Good Bank Holiday morning folks.  Today, star of Arsenal.com and the West End, it’s Mel O’Reilly

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I listen to a lot of podcasts,most of the football ones and at some point or other.  I’ve listened to every Arsenal one ever made. I’m not sure any other club has as many as us, neither am I sure what it says about Arsenal fans.

Maybe we have more passionate fans than any other club,maybe we’ve got more ‘got to be heard show offs’, I’m still not sure which but when you drive for a living and radio has (in recent years) followed TV into ‘cretin country’ these podcasts are a welcome relief from the likes of Robbie Savage abusing my ear holes (congratulations to his agent for getting him work by the way,I reckon he could sell sand to the Arabs).

One such podcast (Footballistically Arsenal) I recently listened to brought to light a worrying development in the shape of an ‘imposter’, a supposed Arsenal fan that actually sits at games willing us to lose and to finish outside the top 4 so the manager will go and there will be change.

As I tie my high horse to the rail outside the saloon and avert my eyes from those girls on the stairs with low self esteem and even lower morals (I wish that bloke on the piano would give it a rest as well) let me just say I think everyone’s entitled to an opinion,.One of my mates refers to Arsene as Mels ‘French dad’ such is my love for the professor. The same mate thinks Arsene’s time’s up, he’s wrong of course; Arsene’s earned the right to leave on his terms in my opinion, there it is again ‘opinion’.

Some Arsenal fans say they pay a fortune for a season ticket so their opinion is more valid.

Some go to every game home & away so theirs is more valid.

Some get up at 7am on the other side of the world to watch us play on TV so theirs is more valid.

Me? I think if your Arsenal ,your Arsenal. Games attended and location doesn’t come into it as long as when we’re playing your behind us.

Everyone’s got an opinion,valid or not.Their always better when based on fact of course but we’ve all been guilty of talking bollocks and swearing its true.

Anyway, back to our  ‘imposter’ (climbing back onto my high horse) he in my opinion is as much an Arsenal fan as I am a millionaire male model (they don’t have time to listen to podcasts),the thought of being sat at a game or in a bar watching us,near anyone like him ,would have me pulling at my holster (can you tell I’ve been watching westerns?).

He is an imposter.

He is everything that is wrong with modern football fans.

He is as the brilliant Ben Winston told him on the podcast a “spoiled  little prick”.

Its sad that he claims to support our great club, embarrassing in fact and his opinion on anything Arsenal is just plain wrong .In fact the sheriff should lock him up immediately and stick Robbie Savage in with him while he’s at it.

If some gooners think the managers times up,fine, I disagree, but when you’re willing your team to lose because of it?  Jesus wept.


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  1. Brilliant, Mel! I enjoyed the western theme.


  2. the biggest problem at our club is not the majority share holder, the board, the manager, the medical team or underperforming players its the fans. Apart from the plonkers who ring up radio shows, the self righteous who stare into a camera to do their own podcast or drone into a mic even the fans in the stadium are now more likely to moan and whinge than to support. I think its something the premier league and sky sports have brought us and our I want, I deserve, fuck everyone else society that the wicked witch brought us.
    Mel you are 100% right but unfortunately spoilt little pricks are becoming more common and to truly support your club outwardly and loudly, without getting criticized, a more difficult task


  3. Shit,I phone into Radio shows and I was thinking of us starting a Podcast.
    Better have a rethink.I am plonker enough


  4. One small thing I’m @40shewore on twitter not @shewore, he’s a very different kettle of fish to me! He’s as anti-wenger as you can get.


  5. Bravo Mel, bravo… ive been trying to say something very similar for a while now, but i couldn’t find the words…. and i don’t like horses ….haha….


  6. What are you talking about you halfwit ? It says @40shewore.You been drinking all night again?


  7. You sneaky git George!


  8. George I think there is a million things right minded supporters could discuss on a podcast without slagging the team….its probably a good idea.


  9. Brilliant Mel.
    Arsenal has its fair share of plastics, and I don’t care how long they have had a season ticket, their right to an opinion about the club is just wrong. I don’t tell Marks and Sparks how to sell their biscuits do I?
    I’m always reminded of the fast show sketches of the fake arsenal fan.
    “I used to support Manchester United but they were not doing so well, so now I support Arsenal. What are the schools like in your area?”
    I would now insert the link but that is too difficult for me this early on a bank holiday morning.
    I suppose I will have to wait for one of our yoof contributors to get put of bed and help.
    Ps it’s on a telly box thing called youth tube or something.


  10. Great article! Thanks for saying everything that I have wanted to. Incidentally, I stopped listening to “Footballistically Arsenal” about 18 moths ago when they were still whinging after we beat Chelsea 5-3


  11. nice going mel, imposters indeed…..sad is, like hunter says, they say what they say with such “authority and conviction”..them useless know-nothing pricks…

    “the biggest problem at our club is not the majority share holder, the board, the manager, the medical team or underperforming players its the fans.”

