The Arseblagger Finally Admits To Making A Mistake….About Arteta

Podcast: In this post-match review of Manchester City vs Arsenal the Arseblagger admits to making a mistake about Arteta. While he is a great coach with a history of greatly improving the players he works with, it is becoming clear he is not as great a manager. We have no expectation of more creative football in the future as Arteta emphasizes regimentation and structure.

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  1. “. On 3 July 2016, Arteta was appointed an assistant coach at Manchester City,[58] alongside Brian Kidd and Domènec Torrent, who operated as deputies to Pep Guardiola. ” Wikipedia

    3 yrs @ Man City

    2 yrs @ Barcelona

    5 seasons @ Arsenal

    8 Yrs @ Everton.

    Think he would have learned the most of Moyes.

    The point that you made with the media coverage of James Rodriguez and Ozil is not surprising, what was surprising to me was how our own fans backed that bullshit.

    Arsenal fans sometimes really are serious hypocrites.

    I have seen Arsenal fans defend Fabregas (went on strike to leave the club and win us no trophies), Van Persie (went on strike wrote poison letter won us nothing) but attack Ozil (ended trophy drought, wants to stay and fight for place). Attack Wenger (won us everything) – defend Raul (robbed us). Praise players of other teams (Aour) while deriding Xhaka

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  2. Well said.

    The trouble is that we seem to be in a large minority.

    I am happy that Arteta is being given more time, and clearly, more money, but am not happy at what I am seeing and the way our club is being turned into a vindictive, nasty organisation and the values learned and developed over 22 years are being destroyed both in the club and on the pitch.

    Is there really that much between Emery and Arteta?


  3. Is there really that much between Emery and Arteta

    Yeah one played under Moyes, the other tried to be him.


  4. I think football overall, as Wenger recently said, had moved away from being creative to more of running and formations. It’s a cycle. We wanted our defense to be sorted out and that seems to be what Arteta is doing. Most top coaches sort out the defense first. Even Wenger would sometimes make us more defensive at the expense of creativity when we lost 2 in a row. It would get us a couple of draws. Having a solid defensive structure helps build confidence. As we are seeking with the team it is helping. We now approach matches against the top 6 hooking for a win rather than praying we don’t get trashed.

    As the team’s confidence builds and the defense becomes ingrained, I’m pretty sure we’ll see an improved attack. Our forward line right now doesn’t gel and we desperately need an Ozil type player. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, he is not being used so we have to wait. Maybe Gabriel comes back and Saka moves more central. Who knows?

    I’m not going to write Arteta off just yet. I think he deserves more time.


  5. Like

  6. “moved away from being creative to more of running and formations”

    – not sure about that, sure Liverpool conquered Europe that way but Bayern did last year with a lot more creativity with Tiago being a playmaking deep lying mid.

    I agree there are cycles but also think there is more than one way to be a success. Maybe Arteta is doing what you say he is doing. I dont know now, i am waiting to see.

    I just am not buying into the narrative that because a coach with no managerial experience and a good rep, who has worked with some of the greatest managers in the game will be similar or implement the philosophies of those great coaches. As i have stated he has spent more time with Moyes and was a key cog.

    Would you be happy if we became a side with the image of Evertons David Moyes?

    It has as much chance of happening as we have as much chance of being the next Barca \Mancity\Arsenal hybrid people are hoping we become.


  7. It seems that ozil has been omitted from the EPL squad.

    This is shameful and a great embarrassment to all proper fans.

    I doubt if we get an explanation but, if we do it would have to be pretty good.

    If this is how the club behave I think my lack of interest will increase.

    I may well cancel my sky subscription as I really do not want to watch them.

    This is a sad day for the club and all of its supporters.

