Sweet Flowers Are Slow, Weeds Make Haste

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Upon the vast body of Arsenal support there are a few moles some of which when picked at or scratched may prove to be malignant. You and I know which are the most suppurating and pestilential and have learned through bitter experience to simply stay away from their written bile. There are other bloggers and tweeters and I don’t doubt, Facebookerers who, whilst not in the revolting masochistic anti-support category,  can’t quite bring themselves to wholeheartedly enjoy their football . They seem to want to, they are finding some positives from the season and probably roared as loudly as any of us when the four and half hours of injury time at St James’ Park were finally over and Howard Webb at last exercised the pea in his whistle to bring the curtain down on our 2012/13 campaign. I’ve skimmed through a few of their public pronouncements and whilst not actually horrified have been reasonably depressed by their insipid, grudgingly nit picking, response to our players and their herculean effort in turning around a season which went from negative spiral to top of the form table.

The constant bleat is fed to them by the media and repeatedly regurgitated. Could do better. Should do better. Will need to improve next season. Can you picture Christmas morning when these ingrates were children? Imagine their poor long suffering parents scrimping and saving all year to buy them some special gift only for the ungrateful wretches to tear off the wrapping paper, turn the new toy slowly in their chubby little fingers and force a reluctant smile. Then in response to  the hopeful parental enquiry “Well, do you like it?” they reply after a long pause “Hmm. Yes. I suppose so. But really, next year I think you could get me a slightly bigger one”.

Their reaction has been such a pointless, joyless way to suck the pleasure out of what was by any reckoning a remarkable run to the hallowed top four which so many thought beyond us. Why bother following a sport at all if you cannot be unequivocal in your enjoyment of the really exciting and good bits? It’s like not enjoying your favourite chocolate bar because they changed the colour of the wrapper.


We need to improve. That’s the mantra. Fourth is all well and good but not good enough. This also is the root of the transfer tattle tree which grows and flourishes, watered by the dedicated sports media which is in itself an enormous financial concern and therefore has to have a narrative that runs throughout the close season. I’ll tell you what. Let us just for a moment pause from pouring scorn on these hapless and sad individuals and their blogs. Let’s treat them with pity instead and see if we cannot find some common ground. You see, I think we share more than may at first seem apparent. Just because we can revel in the fantastic thrilling photo finish which secured not only the much sought after TFF but also caused the bells of St Totteringham to be rung all around the world, doesn’t mean that we can’t want or hope for more. It just makes us happier and more mentally stable human beings. When presented with a reason to celebrate we celebrate. When the quiet evening of reflection displaces the afternoon of unbridled joy we are perfectly capable of looking with an unjaundiced eye to the future and saying to ourselves “Boy that was good. But just imagine if it got even better“.

What the poor doleful semi-supporters often misunderstand is that here on the positive side of the tracks we don’t want to settle for fourth any more than they do. Just like them we actually want to win every single game and tournament in which the team is involved. Heck I want our players to win every tackle, sprint, free kick and throw in. I hate not being the best. I’m perfectly capable of understanding the glaringly obvious reasons why we haven’t been the best for a little while just as I can see how close to the shirt tails of the best we have managed to cling. We need to improve to close the gap. We definitely need to be better next season to become the best. The yawning chasm which seems to separate us from the dismally pessimistic is that I (and I suspect you too) can see that improvement is not just eminently possible but has already begun.

In a way the campaign for next season started in the Allianz Arena. Our record since then has been more than impressive. It has been nothing short of phenomenal. I firmly believe that even if we only took our form since March into the 2013/14 campaign we would be challenging for the title come the following May. If you say that Arsenal needed to improve you have no choice but to accept that they did improve. You cannot recognise an indifferent sequence of results earlier in the season without acknowledging the superb run which succeeded that sequence.  The change for the better has without question already started. What makes me even more positive is that other reasons for optimism on top of that which we have already achieved are so easily identified. And no I’m not talking about a fantasy shopping list of new players to come in and sweep all before them. Without even considering transfers  I can foresee many reasons why I don’t just think we can get better I believe firmly we will get better. Here are a few for you to chew over.

