Last Of The Summer Whine

last of summer whine

If you believe as I do that it is the intention of Arsene and the club to improve the first choice eleven then I suggest that is no easy job.

If any purchases have to be of a standard that displaces one of our current best eleven, then the pool of players that are available is quite small. Those players have to be of exceptional quality AND be for sale.

If we have learned anything from recent seasons it is that it’s incredibly difficult and expensive to prise a player from a reluctant seller. Cesc, Judas and Nasri all took an age before we finally ceded.

As far as I am aware, we know that a bid has been made for Suarez. Even then we only know because Liverpool chose to go public. Like it or not – and I do – Arsenal conduct their business in total secrecy.

We know nothing of bids or targets. Our “knowledge” is based purely on hearsay, ITK’s, Sky Sports News, TalkShite and the word of third-rate hacks.

In reality, we can not be said to have missed a target unless we aimed for it in the first place.

I think Marouane Fellaini has a release clause of £25 million, or there about. Now if he was seen as a priority I am sure we could have offered Everton that fee and met his wage demands.  If we haven’t, it’s either because we don’t want him, or another reason that we know nothing about.

Perhaps he wants to go to United? Or maybe we are looking at a better player. We just don’t know, do we?

I accept that there are many players who would improve the squad. But is that really what we are all hoping for ?

The melt down on twitter and blogs is quite frankly pathetic.

You might well think we had no good players at the club. We have players of the quality of Jack, AOC and Podolski who can not always command a First Team start.  For new players to improve our first team they not only have to be better than those three, but better than the first team incumbents keeping them out.

The simple reality is we have no choice but wait and trust the club. What else can we do? Bin bags on seats? Stickers on statues?  Stay away from the ground for the Emerates Cup? Boo and chant some childish drivel about spending f***ing money?

We will get who we get when – and if – the club do the deals.

Patience is not an option.  It’s a necessity.

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213 comments on “Last Of The Summer Whine

    regarding Suarez I agree with most what you say. Part of me is against this transfer due to mainly the price and possible detrimental effect this transfer might have on team chemistry but at the same time I trust the decision makers fully and I will support him if not love him in the red and white shirt. Whatever will be will be. No sense having a nervous breakdown over it. For what it’s worth, I think we are getting a bit thin on the depth chart with the recent exists and we should fortify with some quality players at reasonable cost. And I think the club is working on more than the Suarez deal right now. I think we will concentrate mainly on the league and ECL this year . The second string will tackle the cups competition to the end. This would be a departure from what we have tried to do in the past couple of years and getting back to how we approached the competitions five or six years ago. I only hope AW would use the main players in the latter stages of the FA CUP. I have always had a thing for this comp.
    Meanwhile, we have a game this weekend against the northern blue scum.

    time to start this period of dominance.
    Time to reap our rewards for years of hard work and sacrifice. Why not this year and why not with this team.
    party about to start.


  2. To be honest, i havent come across the phrase “Is he getting any?” when insulting a guy who is being a vile jerk. Maybe it is because I dont know too many people 😦 . Throughout history, the off-hand comment that a woman is being an ass or a bitch is because she is not getting any has been used in one form or the other. You can get a lot and still be a bitch. Even bitch is a gender specific insult, but so is dick head.

    Similarly, the word cunt is used as a swear word. Agreed, it is a derogatory version of Vagina, but isnt it what the male population tries to get, quite desperately during the teen years if i might add. I feel that using the word, maybe indirectly tells the woman that her vagina is disgusting. Having said that, a similar argument can be made against women and dicks. The point I am trying to make is that, I think the world should move on from using words like these and try to use more gender neutral swear words. Like asshole! Now is that the pinnacle of political correctness or what?

    Amy Lawrence is a real piece of work whether she is getting any or not. For years she has called Arsene a senile old man but not using those exact words. She is a low-life bitch with some fucked up agenda against Arsene. Even when we win, she twists the story and mocks us. What did Arsene ever do to her? For years the Guardian has been trying its utmost to paint Arsene and Arsenal in a negative picture. I am glad when people call her and the likes of her out.

    I wouldnt wonder if she was getting any, but I would wonder if she also sucks the cocks of the people whose agenda she serves. I would say this even if Amy Lawrence turns out to be a guy.


  3. There seems to be strong cultural affinity between football transfer off-seasons and the absolute criminal worst of popular anti-culture voyeurism called “big brother”. The most turgid off-season in recent memory? Maybe this, from her angle, is what our guardian Amy is getting at. No big juicy sexy signings means no “robust ambition” and so little breathless excitement in anticipation of instant fireworks to come. And she’s just not getting any (of it), as Hunter rightly observes. Why doesn’t Amy take Arsene at his word occasionally? He says simply Sanogo is an exceptional signing. When Ox came there was a buzz. Aaron too, like Theo before. Jack’s coming of age fuelled excitement, like Cesc. People knew because these players had local (or English) pedigree. Along comes one of the brightest prospects in continental football and it’s a non-event, but the difference is the same. From a business and football perspective, Wenger has a simple but brilliantly executed strategy, dumbed down by dumb media as “project youth”. He brings the best players 2-4 years before they are big-name stars, at a fraction of the price and steeps them in Wengerball and Arsenal. Zelalem, Bellerin, Serge, Ryo, Jenks, Ignasi, Eisfeld, maybe Chuks, Frimpong, Campbell and a couple of others. Only people giddy with cheap football voyeurism, who cannot see straight, cannot get excited by that list, recalling too that Theo, Jack, Aaron, Jenks, Gibbs, Ox have ALL succeeded, and provide the tingling spine of Arsenal. Cesc departed, but that’s another story.

