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Arsenal Versus West Brom: As You Like It

I’ve always known I was special. If I wasn’t I would probably only have suspected it rather than being so certain. This way of seeing oneself in the world is in all likelihood a common ignis fatuus – I very much doubt I’m the only one so thoroughly deluded. There are occasions however when my […]

Arsenal Versus Palace: Springtime Cannibalism

With Aston Villa’s relegation now confirmed there is a whiff of the end of term about the place. The last rites have been read to Bolton and Dagenham & Redbridge and people are anointing probable winners in each of the divisions except for the fourth where Northampton are already champions. Mrs Black is making noises […]

Arsenal Versus Manchester United : Sympathy For The Devils

Ricky Gervais is a funny bloke. A far more talented actor than he is ever given credit for and pretty sound on several issues, most obviously our systematic abuse of other species. He also likes to wind people up. Not with the mindless trolling employed by those less cerebrally gifted than him but in a […]

Arsenal Versus Swansea: The Eyes Of Fear

So the jittery Jonas worked their dark magic, cast their evil spells and brought down upon us the wrath of the Injury Gods. Meanwhile their minions have run free on twitter and loosed the Arsenal Hate Mob from where victory after victory had forced them ever deeper into their foetid lair. Even they will not […]

Arsenal Versus Watford: Careful Husbandry

You can tell it has been a painfully long time since last we had any football to distract us when we find ourselves, as I did last night, watching the ‘action’ from Ashton Gate in the largely forlorn hope that something resembling the beautiful game might inadvertently break out and thus bridge the gap between […]

Arsenal Versus Leicester: The Coquelin Event Horizon

Everyone feeling a little bit happier now? A shot of league cup and North London Derby victory in the old veins has done the trick I trust? It may not have made a difference to our league position but by Jimminy the world seems a brighter place after a win doesn’t it? The league position […]

Arsenal Versus Chelsea: Just Arsène meets Violet Elizabeth

A couple of short months ago I wrote to you of a harbinger. Like the early snowdrop suggests the first death knell of another long winter, the removal of the goal posts from our local park signified that the football season was nearly over and summer lurked around its traditional seasonal corner. In what seems […]

Arsenal Versus Lyon: Games Don’t Come Any Bigger Than This

As the transfer crazed hordes follow the script fed to them by a click hungry media and demand more money be spent, and while they crave another Arsenal player be thrown on the beach to make room for a newer, more shiny and above all more expensive model, the rest of us, with an appetite […]

Imagine If Wenger Signed For Tottenham

  By @shotta_gooner Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today… -John Lennon Did you know that on June 19th, Arsene Wenger celebrated 35 years of being a coach at the top level. Missed it? Not surprising because I […]

Arsenal Versus West Brom: The Final Curtain

I was driving down the A367 yesterday afternoon on the way to a garden centre. A part of the ancient Fosse Way, the A367 once rang to the hob nailed Caligae of the Roman Legions but nowadays is home to a series of pedestrian crossings and a seemingly unending sequence of roadworks. In short it’s […]