Laurent Koscielny Arsenal

Olivier Giroud. Remember how I waxed lyrical about his dream of a ‘beautiful adventure’ with Arsenal? I said on this very site that I’d seen in his attempt at the spectacular a hint of what OG could be about. He nearly did it against Sunderland way back and he very nearly did it again against Newcastle in the dying seconds with an attempt at an impudent finish which was touched over the bar by Steve Harper. We have all seen Olivier’s work rate, team play, assists as well as his goals; sometimes brave, sometimes predatory. What I think we will see in his second season is a more relaxed player who will start scoring with some of those audacious long shots and delicate chips. Then we shall have the kind of striker defenders detest. One who can produce the spectacular, the unexpected. Frightened, unsure and prone to over reaction opposition defences will struggle with him and leave holes for the multitude of proven goal scorers the squad now boasts.

Jack Wilshere. We all saw the potential. Remember his performance against Barcelona? You have to be honest and say this season has been a time of rehabilitation for young Jack. He is coming back after a very long time with no football, an absence from competitive sport which came at a crucial stage in his development. Just like Aaron before him he needs time to get back into the groove. Next season he will, I predict with utmost confidence, contribute far more to the team than he has been able to do in recent months. Another huge improvement for the strength of the squad and far better than a new signing because his team mates already know him and his game.

Santi Cazorla. It is easy to forget that this was Santi’s first premier league season. And of course his first at the club. Such was the breathtaking vision and skill that he brought to our midfield at times you could be forgiven for assuming he’d always been there. Think back to other Arsenal greats and remember how they blossomed in their second seasons. Imagine all that talent, experience and ability now part of a team filled not with strangers but with guys he knows, with players who’s movement and strengths he can anticipate. It is a mouthwatering prospect.

Peren Kosielnysacker. We have seen a proper central defensive partnership bloom before us in these past months. That implies no disrespect whatsoever to any other defenders at the club because I believe this particular footballing relationship is all about chemistry and I think these two guys have it. They dovetail seamlessly, the are for me, the perfect fit. When you play alongside someone you trust and who compliments your natural game, as Kos and Per undoubtedly do,  it can only make you more confident, more certain of your own game and as more matches pass that partnership simply gets better and better. Imagine our defence improving on the post Bayern run next season. Heck, how will anyone ever score against us from open play?

Lukas Podolski. Poldi apparently played with a niggling injury all season which is why we only saw him in fits and starts. A frustrating time for any player but also a deceptive time for us supporters. We obviously only saw glimpses of a huge talent and a player who in his pomp is, I believe, made for the premiership. He has all the skills, all the experience, can tackle, dribble and score and plays in more than one position. Sounds like an Arsenal star to me. So once more, remember his goal against West Ham, look to the future and imagine a fully fit Lukas Podolski doing it week in week out. Now go and wipe your chin.

I could go on with this, new faces bedded in, young players more experienced and so forth, but I’ll leave you to suggest your own favourites. I will just finish on this note. While we are discussing the ways in which this squad will improve next season, imagine this scenario. Imagine if Aaron James Ramsay continues to improve at the same rate over the next six months as he has over the previous six months. Honestly, I can’t. Not because I don’t think he will continue to grow and improve but because I cannot imagine how good a player that would leave us with.  It defies imagination. If he simply remained at the same level he’s playing at now he’d be one of the first names on the team sheet but if he carries on his upward trajectory I do not think there is any limit to how far this young man can go nor to what he can achieve.

Of course over previous seasons we would expect several of these players to simply be poached by the financially doped teams around us. Now however, we are led to believe the purse strings are to be loosened. Let us please not blow it on trying to compete with the Oil Barons for other players. Let us rather use our new financial muscle to keep the stars we’ve already got and at long last reap the rewards of our investments.

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73 comments on “Sweet Flowers Are Slow, Weeds Make Haste

  1. I love the Christmas morn image


  2. Thanks Steww,a wonderful piece exactly how I felt when I binged on you tube tributes too our superb team. For me they have exhibited just what I want from football those players you mentioned in your roll call truly excite me I CAN’T WAIT truly what a fookin season awaits us really don’t want to lose any of this squad & maybe its just me but I want some of or loanees back maybe not bendter so much, but arsenal could be good for him personally because the attitude of these lads must be asb incredible high but I digress greatly tho I could rabbit on arguing Chamakhs case, but almost anyone involved with The Arsenal to me seem capable of fighting for the cause. But I’m under the influence. Just finished a straight 10 hour stretch, sat down with a glass of pinot gris and the great Saul Williams & opened this blog as is my want & haven’t so full of cheer for a minute.


