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Arsenal vs West Ham: The Sweet Bitter Taste of Victory

Arsenal’s 4:1 margin of victory over West Ham while convincing was no easy romp in the park.  The game took place in the presence of a hugely, omnipresent emotional backdrop triggered by Arsene’s announcement last Friday of his intention to resign at season-end after 22 years. As the television cameras made obvious, the Emirates was […]

Arsenal Versus West Ham: Esprit De Corps

I was lying in my bath last night reading a yellowing, dog eared paperback when something unexpected popped up. The tome in question, I should add, is the rather excellent To Sea In A Sieve by Peter Bull. First published in 1956 it is an unvarnished account of the author’s experience in the Royal Navy […]

Zeros To Heroes in One Week – The Arsenal Story

“The force of habit that is Arsenal football club has been restored.” – Andrew Nicoll There is an unwritten rule at Positively Arsenal that we don’t do tactics, team selections and line-ups. We are kept in line not only by George’s very firm gaze (across land and sea), but, as well, most of us are […]

Arsenal Versus West Ham: Let’s Get This Party Started

The anticipation which built throughout December with each candle John Noakes or Peter Purves lit on the Blue Peter Advent Crown inevitably resulted in an anti climactic Queen’s speech and a fight with your sister for which you were bound to be blamed regardless of her having started it. Similarly the warm, flat lemonade sensation […]

Arsenal Versus West Ham: Arsène’s Beautiful Ballet

I began my first draft of this little missive by suggesting that today’s game was a case of back down to earth with a bump. I scratched it out and started again for two reasons. Primarily because we don’t deal in tedious clichés here at the home of positivity but also because, as exciting as […]