    Guided by experience, I am warming to Passenal’s views on Suarez. They intersect with my wife’s. My wife is frequently right as I keep discovering, even after all these years. I am now coming to the conclusion that Suarez and Rooney, both of whom (I confess) I would not have been unhappy to see donning red and white for football reasons, are instinctively detested by female fans, who consider their type uncouth, indecent, unworthy of Arsenal, and strictly not to be trusted. Under the circumstances I exclude Amy, who is (delete/tick as appropriate) (a) not female (b) not a fan, or (c) the exception that proves the rule. She’ll take anyone with a XXL price-tag, inflated ego, drooling big-brother hype-media and more column inches for her good self, apparently.

    Hunter, over to you mate. I pass the baton. ps I agree with PG’s conclusion.


  4. Fenerbache?
    UEFA are ‘avin a right old larf. They might be disqualified in a few weeks for the kind of thing that could never happen here, but they are still in the draw. Remarkable.

    I suppose I’ll have to go to this game with good colleagues who are Fener/Arsenal fanatics. Oh. Arsenal are doomed. D**Med I tell you.

    And just in case there is any doubt, i would like to add that AL is a Propa Bell End.
    I await her exclusive headline on the Spainsh Clique at AFC anytime soon:

    “Carzola: ‘Arteta’s mum sent me some tortilla! In a box of Tupperware!!!!! She has great hair.'” An incredible insight it is she has into the game. Remarkable.


  5. Fenerbache? Do Uefa hate Arsenal?

    Fuck ’em all.


  6. I find the controversy surrounding Suarez’s clause unconvincing. According to Christian Purslow Arsenal are careful and very professional:

    “I also suspect Arsenal are unhappy because they’re a club who do their business extremely properly and professionally and they will have been made aware by intermediaries acting for the player that he thought such a clause existed.

    “They will have done the right thing which is make a written offer to Liverpool. They may have spent a lot of time thinking if they were to make an offer at that level they would be securing a player. This is not something one does on a whim. I suspect Arsenal have been planning Luis Suarez as their main signing for some time and to discover such a clause is not valid and doesn’t work runs the risk of seriously wasting their time as well.” (http://tinyurl.com/kqeenof)

    So, would Arsenal go to all this trouble without knowing what the clause states exactly?

    I find Suarez’s comments about his understanding with regard to being allowed to transfer to a club playing Champions League football plausible. And besides, what happens if a a top class, international player does not get regular football in the first team? Is there not another ‘clause’ which allows a player to move on under such circumstances?


  7. Fenerbahce. I can smell the cordite from exploding fireworks in uproarious terraces, hear the unstoppable noise, banners heaving. A nice, tough away encounter awaits, excellent early mental challenge for our team, and well within our means.


  8. Liverpool are an eccentric club these days, reeking of delusions of fading grandeur, dreams that all it takes, really, is nostalgia, tradition, spirit and history, a strong-arm owner, a tough looking best-of-British manager, a great theme song, and a home terrace called “the kop”. Too harsh? Not really. Too many ‘A-minus’ over-hyped EPL players, ludicrously over-priced and under-whelming, who mostly fashion an out-moded game. They’ve been slipping by degrees season by season, never less than staunchly supported in mainstream media, and now this, desperately clinging to a player who publicly releases his new song, a cover version “Please release me, let me go; coz I don’t love you any more”, from a crooning era when Liverpool really were the shit and a bit. I remember when Gerrard said Arsenal don’t have the mental toughness to make it; the media echoed that in a thousand ways, and Liverpool have not challenged since, although Kenny did a fabulous happy-dance with his #2 every time they scored.

    I don’t begrudge them the noble idea that 4th spot could be there’s, why not? But it’s starting to sound a bit crusty now. Either that or their unusually visible and vocal American owner is telling his L-team “wanna know how ta negotiate?, Watch, listen, learn”. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, never, NEVER, NO, NOOOO. Well, OK then”.


  9. Maybe it’s because I am stupid but I thought the story was obvious: Arsenal’s legal eagles, the deadline day daredevils (they love it) put a squid on the bid because ‘pools reaction and recent form in such matters has become fairly easy to predict. That, or they already had their answer from ‘pool: shall I translate? This is what arsenal’s bid said: “See you in court : )”. AFC want the player regardless of what we think.

    Having written that they’ll probably switch targets. But it won’t include the likes of Bernie, possibly the most annoying story of he summer? Anyone who follows The Arsenal and thinks a player with third party ownership is a target has no been following very well. The number of commentators who thought Bernard was a target is frightening. AFC were linked with 50+ players last year, it’ll be more before we thankfully close this current window.

    I’m celebrating this draw and I’m not alone Is that allowed? It is going to be my first trip to a football game with work people instead of friends. I’ve gone all corporate and sold out just like the Arsenal. 21st century football. It could be worse.


  10. So John W is prepared to destroy £40m+ of company assets on a ‘Principle’
    Nice one.
    Liverpool can go sort out their own mess, if they can’t see the Arsenal offer was a way out for both sides up there, they are utter smack heads.

    Anyway,this Benzema chap, got any previous……..?????

    Oh, and our visitor, I’ve never seen someone really really eager to be personally abused. I guess it(?) was just so pissed that nobody was gonna f*bomb it out.


  11. Fenerbahce eh.
    With a bit of luck (not likely) UEFA will ban them and we get a by into the group stage.
    Or, we could just bung them a million to throw the game, ha ha.

    Seriously though, have a look at their squad – no one in there to give Per & Kos sleepless nights.


  12. Metaphoring my bollocks aside, it’s been an interesting pre-season so far; Theo’s comments, sincere and determined, Wenger’s about young ‘uns and some decent games to shake body and mind, and all this quite a way before the engine is purring.


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