  3. I love this line from Saul
    “you ain’t rich boy
    You just got money”
    Always makes me think of our friends in london & manchester. Sorry about the slightly drunken rambling a misspelling twas also the damned machine. Thanks again.


  4. Thanks Steww. My interest, 95% Arsenal and passing reference to other clubs is, in the context of EPL and relative to competitors, what progress has been made?

    The 5% first. I feel Spurs made progress, even though disappointing. They maintained a robust challenge to the last, and the late season meltdown was subdued this year. Good manager I think, but without Bale who dug them out at least half a dozen times for 12+ points, they face shattering return to earth. Chelsea and City both tread water, and in that sense went backwards a tad, given their player depth (on paper). United won, but have peaked and in the first 20 games too dependent on RvP. How they fare if they lose Rooney, sans SAF and a bunch of older players is arguable. They must now rebuild, fast; they have the player basis for sure, but RvP may well prove their undoing.

    Arsenal. Achieved all its core ambitions, to manage an unprecedented (in scope) two-season transitional period without losing ground, develop a cohesive squad anew, maintain its CL record, strengthen defense and replace and improve strike options.

    Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.

    More importantly Arsenal did something intangible, much more significant. It proved its mettle (last 16 games) and the result is momentum, confidence, belief. A squad that believes in itself (not by saying; but by doing) has a tail wind, a 10 point advantage. At the start and middle the squad didn’t lack belief so much as simply needing to work together to develop the “collective” communication and harmony. By the time it clicked we had Bayern on the run in Munich and the team visibly showed its potential by a combination of mental fortitude, teamwork and confidence. The skill was always there.

    Arsenal. Only a fool would not see what has been accomplished. Perhaps a simplistic description: when you can’t be beaten and you know it (and finishing 4th from where we were represented a type of “not being beaten”) you go on to win. It is the platform.


  5. I have been saying this all year .If I could have said it so eloquently perhaps more people would have listened.
    When I read this I remembered what my dream for this site was.
    Articles like this.
    Thanks Stew


  6. Arsenal has massive strengths now to draw on. The current squad can only improve, as younger individuals get better, and the team works together in a stable way. The defense has strengthened, it looks and is stable. The strike options is where Arsenal has real strength now; not because we’ve found a 30-goal striker, but we’ve found depth of attacking moves and options, left and right, centre and midfield. The younger players, chiefly Ox, Gibbs, Theo, Ramsey, Jack, Jenks, Chewie all look every inch the part, and a couple of players or more behind them will certainly come through. Ramsey and Jack will (arguably) grow into the fulcrum. We have needs, but actually few weaknesses. Wenger will be thinking of Tomas, and Diaby going forward, their risk and role if any, and possibly whether 3Gs is 3 too many. Useful, yes, but inconsistent overall. And no, we haven’t seen the best of Giroud, not even close. For a first season, excellent!


  7. Steww,
    George beat me to the eloquence compliment. So now you get two.

    How on earth can the perma doomers call us types at PA the delusional one is beyond me.

    A nice long summer of RnR for the team. Well deserved too. Jack, Rambo and the rest should be flying for us come August.


  8. First time reader, and I gotta say I’m really impressed, it’s so refreshing hearing something positive for a change. The media and a lot of blogs are sooo negative I sometimes feel guilty for being happy with Arsenal’s and Arsene Wenger’s progress, this is a pleasant change.

    I think fans need to be rated on a weekly basis, as I’ve noticed a lot of our bad form is at the Emirates. It would be interesting to note how much effect the positivity or negativity at the emirates affects the team.


  9. Here, here! Well done Steww…I cannot add much more than my fellow positivistas have done already. I love ZimPaul……

    Incidentally, those with a positive and optimistic outlook live longer healthier lives….


  10. well said steww and zimpaul! a team has been built. a stadium has been most of it repaid. and the worst thing that has happened is that from pos 1-2 we have dropped to pos3-4. not such a big deal.

    the same people who would critisise arsenal for not getting fourth are now acting as if fourth aint good enough. had spurs got to 4th though it would be treated differently, wouldnt it?

    now the narrative is : hey they got money they MUST spend to improve or else …we will taunt their fans even more . too many stories coming out effectively preparing the crowds to lynch the club if 30million cavanis and higuains dont arrive. they dont understand that the presence of wenger is what makes us not need such transfers.

    spend 30 on one player? no never no matter who that is… but try explaining that to people who are led to beleive that ” our days of sacrificing and waiting are over now, gimme the goddamn titles now, spend the effing money”.

    its the going rate they say. if you want to win stuff you must spend the market rates for the world class players. hmmm ..so just because the market is fucked and players are owned by agents and can ask WHATEVER they want, we, arsenal should follow this trend? because we can now “afford” it?

    i disagree with that notion, if the real estate market is sky high i aint gonna buy a house and pay 3 times the price. i;ll wait. market is cyclical too. and in a few years time ill laugh at my novo-riche freind who got one with his bonus to show off back then and is now ready to commit suiside cause selling it means he will lose money..hehe..idiot.