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  8. Not easy to be positive seeing the so called club values go down the drain since AW left. The parking of Ozil ties in well with the bus parking we’ve been seeing on the field against most teams. FB posted the wonder goal scored by Jack W a few years ago, now we barely string two forward passes. I find it depressing the direction we seem to going in…


  9. I have seen many say that Arteta is sorting out the defense and when he is happy with them he will get us playing attacking football, for me that is a load of, well lets say wishful thinking, but I was going to use some more colorful words, as for me if our ultra cautious approach was just for the big teams, and we were ripping the lesser teams apart, then I could see this notion to have some substance, but we park the bus no matter who we play, team after team has more possession than us, most teams v us are managing more shots than us too. Yes we are scoring some wonderful goals, in fact most of our goals are top notch, but that is a major problem, if we are not scoring really well worked goals, we are just not scoring goals. 8 goals in our 5 EPL games puts us at about 11th for goals scored. even newly promoted Leeds have scored more than us, Everton have scored six more than us, and that is with them playing an actual No.10 in their team, you know the now defunct no.10 that no longer exists in the modern game. And best not to mention that spurs under the ultra defensive Jose has scored almost twice as many goals as us, with 15. But then how could we expect to be scoring goals when we only have Aubameyang, Pepe, Saka, Lacazette, Nketiah and Willian to pick 3 forwards from.


  10. Chelsea have registered Cech in their EPL 25 man squad


  11. Fair warning, my mood is black and the bogs will reflect as much.


  12. Blackpool FC
    88′ – Dan Ballard, on debut tonight for the Seasiders, has been voted Blackpool’s Man of the Match by sponsors Tower Insurance. (0-1)


  13. Do we as humans put too much trust in the idea of a “messiah” coming along and making all wrongs right? I don’t mean this in a religious sense or context, but one that’s been adopted by secular thinking. All things are relative, and at the same time a paradox of team and individual: AW knew that he was just part of a team, as all life is, except all of us forget it, due to the structuring of out minds. That team is massive, it doesn’t ever start or finish but moves along, in cause and reaction. Its also not really there when we pull it apart. Is there an AFC DNA? No, but is there conditioning and received thinking? Yes. Is that the same thing? Maybe that’s what we mean by DNA? Its desire that changes evolution, and I often think what do we desire at Arsenal?
    Are desire and execution of these are ideas even on the same page? At this moment the move to the Emirates has been a failure to me. We didn’t make the transition, perhaps in hindsight it was doomed, due to the financial restrictions that were going to be imposed, while other teams were ‘blessed’ with cash and the rest of us could only look on green eyed. Don’t get me wrong hindsight is an odd sight, in that it seems to know all, but at the time, who could have predicted where this would have led? It seemed positive but I’m not sure it was. But that’s neither here nor there.
    When we look right and wrong are often in our minds, and we end up with a big pool of consensus and conflict as to what is what? his certainly had a detrimental affect on the club, but made a few people who ride the back of the club, notorious and filled there pockets. They want something from the club and demand it, but if all fans of all clubs are demanding this, where does this leave us? Even these words I right what fill the lack we all feel, that we want dear old Arsenal to fill and make is the ‘best’.
    I worry that as humans we try to create utopias that cant be lived in, and each time we reach out to create one, it ends up being a living hell (what rather than a dying hell? Although maybe dystopias are a dying hell?), like so often the internet has now become?
    Black mood blagger (some smart analysis on the pod PG-I didnt feel alone in the world!) was right in pointing out in the podcast that we need hope, but is the secular messianic carrot worth chasing after? I dont know?
    I’ve often felt that the Invincibles were a kind of detriment as much as a brilliant achievement. Hence we now come back to good and bad again, they seem to rise together. The Invincibles cast a shadow of what’s we quantify as great and what we quantify as poor at the same time. Personally, and I really mean it that way, we shouldn’t look back at them, or what they did too much, as we don’t seem to be able to live up to it.
    Footballs in a strange place, political intervention, too much money, greed, forced sportsmanship, and (seems to me) way to much pressure on players. I recall for us kids from the lower leagues of life, football and being a pop star were the ways to feel a bit more liberated, and lets face it feel good. Of course there was always hatred against footballers and pop stars, but you touched peoples lives in a different way than these days. I’m not sure the concept of being a star is the same anymore, fans want to be as famous as the stars themselves. Certainly stars cannot have an opinion with it being immediately regulated and punished if it strays outside of the current ideological standards( those will change too).
    We lost with AW’S stylish football, his patience, ot at least a time when patience was still allowed. Turbo capitalism takes no prisoners, its like old Hollywood, loves and materially gives you everything you then boots you out the first second you don’t give them exactly what you want. Its logical, but cold and nasty and destroys people who gave there all, even if it didn’t seem that way. Logic doesn’t always mean success or patterns of success, any more than reason is reasonable?
    But the active internet fans I’ve seen seem to be hungry ghosts, desperate, greedy, demanding things that aren’t possible, wanting perhaps something that cannot ever really happen; endless stylish winning and a sense of euphoria and wanting to fill the cavernous hole of self lack through a system that means you have more chances of losing the league than ever winning it. We all do it as fans, no matter your age ( im no different), but as could be applied to the ‘freedom of the press’, (yeah right, whose going to do that when there’s coin to be earnt?)surely there has to be some ethical element that regulates, corruption and promotes something more humane?
    Certainly at Arsenal there’s been the bullying sickness of scapegoating as part of the DNA(its been there from the beginning accord to AFC historians), Hectors the new one on the list. Hectors an excellent player, but players lose confidence, and need backing not people who cant kick a ball to save their lives bellowing out “your fkin shit!”.Then they show in hindsight how poor he is an what he should have done. But that in itself its irrational thinking!
    But I’m not going to stop it, and there’s no point in even trying, people have to come to there own conclusions through learning and experience that comes from that. Football means or sorts of things to all sorts of people. The Arsenal I started with along time ago has gone, the Wenger time has gone, like all evolutionary changes these things reside, but we are in a different place and we are moving on fast? I feel disenfranchised, but perhaps some of that’s my own fault, I’m not going with the flow, but if the flows a stream of dog kack then nein danke!.And if I’m a dinosaur then those that point the finger should see that that are dinosaurs in the making and their time will come! A great managers wisdom has fk all to do with age. Ageism is some hokey old guff that came to the fore with rockabilly in 1955 and has plagued us (inspired us)ever since, with help especially from the Nouvelle Vague and so on. What’s age got to do with wisdom and understanding?
    Did we accept defeat with more dignity as Arsenal fans prior to the Invincibles? Was it something that was just part of the game then and now due to certain factors has become unacceptable?
    Anyway, a long winding yawn just to kick around the idea that I’m not sure that any kind of secular messiah will do the job? Like the Selecter sang “Too much pressure”?

