playing there.


  39. hunter13 @7.44pm

    You are the best!

    I nodded through every sentence in that remarkable comment.

    As I posted earlier, if those guys could feel the emotion, they’d hang their heads in shame for how they treated Arsene Wenger and by extension, his teams.

    I have always enjoyed your take-no-prisoners, say-it-as-you-see-it style. Bravo!


  40. Gainsbourg69
    June 2, 2014 at 8:14 pm

    flats which were finally sold in 2011…which explain 100% the kolo ade sales as well as many others..together with hillwood agm 2010 ” we need to make 25m surplus per year”…

    bootoome hehe ive had lots of practice…but im far from the best ..george, mean lean andrewarsenal ..alistair brrokshaw…they are the best


  41. OG, is the nearest thing to the good old fashioned CF that most of the boo boys said we were crying out for. He is the Alan Smith that even Alan Smith complains about.
    Although more exaggerated now we have a long record of giving the bird to some of our talented players who hadn’t quite reached their peak. John Radford remarked about the stick he got in his early days before he got hold of his first team place and took it home with him.
    Paul Davis hugely talented was crucified, martin hayes even had a song about how clumsy and lazy he was, not bad for a leading goalscorer. The strange thing is Gus Ceaser and Nial Quinn were well liked even though they both had massive failings, Nial even getting subbed as a sub with no sign of injury.
    Oliver will work his way into most fans affections he just needs players around and beyond him, it is when he gets isolated he gets the most stick and that is a situation not of his making.
    Once again Theo, Aaron, Jack , Thomas and the ox fitness would have enabled OG to show his full range of abilities.


  42. Northbank, I know you feel beholden to Stuart Stratford, for the help Stuart gave you to set up your own site. Good luck! NOT MY CHORIZO!

    Because of my research into Red & White and Megafon at the time, I must admit the squabble passed me by. I have researched through Stratford’s archives for the “Endofanera” and the fall-out. Without success.

    Northbank, you with HenryB and Clockend, have been given freedom of expression!

    We, who have been censored off that site and are now non-persons, as far as Stratford is concerned. In the best of old Kremlin style propaganda.

    HenryB, is skating on very thin ice on that site, and is next to be censored off?

    Stratford is a floating Arsenal supporter, an unreliable.


  43. arsenal dont have good goalkeepers yet our third choice keeper was voted the player of the season at sunderland. if manonne hadnt played for arsenal. i’m sure lots of fans will ask wenger to break the bank and get him this season and get rid of the ‘mistake prone’ szczesny.

    i sometimes get to say a lot of nasty things in the heat of the moment. that is why i dont post coments when watching life arsenal games. the stats has clearly shown that giroud is world class target man.


  44. Excellent work Bootoomee – you are preaching to the converted here! OG is an extraordinary talent and just what Arsenal needs for the way Arsene wants the team to play. His problem is that he did not cost £50m and isn’t a name that they can boast about to their mates. Eventually they will be eating their words just as they have done with Ramsey.


  45. Got to the post late. Well said Boo.

    I have one contention, however, and that is that the big media create the agenda not the Arsenal fans. But that is my impression I have not done a sustained analysis.

    Oh and I am quietly confident Giroud will surprise a few with his performances in Brazil. As will our other underrated lads. Kos. Mert. Daresay I say even Ozil has been maligned this season to the point where ESPN were saying he ‘might’ not be in the first 11 for Germany. Lol.


  46. Very interesting comment by notoverthehill.


  47. NOTH @8:34pm

    I really don’t know what your game is… but obviously you have a gripe somewhere and with someone. What that has to do with me, HenryB or Clockend, I’ve got no f**king idea. Just read my blog at this link http://wp.me/p4FeF9-9 and you will see that I’ve been a passionate Gooner for a long time and I still am. I’m passionate about Wenger as well and if I read any derogatory remarks about him in the press I get f**king angry. When they published photos of him falling over recently I was ready to kill the journos who made fun of it. I do criticise him sometimes. but I will also defend him with my life…. I’m no different now in my feelings about this club than when I was 16 years old. When we lose I suffer, when we win I rejoice. So stop the fucking snide remarks.


  48. Fantastic article and comments. I think the world of all our players, but this guy is right up their with our most important in all he does. Twenty odd goals in each of his two seasons in a new league…..pretty good compared with most…compare and contrast with the media .Soldado wankfest at the start of the season..and giroud only cost ten million, a true bargain.
    Remember how so many worried when the FA and pgmol combined to ban him for three games at the end of the season before last upholding a ban on an identical offence they had cleared Vincent kompany for on video evidence.
    He is certainly appreciated on here, on untold , with our fans inside grounds as far as I can hear….certainly by the manager…..sounds like yet another media induced thing going on here .
    Yes, he had a dip of form mid season, looked fatigued and missed his injured creative supply lines but his presence has been so important to is.
    Would only reiterate a point made earlier, he needs a bit of help, and lets spread the risk up front as I am sure we will….even this superman cannot expect to go three years without the possibility of injury.


  49. endofanera.com is worse than le groan these days. since i was binned, i stil go there to see their reactions once in a while when something worth celebrating happens to our club. but most of the time they avoid the topic entirely and talk about other irrelivant topics. their hypocricy upsets my stomach that i often want to throw up.
    by the time wenger was about managing his 1000th game, i went there to know their views. but they were talking about a different topic. even managers and fans of other clubs were talking about wenger.
    by the time we won the fa cup i was there again, but they were busy talking about other matters.
    yet again i went there recently when wenger signed his new contract. but they started talking about arsenal in world cup in 1930. 1930??!! why do they hate him that much? and for many years they pretended and decieved many of us that they support the manager. even piers morgan was honourable enough to admit defeat and congratulated wenger while also reserving his right to be critical in future if he so wish. le groan as well did not avoid topical issues in arsenaldom like they do at endofera.com when it doesnt fit their agenda.


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