  11. That’s excellent Steww. Hear hear.

    Do people call us “delusional” DC?

    I only read three Arsenal blogs, inevitably even that will narrow itself down eventually. The reaction of some to our dramatic end of season form has somewhat nonplussed me. I thought everyone would just be as mildly elated as I was. To be fair, a lot were. But a fair percentage could only muster slightly grudging praise and a general “could do better” consensus has emerged. That was a perennial on my school reports. Only they were right, I could have done a lot better (head was always in the clouds). However, I think this Arsenal team performed to a level that surprised even me, showing all those popular buzz words of English football “grit”, “determination” and “bottle”. You know the ones. The perfect springboard for next season, And yes I can only see improvement from certain players, and that’s a potentially mouthwatering prospect. It’s all coming together. I’d like to see some additions to the squad, but I’m just going to trust AW to pick the correct ones and wait and see. I must be mad. It’s a novel way of approaching it.

    Rather than simply praise their team and manager for this remarkable turnaround in the face of adversity, and the exciting prospect of next season, I have to endure people ceaselessly banging on about the “failures” of the past. wondering if AW will spend the 20 gazillion he’s been hiding down the back of the sofa these past years etc etc. I even accidentally stumbled across some nuckfugget angry ‘cos Man Utd got Moyes instead of us??? ehh??? huh??? What. The. F*ck.

    I’m not in the lightest of moods today. Sorry. Bravo then Steww, for talking sense, and doing it with customary style and wit.


  12. Steww – As George said @ 10:09 am.

    I am completely at one with you in reading certain bloggers reaction to this season’s achievements. “Not actually horrified … (but) … reasonably depressed by their insipid, grudgingly nit picking, response to our players and their herculean effort in turning around a season which went from negative spiral to top of the form table.” But what else can we expect. They were convinced last fall that we were “coming to the end of an era”.

    At least at the masochistic end of the scale Arsenal Truth is not completely insane and has realized the futility of his efforts to demonize Wenger. Shuttered shop. Good riddance.


  13. Morning all!

    I did say I would come and say hello George.

    Great post today.

    I would love the FA Cup, but probably not at the expense of top 4 – it is a tough call now.

    But the memories…. the cup double in ’93, beating ManUre in 2005…. Great days – you can’t tell me you wouldn’t love another one of those!


  14. Hello Matt, welcome aboard. In answer to your question I can only point to the post where I say “…here on the positive side of the tracks we don’t want to settle for fourth any more than they do. Just like them we actually want to win every single game and tournament in which the team is involved. Heck I want our players to win every tackle, sprint, free kick and throw in. I hate not being the best. “


  15. Right up to the high standards you have set for yourself, steww. Perspective, that’s all we ask. And a dash of humility from the armchair managers wouldn’t go amiss. They are grudging in their praise or curmudgeonly because they have invested their reputations in calling for this or that and predicting doom if the manager didn’t heed them – admitting that they were wrong is too bitter a pill for most of them to swallow.

    And I have been saying that we could do with a more deadly striker, but you make the pertinent point that he might already be in the squad.

    Eloquent and perceptive as always, ZimPaul. The growth of the team spirit is the most precious development of this season. I was just thinking to myself this morning, even without additions, this squad should get another 8-10 points next season.

    And Harry Flowers, very well said.

    @ h13
    Yeah. The windfall coming this summer and the extra revenue thereafter will give Arsene more options, but he will still try to spend wisely and for the long term, bearing in mind what’s best for the club – not just to make a statement or please some fans.


  16. Sorry, hunter13 – last para of my comments were in response to Harry Flowers, not you.


  17. “last para of my comments WAS in response”. Aaargh. Sorry.