    The Özil situation seems another low point, like the WHam final in 80, the CWC final in 80, like game fifty( truly disgusting) and the CL final(the worst?). For me Mesut is the most skilful and intelligent player I’ve seen in my 43 years, that doesn’t mean I’m right, just by the standards of value that I use to judge players. If feel like its another kick in the guts to see him left out. I’m feel utterly perplexed even if Ive seen all the theories and speculation as to why its happening. Im not sure the owner know too much about the game. And that’s tragedy for Arsenal (imo).

    Will we ever be happy at Arsenal again? I hope Arteta succeeds, but eventually he will fail and that failure will wipe away for a while all his success, until its re-evaluated after a time and then new perceptions will create myth and legend.
    Are there quick fixes in a world that demands quick fixes, a world that is overloaded with opinion( like this), a world that is impatient and feels lacking so badly, that is desperate to feel good? Can an external system ever make anyone feel good if there’s more chance of failure than success? What if we all have conflicting ideas of what feels good and what is success?

    “what did you get Charlie Brown?”
    “I got a rock”.

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  14. Said months ago, that Arsenal for the last 2/3 years have been shooting themselves in the foot due to politics and this latest Ozil saga has confirmed my fears over the last 2 /3yrs.
    Carzola sudden sale, Ramsey contract withdrawn, Sven, Ozil, Sacking Arsene, emery

    all seemed like political decisions and not for the benefit of the Team, the Club, or the Fans.
    KSE is the common factor in all of this and it seems to me that they became more hands on in Arsenes final season and what we have is the fallout of the hands-on approach. Approach feels more corporate (soulless) than ever.

    Agree with Ozil that loyalty is hard to come by, and shame on all the fans that turned against a player that has been kicked in the teeth in public by his own club still saying that he loves the club and will stay and fight. Those same idiot fans will tell me Cesc did more for Arsenal.

    Soulless club and fans deserve each other really.

    A good part of Arsenal died and left with Arsene thats for sure. Since then we have seen a 180 degree turn in the way we conduct ourselves.
    Arteta is proving to be another Emery in my books and is looking like Emerys reign in the sense that after a decent start to his Arsenal career confidence was slowly errorded away with some very questionable decisions.

