Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair! An Ode to Wenger

Guest post by Varun Shukla (@WengerArmy) “I want more blood” says Arsene Wenger in the papers.  No, he hasn’t turned into a vampire overnight.  He’s definitely not asking the team to go into challenges studs up to inflict flesh wounds.  Asked about his opinion on match fixing in football – specifically on the allegations of […]

Bradesque7’s Weekly Round Up

Hello and welcome to this week’s news round up. First up is transfer activity. Andre Santos has moved back into his parents’ basement after his travels across Europe ended in tears. Having found himself in trouble with the police in London, he is believed to be “grounded for a year”. Santos will only be allowed […]

No Place For Faint Hearts; A Meerkat Comes Home

I don’t know about you, but when Arsenal are suffering, I am miserable. My long-suffering wife leaves the room at kick-off and checks the score before she comes back. If we lose, she keeps a healthy distance and it can be some time before I can raise a smile.  I can’t sleep for a couple […]

Wenger’s Mysteries

Today’s post is by Zim-Paul – A regular here in the comments section at Positively Arsenal.  Some decent Arsenal-aligned folks out there have been kicking about two extraordinary claims that stick in my mind, because at first glance they appear almost reasoned, on superficial, selective evidence. The first is that Wenger has been acting without […]

Ambition or Hubris?

Post by Varun Shukla (@wengerarmy) While browsing through the new Arsenal website (which is an absolute corker by the way) I stumbled upon Lee Dixon’s interview. He talked about how he was scouted, approached and signed by Arsenal and his feelings during the entire process. An extract here: “I walked through the marble halls and […]

The Inaugural Bradyesque7 Weekly Round Up

This is the inaugural Bradyesque7 weekly Arsenal round-up. The only place to get your Arsenal both rounded and upped. First up is the arrival of Nacho Monreal on Sky Sports Deadline Day. Monreal was destined to be a professional footballer. His father, a huge supporter of their hometown club, in Spain, is believed to have […]

Of Footballers and Fickle Fans

Guest Post by @GBVishJourno Have you sat down to watch the Africa Cup of Nations this year? No, not just sit in front of a computer and spool through YouTube clips but actually turn on the television and watch ninety minutes of African football. Well I have, but you don’t need to watch the tournament […]

Transfer window is closed BUT we missed one HUGE signing!

Guest post by Adi (@positivegunner) So the transfer window filled with ITKs, Exclusives, Airport Sightings, constant reminders of our bank balance and more has finally passed us. We’ve added one genuinely top quality player to play left back as part of a quality foundation that already exists here. Now, this might not be the position […]

Why We Are Approaching The Light At The End Of The Tunnell

A guest Post by @Wilsheristic that looks at the promise that this team holds. “This is the Real Arsenal!” This hair-raising statement from the commentator resonated among the fans as we celebrated the showcase of spectacular football during the game against West Ham. Arsenal had showed us all a teaser of the movie we have all […]

The Next Game Ramble……Liverpool

For those who travel to Arsenal games by canal there is great news, the Department of the Environment have banned water fern, parrot’s feather, floating pennywort, water primrose and Australian swamp stonecrop from these shores. Don’t put your machetes away yet though, these plants are pretty prolific. Only last Sunday Camden looked like a scene […]