  18. They were convinced last fall that we were “coming to the end of an era”.

    they were 100% out to get wenger and arsenal seperated. even some of our “friends” were at it…these lifelong gunners who saw with their very eyes the arsenal galacticos of the 30’s winning 3 world cups, and that lost generation of the late 80;s who think the world of sports evolved around the mudroll rugbyball of english football…i was watching reggie miller and jordan at that time…and drazen petrovic…. the 90s were all about the NBA.

    yeah id watch arsenal with a huge meh all over my face, one of those things i suppose you are forced to go through as a kid…..with dad on sofa sleeping and me wondering where the remote control is… bulls vs knicks ..or arsenal vs wilmbledon ? no contest ..sorry. hahaha…”lynch him now, being arsenal is all about the locality of islington” …. such bollocks….


  19. i will sue you fun. how dare ya? 🙂


  20. @ h13
    ha ha

    @ PG
    Please sir, hunter13 has used one of those banned smiley faces.


  21. oh didnt know they were banned…i better comnform 🙂 hahaaa


  22. Shotta

    Has that malcontent writing Arsenal Truth really thrown in the towel?…Mind you I always suspected he was a spud masquerading as an Arsenal fan….


  23. ok il stop..il go play basketball..shooot some 3s.


  24. hehe georgaki..ive been bombarding him with this

    “you poor little thing. it took you 4 days to recover huh?

    dont be afraid..talk to us.. we are here to listen to your problems and find solutions”

    i shall not rest…


  25. Cheers FG.

    I think I’ll go “shoot some 3s” as well. Hmmm. On second thoughts maybe a nice cuppa and biccie instead. Oh yes.


  26. I don’t know this here “Arsenal truth”. Better for one’s mental health to remain suspended in state of (deliberate) blissful ignorance as far as the majority of Arsenal bloggers go.


  27. father and sons

    Laurent Koscielny, Kieran Gibbs and Per Mertesacker celebrate after the match


  28. I agree with everything number 10 just wrote.


  29. I remember the day you used to wax lyrical Mel. short and sweet now.


  30. this team can really only get better… i doubt we really need a signing? more that others in the squad should step up… the likes of miquel and yannaris and gnabry and einsfeild promoted… no one sold apart from end of contracts


  31. Hunter13

    I’m nit picking – The stadium debt is far from fully paid off, but for certain the payments are manageable. Especially so one the new Spsonsorship deals kick in. (whatever happend to that Puma story BTW?).

    AngreyofIslington and Swissramble have the details. The payments are in the form of a bond which is basically like a mortgage with annual repayments on the capital and interest. There are 18 years left to go and the interest is front loaded, as far as I can tell we can’t even but out the loan or pay off extra cash to shorten the repayment terms.

    Rememer only a few years ago when Wenger said he had to make at least £15m each year in profit from player transfers before hw was allowed to spend? Some mooks in the blogsphere who do know better are now saying Wenger has had cash for years to spend. That is bullshit.

    Not aimed at you of course H13 – you know the ones I mean!


  32. Fantastic writing again Stew. I had to stop by and say hello, and share in the joy and positivity that is rife here today.

    With the run of results towards the end of the season, I just can’t wait for the new season to begin. It’s such a shame we’ve got to deal with this rigmarole of the transfer window, and all the rumours and bickering that comes along with it.

    I’m sure the players will just enjoy a well-deserved summer break, and hit pre-season running.


  33. Fantastic piece Steww.

    “Let us just for a moment pause from pouring scorn on these hapless and sad individuals and their blogs. Let’s treat them with pity instead and see if we cannot find some common ground.”

    I think that is the thing. I believe that there is no scale of ‘fan rating’ that is applicable. I think that in every aspect of life those folk will be similar in their approach as they are to supporting The Arsenal. Sure, I have ‘debated’ with them online and in the pub. But I still sit and share a beer with them; or laugh at the same jokes; frown at the same newsheadlines about the latest celebrity apparently being caught for something they really should never have contemplated doing.

    I worry at times that – certainly in the online world, it seems a bit ‘us and them’ when infact it is just ‘us’.

    In the place I call home I live with my wife and my two daughters, a dog and some fish in the garden pond. We are all on the same side in terms of being a family.

    Mrs_I likes to have a go at the rest of us at times. Over the years the two girls and I have learned that, while sloth and untidiness is way below the expected and acceptable mark, perfection can be too extreme also.

    We have found that if there is nothing to whinge about, Mrs_I/Mother_I will be as unhappy and give the ‘silent’ treatment almost as much as if the dog had been allowed to shit in the living room. Leaving the ‘odd cup’ on the mantlepiece, the occasional buttery knife on the side, once a week or so an item of clothing left lying on a bedroom floor. Mrs_I will have a sigh and a whinge but the general status quo of being happy and – as with each of the rest of us – an integral and important part of the family.