    Oh well in my eyes this Ozil decision is on arteta and he lives and dies by it.
    4th and CL football is minimum requirement after transfer spend, 5th is a failure. Cup success is not good enough.


  15. The wishful thinking and rose-tinted view that so many fans had during the start of Emery’s tenure are back in force now.

    I dare say that Arteta will have learnt from some of Emery’s mistakes, but I wonder whether he is making his own now.

    Will we ever find out what this is really all about?

    The dignity shown by Ozil as he is being publicly humiliated time and time again is most impressive.

    The willingness of Arteta and the club to continue to inflict this on him is a stain on the reputation of the club and the people in control of it.

    Arteta will continue to talk rubbish to the press and many fans will lap it up, thinking that he will be the new Wenger to take us to the heights we occupied before.

    I fear we will not get anywhere near it, not with this team and not with this manager.

    I hope that I am wrong.

    I am intrigued why so many contributors here are keeping silent. Could it be that they agree with the club, or are just too embarrassed to say they don’t?

    By the way, a friend of mine, a life-long supporter, for longer than I told me today that he is happy that Ozil has been omitted. Perhaps he knows something that I don’t about what is going one.


  16. The most annoying thing is that Arteta lied multiple times about Ozil being the same as any other player and that he can work his way back in to the team when in reality that wasn’t the case.

    How can he include a player as limited as Kola and not use Ozil?

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  17. Some honesty at least is required. The situation with Ozil will become corrosive both in and outside the club.


  18. Mesut Ozil released a statement today

    “This is a difficult message to write to Arsenal fans that I’ve played for over the past few years. I’m really deeply disappointed by the fact that I have not been registered for the Premier League season for the time being. Upon signing my new contract in 2018, I pledged my loyalty and allegiance to the club that I love, Arsenal, and it saddens me that this has not been reciprocated. As I have just found out, loyalty is hard to come by nowadays. I’ve always tried to remain positive from week to week that there’s maybe a chance to get back in the squad soon again. That’s why I kept silent so far.

    Before the Coronavirus break I was really happy with the development under our new coach Mikel Arteta – we’ve been on a positive way and I was say my performances were on a really good level. But then things changed, again, and I was no longer allowed to play football for Arsenal.

    What else can I say? London still feels like home, I still have many good friends in this team, and I still feel a strong connection with the fans of this club. No matter what, I will keep fighting for my chance an not let my 8th season at Arsenal end like this. I can promise you that this hard decision won’t change anything in my mindset – I will continue to train as best as I can and wherever possible use my voice against inhumanity and for justice.”

    I think the final line of the statement may be the most telling as to what the fall out is all about


  19. Jack Wilshere, Ian Wright, Mustafi and Torreira have all come out in support of Ozil’s statement, Wilshere even went as far as calling Ozil Arsenal’s best player


  20. Mustafi is in the squad that traveled to Austria for tomorrow’s game, but Ceballos and Willian are both out, as is Holding who will miss 3 or 4 weeks


  21. Zane Monlouis has signed his first professional contract.

    The 17-year-old defender is a product of our Hale End Academy.

    An England international, Zane received his call up for the England under-17’s last year, where he won the Syrenka Cup in Poland. This month he played 90 minutes in defence in a 2-0 win over the Czech Republic.

    He has since played consistently for our under-18s this season and is known for his composure on the ball.

    We congratulate Zane on his first pro contract and look forward to supporting him with his continued development.

    Copyright 2020 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

    Charlie Patino has signed his first professional contract.

    The 17-year-old midfielder is an Arsenal Academy graduate and England international. Charlie has played for a higher age group every season for Arsenal, as well as England.

    As a 14-year-old, Charlie captained England under-16s against Spain, and in the same year he made his debut for our under-18s against Chelsea.

    He has played consistently for our under-18s this season, and is known for his technical ability and agility in midfield.

    We congratulate Charlie on his first pro contract and look forward to supporting him with his continued development.

    Copyright 2020 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  22. Arteta on Ozil’s statement

    Everybody is free to express his feeling. That’s just a football decision that my conscious is really calm. I’ve been really fair with him, my level of communication with him has been really high.”