    …and the truth shall set you free…

    you would have thought that the “education” wenger has given to the whole of arsenal would transit to the fans too…..i guess you cant polish a turd…

    you see ..our problem was denislon…not our scum fans who would boo a 21 yearold 🙂


  12. Good stuff Mel.

    “If your Arsenal, your Arsenal”. Amen to that Sir. That’s what it’s about.

    If your actually willing us to lose? well then, and excuse my French on this beautiful sunny day folks, you are not Arsenal, but you are an almighty c*nt.

    I don’t mind differing opinions, I’m guilty of talking my fair share of rubbish in the heat of the moment, I know folks who don’t share the same opinions as me (unbelievable I know!), and that’s ok (as long as they don’t make a habit of it), because they love the Arsenal and come kick-off they are right behind the team, they always will be. Whatever happens.


  13. I did post something a few minutes back, but I must have pressed the wrong button or summat, and it got lost in the ether (best place for it in all probability). Plank.

    No loss, suffice to say I agree with all of that Mel.


  14. Double Cannister – Finsbury is your man; he’s site LinkMaster.

    Very entertaining piece Mel (are we still allowed to call you that?)


  15. Great stuff Mel – you nailed them no good varmints


  16. Nice post Mel.

    George, that is exactly the reason why you should do a podcast. It will be a positive force. You will be swimming against the current, but we will be there. Hopefully more will join. Maybe some will even see the light! 😀 Man, I sound like a Jehovah’s witness groupie!

    Regarding helping you set up a podcast, some of my education is supposed to have given me the skills to help set it up for you. I am busy until mid may, but after that, I would be happy to help.


  17. Talking of imposters. Initially I thought Mel was a she. Properly corrected, I thought to myself, just like me, another old guy with hair, only to find he was a celeb at Arsenal.com. More revelations today, our Mel is the hunter of the weasels who undermine support of this great club. Any more surprises from this splendid member of the PA team?


  18. Thanks for all the kind words everyone, any more surprises Shots? nah,I’m a boring git really..


  19. Loads probably, Shotta; Mel is Melody on a Friday night, for instance.


  20. Morning

    Paul Whitehouse is a (funny but) bitter Spud (a rare breed), in case you couldn’t tell from the above clip! He went on to make a programme about being sad called Happiness. : )


  21. It’s the people who say weird things after a game that does my head in:
    Like moaning that Ramsey was rubbish after a game in which he was good. I heard this after Norwich. Fine, have an opinion. Knock yourselves out.


    Not as ‘monster’ a performance as we saw from the Prince. Not at his best going forward, but my word, Rambo played with some gr*t against QPR, as his numbers above show. He was not poor.

    A couple of friends who go to every home game went to the QPR game, had a great time. It was the first victory at Loftus Road since Lofty was in Eastenders (before my time) and generally the atmosphere was brilliant. But they were upset with the number of people abusing Ramsey. It was weird, in their words. What happens on the pitch doesn’t matter to such experts. Don’t ask me why.

    And then there is the big orange radiotive slug lurking oh so conspicuosly in the corner. Down at my local in fact! No attempt at a lame hostile corporate takeover *coughs* *splutters*. Nope, not at all. I woudn’t be able to spot such a glowing load (with a dangerous half-life) of PR bollocks if it came up and bit me on the Arse.


  22. Andrew, ssshhhhhh!


  23. Mercy buckets! Finsbury.


  24. Mel really enjoyed your piece and its so true. Too many idiots around hoping we lose. In my wildest dreams I wouldn’t want to lose a game for any reason.. Actually will take that back. Following Fergies team selection yesterday would love to get our own back.

    When they get banged up with Savage, can we chuck Stewart Robson in as well.


  25. Sorry Mel.

    Fins – I always forget Paul Whitehouse is a Spud. A flawed genius if ever but at least the sketch ripped the piss out of two sets of opponents for the price of one!


  26. Excellent post, lovely site and terrific idea about a Positively Arsenal podcast. George, I would love to listen to a weekly or monthly chat involving a round robin of posters and commentators from this site. With skype, any combination is possible!


  27. Hello Limestone – good to see you!


  28. fins id ont knwo whats moe shocking though. fans abusing ramsey or good fans not doing anything about it.

    where are the ” oi that kid broke his foot playing for us and is giving his all for the cause, shut up !”

    they do it to wenger too, fans bloggers journalists.

    wenger always wins the arguement but he is not liked because he is too right about it all. money issues, football issues, transfer issues.

    An ad hominem (Latin for “to the man”), short for argumentum ad hominem, is an argument made personally against an opponent, instead of against the opponent’s argument.

    They chose to ignore the points and attack “the man”. They are using the very textbook definition of ad hominem.


