Arsenal’s Mistakes.

arsenals mistakes

A Classic Mistake (Bayern Munich 0 – 2 Arsenal, 13th March 2013).

I am told all the time “In the last 8 years Arsene has made mistakes”

Normally I reply with one of my two stock answers:

A) “No shit Sherlock”


B) “Perhaps, but not as many as someone else would have,and not as big as people might think”

It’s a little like basic maths.

If you ask  the question:  “What does  2+2 =  “,  you can confidently answer “4“.

However  the question in Arsenal’s case should be:  What does 2x+2y=  ?

Then unless you know the values of x and y, you can’t give an answer at all.  If you still say 4, well that makes you either something of an idiot or a fortune teller.

People ask questions and reply to them with the answer they believe is correct.  But as they don’t know x and y, how can that answer be taken to be correct.

The problem now is that some of the answers given to questions, answers that were taken by many to be correct, are being shown to be incorrect.

Will Arsene ever buy superstar players?   Old answer “NO”, new answer “YES”

Can Wenger make us competitive again? Old answer “NO”, new answer “YES”

Does Wenger do defence?  Old answer “NO”, new answer “YES”

Can Wenger change tactics mid game?  Old answer “NO”, new answer “YES”

Are these players Arsenal class?  Old answer “NO” new answer “YES”

So if you want to ask questions like: “Was it right to stick with Almunia ?”  and your answer is other than: “I don’t know, because I don’t know the facts or circumstances at the time”, then its the wrong answer.

“Could we have spent more money and sooner?”  The answer should be: “Perhaps, but I don’t know what the long term plan was”

In short then, if the answers to questions you asked have changed, it’s because you were wrong before.  So don’t assume that other answers you still believe to be correct will remain that way.

The fact is that no one has enough information about long term plans and finances to make the assumption that either Arsene or the board are wrong.

Seriously, ask yourself this every time you question Arsene, the board, tactics, formations, player purchases or abilities.


I could answer it for you, but that would be rude.

Up the Arse.

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67 comments on “Arsenal’s Mistakes.

  1. yes Pass, I was just thinking the same thing.
    TWO NIL to the ARSE sounds just about right for the 21st century version of our team…all the way to lifting the title


  2. Passenal, I was just thinking that!


  3. I said we needed another professional performance and that was exactly what we got. when teams sit deep and try to bog the game down its nice to know A) we stay strong at the back and B) we can up the pace and wear teams down. Fulham are always difficult and two nil was a good result. Another positive is the different amount of heroes we are getting. Players who may drop a bit in one game are staring in others, this has to serve us well over the coming months.


  4. A point often overlooked by the “experts” is stated below although our own victory are far prettier than MN U’s ever were!

    Alastair Brookshaw ‏@albrookshaw 4m
    Man City are banging them in, but so have we in previous seasons. All the while Man U chugged along with functional 1-0 and 2-0 wins…


  5. Santi and Flamini were the two who stood out the most for me. Santi was everywhere and Flamini kept the midfield ticking at a harmonious pace. Don’t let the result fool you, this could have been a blood bath. Lethal football from the boys today. They stayed patient and went for the kill once Fulham were nice and tired.


  6. Superb. Excellent. Love the result and the game plan. How about that SANTIAGO MAGIC. love that little munchkin. Great goals . Another clean slate , something shitty can’t say . Great balanced approach defensively and offensively.
    And to top off the great result, pool have one of their off days and drop points to villans. AT HOME NO LESS.
    Here is for some more favorable results tomorrow. More breathing room from at least one of the chasing pack . Looking forward to it.


  7. Great minds and all that Aman and Sensational Arsenal! I usually wait until I get home before posting my thoughts, but I just had to drop that one before I left the ground – looks like I only just beat you to it!

    Fulham had obviously prepared themselves well and raised their game to face us. Even Berbatov looked like he could be bothered in the first half and to be fair to them, they did create a few dangerous moments early on, but good old Kos was there to mop up most of it and when he or the rest of the defence didn’t, Szczesny stayed sharp and did his job well on his 100th appearance.

    Ozil looked like it was not one of his best days as a few things he tried didn’t quite come off today and his first touch surprisingly let him down a few times. However, he still managed to create a few dangerous opportunities today. Giroud was also a little subdued but like Ozil, he still managed a few important contributions – namely his little lay-off to Jack for his assist for Santi’s first goal. It was great to see Santi getting back to his best – he’s a great player when those little magic feet of his are in full flow.

    All round it was a very controlled and professional performance. The players were patient as they knew they would wear Fulham down eventually and that they wouldn’t keep their strong defensive performance going against our relentless creativity. Another clean sheet to add to our collection, was also gratefully received.


  8. Have any of you noticed Giroud is the best crosser of the ball in the team?


  9. “All round it was a very controlled and professional performance. The players were patient as they knew they would wear Fulham down eventually”

    And I think our strong defence helps us be patient. The team knows we are unlikely to concede, especially at home, so one goal will often be enough for 3 points. Two goals and it’s practically guaranteed.


  10. “Have any of you noticed Giroud is the best crosser of the ball in the team?”

    I did notice that he put a wicked cross in today. Shame nobody managed to get on the end of it though.


  11. The thought of OG & NIKY B starting together in some games is pretty tantalizing, I must say. Niky b is no slouche on the wings nor with his crosses. And they are both very capable with the aerial attack and control. But I doubt we will see it with any regulatory and possibly only as a last resort.
    I wonder how the crowd was at the Emirates . The pub was buzzing with upbeat gooners today. Pleasant sight.


  12. MULEINSONS strategy failed COLL. we beat them rested or not. Both of the teams.


  13. Credit where is due. Fulham goalkeeper had himself a few fine saves including one double. He could have done better with SANTIAGOS second goal. Credit to our guys showing enough perseverance to overcome his fine performance. Step by step we are becoming an irresistible force. You might put up a fight but we will have our way with you at the end. Wave after wave . And more potential unfolding as we speak. And we are keeping CLEAN SHEETS. That is bloody awesome. Our ace in the hole. Being so balanced up and down the pitch. That and the steely fight I see in their play and how they stand up for each other. And how they play for each other. Band o brothers. Glad we stood behind each an every one of you. We want it so bad for you. Please believe and want it as much for us. C O Y G


  14. What a joke Liverpool are. I hope Everton pips them for the CL places. Diving pricks.


  15. The best thing I’ve seen in a long time.


  16. Not seen the game yet but I really enjoyed the post and the comments.
    Very funny first comment, LeoS.
    Very well put, ZP.

    @ Team Spirit
    I was thinking the same – it is strange to be in that position but also nice to be the consistent team. We seem to have achieved a good balance between attacking and defending. We don’t score as many as Man City but that will come next season.

    Here’s to a Sp*ds loss and a Chelsea/Man U draw today.

    @ hunter13
    I see you are off your meds again! (banned smiley face)

    @ Passenal
    Do some match reports. You know you want to.


  17. I feel dirty even thinking of yawnited winning today.


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