  23. Is a compromise option for Ozil to leave early being discussed?

    Arteta – No. Obviously a player with that dimension with the career he has had as well as international level, everything around him has a big impact. It has been the case for the last eight years, it’s nothing new that is just happening now.

    “A lot of things have happened over these eight years. My job is to get the best out of every player to contribute to the team performance. Here I feel at the moment today that I want the best possible Mesut for the team.

    “In some moments I was able to get close to that, at the moment I haven’t been able to do it because I have to make the decision to leave him out of the squad. This is the reality in football. Anything can happen and I have learned that over the years.

    “This is the reality and we have to face it. The best way to face it is to talk things through face to face and in the right way. This is the way I am and the way I am going to keep doing it.”


  24. Arteta – I am sad that I have to leave three players out of this list which is never pleasant. I have to say that I try to look everybody in the eye and be comfortable with it. With Mesut I have this feeling because I was being very straightforward since I arrived at this club.”

    how many players was it that refused to take a pay cut, oh thats right 3, and we have Arteta having to “leave 3 players out of this list”


  25. Arteta on Ozil being omitted from the squad

    Honestly I take full responsibility. I have to be the one getting the best out of the players. It’s my responsibility. It’s nothing relating to any behaviour or, like I read, the paycuts. It’s not true.

    “It’s my decision. If someone has to blame me – and it will happen when we lose football matches – my responsibility. I have to make the decisions to get the best possible squad in order to win football matches and competitions as often as we can.

    “In order to do that I try to be fair with him and any other players and defend as much as possible the interests of the football club.”


  26. Mikel Arteta has stressed that Mesut Ozil’s omission from our Premier League and Europa League squads is entirely down to footballing reasons.

    Speaking to the press ahead of our game against Rapid Vienna, our manager was asked about the playmaker’s statement and his future.

    This is what he said:

    on Mesut Ozil’s statement…
    Everybody is free to express their feelings. What can I say from my side? It’s just a football decision that my conscience is very calm about because I was very fair with him. My level of communication with him has been really high, we know what to expect from each other. When I believe that he could contribute to the team to be better, which is why I was hired to this football club – to become the manager, to win football matches, competitions and create and build a project for the short, medium and long-term. He has had the opportunity like everybody else. I’m sad that I had to leave three players off this list, which is never pleasant, but I just have to say that I tried to look everybody in the eye and be comfortable with it. With Mesut, I had this feeling because I have been very straightforward since I arrived at this club.

    on whether Ozil could leave before the end of his contract…
    No [that’s not the stage we’re at]. Obviously a player of that dimension, with the career he’s had at international level and everything, everything that happens around him has a big impact. It’s been the case for the last eight years. It’s nothing new, it’s nothing that’s just happening now, a lot of things have been happening over these eight years. My job is to get the best out of every player, to contribute to the team and the performance. Here, I feel that at the moment, today, that I’ve failed because I want the best possible Mesut for the team. In some moments I was able to get close to that but in other moments I haven’t been able to because I had to make the decision to leave him out of the squad. This is the reality in football, that anything can happen and I’ve learnt that over the years. This is the reality and we have to face it. The best way to face it is to talk things through face to face and do it in the right way. This is the way I am and this is the way I’ll continue to do it.

    on whether Ozil has played his last game for the club…
    Honestly, I take full responsibility. I have to be the one getting the best out of the players. It’s my responsibility and again, it’s nothing related to anything, any behaviour or things like I read, like the pay cuts. It’s not true, it’s my decision. If someone has to blame me, and that will happen when we lose football matches, it’s my responsibility. I have to make the decision to get the best possible squad out there to win football matches and competitions as often as we can. In order to do that, I try to be fair with him and with any other players in the squad to defend, as much as possible, the interests of the football club.

    on what Ozil wasn’t doing on the pitch to meet Arteta’s expectations…
    Listen, I cannot discuss the individual performances of every player. Here, as well with Mesut, I feel pain when I have to leave players out. Believe me. It’s the same when I had to do it with Papa (Sokratis) and the fact that William is not here with us after he joined the club, because of restrictions we have with the competition. As you can understand, I cannot disclose the technical decisions as to whether I play players or not.

    on the plan for Ozil over the next few months…
    He’s been training with us, he’s involved in our squad routines. We expect him to train and do the best he can. We have to treat him [well] and I have to try to keep him as motivated as possible, which is obviously difficult in these circumstances. We’ll move forward from here.