  29. another problem are ex players.

    in a book regarding the making of arsenal the author spends 10 pages on quotes made by adams merson wright and smith who are essentially ripping into arsenal and wenger and the defence and the age of our players the lack of leadership etc etc etc…

    this gets picked up by the frustrated moaning fan who is still fond of gg’s neanderthal era and automatically we have a bunch of “locals” who think they represent every arsenal fan on earth coming out and essentially damaging the club with their words….

    i stopped and asked myself…who is more important to arsenal and its history? adams or wenger? obviously its wenger yet people want us to believe that some ex players and managers care more about the one who is there sticking his neck out for the whole of the organisation…and instead of these shitheads supporting him ..they went against him ,,fans followed them and we now have this situation where half of them are with dein and usmanov ripping into kroenke pete and wenger all the time.

    i hear dein is an arsenal man. i dont deny that. but he is also a business shark and he loves money. he wanted us to pay rent at wembley ffs… and he had no problem turning arsenal into the next city or chelsea..that was his main aim. he was kicked out and ever since he is trying to get one back.

    arsenal is suffering because the mantra ” noone bigger than the club” was not followed by those shareholders/directors whose ego coundt take it laying low for a while till stadium is repaid.


  30. Cheers, Andrew! Keeping well, I trust? Enjoy the last two games–another gripping run-in! Seriously am hoping for a PA podcast, btw…


  31. Hunter makes a good point. If you don’t like the treatment being doled out to Ramsey, do something about it. Start singing a song for him or make it a Point to embarrass the shit out of the plonkers giving him a hard time. Seriously, what does it cost to turn around and yell out: “Oy, why don’t you cunts give it a rest?”

    Talking about ex-players, I had to endure Ian Wright slobbering all over Chelsea for winning at old Trashford. I know he was an Arsenal legend, but damn.


  32. Linestone, in line with the theme of the write up, howdy partner!

    Excellent, Mel!

    The sad part is there are quite a few clowns wanting us to lose and drop out the top 4. Anything that will force the cheap skate board to spend some money, they say. The board members are simply lining their pockets and could not care less about what5 happens on the pitch.


  33. Well hello Limestone.


  34. I bloody love you lot and I haven’t had much to drink. Yet.


  35. heh gains…i laugh too…average footballers thinking they can offer opinion on managers like wenger..

    shall we tell them that ian wanted to sign for benfica right after we had won the title…..how come this legend wanted to leave the BIG arsenal for benfica..?…hahaha…

    shall we tell them how he didnt like wenger or his diets or training schedules and behaved like a rock star ? shall we tell them how he got mad when we said no to his son shaun?

    all these questions about leadership and experience and having a defensive hummer jeep like samba and cahill or how we lack this and that…where did they come from again? did they not come from adams merson and co?

    so on one side we had the trolls of chelsea manchester and media pulling the fans legs about trophyless years and on the other we had our EX PLAYERS basically calling wenger a wanker for not having the money to keep vieiras on 150k per week or not having the funds to bring in chielini and puyol….


  36. ian a bit of this ?


  37. “As I tie my high horse to the rail outside the saloon…” Ah, Mel, that’s genius. I’m gonna hang on to that – surely I’ll find an appropriate time to use it as I’ve been known to spend a good deal of time on said high horse.

    Rooting for your team to lose. There is no explanation on earth that will make me understand it. Just get the fuck out, then. Get away from our club.


  38. To those who run this site,

    I have a few articles I would like to contribute, if your interested. Not sure I would fit in with the theme of this site though.

    Would you be interested and whom should I send them to?

    Kind regards

    Adam B.


  39. hey gains take a look at this for example

    – (gary neville – daily mail) : Because I watched a Bayern side — playing a classic 4-4-1-1 formation straight out of the old school English coaching manual — dismantle Barcelona. There were no diamond systems, no Christmas trees and it wasn’t a 4-2-3-1. I repeat: it wasn’t a 4-2-3-1.

    – someone who thinks he knows and has An Opinion:
    May 6, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    A lot of good teams such as Bayern now play a 4231.

    abort …fail…stop…..get off the stage… 🙂


  40. I will Email you Adam


  41. Got your mail & sent you something back.


  42. Sunderland have made things hard for themselves – and much easier for Stoke who will now consider themselves safe from relegation should they retain their 0-1 lead. Down a goal and now a man sent off for a second straight red card in a week, Sunderland suddenly looking favourites for the drop, I’d say.

    Not such good news for those of us hoping for a tough game for the Stoke v spuds mash up on the 12th …


  43. Merci beau coup Alabama!


  44. Sunderland pull a goal back to finish with a draw. All very open at the foot of the table which is good news.


  45. Looking at the table now, even Swansea in 9th could get dragged into a relegation battle.(if Wigan beat us *cough*).
    Stoke on P36 Pts 41 GD-10 mathematically could get overtaken by Wigan P35 Pts 35 GD-22. We would have to guess if Wigan anything against Swansea, but the point is that Stoke will have to put in a shift against the spuds as that game is 2 days before our game with Wigan.
    OK Newcastle will be fighting for their lives against us, but Sunderland and Villa will have to fight for points now too.


  46. That imposter could very well be a agent Mel. An undercover paid agent. If enough dummys start subscribing to his point of view the positions of some of the managment members can get very difficult and that’s the opening the uzbeke fellow is waiting for.
    We’re on to you. smiley face………….


  47. Hehehe. That person @shewore is pretty interesting Mel. Farout too. Way out.


    that clip was hilarious from that spudnik. Tnx


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