    The Fish? – dunno how they fit in here, maybe they represent the team and don’t care too much how the various members of the family get on providing one or some of us support them with a bit of food once in a while.

    Some people, like the woman I love, need to have something to moan about. The less there is the more they can moan. Mrs_I can be a right #### at times but she remains one of the family and god forbid that should ever change. Each of us is integral to the whole. Such as it is with Arsenal fandom. Don’t cast out others but rather see how you can accomodate them, as difficult as it may be.


  34. If anyone would like to write an article on their favorite player or memory .Also how you became a fan and what keeps you one.Let me know.


  35. Lovely article Stew, thank you. And here’s hoping some of the whiny bitches will read it…


  36. @ dc and h13
    I thought that AW had clarified – it’s not that he has to pay £15-20m a year to pay the mortgage, it’s Arsenal Holdings that has to. The effect it has on his player budget is that if the amount coming in from outside the football is limited because of that mortgage payment, he has to generate extra money for football through sales/loan deals/free transfers in etc. It may sound like it comes to the same thing, but I don’t think it does.

    However, there’s no doubt that money has been tight – the property windfall was smaller than expected and player costs higher.


  37. Very good read. Itss going to get so much better from here on in. Wenger is so cunning to have pulled this squad together for a fourth place. I was never in doubt. But I do doubt if we will ever win anything next year or after that. So many clubs have risen last few years. What will we do?


  38. PG have u not yet got this blog listed on Newsnow? thats a loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  39. TS you can apply after 6 months


  40. heh… just came across this link:


  41. what does that mean? the site is not old enough? O well… it wont be long then…


  42. no but they may not take us


  43. We might be too ‘rad’


  44. I rarely read any other Arsenal blog, and then only one, and get disappointed with the majority of comments reverting (and after such an interesting season to talk joyfully about) to buy this or that player, weaknesses everywhere, need to strengthen, all alluding to if not downright saying “Arsenal has accomplished little”. Well, Wenger will buy this or that player, we have little doubt, and he will out-fox us all on past record.

    Conventional wisdom would say, CB, DM (sigh, yawn, fall asleep!), LW, CF, CM; acronyms are important to monopoly football the board game you see. And yet, Wenger whatever his method (and boy I would love to find out one day) will look only for special qualities, attributes he admires, in the context of his team vision, and only relative to the qualities he already has at his disposal, and at value. I’m sure those criteria he uses would cause consternation, if not severe wobblies on many a blog or newspaper.

    I reckon, after in-depth research, he trusts his gut. He said something interesting, and always gives us the hint: his observation is that Chelsea will invest again heavily with Maureen on his way, and that is one concern. What does it mean? It means he feels Chelsea may be THE threat next season. I assume he looks in depth, privately, at the strength of the others, and makes up his mind also about what it will take.

    The silly season is upon us.


  45. The fuck am I in moderation for?


  46. Players I’m fascinated in for next season: Ox, Theo, Giroud, three whom I feel are on the up and up, their potential still blossoming. And then the special one. Not that self-anointed braggart, the one so humble, hard working and brave. Aaron Ramsey. Call me silly, but I see a future captain two or three seasons hence being tempered, like steel.


  47. Because you are immoderate Steww. Or maybe so moderate. Could go either way!

    Thanks for thought provoking piece today.


  48. ZimPaul

    We should give honourable mentions to bloggers who have been reliably honest about AFC, the Board and Arsene Wenger’s work over the last 16 years nevermind the last 8.
    Poznan is brilliant, and sometimes pops up here. Walter and Tony at Untold are always behind le Boss (and get unbelievable stick for it) and I’ve never seen the ‘Holic write a bad word about Wenger although he does let in the odd stray gobshite into the bar.
    NLIR, AngryofIslington are good too.
    I think there is a tendancy to big-up the bad boys but we have Hh3 as our attack dog to sort them out.
    A few others are professional fence-sitters and I’d agree with something George said months ago – that’s not good enough when Wenger and the Team needed support the most.
    I won’t even mention the rest.

    And once Ramsey gets a bit calmer with his passing, I think we are looking at another Zidane. ZZ was still at Bordeaux at 22 years old.

    No, Really, AR16 can become that good.


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