    on whether Ozil’s statement surprised him…
    No, it didn’t surprise me.

    on whether he offered a similar response in person…
    Well obviously the players that were told that they were not to be selected, at the least generated disappointment, because they are professional footballers and they want to have the chance to work with the right motivation to try to achieve the possibility to play, and when that doesn’t happen it’s difficult. But as I said, I’d rather have those difficult conversations face to face, explain the reasons why, and see how things change with time.

    on whether something happened during the lockdown period, or more recently…
    No, I’m not very focused about what happened during the past, and you will get to know me more, but in the past six years, a lot of the things that happened, I didn’t make them. You remember the atmosphere around him when I joined was pretty difficult. I asked our fans to support him and to create a much better atmosphere and you remember and recall you could see the difference at Emirates Stadium in two or three weeks. And that was a way in my opinion to support a player and look for the interests of the football club as much as possible. But then I have to see on a daily basis, the input, the performance and what every player brings to the team, and from there I make the decision because I am the manager and have to pick the right players to win football matches.

    on whether he gets angry about presumptions of outside influence on him…
    No, I am not angry because probably they need as well to clarify the situation and I understand, and I am here to respond to your question. But I don’t want to hide behind anyone at the club or the ownership. At the end of the day, we are talking about a player playing on that field or not. I think we will respond to every obligation we have at a football club, and then it is my responsibility to get the best out of the players and get the performances we need to play football matches. But believe me that is nothing to do with the board, owners or anything like it.

    Copyright 2020 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  27. What a load of rubbish.

    Ozil issues a statement with amazing dignity and Arteta replies with this nonsense.

    Does he really think anyone will believe him?

    No doubt, he was leaned on to do it, but, oh dear, he has made himself look a complete fool

    Would anyone in their right mind believe for on moment that Arteta, who has been a coach for a few years only, cannot get any meaningful football out of a world cup winner?

    Not much of a coach if he cannot get Ozil good enough to play instead of cellabos or one of the other midfielders, or chambers, who will be out for the next couple of months anyway.

    He would have been better advised to say nothing.

    He has now made things much worse.

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  28. the thing that really does not add up on this suggestion by Arteta that its got to do with how Ozil is training, well then why has he been kept in the training group, and Arteta even said this evening that Ozil would remain in the training group. We know Guendouzi was excluded from the training group over his attitude, and we had Per Mertesacker say this week that Ozil has been training well.
    Also we have several players included in the 25 man squad who have not trained at all so far this season due to injury, something is rotten in the state of Denmark


  29. 21 players brought to Austria for the game tomorrow


  30. Arsène Wenger on his departure from Arsenal: “I prefer to be private about that, because it would not be too nice for the club. I want to keep what was good.” [@FourFourTwo
    ] #afc


  31. Is this really Arteta or is this Emery in disguise? Its just about the same level of rubbish he is chatting, and the style of play is the same.

    I am losing interest big time. I remember running into an Arsenal supporter in the mall (when we had some of our struggles under AW) and the first thing the man said was “class is permanent”. That really filled me with pride, the idea that that was how Arsenal supporters saw the club. Well, in my opinion the current style is classless.

    Have many forgotten when Ozil came to Arsenal? It was when it was more in fashion to leave!! Come on, are we really to believe that Ozil is not good enough to get into THIS Arsenal team?


  32. Eds, Wilshere is correct, Ozil is the best player at Arsenal. I am downing any of the other players all the same, since the style of play overall is so boring. I figure they are trying to accomplish what the manager wants, to the detriment of how we know or want Arsenal to play.


  33. I can’t believe no one asked him why he is leaving out our most creative player when the team clearly lacks creativity.


  34. Thoughts of this evening’s game reminded me of this. I spent the winter of 80/81 working in South Africa. When I got back to the UK there seemed to have been a massive culture shift, and to me this epitomised the new cool that was suddenly everywhere.
    It also seems that Arsenal need a new cool to emerge pretty quickly. I suspect MA has been under great pressure, and not just necessarily from the Arsenal owners. One day we might know all, and until I do I shall choose not to judge and of the individuals involved in the Curious Case of Mesut the Magician.


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