Optimism for Arsenal, Pessimism for Guendouzi

In this podcast George is more optimistic about Arsenal’s immediate future after the latest win vs Wolves but quite pessimistic for Guendouzi as a Gunner. Can we change his name to Nostradamus George?

Tune in for more.


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  1. I’m thinking no one listens to my ramblings.

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  2. Maybe after lockdown you should go to speakers corner


  3. Osman
    L’Equipe: Saint-Etienne have agreed to forego the €2.5m clause they were due to receive for Saliba if he played 17 matches this season. Talks between both clubs expected to conclude positively and Saliba is expected to play in the final of the cup.


  4. reports this evening that Guendouzi has been training alone since the Brighton game, Arteta was not at all happy with his attitude and seemingly Matteo is unwilling to change.

    There has been reports from early in Arteta’s reign that Guendouzi has been troublesome, there is said to have been problems with him during the squads midseason trip and that he has been disruptive at training sessions.

    I don’t have the stats but just from memory I don’t think Arteta has started Guednouzi a whole lot since he took over, and certainly not when everyone was fit.

    I and some of you know, am not a big fan of Guendouzi, I really don’t get what it is so many seem to see in him. He is a chaotic player who for me causes as much havoc to our team and he does to any opposing team. But he is “great for a 21 year old”, although I must say the amount of Gooners who think the lad is still 19 is amazing


  5. Ed’s this news is like music to my ears!

    I just made a comment on it on Shotta’s blog sometimes I can’t post a comment here.

    Arteta. Arsene’s anointed heir. Wasn’t as smooth a transition as it should have been for any house of craft like an Arsenal.

    Stinker still at the club but I imagine Stinker is less pleased with this news then many fans in spite of the hopefully upcoming transfer.

    Happy days.

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  6. Luiz definitely did something in a three the season Chelsea won the league. Haven’t not watched their games I can’t say what!

    Concerns over his signing were over the number of games he’d need at the start of this season/after a restart to build up any rhythm after a break after so long not playing regularly.

    Mustafi needed only a couple of games to get up to speed once injuries gave him a path back into the team then has been consistent since then.

    If anyone could sort his head out it’s Arteta.
    If any coach could make the most of CMs who can’t run very much it’s Arteta. No need to explain why to Readers of this blog!

    And he’s given up on Matteo.
    Big call that IMO.
    You can imagine the conversation with the BFG and what Stinker has left of the coaching staff over a cup of herbal tea (at a comfy distance!) at the training ground


    Happy days.

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  7. well I do think its has to be Guendouzi who has given up on Arteta, as the boss has made it clear that any player can come in from the cold if they choose to, all they have to do is commit, buy into what is being asked of them.
    Arteta was not picking Guendouzi as a starter when everyone was fit, and I think Matteo was not, is not, prepared to fight for his place, his ego is bigger than his talent. I would not doubt that his agent has told him that all the biggest clubs in the world are lined up to sign him and make him a star, Bayern, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, PSG, Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool. the poor lads ego could take one hell of a battering this summer when none of them come in for him.


  8. That’s what I mean Eds.

    I am deeply grateful to Matteo for him literally putting his neck on the chopping block.

    Unai attempted to stamp his authority on an arsenal football team by dropping the best football players falling out with the best football players and eventually getting called out by the best football players at the club. That, surprisingly, didn’t work out too well for him! Perhaps someone could write a PHD exploring the mystery behind Emery’s failure but I think we’ve all got better things to do. Like laugh and appreciate he beautiful circumstance that has landed in Arteta’s lap, did Stinker not like that: Matteo was getting minutes over better prospects last season in CM, who’ve played better in CM then he ever has.


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